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 Post subject: My Little Sister(April 21 2015) -chap 23NEW (ANITHA IS BACK)
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Hi FriendS,

Thank you everyone for the support you gave me for my first story "My Little world". Please give your encouragement, Comments the way you want this story to develop etc.,

Brief Introduction of the characters:


“The Hero” of the story. Whole story is narrated from his point of view. By the way, he stands tall at 71 cm long (near to 2 feet 6 tall) and weighing about 28 pounds. He stopped growing right from the age of four. He is of 24 years of age. This story begins from the day when he turns to 24th Year.

He has to overcome with the fact that his little sister (Nisha) was in exact contrast to him. She has attained his weight within 2 years and his height within 3 years. Now she stands tall at 6.7 feet tall.

Ravi has to tackle his parents, relatives and other neighbors’ who always compare him with his tall sister. Obviously not to blame them, they will sure get surprised when they see a elder brother who is level to the thighs of his little sister. But Ravi has an great love to his younger sister and he always wanted to be with her.

Also Ravi has an secret love with Anitha (his cousin). Ravi was in baby love with anitha when she is some five years old and shares same height with him. But it is bit hard for him to digest him when he saw her standing tall at 6.9 feet tall (more than his sister) and 220 pounds of solid muscle (10 times heavier than him and four times taller than him).
Also ravi happens to meet shilpa (his school junior, not to mention she was a tall girl standing tall at 6.3 feet). He still can recollect his encounter with this big girl in his school girls.

The whole story revolves around ravi’s interactions around these tall girls and his life with them.


The girl who plays title role of this story. Big sister of little brother. She stands tall at 6.7 feet and weighs about solid 200 pounds.

He loves his elder brother very much. Also owing to her great love and due to her size comparing to her brother, She is viewing him as her baby rather than as her elder brother. She treats herself as mother to his elder brother.

Right from the age of eight, She used to carry his elder brother in her and rarely puts him down. Even now she goes bed with his elder brother laid on him. She used to feed him, bath him daily and do all activites what mothers do to their babies. As ravi used to this for the past 16 years, now he cant lead a life in his own without the help of his sister.

She can understand the feelings of his elder brother when people compares her with him.
She wanted some one to take care of his elder brother like her. She then decides her cousin anitha will be a good match to me and also she knew I had an secret love with anitha.


Heroine of this story. Lover and would be wife of Ravi. She was an Police women and in Higher ranks in the Indian police department.
She was to be a short girl during her early ages while she falls in child hood crush with ravi who used to be his height at that time. But she hit growth spurt after and now she is standing at a gigantic 6.9 feet tall (Imagine the average height of Indian men was only 5.7 feet).
She still carried the child hood love with ravi. And was very eager to see him. In the way to ravi’s house she saw a cute baby playing with muds. She carried him and gone to his house. When she enquired about the baby which she was carrying in her hip, people replied that it was none other than ravi.

She got struck back to realize that his dream lover was of baby size to her. She is slowly getting to the fact of ravi size and then accepts his love with her.

Coming parts will describle anith’s encounters in her police routines, her marriage with ravi, her marriage life with him etc.,


Beautiful tall angel of 6.3 feet tall and 190 pounds weight. School Junior of Ravi.

While ravi travelled with anitha to her town, they happens to meet Shilpa. Ravi can quickly reconginse Shilpa, the tall junior of him. He can still recollect the hard core tortures that he went through with her along with his childhood friend John.

Shilpa cant able to recognize Ravi and she still thinks him as an baby boy to anitha. She offered anitha to breast feed him , when ravi cries out of his hunger,. Which anitha accepted happily.

Ravi sucking breast milk from shilpa slowly recollecting his encounters with shilpa during his school days.

Currently our story is on the same plane.


Dearest friend of ravi, among all other similarities they do share a important one that is their height. John was even shorter than Ravi (stands tall at 62 cm and weighs about 25 pounds).

He undergoes similar toruture with Ravi from shilpa in their school days.

He just got introduced in the story plane and in coming chapters he will play a big role. He will be invited for Ravi’s wedding with Anitha and John will fall love with Nisha, the tall younger sister of Ravi. Coming chapters will mainly deal with John’s love affair with nisha etc.,

Other support characters:


Younger sister of Anitha. She was 13 years old and stands tall at near to 6 feet tall. Ravi already facing big hardships with her. Once she carried ravi in her school bag along with her books to show him to her friends.
As ravi is going to be his sisters husband, she is waiting for more.

Mala aunty:
Relatives of Ravi’s Family. Though she is of same age of ravi, she used to be called as aunty because she happens to marry one of his uncle. She is of normal height of 5.9 feet tall. Ravi was very much impressed with her beauty and especially with the structure of her ass.

Rahul and Sahul brothers:

Cousins of ravi’s Family. Sharing same age of Ravi and stands tall at 5 feet. They want to show their superiority in their family and they even tried to dominate nisha.

Villaness of the story and tallest women here.. she stands talls at 7 feet 2.. she kidnaps both ravi and john to take revenge on anitha.. She also fall in love with ravi..she also kdinaps famous person in roder totake revenge on some bad things happened to her..


Cousin of Lucy and she is aorund twenty years of age.. she is 6 feet 43 incehes tall.. and she helps lucy in her activities..


She is the assistant to anitha in her police department.. she is 6 feet 4 inch tall..

He is the commissioner of police of the city before anitha joins the police department.. Helater it got revealed that he is only a midget and only 4 feet 4 inch tall.. Julie is in love with the little alexander and hbeen sent as spy to observe christy and save john and ravi who is kidnapped by bi big lucy..

Chapter I
Today is my birthday and I know my whole family is waiting for me. But I doesn’t want to go there, for god’s sake I want to be alone. I am lying on the floor and crying uncontrollably. By the way, My name is Ravi and I belong to an traditional Indian family. I am 23 years old and an most eligible bachelor. I am other wise normal except with my height. I stand tall at 2 feet that is 62 cm. I too got surprised like you when doctor told at the age of five, that I cant grow further due to hormonal problems. I remain at the same height till now. To add that I look very puny and tiny with weighing around only at 15 kg.

With this height, I felt lot of humiliations in my short stint of 23 years. I know my family had taken a very good care at me inspite of my lack of height. They love me very much. They even arrange big party for each of my birth day.

The reason why I doesn’t wan ‘t to go down and attend the party was my little sister nisha. I call her as a little sister because she is younger to me by 5 years and she is not little by any means. My Mom was an basket ball player and stands tall at 6 feet and My dad , though only at 5.6 feet was an very good gymnast. My aunty that is my fathers sister is an shot put player and won many national awards. She is working in the Indian police department. All of my family members were very tall. Actually my mother wanted to make me as a basket player, but she got very much upset when she knows that I cant grow further. Then my parents decided to have an another kid..

They were very happy when my little sister was born. Because she was taller than the normal baby even at the time of birth and weigh around 5 kgs. If my memory was right, My Little sister has reached my weight at her second birthday and reached by height at her third birthday.

Ohh.. I can hear my mom is calling me.. No I don’t want to go down. I know every one will try to compare me with my sister. That will be indeed a very humiliating experience. I can hear foot step of some one coming up.. I really wish to close the door so no one can come inside. But all of doors in my home have lock only at the top, which I can never reach even in my wildest dreams. I raised my head to see who is coming there. This is sunitha. My auntys Second daughter. My aunty has two daughter the elder one name was “Anitha” who was about my sisters age and the younger one was “Sunitha”, she was very young. She was only eight years old.

Sunitha came near to me and spoke , “ Brother ( It is an Indian tradition to call elders as brothers) everyone is waiting for you. Why you not coming down”?
“Sunitha, please leave this place, I don’t want to come down”

Sunitha dragged my arm and made me to stand., now even to this little girl of eight years old I only come to her level of stomach. She just bend down on her knees, picked me up and kept me on her hip and started to move. I cried “Hey sunitha, What are you doing to me? Put me down?”.

“Sorry brother, I know you will say like this. I have no options other than this. Every one was waiting in the hall for you.”

