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 Post subject: Adventures of Cockweasel by George Tasker (Parts 1-3)
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Adventures of Cockweasel by George Tasker (The Cockweasel Saga Part 1)

by GeorgeTasker© (edited by me)

In the highest of rooms within the Tower of Doom, inside a perfectly drawn pentagram of blood lay the demoness. Her breathing was in ragged gasps as she struggled to take human air into her lungs. Her whole body shivered. The earth was much colder than hell.

The demoness took the form of a red skinned human female with jet-black hair and almost angelic white wings. By human standards she was stunningly beautiful, her guise had often lured weak willed human sorcerers to their deaths. Only two long yellow fangs that protruded several inches outside her full, pouty blood red lips marred her beautiful, finely featured face. The demoness’s succulent red skinned body was unclothed, her rich red skin almost shimmering across the wanton curves of her human form. Blood red nipples topped her large round breasts and her genitals were completely hairless but looked human. Her slim hands ended in long black fingernails that looked razor sharp. She was a succubus a demoness that lured male humans to their deaths with her sexuality.

The slightly pointed ears of the voluptuous succubus perked up as the sound of a voice reached her ears and the door of the room swung open.

“Stupid frigging wench! Who the fuck does she think she is! Bossing Cockweasel around like a slave! One day I’ll nail her sweet ass!” swore the small man that emerged through the door.

The succubus’s full lips curved up into a malevolent smirk as she saw the small man that had entered the room. Was this the magic user that had summoned her?

“Sweep the frigging tower Cockweasel! Clean your own tower cunt!” snarled the small man. He was a short runt of a humanoid, only around four and a half feet in height. With black hair and one of the ugliest little faces the succubus had ever seen.

The little man wore only a grubby, stained loincloth for clothing, surely this was not a powerful wizard, capable of summoning her?

Cockweasel looked up in surprise at the sound of the succubus’s voice. He’d been ordered to sweep the whole tower by the Master and had not expected this room to be occupied. No doubt the Master had forgotten to tell Cockweasel.

“You are the mortal that summoned me?” the demoness demanded, pointing an accusing finger at the little man as she stood up.

Cockweasel frowned, noticing for the first time that the small man before him was naked, and had a very attractive body to boot. The sly little man felt his loins tingling as he gazed upon the succubus, it had been a long long time since he had seen a naked woman.

“You are the mortal that summoned me!?” the demoness said more forcefully, almost shrieking. She had only been summoned and enslaved by mortals a handful of times, and it usually ended badly. Usually with the painfully slow death of the human sorcerer.

“Yeah, Cockweasel is the name she-bitch!” Cockweasel shot back, a plan quickly forming in his head as he stifled his initial fear of the demoness. Although he was a man, one of the most hated races on the planet and one not usually known for its intelligence, Cockweasel was very cunning. That was possibly the reason he had been chosen to serve the Master.

The succubus’s eyes narrowed slightly, her seductive expression taking a slight edge. “What do you want man?”

Cockweasel clucked his tongue as he pretended to consider her question. “I have summoned you for my pleasure,” he said, flipping up the front of his loincloth and grabbing his own thick small penis.

The demoness scoffed, “Do you really think I will let you mate with me? You a man!” she laughed at the mere suggestion. “Surely a wizard of your…caliber knows that to lie with a succubus would mean your death?” she jeered.

Cockweasel swallowed, what was he getting himself into? But as usual he plunged on, thinking with his dick instead of his brain. “It only means death if you chose to,” he bluffed.

“True…” she replied slowly. “If I pleasure you, you will release me?”

“Yes!” Cockweasel said, eagerly starting to stroke his cock as his eyes scanned across the demoness’s sinful body.

“Come closer wizard,” she beckoned, sliding down to her knees, her long, forked tongue slipped out and licked across her full red lips. The tongue briefly wound around one yellow fang and then disappeared back into her mouth.

Cockweasel moved up to the edge of the pentagram, being careful to ensure he did not step over the edge.

“Closer,” signaled the succubus, her lips parting into an oval ready to receive Cockweasels organ.

Cockweasel paused, his gaze flickering between her full, pouty lips and razor sharp fangs. “I’m not putting my cock that close to your teeth bitch,” he told her.

The demoness snarled, “Very well.” She stood up again and turned around, her seemingly delicate white wings folded on her back. She then bent over and braced her hands on her knees, presenting her full red buttocks towards the horny little man.

“Nice,” breathed Cockweasel, reaching up and running his rough hand across the demoness’s smooth buttocks. He slipped a finger up between her legs and stroked along the slit of her cunt. The demoness gave a rumbling growl as he probed one finger up inside her, his cock hardening in his other hand. Cockweasel gave her firm ass a slap and then moved over to the side of the room, grabbing a stool and dragging it to the edge of the pentagram.

Cockweasel clambered up onto the stood which put him at a much more convenient height, his out-thrust erection pointed directly at the demoness’s posterior. Knowing that if he lost his balance and fell forward inside the pentagram he would be a goner, Cockweasel very carefully reached out and took hold of the succubus’s nicely curved waist, pulling her ass back towards him.

“Oh yes! Cockweasel likes that!” Cockweasel groaned as he pushed his grubby cock into the demoness’s cunt. The succubus hissed at the thought of being used for pleasure by such a pitiful small man, but when Cockweasel released her she would have her revenge. Cockweasel tightened his grip on her red hips and started to pump against her ass like a dog in heat, the small room filled with the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh.

The short man grunted as he bucked against her, his small cock buried to the base with each thrust. It had been so long since Cockweasel had got laid that he knew he would not last long. A droplet of drool fell from the corner of his mouth, splashing into the small of the demoness’s back as he fucked her. Cockweasel’s long nails dug into the succubus’s hips and he increased the rapid-fire thrusts of his hips, his balls swinging against her with each shove.

“That’s it!” grunted the horny little man as he had his way with the succubus. “Oh that’s good!”

“Of course it’s good,” snapped the succubus as she suffered the indignity of letting the ugly small man hump her. “I’m a succubus you dolt!”

“Shut up bitch!” growled Cockweasel, slapping the side of her ass. “You’re ruining the moment.”

“Well excuse me then,” she replied sarcastically, but she did shut up, the only sound in the top room of the tower was now the slapping of flesh and the grunting of a certain man.

“Ahhh! Fuck!” cried out Cockweasel as his cock suddenly exploded. He yanked the succubus back against him, his cock penetrating her to the hilt as it pulse and pumping slimy small cum into her. The demoness let Cockweasel spend himself, more drool dropping onto her back from his open mouth. “Yessss!” Cockweasel hissed as he rammed into her a couple more times milking the last of his cum into her tight demonic pussy.

“Cockweasel!” came a sudden, angry sounded scream from lower in the tower. “Get your mangy small ass down here this instant!”

Cockweasel physically jumped at the sound of the voice. His cock popped out of the succubus and he tumbled backwards off the stool, falling heavily on the stone floor. The air whooshed from his lungs and he lay there for a moment gasping.

“Shit!” he swore after he took a moment to recover. The little man jumped to his feet, wiping his still sticky cock on his own loincloth and then making a dash for the door.

“Wait!” hissed the demoness. “We had a deal, release me!”

“Uh..” Cockweasel stammered a moment. “Gotta go, be back later, thanks for the fuck.” With that he bolted out the door, slamming it shut behind him as his stubby little legs carried him down the lengthy flight of stairs as quickly as he could manage.

The little man burst through one of the large ornate wooden doors about two thirds of the way down the tower and arrived in a large, richly decorated dining room. The long table had seats enough for two dozen diners, but presently only one seat was filled. Cockweasel’s Master, the Sorceress Valeria sat there with an empty plate in front of her, impatiently tapping her fingers on the corner of the table. As always, Valeria wore a long black gown, it was slit very high up one leg, her creamy thigh poking through and immediately catching Cockweasel’s eye. The front of the dress gaped wide, displaying plenty of Valeria’s pale snowy breasts, coming just short of exposing her nipples. The evil sorceress was an incredible beauty, with flawless pale white skin and long, flowing raven hair that reached to her waist. Her pristine features could have been considered angelic, where it not for the angry stare she fixed upon her slave.

“Forget something?” she asked, her voice surprisingly gentle.

Fuck! Cockweasel swore inwardly, he’d been so busy sweeping the tower that he’d lost track of the time, Valeria’s dinner was not served. “Sorry Master!” Cockweasel said in his most pitiful voice, falling to his knees in the doorway.

“Mistress!” snapped Valeria, “How many times do I have to tell you!”

“Sorry Mistress!” Cockweasel quickly said. He remained in a begging posture and shuffled across the room on his knees towards the entrance to the kitchen where the sorceress’s dinner would be waiting for him to serve up.

“Be quick about it Cockweasel!” she growled threateningly. Cockweasel leapt to his feet and dashed into the kitchen at the sharp crack of her voice. He knew better than to anger the sorceress. He quickly picked up the sorceress’s dinner, a large plate of steaming roast meat and vegetables. Cockweasel had never seen anyone cook Valeria’s dinner, but whenever the time came he would always find it waiting for him to serve in the kitchen.

He carefully carried the plate into the dining room, once Cockweasel had dropped it and he’d ended up spending a fear-filled day and night cleaning the outside of the tower with Valeria using some sort of magical spell to levitate him. He’d been scared shitless as she threw him several hundred feet into the air and made him scrub the tower.

Cockweasel placed the plate down in front of Valeria, taking the chance to have a good look into her gaping cleavage, his height perfectly lining his face up with the sorceress’s ample bosom.

“Wine,” she ordered, thumping her empty goblet against the table.

“Yes Mas..Mistress,” he acquiesced, hurrying over to the rack of dusty wine bottles in the corner of the room. He grabbed one and random and moved back to Valeria’s side, slowly pouring the red liquid into her goblet. As he stood there he couldn’t help but stare into Valeria’s cleavage, watching the way the ample swellings of her breasts rose and fell as she breathed. His cock stirred slightly, despite having just emptied it into the demoness upstairs. Valeria’s breasts looked so big and soft, so inviting, he wanted to just reach out and touch them. He could just make out the slight shape of her nipples jutting against the dark fabric of her gown and he yearning to lean over and suck the hardened buds into his mouth. Cockweasel imagined what it would feel like to thrust his small small penis between those summery mountains, the big melons would feel so good pressed against his pumping shaft.

“What are you doing you idiot!” Valeria’s angry cry snapped his gaze away from her boobs and to the goblet that was now overflowing with wine. Cockweasel swore under his breath and stopped pouring, rushing into the kitchen to grab a rag to mop up the spill.

He rushed back and quickly wiped up the spilt wine. He noticed that a few drips had fallen from the edge of the table and landed on Valeria’s leg, left bare from the split in her dress. Cockweasel dabbed the rag on Valeria’s thigh, wiping up the split wine and giving her leg a slight squeeze at the same time. Then, unable to help himself he moved the rag higher up Valeria’s creamy thigh and then up to her breasts. The little man gave a small moan as he grabbed her huge left breast through the rag, under the guise of wiping up some imaginary splash of wine.

Valeria sighed as the horny little man crudely felt her up, the little shit was always trying something like that with her, it reminded her a little of her former wizard master, he’d always tried to cop a feel while he was teaching her magic. She killed him after she had quickly learnt all that he had to teach her. Valeria casually waved her hand in Cockweasel’s direction. “Shirrgalak,” as she spoke the word there was a soundless burst of energy and Cockweasel was flung across the room like a rag doll. He crashed into the wall and crumpled painfully to the floor.

Without another word Valeria returned her attention to her dinner. Cockweasel never seemed to learn, he was always grabbing her tits or ass, despite the painful punishments it earned him. Once he had pushed things too far and she’d woken up to him crouching on her pillow and trying to push his slimy small cock into her mouth. She angrily unleashed a fireball onto his crotch and he hadn’t been able to piss without screaming for the next three months. Cockweasel had never tried anything quite so bold again, although it didn’t stop his busy hands. The only reason Valeria hadn’t killed the horny little man was that he was the only man slave she’d had that had been able to follow more than the most simple of instructions.

Cockweasel rolled over onto his back and groaned as he regained consciousness. All he could think about was how firm and plump the sorceress’s tit had felt in his leathery hand. It had definitely been worth the pain he thought to himself.

About ten minutes later the sorceress was done eating and got to her feet. She glanced over to the corner of the room where Cockweasel was still lying groaning to himself. “I’m going to the top room to work,” she told Cockweasel, shooting him a look of disgust. “I am not to be disturbed no matter what. Understood?”

“Yes Master!” Cockweasel said, sitting up immediately when he realized she had no sympathy for his pain.

“Mistress!” she snapped back angrily before marching up the stairs towards the room where she had the succubus that Cockweasel had abused.

Cockweasel waiting for a few minutes to give the evil sorceress enough time to reach the top room and then he hurried over to the table, grabbing her plate of leftovers and digging in hungrily. He had just placed the first hunk of meat in his mouth when there was an ear-shattering bang from above, followed by a flash of light that filled the stairwell. Cockweasel froze, his mouth full of food. There was the sound of a female scream, the sorceress’s slave wasn’t sure if it had come from the succubus or the sorceress herself. Then there was another explosion and a thud. Then silence.

Cockweasel spat the food out onto the table and started to dash towards the door. He froze as he reached the stairwell. Valeria had specifically told him not to disturb her. He paused in indecision, if he didn’t go up and she was in trouble, he’d be punished. But if he did go up and everything was okay he’d also be punished. It was times like this that he wished he had a normal man brain that didn’t think of so many things at once. It would be so much easier to just dumbly do what he was told.

Taking a gamble Cockweasel decided to throw caution aside and head up to check on his Master. He ran hurriedly up the stairs to the very top of the tower, his breathing ragged and labored by the time he climbed the final step. Cockweasel then burst open the door, expecting to see the room burnt to a crisp, or perhaps the dead succubus splattered all over the walls.

To his surprise the room was remarkably unscathed. The succubus was gone, or at least not in sight, the pentagram also no longer on the floor. Lying on her back, motionless in the center of the room was Cockweasel’s Master, Valeria. Her eyes were closed and he could just see the rising and falling over her expansive chest. She was alive.

“Master!” he cried out in alarm, hurrying over to her side. “Master!” he repeated louder, taking her by the shoulders and shaking her. Valeria did not stir, she was completely unconscious. Something had obviously gone very wrong. Suddenly concerned about the succubus, Cockweasel leapt to his feet and spun around, scanning the room for any sign of the demoness. But he saw nothing. Had Valeria banished her before she was knocked out?

The nervous man gave one more suspicious scan of the room then knelt down beside Valeria once again. “Master!” he said, shaking her violently this time. Still she didn’t awaken. Cockweasel sat back on his heels. Now what was he going to do?

Cockweasel licked his lips and stared thoughtfully at the motionless body of the sexy sorceress. He glanced around the room, double checking that he was alone.

“Sorceress?” he said, a little softer this time.

Cockweasel reached out and pinched the flesh on her arm. She didn’t move. His heart beating at one hundred miles per hour, Cockweasel reached out and placed his hand ever so gently over her left breast, covering the ample mound in his palm. “Master?” he said, his voice a husky whisper. She did not stir. Cockweasel felt his loins tingle in anticipation as he ran his thumb across the inner slope of the sorceress’s large left breast, left bare by the open neckline of her gown.

Cockweasel got up on his haunches and leant over Valeria, keeping his hand fixed to her large breast. He slapped her sharply across the side of the face. “Wake up!” he shouted as loud as he could manage. She still didn’t move and Cockweasel was at last confident that he was free to explore the lovely magician.

Breathing heavily, Cockweasel’s other hand moved to join its partner on Valeria’s chest. He took a large boob in each hand and squeezed them firmly. “Nice!” groaned Cockweasel his hands opening and closing over the deliciously ample mounds, kneading the resilient flesh. “Cockweasel likes these,” he moaned tightly gripping the mountainous orbs.

He then curled his fingers around the edge of Valeria’s black gown and yanked it open. The material tore slightly as he pulled it wide, exposing Valeria’s bare breasts to his hungry eyes. A droplet of drool fell from Cockweasel’s lower lip and into the deep gap of Valeria’s cleavage as his hands once again closed over her, now bare, breasts.

“You’re not bossing Cockweasel around now are you wench?” he said to the sorceress’s unconscious body as his fingers pinched and twisted at her nipples. Cockweasel then fell onto the raven-haired woman, his hard cock jutting against her hip as he plunged his face into her cleavage. Cockweasel made a sort of lustful grunting noise as he rubbed his rough face between her breasts, savoring the softness of her flawless skin. He turned his head to the side an captured a nipple between his lips, sucking it hungrily and at the same time starting to grind his bulging cock against her curvy hip.

Cockweasel’s feast continued as he turned to her other nipple, his tongue coming out and lapping against the hardening bud, sucking it forcefully between his lips. He gave the nipple a quick bite and then straightened up, adjusting his position so that he sat over her, straddling her flat stomach. Cockweasel then reached down with both hands and squeezed the sorceress’s plump breasts. He then jiggled them in his hands, watching in delight as the abundant sloshed about her chest. Cockweasel absently slapped at the sorceress’s big tits as he looked up into her beautiful face. For once she was not looking at him in disgust.

Cockweasel gave a yellow-toothed grin as he released his Mistress’s breasts and climbed off Valeria, an idea forming in his brain. The crawled around to her head, remembering when he’d almost caught her in a deep slumber, just before she shot a fireball into his lap. Cockweasel sat down and lifted Valeria’s head up into his lap, turning her head sideways. He rubbed his hard small cock over her pretty face leaving a slight smear of his smallish precum, had she been awake she would have gagged on the stench of his smelly cock and unwashed loincloth.

Cockweasel then brushed the head of his cock across the sorceress’s full lips, tracing their outline before pushing them apart. He gave a small moan as his cock pierced her lips, the warmth of her tongue was wondrous as he pushed his cock inside her mouth. Cockweasel moaned in bliss, he had never had a blowjob and the fact it was from such a beautiful and powerful human who had always tormented him made it all the more sweet. Never mind the fact she was passed out. Cockweasel sat up, crouching over Valeria’s face as he fed more of his cock into her warm mouth.

“Cockweasel likes!” he grunted, slowly pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, barely noticing the occasional scrape from her teeth as he slowly fucked her mouth. Keeping his cock buried in her mouth, Cockweasel turned around, tilting Valeria’s head backwards and opening her throat. He reached out and took hold of her big jiggling tits for leverage and really started to pump, fucking her face.

“Yess!” he groaned as his cock plunged in and out of her mouth, he was not quite big enough to go into her throat, but it felt wonderful, his balls banging on her nose as he rooted her lovely mouth. Cockweasel picked up the pace, really going to town, using his unconscious tormentor to satisfy his lust. Suddenly the little man groaned and his cock burst, cum shooting from his cock and filling Valeria’s mouth. He plunged himself deep into her mouth and his hands gripped tightly on her big tits as he orgasmed. His slimy small spunk pouring from the corners of Valeria’s mouth.

The unconscious enchantress started to choke on her slaves cock and Cockweasel felt her teeth bite into his still pulsing organ. Cockweasel quickly jerked backwards, yanking his cock free as the sorceress started to cough and splutter. She looked as though she was still unconscious, but Cockweasel didn’t intend to stick around and find out. He’d crossed a very dangerous line and knew that if he were still around when Valeria awakened she’d probably turn him into a toad…or worse.

Cockweasel wiped his grubby cock with a handful of Valeria’s shiny black hair and then hurriedly fled the room, slamming the door shut behind him. He had to get the fuck outta here before she awoke. Running as fast as he could, the little man almost tumbled down the stairs, taking them two or three at a time, as fast as his stubby legs could manage.

Cockweasel was almost at the bottom when he crashed into something, there was a loud metallic clang and Cockweasel feel back onto the stairs in a daze.

He looked up in horror to see a tall figure in front of him, dressing in shiny silver armor that gleamed with a dangerously holy light. In the knights hand was a long, vicious looking sword. Cockweasel looked up in fright as the sword ominously raised in his direction.

“Bugger!” swore Cockweasel softly. Now he was screwed.

The short small man raced hurriedly down the stairs of the Tower of Doom, home of the wicked sorceress Valeria. The ugly little small man’s name was Cockweasel and he was the slave of the malevolent magic user. Cockweasel had always lusted after the lovely sorceress and when he had discovered Valeria unconscious in the top-most room of her tower he had been unable to resist raping her mouth whilst she lay there powerless to resist. Knowing that if she awoke and realized what he had done he would be a dead man, he had decided to flee.

Cockweasel was almost at the bottom when he crashed into something, there was a loud metallic clang and Cockweasel feel back onto the stairs in a daze.

He looked up in horror to see a tall figure in front of him, dressing in shiny silver armor that gleamed with a dangerously holy light. In the knights hand was a long, vicious looking sword. Cockweasel looked up in fright as the sword ominously rose in his direction.

“Bugger!” swore Cockweasel softly. Now he was screwed.

The pale blue eyes that Cockweasel could see through the eye-slit of the knights helm narrowed slightly as the knight’s sword drew back for the deathblow.

“Wait!” squealed Cockweasel, holding his hands up protectively, although he knew they would do little to stop the imminent attack. “Don’t kill me! I stopped the sorceress! I’m not a bad guy!” he shrieked, desperately pleaded for his miserable life.

The knight seemed to hesitate so Cockweasel continued, “I’m innocent!” Cockweasel’s mind raced, trying to think of something that would save his life. “I only came here ‘cause the sorceress enslaved my family, I’ve killed her. You’ve got to save me!” as far as he knew Valeria had choked on his cum so he may be telling at least some truth.

The knight reached up and opened the visor of her helmet. To Cockweasel’s shock the knight was a female. And a remarkably beautiful one at that. A few stray locks of golden hair that hung from her helm framed her finely featured face.

“You’re a woman!” blurted Cockweasel in surprise.

“The sorceress is dead?” said the knight, ignoring Cockweasel’s comment.

“Y..yes,” Cockweasel said in a stammer, trying to look as scared as he could.

The knight’s pretty eye’s narrowed slightly. “You’re not one of Valeria the Black minions?” she demanded.

Cockweasel hurried shook his head. “No, not me. I’d never serve that black-hearted bitch. You’ve got to help me get out of here!”

After a moment’s consideration, the knight seemed to accept his word. “Follow me,” she instructed, closing the front of her helm once again and starting down the steps. Cockweasel hurried after her as fast as his short legs would carry him.

They reached the bottom of the tower and stepped out into the night. The knight had a powerful looking, pure white warhorse waiting and she mounted up.

“You’re free man,” she told him. “I thank you for saving me the task of dispatching the vile sorceress myself.”

Cockweasel looked around at the wilderness slightly nervously. Valeria had told him the land was very perilous, filled with dangerous wild animals and even more dangerous men. It had probably been just stories to discourage him from attempting to escape, but the idea of venturing alone into the night didn’t sit too well with the little man.

“You’re not going to leave me alone are you?” he said to the knight, trying to look as pathetic as possible.

“You can’t come with me,” the knight said. “I travel back to my king in Alastriel City.”

“Please!” begged Cockweasel, falling to his knees and clenching his hands together pleadingly. “I’ll die out here. Let me travel with you.”

The knight glared down at him from behind her helm.

“I can be your servant, please I’ll do anything. Just don’t leave me out here to die!”

“Very well,” the knight said at last. She reached down and offered her hand to the pitiful little small man. Cockweasel took hold of her steel gauntlet as she lifted him up behind her, onto the back of her white warhorse.

“Thank you Master,” Cockweasel gratefully told her as he gripped the sides of her steel breastplate fearfully. He’d never been on horseback before and it looked like a long way down if he fell.

“Gwyneth,” the knight corrected him as she spurred her steed into motion. “Lady Gwyneth d’Lambert, paladin of the Holy Church of Alastriel.”

“Cockweasel’s my name, Lady Gwyneth” Cockweasel replied.

“Codweasel?” she repeated as they rode away from the Tower of Doom.


“Oh,” she replied. “Well Cockweasel, my camp is an hour’s ride from here, we should reach it just before midnight.”

“Ow!” Cockweasel said suddenly.

“What is it?” Gwyneth asked, a tone of concern in her voice that Cockweasel had never heard from Valeria.

“Just your armor is sharp,” he replied, doing his best to cling to her back as they rode at a gallop away from the tower.

“It’s not for long,” the beautiful paladin assured him. They rode on in silence to where Gwyneth had made camp. By the time they reached it Cockweasel, unaccustomed to riding, was in agony, his legs aching from straddling the horse and his body bruised from clinging tightly to the armored knight. The camp consisted of little more than a fire and bedroll, but Cockweasel was very grateful to finally reach it.

“I’ll take the first watch,” Gwyneth said as she dismounted and helped Cockweasel down from the horse. “You get some sleep. You must be exhausted.”

Cockweasel didn’t argue. He practically collapsed onto the bedroom and within seconds was snoring loudly, the evening’s excitement having drained him completely.

Gwyneth paused a moment to watch the sleeping small man. He was a strange one that was for sure. Most mans Gwyneth had come across were vile little midgets, showing little intelligence, usually either fleeing from her or attacking her. Cockweasel seemed smarter than those she had met, and the fact he had actually slain the sorceress suggested she had also been taken by surprise by his intelligence.

The paladin unsaddled and brushed down her warhorse as Cockweasel snored loudly on her bedroll. She then got out of her heavy armor and into a loose tunic and pants. As she sat down by the rapidly dwindling fire she glanced over at Cockweasel. He must be having a good dream, as his little small penis was fully erect, poking up from under his meager loincloth.

Gwyneth blushed slightly and looked away. They would have to do something about his clothing if she was going to take him through any towns. small mans such as mans and orcs, although not exactly liked, were accepted in most towns and not all that uncommon. The kingdom had a wide assortment of cultures and races and when visiting a town you could bump into anything from a man, to a majestic elf, to a stout dwarf or even on rare occasions a rough looking troll or ogre. So long as they didn’t cause any trouble most races were accepted in the cities of the kingdom.

Gwyneth decided to give Cockweasel a little extra sleep and waited until only a couple hours before dawn to wake the sleeping man. “Your turn on watch,” she whispered as she shook him awake.

Cockweasel woke up with a start. “Huh?” he said as he looked up at the pretty woman through bleary sleep-filled eyes. Without her armor on Gwyneth looked even more beautiful. She had long golden blonde hair that stretched midway down her back, and although her loose clothing disguised it she had a slim, fit body.

“You take the watch now,” Gwyneth repeated. “Wake me at sunrise.”