I kicked my legs and even my whole body.. I jumped up and down. Hmmm. She doesn’t even feel that she is carrying me, instead she is reading a message on her mobile. I can hear laughter sound of many people when we came down. Even sunitha stopped reading message and started to laugh at seeing me.

My mom came there and picked me up. “Hey sunitha, what happened? Why my little baby is crying? What you had done to him”.

I love my mother and but I doesnt like when she still treat me as a baby like this, Sunitha replied, “I had not done anything, It was your lovable son doesn’t want to come down, See he doesn’t even changed his clothes.”
My Mom who kept me in her hip asked me, “Baby, what happened, Do you remember it is your twenty fourth birthday. ‘why not you changed your clothes. Ok now it is good time (It was Indian tradition that they will not do anything in “Raaghu time” or “Yama time”, which they consider as bad time of the day) to cut the cake”.

Saying this she put me down. I was atleast happy that I was standing on the floor as a man and not as a baby in my mom’s hip. I can see all the persons gathered in our home. They all greeted me. I don’t know why everyone was seeing me, speaking something with the neighbours and laughing. I can also see lot of young womens also came to my house. I know they are all my sisters friends.
My mom asked me to cut the cake again. But I refused. My mom bent down and asked , “what happened, why you are not cutting the cake”. I replied , “I will cut the cake only when nisha is there”
Yes, Nisha, my little sister is the only soul in this world who understand me very well. I love her very much and she loves me very much. As we happened to be a brother and sister, people always compare me with her, but we never mind that. She was very kind to me right from her childhood. I Stay in her room. And I always like to stay with her.

My mom turned around and searched her. Her friends told that she gone outside to get a gift for me. My mom replied, “Son, it is getting too late, Lets first cut the cake.”
“No mommy, I wont until nisha comes.”
At the time I hear the bike sound and my mom told that nisha is oming. She parked the bike and ran into the house
God! She is really looking gorgeous today. Today she is wearing pink T – Shirt and tight blue jeans. She has an really long hair which folds back upto her ass. It was not her face or dress which makes her distinct. It was her height. Well., whether you all know height of my sister? . She stands stall at 6.5 feet. Just imagine the average size of Indian men was only at 5.6 feet, how distinct she will be when compared with others. Every one can recognize her even in the heavy crowd.

Everyone will see her as if they never saw women in their life. As average height of Indians was only 5.6 feet, they would have never saw women of this height in their life
She ran towards me, picked me and held me in her chest. I told her, “Nisha, I told everyone that I will not cut the cake until you come”
“ I Know it brother, I know how much you love me. So that I came fast”
“Where had you gone”
“I just gone to get a gift for you, brother. Ok, can we cut the cake now.”
“yes nisha, but you need to put me down for that”
“Not necessary brother, “ saying that keeping me in one hand she picked up the big cake on her other hand. Then she moved to the centre of the hall and called everyone.

“Dear friends, This is twenty fourth birthday of my sweet little brother. I want every one to sing birthday song for my little brother to make him to cut his little cake.”
God.. How many little she used. I can hear everyone is singing happy birthday for me.

There was 24 candles in the cake and I tried to switch off the candle with my mouth. It is taking very long time and crowd used to get bored of singing a lengthy happy birthday song for me. My mother told , “Hey nisha, your little brother cant switch off all the candles with his little mouth, you need to help him out”
My sister just with one whisker switched off all the candles, then I cut the cake when I can hear clapping sound of all the people gathered there. All these were happened in the mid of six feet high with me being cuddled in my sister’s hand.
My sisters friends took lot of photograph of me with my sister. I cut the cake and gave first piece to my sister. While she eating the cake, I just raised up, kissed her cheek and told, “ I love you very much my sister.” Nisha laughed, she too cut a piece of cake, gave to me, kissed me in my face and told, “ I too love you my brother”

Then every one came near to us , shook hands with me and wished me. As it was Indian tradition to fell at the legs of elders and get their blessings, my sister put me down and asked me to get blessing from my mother.
While I getting blessing, I can see my aunty also came there. She was there with her police uniform. I too fell at her legs and got her blessing. She picked me up, kissed in my cheek(Remembere she have a national record for shotput throw which still never broken). Keeping me in her arms she told, “My little son, I wish you a very happy birthday. Long live my son.”
My mother came near to us and asked ,”Where is your elder daughter anitha”
“She is having her exams. It seems you always want to see your daughter – in – law. Can you please wait till the time of marriage”
It is the Indian tradition that everyone will be usually married to their aunty’s (Fathers sister) daughter/son or uncles (Mother’s brother) son/ daughter.
“It will be nice if we fix marriage of my son with anitha. But what to do with him. He still not growing and only at 2 feet tall. By the way how tall is anitha”
“ya, that ‘s the cause of concern, I think she is growing fast and she is as tall as nisha.”
“As tall as nisha. I don’t know how girls these days were growing very faster. See even sunitha who only eight years was as tall as 4.5 feet. But only my son not growing even a centimeter”
My aunt replied, “ Yes, we need to watch and keep of track of his growth,. Do you give all the tablets and energy drinks to him. Nisha, can you come here, Lets see whether your brother been growing or not”
I know this will happen. Everyone always tried to compare me with my sister. Nisha who was talking to her friends, hearing my aunty voice came there and asked the reason.
My aunty put me down and asked me to stand along with nisha.
I just gone near to my sister and stood near to her. God sake, I just level only to her thighs. My shoulders was just below her knee cap. Nevertheless to say she was in flats.
Though everyone knew that my sister was taller they cant hide their surprise. My mom, My aunt and everyone in the crowd gathered around us.
My aunt took a scale and kept on my head which was level to the thighs of my sister. “It seems my little son – in – law not even grown a centimeter from last year. He was still level to her thighs of little sister. I thought he will grow at least to the level of his sisters ass. Hmm that’s not seems to be happening.”
My mom also bend down and joined us, “ Oh god! My son looks very small. With his little body, legs he lookes like a toodler. I don’t know how is he going to lead a normal life. I thought atleast if he grows up to her ass level, he can lead a normal life”.

My aunt asked, “Ravi, can you touch the belt of your little sister”. I replied “I will make a try”, I jumped as possible I could and every time I ended up touching only with her upper part of her ass. I can hear the laughing sound of the crowd. I can even see my sister also watching me down with smile in her lips.

Then my aunt took some gold coin from her purse and instead of giving me the same she put the same in the back pocket of my sister and asked me to take it. Again I made some futile attempts of jumping where I can only touch at my sisters upper ass and cant take any thing from her back pocket. Atlast my aunt picked me up and kept me level to my sister’s ass and asked me up to pick the gold coin pocket. Her ass was so huge, I took the gold coin only after some difficulty.
My aunt told, “Ravi, I think it is better to stand in between the legs of your sister, Lets see where do you come up there”
I exactly fit inside her legs. Infact I just came to the middle of her thigh, and there was some open space above my head .
I can see my sisters friends started to take lot of photograph with me standing between the legs of my sister. When one her friend made comment that I look like a egg levied under the Hen, everyone including my sister laughed.
I just cant control my tears, hugged my sisters right thigh and started to cry.
Standing along with my little sister, leveling only with her knee cap, I cant conrol my tears, no one had stopped laughing. My sister saw this, took me in her arm and shouted at my mom and aunty , “Aunty, why are you making my brother to cry. You keep your daughter yourselves. My brother will not marry your daughter. “ My aunt came near to me, brushed my hair and told that I will be her son in law always.
I want to change the topic and asked, “Nisha what gift had you brought for me”
“Brother can you make a guess”
“No way nisha”
“well, I had brought a bike for you”
I was stunned with surprise. No way in this world I can drive the bike. When ever I need to go out side, it’s my sister used to drop. She used to first sit on the bike, lift me with her one hand and make me stand in the bike in front of her and will ask me to hold her neck so that I can have some balance. She used to ride bike very fast. I like the way she ride the bikes. Some times cant withstand her speed I will just close my eyes tightly holding her neck. Many times I expressed my wish that I need to ride bike like her and I need to make my sister to sit behind of me. But I know this cant happen at all with my height.