Cockweasel nodded as the knight lay down on the bedroll and closed her eyes. He went over and stirred up the last ashes of the fire and crouched down beside it. He could hardly believe he was free of the wicked Valeria at last. It had been quite a night. Cockweasel briefly wondered on the fate of the sorceress. Was she even alive? If she was Cockweasel would have loved to see the expression on her face when she woke up with a mouthful of his cum. Actually on second thoughts perhaps he’d rather not be around.

Cockweasel glanced over at his savior. Gwyneth looked very peaceful, lying on her side and sleeping soundly. Cockweasel couldn’t help but admire the womanly curve of her waist and the gentle rise and fall of what looked like a rather generous bosom. It had been hard to tell under all that steel she wore, but she was actually a very sexy woman.

Licking his lips, Cockweasel quietly moved closer to Gwyneth, the sleeping paladin didn’t stir as he crouched down at her side. Cockweasel studied her peaceful face for a moment and then reached out and stroked the back of his rough knuckles across her soft cheek. Gwyneth murmured softly in her sleep but didn’t awaken. Feeling a little bolder, Cockweasel traced one fingertip around her full lips, being careful not to scrape her with his sharp fingernail. As he touched her mouth he couldn’t help but remember the fun he had with his former Master, Valeria. His cock stiffened slightly.

As much as he would have loved to have felt her warm mouth around his penis, Cockweasel knew that Gywneth’s sleep was not deep enough for him to get away with something like that. Instead, he gently traced his finger over the swell of her right breast. Her tits seemed big, perhaps as large as Valeria’s. Eager to explore further, Cockweasel carefully hooked his finger into the collar of the slumbering knight’s tunic. He pulled it out from her body so that he could peek down the front. Valeria’s breasts were bare beneath, rising and falling as she slept. Cockweasel could not help but omit a moan as he gazed upon her large naked breasts. They looked so warm and soft, topped by pink nipples that Cockweasel wished he could suck on as he had with Valeria’s.

Pushing his luck to the limit, Cockweasel pulled her clothing out further and slipped his other hand down inside the front of her tunic. He moaned as his cool hand closed over one of Gwyneth’s ample breasts, the firm mound more than filling his palm. She’s not quite as busty as Valeria, but very close, Cockweasel decided as he cautiously gave her tit a squeeze. The lecherous man slid his hand over to Gwyneth’s other tit, cupping it in his palm and feeling it’s warmth.

“Nice,” he whispered softly as he squeezed her other boob.

“Mmm,” Valeria moaned sharply in her sleep and Cockweasel jerked his hand out of her top, almost knocking her chin in the process. He released her tunic and scurried back to the fire, if she woke and found his feeling her up he didn’t like to think what would happen.

Cockweasel rubbed his throbbing crotch and shuffled closer to the fire. Perhaps another time he would have a better opportunity to explore the pretty blonde knight.

Cockweasel lay down on his side and closed his eyes, just wanting to rest his heavy eyelids for a moment. When he opened his eyes again Lady Gwyneth was towering above him.

“Fall asleep on guard duty?” she asked him. As she stepped aside the sunlight she had been blocking streamed down onto Cockweasel’s eyes, blinding him momentarily as he struggled to adjust to the bright light. man’s at the best of times preferred the dark, and the sudden shock of bright light gave Cockweasel an immediate pounded headache.

“Come on, get up,” Gwyneth urged him as she finished saddling up her horse. “We’re moving out. I want to reach the village of Crompton by evening and thanks to you we’re already an hour behind schedule.”

Cockweasel grunted as he sat up. He glanced down at his grubby loincloth and saw that he had morning wood as usual, his grubby small cock poking out from the even dirtier piece of material he wore. He looked over at Valeria and saw her preparing to don her heavy steel armor, Cockweasel winced at the memory of the sharp hard steel rubbing against him as they rode.

“Do you have to wear that?” he asked with a grimace.

Gwyneth turned to him in surprise, “My armor?”

“Yeah, it hurts me when we ride.”

Gwyneth considered for a moment, “I guess I can leave it off for now, ‘till we get you a horse anyway. We should be able to buy one in Crompton.”

“That’d be great,” Cockweasel eagerly thanked her.

Instead of getting into her armor she strapped it into the saddlebags of her warhorse and mounted up. Gywneth then reached down and helped Cockweasel up behind her. The little man hugged close to her, no longer hindered by her metal armor. Gwyneth frowned as she felt something hard poking into her posterior from behind.

“What’s that poking me?” she asked in discomfort.

“Erm…” Cockweasel sounded a little abashed. “Morning wood,” he said in a muffled tone.

“Oh,” replied Gwyneth, a little embarrassed herself now as well.

The paladin spurred her horse on its way as Cockweasel snuggled in behind her, grinding his hard cock into her ass a little. Gwyneth almost wished she had worn her armor after all, and briefly wondered if the horny little man had an ulterior motive when he suggested she didn’t wear it.

They rode for several hours without rest, Cockweasel remained pushed up against Gwyneth from behind, hugging her tightly as his cock nestled soundly between her firm buttocks, insinuating itself nicely into the crack of her ass and remaining hard. Cockweasel imagined what Gwyneth must look like from the front, her heavy tits unrestrained by armor and no doubt jiggling delightfully. Unable to help himself, as the mental image of the knight’s breasts entered his mind, one of his hands stole up from around her waist and cupped Gwyneth’s ample right breast through her loose tunic. The paladin didn’t notice the grope at first, but when Cockweasel gave the large melon a squeeze, Gwyneth gasped in surprise. She looked down to see his small hand clenched over her tit and she immediately pried his hand free.

Gwyneth reined in the horse at that point and dismounted.

“Time for a rest break,” she told him, her gaze not meeting his eyes.

After a short break they remounted and continued on their way. They had gone less than a mile when once again Cockweasel’s grubby little hand stole up and closed over Gwyneth's heavy breast. The paladin clenched her teeth to suppress her angry and immediately peeled his hand off and brought it back to her waist. Cockweasel moaned a little and nestled his crotch harder in against Gwyneth’s shapely ass, letting the motion of the horse grind him against her.

For the rest of the afternoon, every half an hour or so Cockweasel’s busy little hand would find it’s way back up to Gwyneth’s boobs, and every time she would pry his hand away. Finally, on about the tenth time she gave up and just let the horny man squeeze her breast. For the last hour of their journey both of Cockweasel’s hands were closed over Gwyneth’s tits, squeezing and kneading at the abundant melons whilst the noble paladin did her best to ignore them. The sooner they got Cockweasel his own horse, the better!

The odd pair of traveling companions reached Crompton just before dusk. Lady Gwyneth gratefully pulled her man travel companion’s hands from her bosom and dismounted.

“Let’s get you sorted for some clothes before we find an inn to spend the night,” she told Cockweasel as she helped him down from the horses back. As soon as Cockweasel’s feet hit the dirt he started to rub his aching inner thighs and balls.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” he yelped. Gwyneth couldn’t help but smile at his display, at least she wasn’t the only one who had found the journey uncomfortable.

“Come on,” she said impatiently, grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him in the direction of the tailor’s shop.

“What can I do for you m’Lady?” asked the tailor politely as they entered his shop. The tailor was a tall, very skinny man with a large bulbous nose and a bushy moustache.

“We’re after some clothing,” Gwyneth said, she gestured down towards Cockweasel. “For him.”

The tailor noticed Cockweasel for the first time and looked down at him. When he saw that Gwyneth was referring to a man his face immediately showed distaste. “Oh,” he said in surprise, his expression made him look like he had just taken a bite from a very sour lemon. “A man. Well I’m not sure if we have anything for his kind.”

Gwyneth ignored Cockweasel’s obvious revulsion. “Anything will do, as you can see he’s not exactly dressed to travel through towns.”

The tailor nodded, staring down his nose at Cockweasel. The little man scowled up at the tailor, Cockweasel’s disgust not unnoticed. Cockweasel reached up and picked his nose, just to piss the rude tailor off further.

“Well,” the tailor sighed, deciding he wanted the pair out of his shop as quickly as possible. “I think I have some children’s clothing around somewhere that should fit.”

“Anything will be fine,” Gwyneth agreed, giving Cockweasel the most winning smile she could muster under the circumstances.

The tailor gave a curt nod and then moved over to a pile of clothes stacked up in a dusty corner of the shop. He searched through the pile for a few minutes before pulling out a pair of bright red pantaloons and a fluffy white blouse that looked like it was made for a little girl.

“Is that all you have?” Cockweasel said, eyeing up the clothing dubiously.

The tailor ignored Cockweasel and handed the clothing to Gwyneth.

“Thank you,” Gwyneth replied. “That will do just fine.”

She passed the clothing down to Cockweasel and at her instruction the grubby little man tried them on. He stripped off his loincloth and Gwyneth immediately averted her eyes from the thick small penis that hung between his legs. Although quite small compared to a fully-grown man, it seemed bigger attached to his small body.

Cockweasel pulled on the red pants and white blouse, scowling the whole time. Once he was fully dressed he noisily cleared his throat and Gwyneth turned to look at him.

The busty paladin had to stifle a laugh as she looked at the little man. He looked quite comical in the children’s clothes. The bright pants coming down to just below his knee’s and looked quite tight around the crotch. The white blouse had a fluffy lace collar that pointed up around his ears and he had only half buttoned it up, leaving his small chest sticking out.

“I look like a friggin’ elf!” he complained.

Gwyneth smiled at her new companion. “You look very handsome,” she assured him.

Cockweasel glowered at her, biting his bottom lip as he failed to think of a clever retort.

Gwyneth scooped up his grubby loincloth and handed it to the tailor. “Take care of this will you good tailor,” she said as she once again took Cockweasel by the hand and led him from the shop as if he was a child.

The tailor gingerly gripped the filthy loincloth between his thumb and finger, “I think I’ll burn it,” he said in a half-whisper as they left his shop.

Gwyneth led Cockweasel to the large tavern that was right in the center of the village of Crompton. Had Cockweasel been able to read he would have seen the sign above the door read ‘The Tavern of the Laughing Dog’.

Inside it was rather busy. About two dozen travelers and local farmers will all enjoying either a hot meal or a cold ale. There were four buxom serving wenches that circulated the common room, each with a large jug filled with ale that they used to refill the men’s mugs. Every so often one of the men would give the serving girls a swat across the ass or even a pinch, and they actually spent more time dodging groping hands than pouring ale.

Gwyneth approached the bar, where a portly, balding man dressed in a grubby white apron was serving drinks. As the lovely knight came closer he gave her a warm grin. “Evening ma’am, a room for yourself and your son?” he asked. He leant over the bar with a big smile, intended for Gwyneth’s son. When he caught sight of not a human boy, but an ugly little man his face paled. “Oh,” was all he said.

“Yes,” Gwyneth said. “Me and my traveling companion will have a room. Two beds please,” she added that very firmly.

“Of course,” the barman said, inclining his head.

“And some hot food please,” Gwyneth added. She’d been on the trail of Valeria the Black for several weeks and it felt like an eternity since she’d last had a proper meal.

“Take a seat and I’ll have one of the girls bring it over,” the barman said, gracing Gwyneth with a friendly smile and Cockweasel with a threatening scowl.

As Gwyneth led her man companion to the table that the barman had pointed to, Cockweasel passed one of the serving girls, reaching up and slapping her on the bottom as she past, much as he had seen the other men do. The serving girl, giggled playfully and turned towards Cockweasel, expecting to see one of the local men there. When she saw Cockweasel grinning up at her, his pointy yellow teeth bared she immediately gasped.

“Little pervert!” she snapped, spinning around and headed towards the bar.

Cockweasel grinned and then followed Gwyneth to their table. Perhaps life outside Valeria’s tower was going to be better than he’d first thought.

Once they had taken their seats, the serving wench who Cockweasel had slapped brought over two bowls of steaming beef stew. As she set the bowls down on the table, Cockweasel’s eyes went wide, the bodice of the woman’s dress was very low cut and her plump breasts were all but bared for his eyes to feast on. Almost without thought he reached out and squeezed one of her big tits through her dress.

“Ah!” she yelped in surprise, pulling backwards and almost knocking over Gwyneth’s stew. “Keep your hands to yourself you little midget!”

Gwyneth shot Cockweasel and annoyed stare as the barmaid rushed off. “You can’t just go around grabbing people like that!” she angrily told him, remembering the way he had felt her up whilst they traveled.

“Sorry,” Cockweasel did his best to look abashed.

“Now that you’re in civilization you need to keep your hands to yourself. You shouldn’t just touch people like that without permission,” Gwyneth explained.

She had been about to continue her scolding when they were interrupted by a farmer sitting down at their table. They both looked at the intruder in surprise and saw that he was weeping.

“What is it sir?” Gwyneth asked, her voice filled with concern.

Cockweasel had been about to tell Cockweasel to fuck off, but he bit his lip when he saw Lady Gwyneth was obviously not upset at the interruption.

“Is that your horse outside?” he asked Gwyneth, “The one with the armor?” Cockweasel sounded upset and desperate.

“Yes,” Gwyneth replied hesitantly, not sure where this was leading.

“You’re a warrior?” Cockweasel asked.

“Lady Gwyneth d’Lambert, paladin of the Holy Church of Alastriel.”

“Oh thank God!” Cockweasel almost gasped with relief. “It’s my daughter. They’ve taken my daughter! You’ve got to save her! I don’t know who else I can turn to. Please help me!”

“Slow down,” Gwyneth said, “who’s taken your daughter?”

“Ogres!” Cockweasel exclaimed fearfully.