My sister came with a small parcel in her hand, She kept the same down and removed it. She took bike like model from that parcel and removed its covers. It was so small bike that was coming only up to her level of thigh. But when I gone near that it looked like a real bike to me. My sister lifted me and made me to sit on it. Everyone including my sister laughed when they saw that I cant even touch the gear while sitting.
My sister told, “Poor little brother, but you don’t worry, I have another method to make this work.” She released the tyres from the down and pressed a button where bike automatically starts and moving. She again pressed the same then the bike stopped.

Then I started to try the bike myself. There was small back seat behind me. I asked my sister to sit on the back. Everyone laughed at my question. But my sister silenced everyone and said” Ok brother I will sit behind you and fulfill your wish.” She tried to sit on the bike, where the seat is not enough to cover even the centimeter of her ass. She bent back, pretends herself as seated and asked me to ride the bike. When the bike started to move, she followed me with walking by bending down her knees as if she was sitting behind me. She even commented, “brother go little slow, your little sister cant withstand your speed.”
When I tried to ride the bike out side of the hall. She just moved fast and picked up the bike with me inside it and the bike was still running. She then came inside where every one laughed at seeing this. My aunt asked, “Why are you lifting your little brother with his big bike”
“No aunty he is trying to ride the bike outside the home. It is too dangerous for him. So I took him inside with his bike”
Saying this she put the bike down, bent down and kissed me , “ My little brother, I know you like to ride the bike. But why cant you do this inside this room. Well, Lets see whether you can ride bike inside my legs without falling down. That means you need to go inside and come out of my legs from right to left without losing your balance. Ok.”

I started to ride the bike inside her legs. Even sitting in the bike I can easily enter between her legs without bending down. I came inside and out side of her legs many times. When I tried to repeat for another time, she brought her legs closer and held me tightly with her knees resulting which I started to hang between her legs and bike moved from me. It hit the wall and fall down. But I am hanging in the mid of thighs of my sister. My mom, my aunty, sunitha and my sisters friends everyone laughed at seeing this.

My little sister lifted me from her thighs, kept me near to her cheast and kissed me in my face and told, “Poor little brother, I love you very much”

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some sample pictures

File comment: my little sister making me to sleep in her lap
Zboxyeh.jpg [ 7.28 KB | Viewed 20557 times ]
File comment: Tall legs of my little sister
Zbf48vr.jpg [ 5.46 KB | Viewed 20557 times ]
File comment: i am under the legs of my sister
Z1oplvau.jpg [ 5.9 KB | Viewed 20557 times ]
File comment: This is the way it looks when my little sister sits on my bike
Z99591.jpg [ 7.03 KB | Viewed 20557 times ]
File comment: This is the way it look when my little sister sit in my bike
Z99591.jpg [ 7.03 KB | Viewed 20557 times ]
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good story
my problem is to few get finish
i respect all the authors
on this site
lets hope u finish this one Smile

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Thank you raguhere. i look forward to reading more of your adventures

 Post subject: Re: My Little Sister
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hi, very good story again! I think your English have a big progress too!!

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Great! I love this story so far!

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Chapter : 2

How many of them here have experience standing under the the legs of an women?Think none will have that except me. It’s a different feeling. The best part of it was you can very near see the beautiful structure of their ass, wonderful legs and especially when they wear jeans pants, the V shape structure that will be formed under the legs, beautiful movement of the ass when they walk. Wow. It is really amazing. Also there will little humiliation factor will be floating around as I was only thigh level to these girls.

Well , Where I left. Yes, I was standing under the legs of my sister catching hold of her big thighs. Though she happens to be my sister, I cant resist enjoying it. Also as she was very tall, her legs was so long and it was standing like the pillar of a house. Her thighs was so big to me that even with my both the arms I could wrap only half of it. Above me I can see beautiful V shaped structure and above that her wonderful big ass. I too feel humiliated when I think that an 24 year old man standing under the legs of his little sister, even unable to wrap her big thighs, looking worser than a little toddler.
My sister was talking something interesting to her friends. I can see around everyone talking between them. It is the Indian tradition that whatever be the little function everyone in the family will join it.
As my father happens to be elder and have many younger sisters, still lot of family need to join the function. I have lot of cousins, when they come here, our house will be filled with peoples and sure there will be lot of fun.
I turned around and saw a big crowd entering our home. They were none other than my aunty’s, uncles and my cousins.. Believe me, I am elder of everyone here. Then there is a twins, Rahul and sahul, who are younger to me by one year. Then there are lot of little boys and girls of eight and ten years old. They all like my sister very much, because as my sister happens to be tall. They will always try to climb on her. My sister also will carry everyone of them and play with them by throwing in the air and catching them. My sister also will become little kid and join in their play..
On entering home, the little kids ran towards my sister and surrounded her. They all wrapped my sisters ass, abdomen and asked her to lift them up and play with them. I can hear their parents shouting, “Hey kids, stop disturbing sister nisha, now first tell birthday wishes to ravi brother”.
All my cousins expressed their wishes. My aunites and uncles bent down in their knees, they kissed me and asked me to come out of my sisters legs. I refused and tightly wrapped my sisters legs. They all laughed, came near, again kissed my face and told, “Do you like your little sister very much. You will not leave her for a minute. Ok be with her. Wish you the happy returns for your birthday”.They all gave gift to my sister. One of my aunty gave a parcel to my sister and told ,”Nisha, this is the beautiful piece of cloth that I brought for my baby, but it was so tight for it. Why cant you use it for your little brother”. The baby my aunty referring was only four year old. Does only four year old baby’s clothes will fit me. My sister opened the cover, saw the clothes and told, “Aunty it seems that this will not fit my little brother, it will be sure loose on him. I will always buy him only three year old baby’s clothes.”. My aunty replied, “But my baby put only diapers up to three years”.
God , this discussion going above was so humiliating and I can hear whole family was laughing on it. With my side , I tightly wrapped my sisters thighs as I could. This is the only thing I can do from my end. One of my little cousin asked his mommy, “Mommy, why nisha sister was so tall and ravi brother was so short. Ravi brother is only coming thigh level to nisha sister. Why mommy”. My aunty replied,”that is because ravi brother stopped growing from the age of fith, so he was so small. See if you don’t drink milk and eat the food I give you, u will also become like ravi brother. If you eat nutritious food, you can become tall and strong as nisha sister. What you want to become?”
“ Mommy I want to become only like nisha sister. Sure I will drink all the milk “.. I pretended that I was not listening all the dialogues.
Then my sister put three of my cousins in her right shoulders and another three in the left shoulders. Then she walked some distance with them. They all shouted and enjoyed. Then they asked, “Nisha sister, you only lifting us, What about our rahul and sahul brothers, Why you are not lifting them.”
Rahul and sahul are twins and they are elder to my sister by five years. They look identical to each other, they will be around only 5 feet tall and 90 pound weight.
My sister replied, “ Childrens, I can lift you . but he is our elder brothers. How can I lift them.”
Children replied, “Then our ravi brother was elder out of all of us, then why you are always carrying your brother in your hip”
My sister cant reply any thing and slowly walked towards my brothers. Rahul and sahul will not join us and they will be always separate. They will always show that they are bigger boys and will not join with children’s.
My sister gone near to then and asked, “Rahul brother, can I try to lift you and sahul brother”
Rahul replied, “Nisha, are you mad, how can you do that. They all children’s and you can lift them . We are grown men. You will get hurt.. Go and play with children’s and with your little brother.:
Even my aunties shouted, “Hey rahul and sahul , why cant you both just stand up and lets see whether nisha can just lift you.”
When they turned around and started to reply, they can see two big arms surrounding their body ,lifting them up. They jumped up and down and struggled to leave. My sister handled them so easily that they were like little toddlers. My sister kept rahul in her right hip and sahul in her left hip and stood in front of our whole family.
Rahul and sahul tried their best to jump down, but when they saw their attempts went futile, they just kept quite with their heads down. My sister with big smile on her face watching their efforts to leave from her. When their head went down out of humiliation, she smiled bit heavy which indicated that at last she won the game.
She walked in and around the house with them. She almost carried all of them for half an hour and she never seem to get tired.
One of my aunty stopped sister and asked, “Nisha, lets wait and count how many of them you are carrying. Three on your right shoulders and three on your left shouolders. One big boy on your right hip and another in your left hip.. I think we can leave all the childrens under the control of nisha, when we are going for temple visit next week.By the way, nisha you left one important person. What bout your favorite little brother ravi, Why you had not carried him”
My sister turned around and saw me standing near by chair. She replied, “Oh brother, Sorry I don’t know how I forget you. Now come to your sister.” Saying that she just raised her hands towards me. I don’t know what happened to me, I ran toward my sister. My mom asked, “But nisha, where will you put your little brother. Already you are occupied with your cousins.”
My sister replied, “Where there is will, there is way”.Saying that she just picked me with her one hand, raised me above her head, and kept me safely wrapping around her neck.She asked me to catch her head tightly.
I catched her head tightly. One of my aunty told, “Atlast our ravi grown.”. Yes my sister was already 6.6 feet tall and as I was carried in her neck, I was around 6.7 feet tall. I just watched everyone around me, they all looked so tiny down there. I just imagined how world will be if I was my sisters height.
I can hear my sisters voice, “Ravi brother please look straight. Don’t look down. You wil feel frightened.”
If she had not told, I would not have looked down. But instantly I looked down and saw I was above 6.5 feet tall. Immediately a fear crept in me. I tightly wrapped my sisters face. But cant control after some time. Because I always fear of height. I burst in to tears and cried heavily.
My sister replied, :Ok birthday baby you should not cry. Wait I will put everyone down.”
But I never stopped crying, She put rahul and sahul brother in sofa and she bent down and asked every of my cousins to jump down. Atlast she picked me up from my neck and kept me near her chest. Only then I felt relaxed, but not stopped crying.. She then tightly wrapped my face in her chest and consoled me, “Ok ravi baby. Momma is there . baby don’t cry; Baby don’t cry. See mommy is there”.
But my crying not stopped. My sister turned towards my mom and told, “Mom, I will take ravi brother to bed. I think he is feeling sleepy. So that he is crying hard. Will take him to bed and make him sleep. Already I had dinner outside. I will also go to bed. Ravi baby, say good night to everyone”
But I continued crying. My sister brought me closer to her face. With a smile she asked, “Ravi baby, do you love your mommy very much. Yes or no”.. I just nodded my head. Then say good bye to aunties. They came here only for your birthday and say wishes to you.
My sister raised my arm and started to wave. I slowly said, “Good bye aunty and good bye uncle, good bye mommy”. And again started to cry.
My sister laughed, kissed me, “Ok my sweet little brother. Come to mommy will take you to bed.”
I think you all will be amused how I suddenly turned to baby. If I want you to explain the reason, I need to go for a flashback. At that I was thirteen year old and my little sister nisha was just eight year old. After doctors said that I cant grow further I got psychologically affected also adding to that I got very worst experience in school and outside world. This just added up my fear. At first separate bedrooms were allotted to my sister and to me.
I will never sleep and always some fear creeps in me. Even I sleep, I will wake up in the midnight and will start to cry. There will not be any specific reason but I will cry whole through the night.
My mother took me to psychiatrist, who told that I am mentally affected and it cant be cured by medicines. He said there is no use of medicines and it’s just I want to change my mind and attitude and be free without fear. He called it as as a separate phobia. I cant remember that. As there was no medicine and no cure, my mother started to worry about me when I cry all through the night.
One night when I am crying, My sister, who was only at the age of eight, came there. She picked me, kept me safely in her chest and brushed my hair. On seeing her confidence face and look, I got some relief. She then started to speak some babyish words to me. She then asked to wrap up her neck. I put my arm around her neck, kept my face in her chest and slowly closed my eyes. She just moved left and right, which make me felt that I was in cradle. She asked some babyish questions “are you an little baby of momma”, “Do you love your mommy very much” “Are you an beautiful thing of your momma”. I just replied a “mmmm. Mmm…. Mm..”(some whispering sound) for all her babyish questions and slowly started to sleep. That was the night I had an complete sleep.
When I opened my eyes in the morning, I saw that I was on my sisters chest having my arm around her neck. She was lying on the bed and I am lying on her body with my face on her chest and my arms around her neck.
You don’t believe. I never took my hands from her neck and my face from her chest for atleast four days. I had slept like a baby and I compensated my previous unsleeped nights. Whole four days my sister never put me down, She always carried me and kept me in her safe custody. Whenever she tried to put me down, I will start to cry and she again pick me. She will take some rest only when I was in deep sleep.
As I was in sleep always and always want my sister to carry me, this made my mother to worry again. She again took me to psychiatrist. He told nothing to worry. He said I am feeling safe and secure when I am in my sisters hands. I am now sleeping my un slept nights as I am feeling completely safe now. He added that my sister was only source of medicine for my psychological problem. He said that she always need to take care of me as if I was her small baby.
I can remember what my little sister told my mother at that time, “Mommy, you don’t cry. I will always take care of my little brother, he will always be my little baby. I will always be a loving mommy to him.”
She kept the words still now. She is always taking care as my mother. I can still remember those daysI will not leave her even for a second. I always wanted her to carry me in her hip or in her chest or to put me in her lap. Even when my sister is at the age of eight, I was only level to her lower part of stomach. I always like to be with her. Even when she was standing , I used to wrap her legs and stand below her. I can remember many times when she used to talk to her friends or outsiders, I will stand below her legs, wrapping her legs or playing with her skirt etc.,
I never moved a inch away from her. Soon my separate room was closed. And my bed was pulled down near to my sisters bed. But there is no necessity for the bed to me. As I always used to sleep on my sisters body, putting my arm around her neck and keeping my face in her chest. It had become a daily practice for me. Everyday night my sister put me on her, pad me on my back make me to sleep, then she will go to sleep without removing me from her body. I can remember many nights, Where there is a little lamp near to our bed. My sister will put me in her chest, my arms will be around her neck, with one hand she will read some books and with the other hand she used to pad me in my back. Only after a while, when she confirms that I gone in to deep sleep,she will switchoff the lights, cover the carpet till to her neck, so that my whole body wrapped inside it and then go to sleep. Oh.. you know that will be like heaven..
This continued for many years, but it had some problems when my sisters attained puberty. I can still remember the day. My sister came from school with big terror in her face. I as usual ran towards her, hugged her legs. When ever I do the same to her, she used to carry me in her hands and kiss me in my face. But on that day, she never took care of me. She said something to my mothers ears and they both started to move to a sepearte room. I also followed my sister by wrapping my arm around her ass. (at that age I was level to her ass, only now I was reduced to the level of her thighs). She saw me, carried & put me again in the bed. I again followed her and gone inside the room. She picked me up and brought close to her face. I can recognize that she was in serious trouble. She told, “Ravi brother, you are my lovable baby, mommy will sure spent time with you. Now for a while be in the hall. I need to spend some time with mom privately”