“Ogres?” Cockweasel blurted in surprise. They’d always scared the shit out of him.

Gwyneth place a hand reassuringly over his. “We will help you,” she assured him.

“We?” Cockweasel gulped.

The distraught farmer hurried told his awful tale to Lady Gwyneth d’Lambert, paladin of the Holy Church of Alastriel and her less illustrious companion, Cockweasel Cockweasel. Gwyneth had rescued Cockweasel from his tormenting mistress, the vile sorceress Valeria the Black, and the two had escaped on horseback to the village of Crompton.

It was here in Crompton, in the Tavern of the Laughing Dog, that the farmer had approached them for help.

“The ogre’s stole into my farm less than an hour ago,” he explained. “I tried to stop them but they threw me into the wall and I passed out, they did the same to my wife. When we woke up everything was broken and strewn about and my daughter was gone!”

“How old was your daughter?” Gwyneth asked him.

“Only eighteen! I shudder to think what they have done with her,” Cockweasel started weeping again, breaking down in front of them.

Gwyneth stood up and placed a hand comfortingly on Cockweasel’s shoulder. “Take us to your house, we’ll pick up their trail and rescue your daughter!” she promised him.

“There’s that ‘we’ word again,” Cockweasel murmured, but neither of them paid him any heed. Cockweasel found himself dragged behind Gwyneth as they hurried followed Cockweasel back to his house.

When they reached the small farmhouse they saw Cockweasel’s wife sitting just outside the door, weeping for her lost daughter. She was an attractive red haired woman with a plump, but well curved figure. She also looked quite young, especially as she had an eighteen-year-old daughter.

“You come to rescue Grace?” the woman asked, her eye’s pleading. Cockweasel couldn’t help but notice the woman’s curvy bosom heaving as she choked back the tears.

“We do,” Gwyneth assured her. The lovely paladin was once again dressed her in steel armor, ready to do battle with the evil ogres. Cockweasel had given up complaining about the word ‘we’. The blonde knight started to walk around the outside of the house, looking for any sign that would indicate which way the ogres went. “Spread out and see if you can see a trail,” she instructed the others.

Cockweasel sighed loudly.

“What is it Cockweasel?” Gwyneth asked him with a frown.

“I can smell them,” replied Cockweasel, kicking himself. Why was he always getting himself into trouble?

“Smell them?” the paladin asked in surprise.

“Yes, ogre’s stink like you wouldn’t believe,” Cockweasel said, which was quite a statement coming from the grubby little man. “And i have a great sense of smell. I can lead you to them.”

Gwyneth smiled, almost proudly at Cockweasel. “Excellent. Let’s go!”

Cockweasel sighed again. An ogre!? He couldn’t believe he was actually chasing an ogre. Usually he would be running as fast as he could go in the opposite direction!

They set off, leaving the farmer and his wife at the house so as not to endanger them. Cockweasel had suggested perhaps he shouldn’t be endangered as well, but Gwyneth had ignored him. They made good time, Cockweasel’s sensitive nose making tracking the ogre easy and within an hour they had reached the beast’s lair.

The ogre had made his den in a large cave on a cliff face several miles north of Crompton. By the time they reached the cave mouth it was pitch black, close to midnight. Gwyneth had taken a lantern from the farmer to light their way, although Cockweasel could see quite well in the dark even without this.

“You might need this,” Gwyneth said, handing Cockweasel a long, wide-bladed dagger that was almost like a shortsword to the tiny man.

Cockweasel swallowed nervously as he took the blade, Lady Gwyneth drew her own vicious looking longsword.

Gwyneth led the way into the cave, holding the lantern aloft with one hand and her sword at the ready in the other. Cockweasel followed behind her, his heart pumping at a hundred miles and hour, he gripped the dagger in his sweaty hand, but at the first sign of trouble he was ready to bolt.

The cave was quite high, towering well over even Gwyneth’s head and they gingerly entered, weapons at the ready. Inside it was rather damp, but surprisingly warm. The walls and roof were rough and jagged but the ground relatively smooth.

“Not a sound,” Gwyneth whispered as they made their way inside. Cockweasel nodded mutely and tightened his grip on his sword. How was it he kept getting himself into these predicaments?

The pair traveled about fifty meters inside the cave, passing a few signs of its inhabitants. When Cockweasel saw a large, rotting animal carcass he almost turned a fled the cave.

A little further inside they reached a point where the cave split in two directions.

“We split up,” Gwyneth whispered, “you go left, I’ll take the right.”

Cockweasel nodded. Was she crazy? Split up?

“If you find the ogre shout out,” she added.

Oh right, and get his attention? Just what Cockweasel wanted. “Okay,” was all he replied.

Gwyneth reached out and gripped his shoulder. “You’re very brave for a man.”

“Thanks,” Cockweasel squeaked as Gwyneth headed off down the right side of the cave, holding her lantern high.

Cockweasel paused for a moment as she disappeared, letting his eye’s adjust to the darkness. For a moment he briefly considered fleeing the cave, but decided he didn’t want to let Gwyneth down. Swallowing his fear he headed down the left hand branch of the ogre’s cave. Besides, the ogre’s scent was stronger down the right hand side so what did he have to lose?

Cockweasel slowly made his way through the cave, knee’s shaking with each step. About thirty meters down the tunnel it opened into a larger cavern. Cockweasel couldn’t smell the ogre’s scent so he warily entered and peered around.

Sure enough the monster was not inside. But in the center of the cavern, on a large stone slab a young human woman was tied up and gagged. Cockweasel hurried closer, it had to be the farmer’s daughter. Her wrists and ankles were strapped to the stone table by rope and she was gagged with a strip torn from her shredded dress. Cockweasel’s eye’s widened slightly as he saw the teenager’s sexy body, left mostly bare by her ruined dress, struggling against her bonds. In the darkness she could not see Cockweasel, but with his night vision, Cockweasel’s gaze could feast upon her.

Cockweasel approached the table and carefully reached out, placing his hand on the woman’s firm young thigh. She gasped, taking a sharp intake of breath at his touch. Cockweasel felt a stirring in his loins as he slid his hand higher up her creamy thigh, giving her leg a gentle squeeze.

He snatched his hand back away from the farmer’s daughter’s thigh as a loud crash echoed through the cavern. Cockweasel guessed that Lady Gwyneth had found the ogre.

Licking his lips, the horny little man climbed up onto the edge of the large stone slab, kneeling beside the farmer’s daughter. With the battle raging in the opposite tunnel he knew he didn’t have much time. Either Gwyneth or the ogre would soon come down this passage to check on the girl.

Cockweasel straddled the girl’s thigh, causing her to gasp again. Her head turned around blindly as if peering into the darkness to see who was assaulting her. Cockweasel gave a low moan as he ran both his hands up her smooth thigh, grinding his crotch into her leg at the same time. He ran his hands up further to the teenager’s firm young breasts, cupping them through her torn dress. The were smaller than both Valeria’s and Gwyneth’s, but the firm mounds still more than filled Cockweasel’s little hands. Cockweasel groaned slightly as he gave the young woman’s breasts a good squeeze and she moaned softly through her gag.

There was another crash and the sound of steel clashing from down the other cave. Cockweasel ground his crotch against the farmers daughter’s thigh, his cock fully erect and poking against his red pants. He humped her warm leg as he leant down and licked her ample right breast through the material of her dress. The girl struggled a little against her bonds as Cockweasel moved between her spread thighs.

He reached down to his crotch and fumbled a bit with the awkward lacings on the puffy red pants that Gwyneth had got him. Cockweasel finally freed his throbbing, erect penis and pushed aside the ripped material of the young woman’s dress. With a lustful grunt Cockweasel shoved his hard cock up into the farmers daughter’s pussy. The girl let out a squeal through her gag as Cockweasel dropped his weight onto her and started to thrust up into her cunt.

Supporting himself on one elbow as he heaved himself against her crotch, his other hand slipped up to grab at her tits while he fucked her. Cockweasel moaned in pleasure as her tight teenage cunt clutched around his thrusting cock. The girl felt even better than the succubus had. His little hips started to rapidly pump against her, Cockweasels hard cock pistoning rapidly in and out of her, his grimy balls slapping her with each thrust. Cockweasel was huffing and puffing as he fucked the young human, his hand desperately kneading at her round breast as he got closer and closer to cumming.

With a final grunt Cockweasel shoved his cock deep into the girls pussy, his sticky small cum surging from the tip of his shaft and filling her. Cockweasel’s hand clamped painfully onto her breast causing her to squeal again as he exploded. His hips jerked and his whole body tensed as he unloaded his seed within her. The girl’s cunt seemed to clasp around his pulsing shaft, almost milking the sperm from him.

As Cockweasel withdrew his cock from the young woman’s clutching vagina he heard the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer. The victor of the battle between the ogre and the knight was obviously heading his way. Cockweasel quickly wiped his sticky cock on the girl’s dress, leaving a small stain. He then hurriedly climbed off the stone slab and laced his pants back up.

“Cockweasel?” it was Lady Gwyneth’s voice calling to him as a light appeared at the far end of the cavern.

Cockweasel glanced over to the girl who was still straining against her bonds and then immediately ran over in the direction that Gwyneth was coming from.

“Did you see it?” he demanded, thinking quickly as he approached the paladin.

“The ogre? I killed it,” she grimly told him.

“No, did you see the orc?” Cockweasel asked.

“Orc?” she said in surprise.

“Yes the orc!” Cockweasel quickly told her. “When I entered this cavern there was an orc raping the girl. I chased him off, he ran back towards the entrance. I thought you might have run into him on your way here?”

Gwyneth shook her head. “Raping her? The vile small man must have gotten away.”

“Shit!” swore Cockweasel. He then led Gwyneth back towards where the girl lay tied to the stone slab and the two of them untied her.

“Oh thank God you’re here!” the girl said, gratefully embracing the armored form of Lady Gwyneth. “He raped me!”

“It’s okay, we’re here to save you Grace,” Gwyneth said assuringly, she patted the girl on the back.

“I chased the orc away,” Cockweasel told the girl, trying not to look guilty. It wasn’t his fault she looked so damn sexy in that ripped dress, he told himself.

“An orc?” the girl shuddered.

“Let’s get out of here,” Gwyneth said, changing the subject and helping Grace down off the stone slab. “We’ll get you back to your parents.”

“Thank you so much,” Grace said. She turned to Cockweasel, “and thank you for chasing off that horrible midget that was raping me.”

“Anytime,” Cockweasel said with a shrug as they hurriedly headed out of the ogre’s cave.

The three of them quickly made their way back to the farmer’s house where eighteen-year-old Grace was warmly greeted by her parents.

“Thank you Lady Knight,” the farmer said sincerely to Gwyneth. “And to you man.”

“It was our duty,” Gwyneth said with a humble bowing of her head.

“Please, you must come in for some warm food,” said the farmer’s wife, ushering them inside their house. “It’s the least we can do.”

They hadn’t had a chance to eat the stew at the Tavern earlier on so Gwyneth and Cockweasel gratefully accepted the meal. Young Grace immediately went to her room to sleep whilst the farmer and his wife fed the heroic pair, showering them with praise ‘till even Cockweasel was blushing. The food was actually wonderful, the farmer’s wife was an excellent cook and both adventurers found they were both famished.

Cockweasel let out a noisy belch and sat back in his chair, he couldn’t eat another bite. Gwyneth had already ate her full and was now quietly sipping at a glass of wine while the farmer thanked them all over again for rescuing his daughter. Cockweasel could see how this hero stuff had certain positive points after all.

“I need to piss,” Cockweasel said bluntly, standing up.

Gwyneth blushed and frowned at him. Cockweasel shot her a yellow-toothed grin and stepped out the back door of the house.

Cockweasel headed over to a small group of bushes and unlaced his pants, pulling out his filthy cock. As the stream of his urine splashed onto the bush he let out a deep sigh of satisfaction. It had been quite a night, that’s for sure.

Cockweasel was shaking off the last few drops when he heard a sound behind him. He turned around, his cock still in one hand to see the farmer’s wife standing just outside the back door.

“My daughter told me you chased off the orc that was raping her,” the buxom woman told Cockweasel, her voice showing considerable gratitude.

Cockweasel nodded apprehensively, neither of them seemed to notice the fact he was still holding his penis in one hand a drop of piss falling to the dirt in front of him.

“We are forever in your debt,” the woman said gratefully, stepping forward so she was right in front of Cockweasel. “If there is anything I can do for you it would be my honor. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to repay you.”

Cockweasel swallowed nervously and shook his penis, almost subconsciously. The movement drew the farmers wife’s gaze down and she saw Cockweasel’s exposed penis for the first time. A look of revulsion briefly flickered across her face, and then her jaw seemed to steel.

“Very well,” the woman said with a stern nod. She dropped to her knees in front of the stunned man, leaning forward on her hands so that her head was at Cockweasel’s crotch height.

Cockweasel’s eyes bugged out as he saw what she was about to do. He stood in stunned silence as the buxom woman reached out with one soft hand and took hold of his soft cock. She leant down and opened her mouth, placing his grubby cock on her hot tongue and sucking it into her mouth. The woman winced slightly as the horrible taste of Cockweasel’s filthy small cock hit her taste buds and she almost gagged. Cockweasel could hardly believe that this human woman had taken his cock, still dripping with piss into her welcoming mouth.

“Oh my,” he whispered as she sucked on the limp organ, bathing him in heat. As wonderful as his cock had felt inside Valeria’s mouth, to receive a real blowjob from a conscious woman actively sucking on him, was a whole different story. He gave a small whimper as his cock stirred to life under the dutiful ministrations of the farmer’s wife.