I waited patiently outside the hall. I can see my sister coming out with my mother. First time in my life I can see some sighness in my sisters face. I can see my mom is kissing my sister. They are speaking something between them. I again ran towards my sister, wrapped her legs. My mom bent down and told, “hey ravi, there should be some distance between you and your sister. Until now she was an little girl and now she became an women”
I cant understand anything and I replied, “My sister always a big women, she never was a little girl.”. My sister laughed, picked me up again kept me in her hip and told, “Mom, leave that ma, ravi brother is always baby to me. There is no need to maintain distance with him. He always baby to me.”
In indian tradition, there will be a big function when girls attained puberty. I watched she being stayed in separate room for some day and a big function arranged. I first astonished when I saw my little sister in sarree. She was decorated beautifully with jewels and made to sit in a chair. Many rituals been performed on her. I can remember when my sister sat on chair, I ran towards her and sat on her lap. Many of my relatives told that I need not sit like this in my sisters lap as she become a complete women now. But my sister never put me down saying that I was still baby to her.
There was even now big picture hanging around in our walls, which was taken in that function. My sister wear a sarree, carrying me in her hip with my arms around her neck. She kept my face very close to her’s. Difference between the size of our faces indicated clearly that how small & weak I am when compared to her.
I was not understand puberty at that time. But I slowly recognized the difference in her body structure. Her chest started to grow very big. It was like a big pillow to me when I used to sleep in her chest at nights. I can also see some kind of womenness springing across her. Her abdomen, her ass, her legs, her face everything got changed completely, I don’t know what is the change but can feel the change. Even there was changes around me, I started to feel as man, started to mature. But that was not changed anything between me and my sister.
Oh.. Sorry guys. I was gone in to some big flashback. I will now return to live. This was not even changed now. My sister took me to bed, put me on her chest, slowly brushed my hair and padded me in my back. Though I stopped crying, I never slept. My sister waited for some time. She then pulled me upwards, So that my leg was now in her chest and my face was near to her face.
I can now see the full beautiful face of my sister. It was big, soft and beautiful. Instinctively I poured kisses on her cheeks. “Oh my pussy cat brother, pouring kisses on me like a kitten.”. Shen then pulled my stomach upwards and made me to sit in her chest. She then kept her hands in my armpit, where she used to pull me near to her face and kiss in it and again she will push me up. Each and everytime she will say, “ mommy nose”. When she pull me down I kiss in her nose, Like that I kissed her eyes, forhead,nose, lips, neck etc.,.
She then laughed, “ My little brother, Today you are stepping in to twenty fourth year of your life and still playing with your little sister as a toddler. Hmm hmm.. What to do with you.. Ok. I think you doesn’t seem to have any plan to sleep tonight. I feel very sleepy. What to do.. Ok. I have a plan. I know you like my ass very much. I will turn down now and put you in my back near to my ass. You can play with it as you like and go to sleep. But remember go to sleep early also keep your head on my ass, tightly wrap it and go to sleep. Only then you will not feel any fear and also you will not fell down from my body. Ok.. Now I am switching off lights and I am going to sleep. Good night brother.”

As she told, she turned down and put me near to her ass. I was now near to a pair of two big mountain of ass near to me. I gone near to it ,kissed both the cheeks. It was so soft and at the same time it was also tight.
Oh I forget you all to explain about my “Ass Factor”. As my sister always used to carry me in her hip, I almost forget how much she had grown. One day my sister wear a tight brown jean and took me walk with my mother. My mother asked my sister to put me down as I also need to walk for some time. My sister put me down, asked me to catch her finger. Only then I realized how much my sister had grown. I was coming only to the mid of her thigh and I cant catch her finger while standing down under her.
Then my mother asked me to stand near her and compared me. She told, “Oh my son looking very puny. See he even not level to her sisters ass.”
Only then I raised my head and saw her ass. After that time I never took my eyes from her ass, oh god when it started to move left and right when she walks, it looks like big mountains moving in unison before me. I tried to touch her ass, but can able to touch only lower part of it. It was so soft. I even tried to stop movement of her ass when she was walking. I can feel some what changes happening in me. I can feel something coming out from my manhood, I doesn’t understand at that point of time, but I now know that was the time when I attained my puberty. I can remember that night walk with my sister, I walked for all the distance, I refused many times when my sister offered me to carry me.
After that incident, I always stood under my sisters legs trying to touch her big ass. Every time I can feel there is some change in my manhood.
My sister also found that now days I am not interested being carried by her rather I was always under legs. When she asked the reason, I told that I like her ass very much. She laughed very hard and bent down when she was standing to enable me to play with her ass. Even some times, at the time of sleeping, she used to turn back and allow me to play with her ass.
My inner mind warning me everytime that she was my sister and she believing me completely, treating myself as her baby. I could not do that to her. But I cant control my manhood feelings, at that time I used to play with her ass. Soon sperms will flow like a water from my manhood. Then I will relax. Luckily my sister still not found this secret.
Then I came to know what I am doing was known as masterbauting.

Soon I become master in doing masterbatuting, I will slowly brush my manhood, make it hard and hot, when about to reach climax I will divert my mind. Then I again slowly make my manhood to climax. Atlast I will make it out flow. This gives me immense pleasure.

In her tight jeans, her ass looks so stiff and hard. I climbed on the top of her ass and allowed myself to slid down. I just bite her ass through her jeans. I Jumped up and down on it. When I jumped down, I automatically go up because of the soft ness of her ass. I just cant believe how my whole was looking so small even when comparing to her right cheek of her ass. With my keen interest on her ass, I even forget that my mom and aunty entering our room.
I can hear my aunty’s voice, “Hey nisha, what is your brother doing in your ass. He seems to be playing in it like big play ground. Oh how small he looks when comparing to your ass. Mindblowing it is. Is your ass too big for him nisha?”
“Aunty, don’t see him while he is playing with ass. He feels shame. Ravi baby, you play with it. I will see no body disturbs you. Ya aunty, my ass is sure too bigger to him even to play. But I am taking care that he doesn’t get accidentally injured.”
When lights switched off, I slowly removed my pants can able see big erection in my man hood. God this was as big as my height. When ever I touch or kiss her ass, my man hood also growing. I then understood that feeling of smallness of my whole body comparing to her ass making me feel shame and that subsequently raises my manhood.

I even forget that someone switched on the lights. I can hear sunitha’s voice, “Hey ravi brother what are you doing? What was it you are holding in your hand? Nisha sister woke up and see what your little brother doing while sitting on your big ass.”
I pulled my pants and underwear down, holding my penis in my hand. My sister put me down, stood up and saw me. All of my family members gathered around me. All this happened in flash of time, I cant recognize what is going around me.
I know this was known as “Caught red handed”. But I cant still come out of feeling. Becoz my penis slowly starting to grow big and about to climax. Now after hearing voice, it again came down little.
I forget that everyone seeing me, I again started to rub my penis. My sister carried me in her arms, gone outside of her bedroom and kept me standing in the table. Even at that time when my sister carrying me I watched the beautiful movement of her ass.
My mind was only filled on that. I even not listened the words of my sister to take hands from my penis. With her hands she released my hand from my penis and took me in her palm. She carried me lot of time like this. With the palm of her one hand, she can easily carry me.
Eventhough I am in her palm. I brushed my penis once or twice again in her big palm. Then the big stream of sperms flown across her hand. No one would have masterbauted like this being held in five feet high and also in a girls palms.
My sister cant understand this, put me down as soon my sperms started to flow, gone near to the was basin washed her completely. Then she saw me enjoying the feeling of masterbatuion even when I was put under floor.
She become very angry, She then took me by her one hand, started removing my dress in her other hand. Only when she removing her dress I came in to the world of reality. I can see lot of persons gathered around the table watching me. At that time my sister completely removed all the dress in me. I can see my penis, which is the main culprit of all this happening was become small and behaving as if nothing was happened there. She stood before me, pulled me and make me to stand before her. I so below legs raising my head seeing her with big fear in mind. She again pulled me closer to her which necessitate to turn my neck so upwards to see her. Even this creating big sense of fear in my mind.

My legs were shaking in terror. I just wrapped her thighs and shouted, "Nisha sister, please forgive me.."

File comment: photo taken at the time of my sisters puberty, she was in traditional dress carrying me in her hip
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File comment: Dont feel jealous on us. i am bit taller than him i will come up to mid of my sisters thighs
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File comment: one of my causal with my cousin sunitha
with my coursin.jpg
with my coursin.jpg [ 10.45 KB | Viewed 19306 times ]
File comment: I will just wrap my sisters legs like this and express my love towards her
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File comment: This was the time i cried when my sister carried me in her shoulders
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File comment: How iam looking standing under my sisters legs.
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File comment: my sister trying to speak with you.
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Chapter: 3

My sister put me upside down in her arms, so that my ass was exposed to her. Only then I knew my sister is going to spank me before everyone. I can hear even voice of my mother, “nisha, give him a big spanking in his ass. He should not be dare to touch his wee wee. We completely unaware of he doing this. Give him a spanking”
Knowing the danger, I shouted, “nisha sister, Please forgive me. I was completely unaware of what happened around me. Sure I will not do this again. I will try to control this. Please .. Please.. don’t beat me.. I cant ..” saying this I started to cry and struggled to move upwards and try to see my sisters face.
I know when my sister saw my face, sure she will not beat me. “Oh my little brother, don’t show your face. If I see it, I cant punish you. You deserved to get some punishment. This will make that you don’t touch your wee – wee again and be very naughty again”
No words come from my mouth, my sister never beat me in her life time. That feeling make me to cry more. I just cried hard and repated only one word that is “Sorry”

I can also feel my sister also reluctant to spank me.”Mom, do I necessarily need to spank ravi baby. See he was looking so small. Can we forgive him”
“Nisha, don’t give room for any sentiments. You are doing this only for his well being. Only big persons like us will know what is good for him or bad for him. You need to teach him a lesson, so that when next time he touches his wee wee, he should remember that. If you cant do this to your lovable brother, give him to me or give him to sunitha, she can give some nice spanking to your lovable brother.
Ohh…Getting spanked by eight year old sunitha was unimaginable. I can see sunitha is slowly moving towards my sister and wanting my sister to handover to me to her.
I tightly wrapped my sisters arms and cried, “Nisha, Nisha please don’t give me to anyone. If you want beat yourself. Please..” I cried..
My sister still relecutant to spank me.. She still carrying me in her arms with my bare ass being exposed to everyone.. “Mom.. Today is ravi brothers birthday. Do we need to spank him on his birthday. Does we can try other options”
My mom came near to my sister and told, “Nisha, What do you think of seeing your brother playing with his wee wee before everyone. Does you love your brother and you want him to lead a discipline life?” “Certainly yes, Mom”
“Ok. Sunitha, bring a plastic scale which you used to carry to school, if I spank him with my arm, sure his ass will break in to pieces.”
She then moved towards the chair. I know I definitely going to be spanked. Tears were flowing around my eyes. She sat down in the chair, put me in her lap, she pinned me down in her thighs, basically not to see my face while she was spanking.
She took a plastic scale from sunitha, started with small beating in my ass. Then slowly increased the pace, I jumped up and down out of pain. I know I am completely in uncontrollable circumstance, lyed simply praying to stop her from spanking.
I can see my cousins and other little children’s were laughing at seeing this scene. This again increased my tears. Finally not withstanding pain, I shouted, “Nisha, paining too much. Please.. Please.. stop this.. Will not touch my wee wee again without your permission.. nisha stop me.”
When my sister finally stopped, I crawled in her lap out of pain, Then I slowly stood up in her lap, put my arm around her neck and cried, “nisha sister, I wont sure do this again, please forgive me.”
I can see my sisters face, she was not enjoying doing this. She has some sign of pitiness in her face. Then she took me in her arms, placed me in the table. She then asked, “Ravi brother now you shut down your stupid mouth and stop crying” I stopped crying but started to whisper slowly. “Ravi brother, stop whispering or do you want another round of spanking” When she tried to move from her place, I just hurried up and cried, “Nisha, nisha sister, stopped crying.. Stopped”
This made everyone around me to laugh. My cousins were laughing uncontrollably. My mom and aunty also started to laugh. My sister also smiled a little.. She said, “Little brother, catch hold of your penis with your left hand and keep the other hand in your little mouth. Say loudly to everyone that “ You will not touch your wee wee again.”
I done the same what she told in the midst of whole family laughing. My sister replied, “Good brother, repeat this for hundred times. Rememeber you need to repeat this at peak of your voice. Childerns count whether ravi brother is repeating it for hundred times”
I lowered my head each and everytime I say that.
At that time some one came in..It was none other than nisha’s friend. I forget her name.. But she was close friend to nisha.. I stopped shouting on seeing her..
But my sister signaled to continue me and again started to repeat this.
She cant control her laughter and asked what was happening around there. My sister replied, “Today I found my little brother playing with his wee wee and some fluid started to flow from it. He even poured it completely in my hands. My mom told that it was against our tradition and he should be punished for stop doing this.”
My sisters friend laughed and said, “Nisha, this was the one that no man can control. Remember he was little and puny, but he was grown man of 24 years old. I came here to wish him, but I never imagine to see him like this. This is called masterbaution. Survey tells that nearly 99% of total men doing this. WHO(World Health Organisation) said that there was nothing wrong in doing this. This was very natural for men at this point of time. So I don’t think your brother was done nothing wrong. As you was always with your little brother, you found him doing that. Many men doing this. Ask your cousin rahul and sahul whether they are not doing this?”
My sister turns her head towards them and they remain silent which indicates that they too doing that.
“Nisha, you are taking advantage of his little size and punished him. Poor fellow, you are not supposed to do this to your brother.” She came near to me and wished me a very happy returns of the day. She asked me to take hands from my penis and put some dress.
But I refused and told that “ I can do only when my sister say that”
She turned towards nisha and told, “See how much your brother loves you. Take care of him. It is time for me to leave.”
Nisha was standing there thinking some thing. I can see my mom and aunties also realized that this was normal. Nisha slowly came towards me, removed my hands from my penis, took me and kept me down in the floor. She pulled me towards her, made my hands to tights wrap her thighs and started to speak, “Sorry brother, I should not have done this to you. Mom has misguided me. Sorry.”
“Nisha, I cant see your face from here. Can you take me up there.”
When she took me up, I put my arms around her neck, planted many kissed in her face and told, “nisha sister you have all the rights in the world to beat. Because you are my mother. I was feeling sad that I made you to make me anger on me. “
She kissed me, sat down, put me in her lap and watched the extent of damage done to my ass. Even my mom, aunty and childrens gathered around and watched my ass. The whole was completely turned red and it was bleeding at some places. My sister applied some ointments on it .One of aunty told, “Nisha I think your little brother cant sit in the chair or sleep in the bed for another week.”
Nisha replied, “Aunty, he never sits in the chair or sleep in the bed. He always sit in my lap and sleep in my body. So that need not to be worried.”
I look up and saw who all are there around me. I can able to see the face of Mala aunty there, which was of course with a big smile. I call her as mala aunty because my she was married to my fathers youngest brother who was only 30 years of age. Mala also only of my age, she even studied with me for some time. But as per Indian tradition as she is married to my uncle, I need to call her as only aunty.
I already saw her in my uncles marriage. She was not that tall like my sister , but she stands tall 5.9feet which is more than average for the Indian women. She look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful. The best of part of her body was her cute round ass. What more needed to make me crazy. Even at the time of my uncle’s marriage I always go behind her and stand.
I can remember the funniest thing happened in my uncles marriage. I just gone behind her ass and stood there enjoying the beauty of it. She never look down. But after an hour she looked down and mistook me as an baby, then she lifted me by my armpits and kept me in her hip. She even kissed me and asked, “hey baby, lost your mother,”.. She then called my uncle who was standing near by her and posing for photos, ‘Look hub, this baby looks very cute.’ My uncle told, ‘hey mala, this is not an baby. He is my brothers son. He is of 24 years age, same like you. But have hormonel problems “
Suddenly she put me down, but she can hide disbelief in her face. I felt happy when she put me down. Atleast I can go behind her , can touch & feel her ass. That whole day I enjoyed every moment. I appeared in every photo that took on her marriage reception, where I was down under her ass.

She even complained my mommy that many of them were asking who was this baby looking cuet down under her legs. She needs to explain everytime that I am not an baby and that was her husbands brothers son.