The woman sucking heavily on his grubby cock, swiping her tongue all around him as the initial foul taste started to disappear. She sucked his squishy deeply into her mouth as he slowly started to harden, her nose pressing right in against his belly. Cockweasel groaned as she rubbed her face in his sweaty crotch, this was almost too good to be true, he should save young girls more often.

“Oh wow!” gasped Cockweasel as the woman’s gentle hands started to toy with his dangling balls his cock growing rapidly inside her sucking mouth. She began to bob her head over his lap and Cockweasel’s hip started to pump against her movements, almost of their own accord. “That’s it!” he gasped lustfully, his cock now fully erect and filling the woman’s hot mouth.

This was the first time that a human woman had willingly given herself to Cockweasel and it felt fantastic, the small man felt important and powerful for the first time in his miserable life as the farmer’s wife sucked hungrily on his fat cock. With a groan of desire Cockweasel reached down and grabbed the back of the woman’s head, pulling her harder in against his crotch as he started to push his cock deeper inside her sucking mouth. Moaning happily the eager little man started fucking the obliging woman’s mouth, his balls slapping her chin as she did the best she could to breath around his thrusting shaft.

“Yeah, suck me you bitch!” he groaned, oblivious to the fact the woman’s husband was just inside the hut. Cockweasel tightened his grip on the woman’s hair and really went to town on her mouth, fucking it like it was her cunt. “That’s it!” he gasped again, ramming himself down her throat. The little man’s mind was spinning, this was great.

With a throaty grunt of pleasure Cockweasel exploded in her mouth, his knee’s sagging slightly as he pumped his slimy small cum into the farmers wife’s warm throat. She gagged slightly as the foul sperm shot over her tongue, but Cockweasel clutched her tightly to his crotch so she had no choice other than to drink down his seed.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped loudly, his buttocks clenching as he spent himself. Once he was finally done he drew out of her mouth, the farmers wife gasping for air as he wiped his sticky cock on her cheek.

“That was great, thank you!” Cockweasel said, it was his turn to be grateful.

“No, it was the least I could do after you saved Grace,” the woman said, spitting what she could of Cockweasels cum out onto the dirt.

Cockweasel grinned and headed back into the house, where Lady Gwyneth was already getting ready to depart.

“If we get back to the inn we should get a few hours rest before we have to depart,” the paladin told the satisfied looking man. Gwyneth frowned a moment, “Why are you looking so happy?”

Cockweasel shrugged. “I guess this hero business agrees with me, that’s all.”

Gwyneth gave him a slightly puzzled look, but didn’t say anything as she bid the farmer farewell and led Cockweasel back towards the Tavern of the Laughing Dog. The horny little man was so spent from fucking the farmer’s daughter and getting sucked off by the farmer’s wife that he didn’t even try to feel the lovely paladin up in her sleep that night.

They awoke shortly after dawn, Gwyneth had to almost drag the exhausted Cockweasel from his bed as they made to depart. This time they each had their own horse so Cockweasel’s busy hands were kept well clear from the paladin and she was able to wear her armor. Cockweasel had never ridden a horse before and Cockweasel seemed tiny on the back of the steed, but he clung on bravely and managed to keep up with Gwyneth’s warhorse.

The pair made good time, riding quickly across the plains and reaching the Forest of Dagindor just after mid-day. They paused at the outskirts of the forest for a quick meal before heading in.

“We should hopefully make it through to the other side of the Forest by nightfall,” Gwyneth told Cockweasel as they munched on some sandwiches they had gotten from the tavern. “And then it’s only half a day further till we reach Alastriel City.”

Cockweasel nodded, wondering silently what would happen to him once they reached Alastriel.

As they were finishing up their meal Cockweasel was surprised to see Gwyneth suddenly draw her sword, her whole body going suddenly alert. An instant later an arrow flew out of the forest, striking the dirt between Gwyneth and Cockweasel.

“Bandits!” the paladin barely had time to shout a warning to Gwyneth when they were set upon by about a dozen armed men. The bandit’s burst from the edge of the forest, armed with bows and swords and Cockweasel almost fainted in fright.

I’m gonna die for sure this time, the little man thought to himself as he drew out the dagger that Gwyneth had given him back in the ogre’s cave.

Lady Gwyneth d’Lambert, paladin of the Holy Church of Alastriel and Cockweasel Cockweasel readied their weapons as a dozen bandits burst from the edge of the Forest of Dagindor. Gwyneth had rescued Cockweasel from his tormenting mistress, the vile sorceress Valeria the Black, and the two had escaped on horseback to the village of Crompton. There they had rescued a kidnapped farmer’s daughter from an evil ogre and then they had traveled on to the forest where they once again found their lives in peril.

Gwyneth ran the first bandit through before he had a chance to even swing his sword, but the noble knight was then forced backwards as she found herself under attack from four opponents. Cockweasel found himself in a much worse predicament, one of the bandit’s bore down on him, swinging his massive sword at the small man. Cockweasel lifted his feeble dagger to block the powerful attack and it was smashed from his grip.

Off to the side one of the bandits had grabbed their two horses and was already starting to ride away with them. They were in serious trouble.

Cockweasel’s attacker leveled the point of his blade directly at Cockweasel’s throat.

“Surrender knight! Or your companion dies!” the bandit yelled at Gwyneth.

The paladin glanced over and saw Cockweasel with the sword at his throat and she immediately stopped fighting.

“What do you want?” she demanded, lowering her sword.

As the bandit was about to answer there was a crash from the forest. Two bandits immediately fell, arrows in their backs. The two bandits closest to the forest turned to face this new threat and were met by a pair of ferocious hooves that lashed out from between the trees, striking them in the head and crushing their skulls like eggshells.

In the momentary confusion Gwyneth lunged across towards Cockweasel, knocking Cockweasel aside as she slashed open the belly of the bandit that was threatening him.

When four centaurs, half men-half horse, burst from the forests edge the remaining six bandits immediately fled.

Cockweasel cowered on the ground at the sight of the massive horse small mans. From the waist down they were appeared to be normal, perhaps slightly larger than average horses. From the waist up they were human, three males and one female, their chests bare. Even in his fright Cockweasel couldn’t help but admire the firm tanned breasts on the female centaur.

“smallthorn?” Gwyneth said in surprise towards the largest male.

“We meet again Lady Gwyneth,” the centaur said with a friendly smile. “And now I’ve finally had my chance to repay my blood debt to you.”

“Thank you,” Gwyneth said with a smile of relief as she eyed up the two bandits that died from the vicious kick that smallthorn had given them when he burst from the forest. Six years earlier Gwyneth had saved the big centaurs life and under his people’s beliefs he owed her a blood debt, which had finally been settled today.

“So what brings you to Dagindor?” smallthorn asked. He eyed Cockweasel dubiously, “and with a man in tow, no less.”

“We travel on to Alastriel,” Gwyneth replied. “Although it seems the bandits got away with our horses so we have a long walk ahead of us.”

“Not necessarily,” smallthorn said with a smile. “We can take you.”

“Ride on your backs?” Gwyneth asked in surprise. She was never sure if the centaurs actually allowed riders.

“Of course. We can get you through Dagindor faster than any normal horse.”

Gwyneth smiled. “Let’s go then!” she said as smallthorn reached down and helped lift her up onto his back. Cockweasel quickly moved to the female centaur, before either of the other two could get him. The pretty horse-woman helped him up onto her back.

“I’m called Forestwind,” she told him as he held onto her hips and pressed against her back. She had long light brown hair that hung right down her back and felt incredibly soft against Cockweasel’s face.

“Cockweasel’s the name,” Cockweasel replied.

smallthorn gave a shout and they were off. The centaurs galloped through the forest at an incredible pace. They dodged through the trees and leapt bushes and fallen logs with practiced ease. Had Gwyneth and Cockweasel traveled on their own horses they would have needed to carefully pick their way through the woods. The centaurs however knew the place like the back of their hands and stopped for nothing.

“At this pace we’ll reach Alastriel today!” Gwyneth said in amazement as she held tightly onto smallthorn’s back. If her steel armor pressing against him caused him any discomfort, the big centaur said nothing.

Cockweasel was once again unable to stop his busy hands. With a little moan Cockweasel lifted his hands to Forestwind’s mid-sized tits, cupping his palms over the very firm mounds of flesh and giving the tender orbs a strong squeeze. The centaur snorted slightly at his groping hands, but did not stop or remove his hands so Cockweasel continued to squeeze her breasts. He kneaded the round mounds, feeling her hard nipples jut against the center of his palms. Her breasts were smaller than Gwyneths, but no doubt if they were overly large they would bounce wildly as she galloped. As it was he could feel the full jugs jiggling in his hands.

Cockweasel scooted a little closer to Forestwind's back, pressing the bulge in his pants against the small of her back as he fondled her tits. Cockweasel pinched and tugged at Forestwind’s nipples, feeling the hard little nubs grow ever stiffer. His hands then once again closed completely over her breasts and he massaged the lovely mounds lustfully.

They rode the centaurs through the forest for two hours, Cockweasel spent the first half hour constantly playing with Forestwind’s perky boobs. After that he seemed to tire of the lovely melons, but did give them the occasional squeeze as they made their way through the deepest parts of the forest. The centaurs took Gwyneth and Cockweasel beyond the edge of Dagindor Forest, and almost to the gates of Alastriel City. They bid their centaur friends goodbye outside the gates, Cockweasel giving Forestwind one last squeeze before he dismounted.

It was early evening when they finally passed through the gates and were inside the bustling city.

“We’ll head to a good inn I know that’s close to here,” Gwyneth told her man companion. “Then I need to head out and meet with some friends of mine. I probably won’t be back ‘till morning. Will you be okay alone tonight?”

“I’m sure I can amuse myself,” Cockweasel replied as he followed the beautiful paladin through the grimy streets of the big city. As they walked Cockweasel was gazed around with his mouth wide open. This was the first time he had been to a big city and there were numerous sights to be seen. He was surprised to even notice a handful of mans amongst the bustling city crowds. Cockweasel had never much liked his own kind however. He’d been beaten and bullied as a child and he found that most other mans were just plain stupid. He also didn’t care much for girl mans, but recently he’d found plenty of other, more attractive female flesh to occupy his lusts.

The inn that Gwyneth took them to was called the ‘Prancing Zebra’ and seemed much nicer than the place they had stayed at in Crompton Village. The tavern-keeper greeted Gwyneth by name and they were immediately taken up to what he said was the best room in the ‘Zebra’.

Gwyneth immediately took off her armor and weapons and got changed into a long, bright blue dress. Cockweasel’s eyes went slightly wide as the beautiful knight stripped off in front of him, showing no modesty as his gaze feasted on her delightfully curved body. He didn’t get as good a look as he would have liked however, as she quickly put on the dress. It was a long gown that came right down to her feet, but the cut of the bodice was low enough so that her ample assets were well displayed.

“I’ll be back tomorrow morning and then we can decide what to do with you,” Gwyneth told Cockweasel as he watched her get changed. “Try not to get into any trouble.”

Cockweasel winked at her as she finished lacing up the front of her gown and then bid him farewell. Once she had closed the door he lay down on one of the two beds in the room, scratching at his crotch. He was feeling rather horny, after giving that pretty centaur a sound groping and then watching Gwyneth get undressed, so he briefly considered jerking himself off.

“What am I thinking?” Cockweasel wondered aloud. This was the big city! Surely there were some more pleasant activities than sitting in his room pulling on his pudding!

From what he knew of civilization however, he’d need cash. Cockweasel climbed off the bed and walked over to the pile of Gwyneth’s weapons and armor. He rummaged around in her gear looking for whatever money he could find, but came up with nothing.

“Bugger!” Cockweasel swore in disappointment. Then he had one of his brilliant ideas. He grabbed Gwyneth’s sword and scabbard and headed out of the ‘Prancing Zebra’.

Cockweasel made his way down the busy street outside, it was early evening and the city was bustling with people. Cockweasel made his way into the first shop he came across and approached Cockweasel behind the counter, a tall, balding fellow wearing a grubby apron.

“What do you want?” Cockweasel asked abruptly.

Obviously not a man lover Cockweasel decided. “I want to sell my sword,” Cockweasel replied, holding up Gwyneth’s blade.

Cockweasel scowled down at Cockweasel in contempt. “What do I look like? Try the pawn broker three shops down.”

Cockweasel nodded. He had no idea what a pawnbroker was but the shopkeeper didn’t look as though he was in the mood for further questions. Cockweasel left the grumpy man’s shop and headed three doors down to the pawnbroker.

Cockweasel was a little surprised to see that Cockweasel behind the counter of the pawn shop was a half-breed, part orc, part human. “I want to sell my sword,” Cockweasel said to the half-orc, reaching up to the counter which was at Cockweasel’s chin level and placing the sword down.

The pawnbroker scratched his chin and examined Gwyneth’s obviously well made weapon, drawing it from it’s scabbard and inspecting the blade. “It’s not stolen is it?” he asked Cockweasel, and the little man quickly shook his head. The half-orc looked dubiously at Cockweasel, but decided that a sword this valuable was worth the risk. He reached under the counter and pulled out five pieces of silver, handing them down to Cockweasel. The sword was worth at least five hundred.