Then I had not seen her for long time. I never noticed that she too came to attend my birthday party. She could have seen my little sister spanking and making me to stand in the table without any dress. Again man in me got up. I should not miss my chance today.
When everyone including my sister dispersed, I just slowly followed mala aunty to the kitchen. I just stood near her ass, started to touch & feel it. At that something fell down and she saw me standing down under her. She with big smile asked, ‘hey ravi, what are you doing under my ass. What you want?
I know I again caught. I cant get another punishment. I got an idea and told, ‘Mala aunty I just looked for some water, but cant reach it. I just called you to help me.’
She smiled,” Do you called me, you just came here and scratching my ass. Instead you could have called me by my name. How could I notice you when you scratch my ass.. Hmm./ . now came up..’
Without even asking me, she lifted me up, kept me in her hip and moved towards refrigerator She then took some glass full of water and instead of giving the same to me, she herself inserted it in to my mouth. She inserted water at so little quantities that is sufficient for my little mouth.”
At that time my mom and sister came towards us. My mom asked, “What my little son is doing in mala auntys hip”
Mala just laughed and replied, “Aunty, I cant believe when my husband say that it was your son and he shares same age of me. I mistook him completely as a baby.” She then again moved me above her face and brought very close to her. Yes she has got absolutely beautiful face. If I was of normal height, I could have got married with some girl like this.
She continued, ‘ravi, you are twenty four years old and you cant roam always without any dress on you. It is an very bad manner.”
Only then I noticed that I was without dress. Also I can see my penis become bigger and it was very near to her face, when she lifts me up to her face.
I just mumbled, ‘No aunty, my sister only removed… I forget. My dress..”
She smiled, took me to the dining table, put me there, removed some cover where some dresses where kept in. I can see beautiful baby apron in it. She then started to insert it on me. “Ravi I think this is the dress of that aunty’s four year old baby. It can be bit loose on you. “
Apron covered up to my knees. My sister standing nearby and looking everything. Mala aunty then asked, “Nisha, does your little brother looks cute in this baby apron, ”
She then slid her hands under my apron, lifted my penis in her hand, “See nisha, this is the biggest part in your little brothers body.”
,My sister added, “and strongest too.”
Then they both went in to big laugh as if it was world’s best joke. Mala laughed without taking hands in my penis. She then lifted me, and gave me to my sister, “Take care of your brother, he is too small to be left alone. He was very cute too..”
Then after a second she called, ‘ wait nisha”. She came near to her us. She saw me I was in the hands of my sisters. She removed my baby apron and kissed in my penis and told, ‘very cute baby”. Saying this she turned around and started to walk swaying her big ass from left to right. I decided “hey lady one day or other I am going to squeeze your big ass.”

Next day morning we all went to picnic to nearby spot. As usual my sister always carried me in her hip. I can hear lot of time my family memebers discussing about happenings of last night and how fun it was to them. My sister and auty preparing lunch for us in the picnic spot. Childrens were playing in the near by spot. My sister put me down in her lap and cutting the vegetables.
Sunitha ran towards us and asked, “ Nisha sister, where is ravi brother.”
“Had you become blind, See he was sleeping in my lap. Why do you need him?”
Sunitha without replying took me from nisha’s lap and kept me in her hip. My sister asked, “Hey what are you doing with him. Give him back”
“Oh nisha sister.. we will not do anything to him. I will return him back safely to him. We just wanted to play with him”
“Then ok. But be careful on him”.
I don’t know why my sister is leaving me to her. I cried nisha nisha, but she was speaking some thing interesting to my mother and not listening me.
“Ohh. Ravi brother.Stop jumping. Why you always want to be with your sister. Come and play with us. Yesterday only you got big spanking from your sister. I don’t know how my sister anitha is going to manage you”
I asked, “I cant understand you, Why anitha needs to manage me”
“Well my mom and your sister decided that they are going to make you marry with anitha. You know my sister was as tall as nisha and even more stronger than nisha. She was now taking training with my mom and soon she will become police officer.”
I just imagined my life with a tall police officer. I remember meeting anitha when we are small. My sister and anitha was very close friends rather than cousins. They used to speak with them daily. I heard that she was in rigorous training camps and I had not seen her for past ten years.
Meanwhile sunitha carried me towards the group of other children’s. She then asked other children’s to form a circle, “Hey now all listen, I am now switching on the music and will start passing our little brother to everyone. Music will be switched off at some point of time and who is carrying our little brother at the same time should go out of the game. Understand.”
I immediately been passed to all these children’s. These children’s were considering me as a little plaything. Hearing my crying voice, my sister rushed towards the place, She took me with her and told, “hey sunitha, Consider him as a human being, he is not a damn play toy for you.”
Then all of our family memebers gathered at one place and started to play some games. Everyone played arm wrestling with my sister and lost the game within few seconds. Even my uncles and my aunty (Sunitha and anitha’s mother, having a national record in shotput ) who was so strong also got defeated by my sister easily. My aunty told that if anitha was there she would have given tough fight to my sister.
Then my aunty called, “hey where is rahul and sahul, two big macho mens of our family. Whether we can see they can do something with nisha.”
“Aunty lets play the fair game. You know clearly that they cant defeat me in armwrestling when they play individually. So we can have handicap match. They both together can play the game with me. They just need to bend my arms down. “ Rahul said that though she was tall, she was after all a women, he tried to bend down my sisters arm and slowly sahul also joined the game. They both tried very hard to bend her arms. In order to encourage them, my sister used to keep her hands loose and make it bend little. They thought that they are getting success in their attempts and fall in to the prey of my sister. My sister bending her knees and sitting down in the ground. Two brothers was standing up and trying to bend down my sisters arm. Even standing up they were just above the level of my sister. My sister slowly without their knowledge raised up, brothers also raised up in the air with their feet hanging up. Everyone in the family started to laugh. She then put one of the brother in the other arm and asked to hold her right biceps and another to hold her left biceps. God they were hanging like a leaf from my sisters both biceps.
They bent down their head, my sister carried both of them , put them at their place and told, “aunties please don’t tease them much. They were after all men.”
One of my cousins who was just five year stood up and said, “Can I have wrestling match with ravi brother” My sister turned towards me and said, “Brother this is the nice chance to prove you as a man. She was only five years. Use your all force and teach her a lesson for playing with you.”
Even the five year old cousin was head taller than me. My sister again bend down and sat in her knees before us as if she was acting as referee. Even she was in her knees, she was way taller than both of us. We both were coming only to the level of her chest.
When the match started, I gave many punches to her. God what happened to me. She just laughing at me. I can hear sound of my sister, “hey ravi brother use your full force”
One of aunty shouted, “hey nisha, you need to be referee, you cant support your brother. At that time five year old cousin gave a big kick in my abdomen, with the force I was thrown some five meteres away. Cant withstand my pain, I started to cry.
That five year old cousin ran towards me, gave some two or three slaps in my face, pulled me and put me around her shoulders and carried every where. I was crying and struggling. My sister pulled her and announced by raising her hand that she was the winner of the match and asked to handover me to her. I been transferred as piece of clothing to my sister.
She immediately took my shirts off and checked whether I got hurt. Even that girl was crying and saying that,”Nisha sister, I have not used full force. I doesn’t know ravi brother was so weak.”
At that time sunitha came, “Nisha sister, Can I have another round of match with ravi brother, please”
Nisha shouted, “Sunitha, are you kidding. See even a five year old destroyed my brother. How can he play match with you, where he even doesn’t level with your stomach.”
Sunitha replied, “ I will play handicap match with them. I will not use my hands, my body. I will just lay down and use my legs. He can use all his body, hands and legs. He needs to just pin me down. Its only between my legs versus your little brother.”
I know I want to keep up the name of my little sister. I said I agree to this game. But nisha stopped, “brother, you not even 25% of her strength. Her one leg is sufficient for you.”
I said, “nisha, please leave it, this is the prestigious game for me”
Sunitha lay down in the ground, What ever side I am moving, she also moved her body and legs to that side. I want to attack her from her face. So that I can keep her legs distant from me.As planned, I jumped on her face, sat on her neck, started to give punches and tried to pin her down.
At that time that surprise happened. She bent her legs in such a way that it came up to her neck. I forget that she even know gymnastics. She lifted my armpit with her legs and started to lift entire body with her legs. I just amused how can this happen, then I started to struggle.. She lifted me up in the air with her legs. My feet was completely dangling in the air. She applied pressure on her legs, pushed me up in the air and again caught me in the legs. She started to repeat that. She used to start wave her hands at me. Everyone came to knew she is not playing match with me rather he is having some fun with me. Then finally she put me up in the air, this time instead of being caught, she made me to fell in her and got my entire body in to a scissor hold. I tried to get away from her hold. It was so tightly held I can feel the pain in my neck. She was so casual and pretends that she was reading some magazine. She pretends making some yawns and asked, “Ravi brother can you come out from my scissor hold.” Then she pressed my body tight under her legs. I started to cry. My sister rushed to the spot and relased me.
I was just crying standing there before my sister. My sister was sitting bending her knees down, still I come only below her boobs.” Sorry nisha, I was so weak comparing to these girls, I lost all matches..” Seeing me crying uncontrollably, she lifted me and kept me in her chest with my arms wrapped around her neck. She said, “Ravi baby, don’t worry I am here to protect you. You are my baby and always my baby”.
Everyone started to call “Ravi baby Ravi baby”, My sister shouted, “Don’t make him cry. He was already so weak. I should not have allowed him to play this game. Come baby come near to momma. Don’t hear their words,. You are a baby to me.”
At that time it started to pour heavily, All of our family members took some kitchen boxes and ran towards the near by tree. The space under the tree was just enough to cover all of our entire family. All were so closely standing between each other. I used to come only ass level to all grown men/Women,
I first reached the place, turned around saw this is the good time to touch and play with mala auntys ass, as everyone will be concerned with big rain pouring down there. I slowly moved towards mala aunty and stood behind her very near to her ass. This was the first time I am seeing an womens ass so close to me. As my sister was some 6.5 feet tall, I come level to her thighs only. She needs to bend down for me to touch her ass. But mala aunty was only 5.9 feet tall. I can easily see the ass.