Cockweasel scooped up the coins and quickly left the shop, leaving the half-orc to admire his new purchase. He paused at the door and for a moment the pawnbroker thought he would change his mind. “Where’s the best place to find a woman?” Cockweasel asked.

“Try near the docks,” the half-orc suggested. “About six blocks south.”

Cockweasel nodded and headed off in the direction the pawnbroker had suggested, the silver clutched in his fist and his loins tingling in anticipation. He didn’t have to travel far before he passed a pretty young woman leaning against the wall of a building near an alleyway with a bored looking expression on her face as she bit her fingernails absently. She wore a brown dress that was low cut across the bosom, displaying a considerable portion of her plump breasts and she had curly brown hair surrounding her pretty face.

“Fancy a good time sailor?” the woman asked, winkling playfully at Cockweasel.

The horny little man was rather surprised to be propositioned by the woman, she must have been desperate. But that was what he had come here for after all.

“I do actually,” Cockweasel said with a yellow-toothed grin as he approached the whore. His eyes were about level with her stomach, but he grinned up at her as he got close, looking past her ample bosom into her face. “So how much?” he asked, reaching up and squeezing one of her large tits through her dress, sampling her goods.

“One silver for a handjob, for two I’ll suck you or for three you can fuck me,” she told him, gasping slightly as he managed to find and pinch her nipple through the thick material on the bodice of her dress. The whore hesitated a moment. “But there’s a one silver surcharge ‘cause you’re a man.” She was obviously testing her luck, but Cockweasel didn’t seem to notice as he stepped around behind her and ran a hand across her firm buttocks.

“What do I get for five?” he asked her, squeezing her ass.

“For five you can have that,” she told him as he squeezed the other cheek of her ass.

“Your ass?” Cockweasel asked, slightly surprised. In his limited sexual experience he hadn’t even considered the concept.

“That’s right sweetie, you can bugger me to your hearts content,” the whore said, she reached down and took him by the hand, taking his five pieces of silver and then leading him into the alleyway.

“Oh God,” Cockweasel whispered to himself as the whore took him to the back of the alley. She smiled seductively at Cockweasel as she unlaced his trousers, reaching her soft hand inside to find his penis.

“Well what do we have here?” she said in mock surprise as she drew his already erect cock out from his pants and stroked it gently in her soft hands. “Very nice,” the whore breathed, she didn’t sound particularly convincing, my Cockweasel didn’t mind as she took his cock in her fist and stroked the hard length, her other hand soothingly toying with his testicles. “You want me to kiss it?” she asked him.

“Oh yeah,” Cockweasel said, hurriedly nodding. The whore grinned at Cockweasel’s eagerness and dropped to her knees. Like the farmer’s wife she had to lean right forward onto her hands to get her mouth level with Cockweasel’s cock. Cockweasel let out a deep throaty groan as the whore’s soft red lips pressed against the head of his hard cock, a drop of precum smearing over her lips as she brushed them against the trembling tip.

Cockweasel gave a groan as she sat back, her pink tongue seductively licking his precum from her ruby red lips. “Just a kiss,” she told him with a wink.

Cockweasel groaned again. “Suck it whore!” he grunted, thrusting his hips towards her and causing his cock to bounce off her closed lips and graze along her cheek.

The whore chuckled at his eagerness and obligingly leant forward again, capturing the tip of his cock between her lips and sucking it hungrily into her mouth. Cockweasel grunted as the experienced whore sucked his entire dick into her mouth, filling her oral cavity with saliva and bathing his manhood in warmth. The whore bobbed her head over his lap, taking his cock right to the hilt with each suck, Cockweasel thrusting his hips forward to meet her sucks.

After a couple of minutes of sucking she pulled off him, still kneeling as she smiled wickedly at the horny little man.

“I believe you paid for my ass,” she said with a smile, giving his trembling cock one last stroke before shuffling around so that she was facing away from Cockweasel. The whore pulled the back off her dress up to her waist, revealing her naked ass beneath. “Knock yourself out,” she said, looking back at Cockweasel over her right shoulder.

Cockweasel gave a moan of lust and stepped up behind her. He reached down and squeezed her firm ass cheeks, then spread them apart with his hands, revealing her tight asshole, which he gazed upon with interest. Perhaps this would be fun, he decided, the idea of fucking her up the ass still a little weird for him.

Cockweasel’s cock was still dripping with a liberal coating of saliva and precum from the vigorous blowjob the whore had given him, so he was well lubricated as he lined the tip of his penis up with her puckered asshole. The whore gave a sharp gasp as Cockweasel pushed his hard cock into her ass.

“Oh fuck that’s tight!” he groaned as he pushed his cock further into her. He gripped her curved hips firmly and pulled her backwards against him as his cock slid deep. Her ass seemed to clutch tightly around Cockweasel’s smallish cock, forming a perfect sheath for his trembling organ. Her energetic blowjob had not only lubricated him, but it also meant he would not last very long before exploding. Using his tight grip on her waist for leverage, Cockweasel began to saw his cock in and out of the whore’s ass, fucking her forcefully. “Oh yeah, take that!” he grunted, shoving his cock deep up her backside.

The woman groaned and pushed back against him as his cock filled her. Cockweasel’s balls slapped against her pussy as he fucked her, the small alleyway filled with the sounds of their coupling. Cockweasel rapidly pounded against her ass, liking the way the flesh of her buttocks quavered every time his hips slapped against her. Her tight ass clutched him tightly and he barely lasted a full minute of ass-fucking before his cock exploded, pumping his sticky small cum up into the whore’s ass. “Oh fuck yes!” he cried out, ramming his cock right up into the whore causing her to moan as he filled her lovely rear end with his semen.

“I really needed that,” he gasped, breathing heavily as he pulled out of her tight asshole with a pop, his balls completely spent. Cockweasel wiped his grubby cock on the whore’s round right buttock and then stuffed it back into his pants.

As the whore pushed her dress back down over her buggered rear end a dark shadow fell over the pair. They were not alone in the alleyway. Cockweasel turned around in surprise and his face fell as he saw who was standing there.

Standing, silhouetted in the in light from the street was Cockweasel’s former Mistress, the evil sorceress Valeria the Black!

Cockweasel gulped and turned to see who was approaching them in the alleyway. He had just stolen his rescuer’s sword and sold it for the money to hire a whore, who he had just soundly buggered in a dark alleyway near the docks of the city of Alastriel. Just as he had finished shooting his wad up the whore’s ass and was about to leave a shadow had fallen over him.

When the horny little man saw who it was that approached them he almost fainted in dread.

“Master! I..I..didn’t I, um..please I..” he stammered in terror as he dropped to his knees. Before him stood the evil sorceress Valeria the Black. Up until a couple of days ago Cockweasel had been Valeria’s slave, but when she had been knocked out during a spell battle with a demoness, Cockweasel had taken advantage of the unconscious sorceress and raped her. He had fled the tower in fear of what she would do to him when she awakened, and it was during his escape that he had run into the lovely paladin, Lady Gwyneth d’Lambert.

Cockweasel and Gwyneth had fled the sorceress’s tower after Cockweasel had lied and said that he had slain Valeria. The pair had traveled to Alastriel City, slaying Ogres and bandits, saving farmer’s daughters and even meeting some brave centaurs. Now, the object of his nightmares was standing directly in front of him, and she didn’t look in a friendly mood.

Cockweasel barely noticed the whore scamper past them and disappear into the night.

“Hello Cockweasel,” Valeria said to him, her voice low and ominous. Did she know what he had done to her? Was she mad that he had fled?

“H..hi m-Master..I mean Mistress!” he quickly corrected.

“You left me so abruptly,” Valeria said, her voice still soft. “I’m hurt.”

Cockweasel swallowed, he was surprised she hadn’t blown him up with a fireball already, or turned him into a toad, or something worse.

“I..umm..I…” Cockweasel stammered nervously, he thought he could see his life flashing in front of his eyes.

Valeria reached out and softly patted Cockweasel on the head. “There, there, there,” she said soothingly. “Just relax my little man. I’m not angry with you.”

“You’re not?” Cockweasel said in surprise. Now he really didn’t know what to think.

Valeria smiled sweetly. “Of course not Cockweasel my dear,” she said, stroking his leathery small cheek with her soft palm.

Cockweasel swallowed. She was really creeping him out now. Valeria crouched down in front of Cockweasel so that she could speak eye to eye with him. Cockweasel couldn’t help but glance down at the gaping neckline of her black gown and admire her deep cleavage. He trembled slightly as he remembered the way the sorceress’s large breasts had felt with his face buried between them.

“I understand you are traveled with the paladin Gwyneth now,” Valeria said, one of her fingers playfully toying with the collar of Cockweasel’s fluffy white shirt.

“Yes,” gulped Cockweasel with a nod.

Valeria stroked her hand across Cockweasel’s chest. “I need you to do me a favor my dear Cockweasel,” she said softly to him, her voice very seductive.

“Of course Master,” said Cockweasel. “Anything.”

Valeria smiled, running a fingertip around Cockweasel’s nipple through his shirt. “I want you to bring the paladin to me.”

Cockweasel’s eye’s widened, “What?” he asked in surprise. He gasped as the lovely sorceress’s hand slipped down lower and then pressed up between his legs, cupping his crotch in her palm.

“There is a clearing the woods just outside of town to the east,” Valeria said as she gave the trembling man’s crotch a squeeze. “Tomorrow at noon I want you to bring Gwyneth there. And I want you to take her sword away from her first.”

“You want me to betray her?” Cockweasel asked incredulously. Then he kicked himself, of course she did, she was an evil sorceress after all. But the idea of betraying Gwyneth who had always been so nice to him made Cockweasel’s stomach turn.

Valeria laughed, still fingering his cock through his pants. Then she gripped his balls tightly. Painfully.

“You will bring the paladin to me, without her weapons at noon!” Valeria snapped as Cockweasel yelped in pain.

Cockweasel swallowed, wincing painfully as she twisted his testicles. “Okay! I’ll do it!” he hurriedly agreed.

Valeria released her grip on his balls and smiled at him. “Good, I knew you were loyal Cockweasel.” The sorceress seductively licked her lips. “And if you do this my dear man, you can have my mouth. After all I know you enjoyed it last time.” She added, fighting back a scowl as she remembered waking up in her tower with the taste of Cockweasel’s cum in her mouth.

Cockweasel’s eyes widened, “you mean…”

Valeria’s smile widened and she nodded very deliberately, “I’ll suck your little cock if you do this for me.”

“Oh boy,” whispered Cockweasel with a gulp as Valeria vanished back into the bustle of the city.

The little man took a moment to let his racing heart slow down, and then trudged hurriedly back to the ‘Prancing Zebra’. His mind was racing and as he rushed back his eyes were constantly darting about, expecting Valeria to jump out at him again and peel his skin from his body. Was she really going to suck his penis? Could he betray Gwyneth? Had he really just fucked a whore up the ass? The questions floated around in Cockweasel’s brain as he made his way back to his room.

When he got there Gwyneth had still not returned so he decided to go to bed. Perhaps the best answer was to make up his mind in the morning, a good night’s sleep would do him a world of good.

Cockweasel awoke late the next morning to the sound of Lady Gwyneth’s voice.

“Cockweasel? Cockweasel? Wake up Cockweasel.”

He sat up with a start, rubbing his blurry eyes. The beautiful paladin was standing over his bed, she was still wearing the long gown he had seen her get changed into yesterday.

“Morning,” he grunted, punctuating the comment with a loud yawn.

“Where’s my sword Cockweasel?” Gwyneth asked him.


“My sword. It’s gone,” she told him, she sounded very worried.

“Oh right,” Cockweasel swallowed, it was now or never. He had to make up his mind. “I had to sell it.”

“Sell it?” Gwyneth frowned. “What for?”

Cockweasel swallowed, all he could think of was that day in the tower, with the sorceress Valeria lying unconscious on the floor as he crouched over her face and pushed his cock into her oh-so-warm mouth. “A poor farmer needed the money to feed his family. He said he could repay the money if we went to his house for lunch today.”

Gwyneth’s frown deepened, the paladin wasn’t quite sure what to say. Sure it was a very good deed on Cockweasel’s part. But that was her sword. “Did you really have to sell my sword?”

“Sorry. Maybe if we go get the money from the farmer like he said then we can get your sword back,” Cockweasel suggested.

Gwyneth shrugged. “I guess we don’t have a lot of choice.”

Cockweasel gave her a yellow-toothed grin as he got out of bed. The paladin rolled her eye’s as she noticed that his morning erection was forming a tent in his pants. Was he always horny?

“How far is the farmer’s house?” Gwyneth asked as she followed Cockweasel downstairs and out of the ‘Prancing Zebra’.

“It’s in the woods just to the east of the city,” Cockweasel told her. “Not far.”

Feeling a little naked without her sword Gwyneth followed her companion through the city and out of the east gate. She wanted to be mad at the little small man for selling her sword, but she reminded herself that it was for a good cause, she couldn’t hold that against him.

“What was the farmer’s name?” Gwyneth asked as they entered the small woods to the east of the city.

“Umm..Tom,” Cockweasel replied. He paused just inside the woods. “You lead the way, it’s just ahead from here.” He told her, none to keen to be the recipient of a fireball in the face from Valeria.

“Okay, whatever,” Gwyneth said with a shrug, stepping past Cockweasel and leading the way into the forest. Cockweasel was certainly acting weird this morning.

The little man followed the paladin into the woods, he had a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, was he doing the right thing? He barely even noticed the way Gwyneth’s firm ass swayed in her dress as she walked in front of him.

When they reached the clearing near the center of the woods, Cockweasel paused at the edge as Gwyneth continued on blindly.

There was suddenly a loud popping sound and a bright blue light streaked from the opposite edge of the clearing. Gwyneth reached instinctively to her hip where she usually kept her sword but found nothing. The beam of energy struck her in the chest, knocking her off her feet and curling around her body, holding her tight. The sound of laughter filled the woods and Valeria the Black stepped from the shadows, her fingertips crackling with the electric blue remnants of her spell.

“Valeria! I thought you were dead!” Gwyneth said in surprise as she struggled to break free of the magic bonds that held her.

Valeria laughed, “You are powerless to resist my spells without your magic sword. I have you at last Gwyneth d’Lambert.”

“No!” Gwyneth struggled harder against the sizzling blue energy as Valeria strode forward towards her.

“Very good Cockweasel, you have done well,” Valeria said with a smile as she stepped up in front of Gwyneth.

The immobile paladin looked in horror at Cockweasel as she realized she had been betrayed. “Cockweasel? Why?”

The little man’s face fell as he saw the immense disappointment on the paladin’s face, he felt sick to the stomach and wished he could go back in time and change his decision.

Valeria just laughed and began a new spell, her soft voice chanting as she weaved a complicated pattern with her fingertips. There was a strange whooshing noise, almost as if all the air were being sucked from the clearing, then there was a bright white light that blinded Cockweasel. He thought he could feel the earth shifting beneath his feet, and when his vision cleared he found he was standing in a very familiar room. Valeria had teleported them back to the Tower of Doom. There was a steel table in the center of the room, upon which lay Lady Gwyneth, her wrists and ankles where held by the same blue energy that had grabbed her back in the woods near Alastriel. Gwyneth was lying motionless and the whole table had a slight red glow to it. This didn’t look good.

“Go and sweep the stairs Cockweasel,” Valeria said with a dismissive wave of her hand as she opened one of her old spellbooks. She was obviously preparing some horrible spell in inflict upon the lovely paladin.

“But…” Cockweasel stammered, his mind racing. He couldn’t leave Gwyneth to this horrible fate. Could he?

Valeria sighed and turned to face Cockweasel. She put one hand on her hip. “You didn’t really think I’d suck your cock did you worm?” she said with a scornful laugh.

Cockweasel gulped as the sorceress shot him a withering glare. He then turned and fled the room, running downstairs to fetch his broom. Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! What had he done? Cockweasel picked up his broom and slowly started to sweep the stairs, working his way upwards as he heard the sound of the sorceress starting to chant.

His hands were shaking as he half-heartedly swept the steps, not really focusing as the chanting from the top room increased.

There was suddenly a pain filled scream from the top of the stairs, Gwyneth was in pain. Cockweasel threw down his broom. “Bugger this!” he said, hurrying back up the stairs and peeking into the room at the top.

He saw that Gwyneth was awake and struggling against her magic bonds. Valeria stood in front of the table, her back towards Cockweasel as she chanted some wicked spell that would probably send the noble paladin into the Abyss.

“It’s now or never,” Cockweasel said softly to himself. “Are you are hero? Or are you just a horny little good for nothing midget?”

As Cockweasel took a small, rather timid step into the room a massive figure suddenly appeared, standing over Gwyneth’s prone form. Cockweasel stumbled back out of the room in surprise as the figure gave a deep angry growl. The beast had the same red skin as the demoness that Cockweasel had tricked in this very room several days ago, but this demon was much larger and definitely male. The demon stood at least ten feet tall and it’s red body was covered with rippling muscle. The demon had razor sharp blades for hands a spiked tail and a massive gaping jaw lined with rows of jagged yellow teeth.

As the demon appeared, looming over Lady Gwyneth, Valeria’s chanting and spellcasting intensified, the whole tower shaking with the amassing energy.

Cockweasel took a brief moment to re-summon his meager courage and this time he entered the room at a run, charging towards the table where Gwyneth was bound.

The usually brave female paladin let out a scream of pure terror as the demon reached the edge of her table, it’s massive mouth opening and a deafening roar sounding through the tower. Valeria stood on the opposite side of the table from the demon, her casting almost complete as she started to laugh manically, her hands weaving the final gestures required to unless the demon on her petrified enemy.

Calling upon all his might, Cockweasel slammed into the back of Valeria’s legs, shunting her forward against the table. Valeria screamed in surprise as she was flung onto Gwyneth, her spell casting, seconds away from completion, interrupted.

The horrible demon, suddenly released from Valeria’s magic, shot forward, one of his bladed hands shooting out towards the table where the two women lay. The demon’s bladed hands stabbed into Valeria’s back, who was on top, and lifted her up off the table as she screamed in agony. It took a step backwards, raising the pierced sorceress up above it’s head. The demon let out another terrible roar and then bit down on Valeria, it’s already massive jaw stretching out to impossible sizes as it swallowed the screaming sorceress whole.

Cockweasel’s eye’s widened as he watched the demon destroy Valeria, knowing for sure that Gwyneth and him were next. Then his eyes caught sight of the large pentagram scrawled around the outer edge of the large room! Cockweasel knew from his experience with the succubus that the pentagram was the demon’s prison cell. It could not pass the edges!

Cockweasel reached forward and grabbed Gwyneth by her right arm, yanking her off the table as the demon consumed Valeria and gave another roar. His heart pumping Cockweasel dragged Gwyneth as fast as he could across the room, the demon raising a bloody claw towards the fleeing man and human and giving a shout of rage. Cockweasel and Gwyneth were almost to the edge of the room when the demon started to move towards them.

“Oh fuck!” swore Cockweasel, hauling the larger human across the last few feet as quickly as he could. They were almost there!

The demon crossed the dozen feet between them impossibly fast, a single leap placing it within reach of Cockweasel and Gwyneth. As Cockweasel hurried to drag the paladin through the doorway and out of the room the demon raised it’s hand high, Valeria’s blood still dripping from the end of the blade. Cockweasel gave a scream of terror as the blade plunged down towards Gwyneth! He’d been too slow! The blade plunged down towards Gwyneth’s legs as Cockweasel desperately tugged on the wrist, Cockweasel himself already outside the room now.

Cockweasel winced but the expected splash of blood and scream from the dazed paladin didn’t come. The demon’s clawed hand stabbed into Gwyneth’s dress, pinning her to the floor of the tower but not piercing her flesh. Cockweasel’s eyes widened and he pulled harder on Gwyneth’s wrist, trying to drag her through the threshold of the room. But the claw in her dress held her still and Cockweasel didn’t have the strength to rip her dress.

Without thinking Cockweasel jumped back into the room and kicked angrily at the demon’s arm. “Let go!” he yelled.

The demon gave a roar, Cockweasel’s kick not actually doing any damage. It yanked it’s bladed hand free from Gwyneth’s dress and slashed upwards.

Cockweasel gave a high-pitched squeal of pain as the demon’s claw sliced up across the calf of the leg he was kicking the demon with. A flash of pain shot up his leg and he tumbled to one knee, blood pouring from the vicious wound. Cockweasel looked up at the demon, seeing it draw back it’s vicious claw to strike the finishing blow, his miserable life would soon be over. He squeezed his eyes shut in terror, hopefully the Gods would be kind and his heroic death would redeem his lecherous life.

Suddenly Cockweasel felt himself yanked backwards. His eyes snapped open and he saw the demon’s claw slice the air a fraction of an inch in front of his eyes and he was pulled backwards out of the room. The demon lunged at them again as Gwyneth pulled him the final foot out of the room. The demon suddenly stopped as if striking and invisible wall and staggered backwards, roaring in rage.

Huddled at the top of the stairwell, both weak from their wounds, Gwyneth hugged Cockweasel against her bosom. “You saved my life!” she breathed gratefully, holding him tight. His body shaking with fear and adrenaline, Cockweasel passed out.

Several hours later, Cockweasel awoke to find himself lying back in the bed at the ‘Prancing Zebra’, Lady Gwyneth sitting at his side holding his hand in hers.

“How are you feeling?” she asked tenderly as she saw him awaken. She reached out and stroked his cheek with one soft hand.

Cockweasel blinked, a little dazed and overwhelmed by all that had happened that day. He glanced down at his leg, which was now just a dull ache and saw it was bandaged up, sticking out of the edge of the blanket. The demon had obviously not been just a dream. “Umm..better now,” Cockweasel said at last.

Gwyneth smiled down warmly at Cockweasel. “You were very brave Cockweasel. You save my life you know?”

Cockweasel nodded.

Gwyneth’s smile widened. “You’re a hero Cockweasel,” she said. “You double crossed the wicked sorceress Valeria the Black and she will do evil no more. For a while there I doubted you, but I was wrong. You should be rewarded Cockweasel!”

Cockweasel shrugged, “I don’t know about that,” he said, for once humble. His actions in the tower had given him somewhat of a new outlook on life. Perhaps he was a changed man?

“No, I insist,” Gwyneth pressed. “Anything you want is yours.”

Cockweasel blushed a little and shrugged, not really sure what to ask for.

Gwyneth smiled affectionately down at him again. “What was it that Valeria had promised you for going back to her?” the paladin asked. “Whatever it is I will give it to you.”

Cockweasel hesitated a moment. And then grinned. Perhaps he wasn’t such a changed man after all. “She um..are you sure?”


“Well, Valeria said that she would suck my penis,” he said with all honesty.

Gwyneth’s eyes widened a little, “Oh!” she said in surprise. “Well I.. ah.. that is,” she bit her lip and paused a moment. “Very well,” the paladin said at last as she pulled the blanket off Cockweasel, he was naked beneath.

Cockweasel grinned evilly at gave a satisfied sigh as the beautiful blonde paladin leant over in her chair and lifted Cockweasel’s small cock to her lips. He gave a louder moan as she sucked his soft cock into her warm mouth and started to suckle on him. “Oh yes!” he breathed, reaching down and running his fingers through her soft golden hair as he felt himself starting to stiffed under the ministrations of her delightful tongue. “This is the life,” the horny little man sighed as Gwyneth’s head bobbing up and down over his lap.


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Cockweasel and The Paladin by George Tasker (The Cockweasel Saga Part 2)

(edited by me)

Johanna pulled her cloak tighter around her as a chilling gust of wind blew through the temple courtyard. The beautiful young flame haired priestess rushed hurriedly across the cobbled yard as dusk descended on the city.

Johanna was a junior priestess of Adeva, the Goddess of Love. It was rare a priestess of Adeva was summoned to the Temple of Swords to worship, even rarer to the quarters of a Paladin, on most occasions it was one of the squires who would seek worship with Adeva. Johanna had never been to the Paladin's area of the temple before, although she'd made a number of more recent trips to the squires quarters.

The kingdom was currently at war with the monstrous Orcs from the southern wastelands and most of the Paladin's were either off fighting or busy training and preparing for the vicious ongoing conflict, so when Johanna had received the summons she was surprised.

The red haired priestess finally reached her destination and took a deep, nervous breath. Her expansive bosom pushed out against her cloak as her chest swelled, her white priestly robes coming into view as the cloak fell open. Johanna briefly wondered what it would be like to worship with one of the mighty Paladins of the Temple of Swords. Their reputation as holy warriors and defenders was famed throughout the land. When Johanna had been a young girl she'd always dreamed of marrying a knight in shining armour and the Paladins definitely filled that role.

Johanna bit her lower lip and knocked tentatively on the door.

"Come in," came a male voice from inside.

The priestess pulled the hood of her cloak off and shook out her long red hair, then pushed open the door and stepped into the Paladin's room.

"Good evening Sir Knight, I'm Johanna from the Temple of!?" Johanna pulled up short as she entered the room. Sitting waiting on the bed inside the room was not the brave holy knight she had been expecting, but a diminutive ugly man.

"You! You're a midget not a Paladin!" Johanna blurted out in horror.

"Hi Jo-jo," replied Cockweasel with a broad, yellow-toothed grin. "Fancy bumping into you here."

Cockweasel was in fact the reason that Johanna had made so many recent trips to the squires quarters to worship. The lovely young priestess had no idea how the ugly little midget had managed to become a squire, but ever since he'd found out that the priestesses of Adeva were obliged to assist the Paladin's with worship he'd called upon her pious services on numerous occasions.

Johanna loathed the little little man but had swallowed her pride (among other things) and fulfilled her obligations -- for the first eight times anyway. After that she'd refused to return to the squires' quarters at the Temple of Swords.

"How...what..." Johanna stammered, still shocked after building up all her hopes to meet one of the brave knights of the temple.

"Why don't you come over here and help me worship that goddess of yours?" suggested Cockweasel, patting his crotch invitingly at her.

Johanna stared at the midget in distaste, noticing for the first time that he was clad only in a stained loin-cloth, his skinny, hairy small legs and sunken chest completely bare.

"Adeva, the goddess of love," corrected the red haired priestess. She reached up and unfastened her heavy cloak, letting it fall from her shoulders. Now that she was here with the squire and he was requesting her help in worshipping Adeva she had no choice but to oblige him. It was her duty as a priestess of Adeva.

Beneath the cloak Johanna wore a pure white gown in the tradition of the priestess of the goddess of love. The gown was low cut, her massive cleavage swelling from the top and it was short, falling to mid thigh, leaving her long, sleek legs mostly bare.

"Lovely," breathed Cockweasel in admiration as he drank in the sight of the young priestess's curvaceous, buxom figure.