I catched both the cheeks of her ass in my hand. Kissed it slowly, shaked it up and down, bite it and even gave some punches in to it. I saw up, there was no sign of her looking down. Ensuring that she cant see me down, I prayed that is rain should continue for some more time. At that time many of our family members joined in the little and it started to get crowder there. Everyone started to move in.

There come troubles for my enjoyment. As everyone pushed in, she pushed herself inside, completely being unaware that I was standing on her back. With the other person pushing her , she also moved in standing very close to tree. Behind me there was only tree and in front aunty’s big ass. My face was completely gone insider her ass, I also struggled for air. No one noticed me. I even tried my best to get out of her ass. The worst part of it was she again pushing her ass inside without noticing me. I can also hear some one shouting ,”hey mala, there was lot of space behind you, why can you again move inside.”
This is the worse that can happen. She now completely moved in. You don’t believe my face entirely got struck in her ass and even my whole body was moved up above half feet over ground level. I was now dangling across in her ass and strugging for air.
I literally got held in her ass and soon I will go in to the death if i was out of air like this for minutes together. I cant resist the feeling that even I die everyone will laugh at hearing that I was died struck under womens ass. God. Can you let me die without humiliation. Luckily I saw mala aunty bringing her hands down. I thought she felt me down under ass and she is going to take me. But what was happened was so worse. She just brought her hands to her ass and scratched it little and took again it to normal position. I can hear she saying, “Some little aunts biting on my ass..’ ‘” oh it’s not ant young lady, it is twenty four year old man dangling in your ass. Cant you feel that. Am is so worser to feel as aunt.”
I can hear voice of my sister asking does any one saw her little brother. She even shouted everyone to look down and check whether her brother was there. Oh god. This aunty was not even looking down. My sister herself started to search and found me hanging between the aunty’ ass. She asked, “Aunty, Can you move a bit, I want to take my brother”
Mala replied, “But nisha I too searching your brother, Sorry I doesn’t have him”
Nisha replied“ No Aunty, just see down, my little brother was struck down in her ass. Please move a little”
She saw down with a mixture of laugh and surprise, “Oh nisha, I can never imagine he was behind me. He could have shouted that he was behind me.”
Nisha laughed and continued, “How can he do that because his whole face including his mouth got struck down in your ass. Luckily I saw him. That’s why I said to my little brother that to his size playing with girls big asses was more dangerous.” She came down and told, “ I know brother you stood behind her only to catch and play with her ass, am I right.”
I asked, “Nisha, how do you know that”
“I saw you many times trying to catch her ass and play with it. Now you understood that it is too big for your size to play with. Be careful when you play with it. Don’t worry I will help you regarding. Anitha has got cute pair of ass than anyone of here.”
She then dragged me outside,kept me near to her. As she was carrying some kitchen materials with her, she cant lift me and keep me in her hip. The rain started to pour heavily, everyone except me was under roof. As the space was heavily packed, I cant even go inside.
My sister was wearing beautiful yellow skirt at that time. I just used her skirt to cover my head. My sister saw me and told, “Ravi brother, I got an idea. Why cant you go inside my skirt fully, if you stay in the rain you will sure get fever..”
I cant understand what my sister says? Going inside her skirt, I was a man, 24 years of age. How can I go inside the skirt of a young girl that too under the skirt of my sister. I can see everyone was watching me, particulary that aunty with whom ass I got struck with.
My sister saw me down and asked, “hey ravi baby, what are you waiting, go inside my skirt”.
She repeated ,”GO INSIDE MY SKIRT”, As I was not going voluntarily , she opened the skirt, pulled me inside and put down her skirt.
With utmost humiliation, I just tightly wrapped her thighs under the skirt. I can feel bit hot inside her skirt than outside. And it was so pleasant in the rainy day. I can hear heavy laughing sound outside and I know that it was only directed at me.
I can hear my sisters voice, “Luckily I wear skirt today. If I wear jeans my brother would have completely be wet in the heavy rain. Mom , I think I should always keep my little brother inside my skirt. It is the safest place for him. I can also feel that he was in a safer place. I need to purchase lot of skirts especially for this to put my little brother under it.”

I hear all this, nevertheless to say that I was put under biggest humiliation of my life before everyone. I know I shouldn’t but I slowly raised my head and found that she wear long trousers that coming up to her thighs. When I put my head down and I can see her skirt was opened and can hear my sisters voice, “Don’t worry baby, you can even raise your heads up and see. Tightly wrap my thighs. If you feel any discomfort just make an shout, I will release you from the skirt.” .Saying this she again put her skirt down.

I thought why should I feel humiliated ,can anyone in this world be like this under the skirt of girl.
I can see big hand brushing my hair through the skirt and can hear my sisters voice, “ I love you my little brother”…

My little sister continues..

Note: Hai readers, Can you please comment how this story was moving. please mention the scenes which you have enjoyed the most.
This will sure increase the interest in me and make many humiliating scenes for my hero ravi.

File comment: Pities t scene of getting spanked by my little sister
spanked.jpg [ 7.23 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
File comment: Scene of sister putting me in her lap and getting ready to spank me.
sister puniushing.jpg
sister puniushing.jpg [ 5.87 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
File comment: Me in the hip of mala aunty who was only my age
troyers.jpg [ 26.3 KB | Viewed 0 times ]
File comment: scene of caught red handed while doing masterbaution
aunty.jpg [ 5.9 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
File comment: again with mys ister tightly wrapping her bigh thighs
mala.jpg [ 12.94 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
File comment: my sister bending down to her knees and kissing me
kissing me.jpg
kissing me.jpg [ 8.51 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
File comment: trying to under my sisters skirt
troyer.jpg [ 6.69 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
File comment: out of humilation, i just bend my head down, when my sister told me to get inside her skirt.
skirt1.jpg [ 6.09 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
File comment: I just seeing my sister surprised when she told to go insider her skirt.
skirt.jpg [ 6.19 KB | Viewed 19285 times ]
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File comment: this was with mala aunty again, i gone near to death after standing behind her.
with mala again.jpg
with mala again.jpg [ 12.94 KB | Viewed 19283 times ]
File comment: Indeed a cute pose with my little sister
cute pose.jpg
cute pose.jpg [ 9.01 KB | Viewed 19283 times ]
File comment: I love my sister very much.Does she looks cute
love.jpg [ 10.3 KB | Viewed 19283 times ]
File comment: Scene of my sister bending down to her knees and consoling me after the big spanking
consoling.jpg [ 7.21 KB | Viewed 19283 times ]
File comment: Scene of biting mala auntys ass when she was with her husband
biting.jpg [ 9.59 KB | Viewed 19283 times ]
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I really love this story. I like it when the young girls (little children) totally dominate him with their superior size and strenght.

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