"I guess you want me to start with my mouth again?" asked Johanna as she made her way reluctantly across the room to where the midget sat on the edge of the bed. The duties of a priestess of Adeva in helping the flock worship the goddess basically involved every form of carnal pleasure imaginable. Any request from a worshipper should be obliged, so long as it created pleasure in the worship of Adeva.

"Definitely," agreed Cockweasel, "those lovely lips of yours are made for cocksucking."

"Adeva has blessed me," agreed Johanna with some reluctance as she knelt down in front of Cockweasel and reached for the smelly loin cloth around his skinny hips. She could already she the eager swelling beneath the stained piece of cloth.

Johanna wrinkled her nose in displeasure as she lifted up the flap that covered the horny midget's genitals, revealing Cockweasel's already erect penis. The small organ jutted up from a tuft of curly black pubic hair, the glistening head pointing eagerly up at Johanna's face.

The priestess seemed frozen at the sight of Cockweasel's stiff cock so the horny midget helpfully reached out with both hands and pulled her face down into his lap, his fingers running through the priestess soft, shining red hair.

Johanna almost gagged as the midget yanked her head down and his smelly cock speared into her mouth, thrusting over her tongue and jabbing at the back of her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" groaned Cockweasel in immense pleasure. "That's what I'm talking about!"

The midget pulled her head down harder into his lap, pushing more of his cock into her mouth as the priestess struggled to breath at the sudden invasion.

Johanna was snapped out of her daze, sucking in air through her nose as she brought her hands up onto Cockweasel's thighs to get some leverage. The midget relaxed his pressure on the back of her head as she gave his cock a long suck, tightening the seal of her lips around his shaft.

The midget moaned in pleasure as Johanna took over the blowjob at last, drawing her lips back up his cock as she sucked deeply on his shaft. When she reached the head she drew back further, at last taking a proper breath as she twirled her tongue around the swollen helmet that topped his penis.

Johanna began to bob her head over Cockweasel's lap, his dick sliding in and out of her talented mouth as she pleasured him. Although he had access to bathing facilities the as a squire, Cockweasel still hardly ever used them, meaning his cock tasted sweaty and slightly of stale urine, despite the frequent tongue bath's he'd gotten from the lovely red haired priestess. Johanna did her best to ignore this, the first time he'd put his dick in her mouth she'd gagged at the taste and almost vomited, but now she was somewhat used to it and was more interested in getting the ordeal over and done with as quickly as possible.

"You're so good at this," groaned Cockweasel, reaching down below her bobbing head to grab at one of Johanna's ample breasts through her priestly gown. The vast melon more than filled his hand as he gave it a lustful squeeze, enjoying it's size and firmness immensely.

"Lick my balls a little," instructed the midget.

Johanna let his the squire's cock pop out of her mouth, then she slid her tongue down the underside of his hard shaft, working her way down to the hairy sack that held his two small testicles. Whilst Cockweasel's penis was quite big compared to his small 4 foot frame, his balls were much smaller, more proportional to his diminutive size. From Johanna's experience however, they still seemed to hold more than enough semen to coat her face or fill her mouth.

"That's it!" breathed Cockweasel, using his hand to rub his cock against Johanna's cheek as she tilted her head to lap at his balls. Her tongue teased at first one, then the second testicle, moistening them and juggling them on the tip of her talented tongue. She even lapped at flesh beneath his ball sack, dangerously close to his dirty, puckered asshole.

"Time to fuck!" grunted Cockweasel, his balls churning under Johanna's attentions.

The priestess sighed in disappointment as she sat back on her heels, she'd been hoping to finish the midget off with her mouth and not have to take him up inside of her. Of the eight previous occasions he'd only actually fucked her twice, the other six times she been able to get away with oral relief or a couple of times between her big tits.

Johanna didn't have much time to consider her options as Cockweasel grabbed her and dragged her face down over the edge of the bed. The 4 foot midget stood behind her, leaving her ass at the perfect height lined up with his jutting out erection. Cockweasel flipped the back of the priestess gown up past her hips, exposing her firm, nicely rounded ass. The midget grabbed a soft buttock in each small hand, his fingers sinking into the warm flesh. Cockweasel pulled her buttocks apart slightly as he pushed forward with his hips, thrusting his rock hard erection straight up into Johanna's exposed pussy. The saliva from her blowjob provided enough lubrication for a smooth entry into her tight cunt. Johanna gave a gasp as the midget's cock was buried inside her to the hilt, his hips slapping against her ass satisfyingly.

"Beautiful!" murmured Cockweasel as he shifted his grip to her hips and began to pump against the voluptuous priestess's posterior, his hard cock sliding rapidly in and out of her hot cunt. "Praise the goddess!" he groaned as he rutted against Johanna.

Cockweasel reached out with one hand and grabbed a handful of Johanna's fiery hair, pulling on it and causing her head to pull back and her back to arch. The new angle of her body allowed him to thrust even deeper inside her, the small Paladin chamber filling with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as he fucked her vigorously.

After a few minutes of rutting, Johanna's moans began to join the midgets. Despite her disgust at the idea of getting fucked by a diminutive man like Cockweasel, the habit's of a priestess couldn't help her get caught up in the worship of Adeva. While the ugly little midget certainly wasn't the knight in shining armour she'd yearned for, he was still very enthusiastic in his worship of Adeva, his hard cock hammered rapidly in and out of her with surprising pace.

"This is great!" groaned Cockweasel. "I'm going to try your ass too," he told her. Before Johanna had a chance to reply the midget had pulled his cock out of the priestess's pussy and was pushing the head against her considerably tighter asshole.

"I don't think..." began Johanna, she was however interrupted as Cockweasel successfully managed to push the tip of his cock into her ass. Johanna gasped as the midget slowly pushed more of his length into the only of her orifices he had not previously explored. "Oh my Holy Adeva!" moaned Johanna as Cockweasel began to work his cock in and out of her glorious ass, she grabbed a pillow from the bed and buried her face in it as the midget started to slowly bugger her.

"That's amazing!" gasped Cockweasel, looking down to see his cock finally buried in the red head's perfect ass, her lovely buttocks pressed up against his hips. He hunched forward against her and began long slow thrusts of his hips, driving his cock deep into her back passage, his balls slapping against her pussy as he fucked her ass.

Suddenly the door of the room burst open and in stepped a tall blonde woman dressed in tight brown leather pants and the white and blue tunic of a Paladin of the Temple of Swords.

"What's going on here?" gasped Lady Gwendalyn in surprise. She was shocked to see her squire Cockweasel standing at the edge of her bed with his cock buried in the ass of a pretty young red head Priestess of Adeva.

Cockweasel froze in mid thrust, his hard cock poised at the puckered entrance to Johanna's tight ass. "Er, Hi m'lady," he stammered at the lovely paladin. "I was, er, we were just worshipping the goddess lady."

"Adeva," added Johanna bashfully, she was suddenly very embarrassed to be seen getting fucked by a midget despite the fact it was part of her duty as a priestess. The fact that it was a mighty paladin that had interrupted their screwing didn't exactly make her feel any better.

"But this is my room!" Gwendalyn frowned, not really sure what to make of the situation. Knowing her squire Cockweasel it wasn't exactly the most surprising situation. Although his sudden piousness seemed somewhat doubtful he was a horny little fucker, Gwendalyn herself had even been in a couple of uncomfortable situations with the midget so she could hardly blame the young priestess.

"Um, sorry about that," apologized Cockweasel. His cock was still pointed at Johanna's ass, but it was drooping slightly now. Cockweasel glanced down and gazed yearningly at Johanna's lovely rear end, he hated the thought he might miss out on the opportunity before him. "I don't suppose you could go away for a few minutes and come back later?"

Gwendalyn's hard look told him that wasn't on the cards. His penis dropped further.

"I won't be long," he offered, one last try.

Gwendalyn nodded down at the midget's completely withered manhood. "I don't think you're in any shape to continue your devotions and I've had a rather busy day so I'd like my room back. You can go now priestess."

Johanna gratefully climbed up off the bed, tugging her gown back down over her hips. "Thank you m'lady," she curtseyed towards the female Paladin and hurried out of the room, pausing only to scoop up her cloak.

Cockweasel made to leave as well but was stopped in his tracks by Lady Gwendalyn, "Can I speak to you a moment please squire?" she snapped, her voice sounding dangerous.

Cockweasel gulped nervously. He'd met Lady Gwendalyn during his escape from the clutches of an evil sorceress who held him as a slave in her tower. Cockweasel had gone on to travel with Gwendalyn and ultimately save her life when the sorceress had come back for revenge. Shortly after, Gwendalyn had made Cockweasel her squire in the hope of improving his lot in life, not to mention improving his rough manners and appalling social skills. She'd brought him to the Temple of Swords to learn the ways of the paladins. Although the other squires hated and teased the little midget, Cockweasel much preferred the life of a squire compared to the life of a slave, especially when there were fringe benefits such as the busty priestess Johanna.

"Um, sorry about that," Cockweasel said apologetically. He scratched his deflated cock and straightened his loin cloth down over his genitals.

Gwendalyn took a deep breath and prepared to give her midget squire a telling off, civilizing the little little man was proving rather frustrating. After a moments pause she decided it wasn't worth the effort. "We're leaving the temple first thing in the morning?" she announced.

"Going? Where?" replied Cockweasel in surprise, he was just getting used to this cushy lifestyle. It certainly bet cleaning the stone staircases at the sorceress's tower, and groping Lady Gwendalyn usually only resulted in a scolding or the occasion cuff around the ear, not the evil magical punishment's he'd received from his former buxom mistress.

"We have an important mission. For the war against the orcs," she told him.

"Orcs?" blurted Cockweasel in surprise. He hated orcs. Before he'd been captured and enslaved his midget tribe and lived with a larger tribe of orcs who regularly bullied and generally trod all over their smaller midget neighbours.

"Yes, you do know we're at war with the orcs?" Gwendalyn didn't wait for an answer. "But don't worry, I'll explain everything in the morning. For now you can get out of my room and get yourself back to the squires quarters. Better get some sleep we'll be leaving first thing in the morning."

The beautiful paladin sighed as her small midget squire hurried out of the room. She looked over at the crumpled bed sheets where he'd been rutting that pretty young priestess and shuddered.


Sure enough they set of the next morning at dawn. Lady Gwendalyn rode her large black warhorse she called Mountain and Cockweasel rode a smallish brown riding horse that as far as he was aware had no name.

Gwendalyn had learned very soon after meeting Cockweasel that it was better they rode separately. The few times they'd been forced ride together the horny little midget had been unable to keep his hands to himself, constantly groping and fondling despite her best efforts to stop him.

"So where we going?" asked Cockweasel shortly after they'd set out, striking north into the wilderness. The midget was wearing a bit more than the skimpy, grubby loincloth in which Gwendalyn had last seen him in. He was dressed in the white and blue tunic and trousers of a squire of the Temple of Swords. Of course they were filthy, somehow everything that Cockweasel wore was very quickly covered in dirt and grime.

"We're heading to an orc encampment, just behind the frontline of the war," she told him. Gwendalyn was lightly armoured in mail rather than the much heavier full plate armour she often wore.

"What! We're going to the orcs?" blurted Cockweasel in surprise. "That's fucking insane."

"As I explained yesterday we're on a mission, a very important mission."

"Suicide?" suggested Cockweasel, feeling rather bleak at the prospect of riding right into the middle of a war. He'd always been one to avoid confrontation.

"We've received word of an orc defector," Gwendalyn explained. "His name is Kum Foulfang and he apparently wants to join our side of the war."

"Orc fighting with humans against orcs?" noted Cockweasel somewhat surprised. But then again it was pretty unusual to find a midget trainee-paladin.

"Foulfang is supposed to have been one of the orc's strategists so the information he has could be invaluable."

"If he's defecting then why are we going to an orc encampment to get him, surely somewhere else would be safer to meet him. Like somewhere miles away from the rest of the smelly orcs?"

"Unfortunately he was captured while trying to escape," explained Gwendalyn. "He was thrown into an orc prison for deserting."

"We're going into an orc prison to break someone out?" muttered Cockweasel in disbelief. "We're dead!"

Gwendalyn smiled. "I'm sure we'll be fine."

"You've got a plan to get us in and then out again?"

"Not exactly, but don't worry, we'll think of something."

Cockweasel shook his head. "I never thought I'd be trying to break into a prison."

They rode on in silence. The frontlines of the war were several days ride away and they were apparently linking up with some of the kingdom's soldiers when they got there. The soldiers would help them get close to the prison encampment where Kum Foulfang was held and then they were on their own.

That evening they stopped and made camp a short distance off the main road near a stream and a small wooded area.

Cockweasel groaned as he clambered down off his horse. His thighs and ass were sore from riding, before meeting Gwendalyn he'd barely ever seen a horse let alone ridden one and his soft small skin was not really used to the hardships of long horse treks.

"Ow!" he moaned, scratching at his balls through his tunic. As well as being sore from the ride, his nuts were also protesting at last nights interruption. When Gwendalyn had walked in on him with his cock stuffed up that pretty redhead's ass his testicles had been churning and ready to squirt.

"What's the matter?" asked Gwendalyn, frowning down at the complaining midget as she tied her warhorse Mountain up for the night.

"Fucking blue balls!" complained Cockweasel, now stuffing his hand down inside his trousers. "Don't suppose you could give me a little relief?" he asked her hopefully.

Gwendalyn's face screwed up in disgust at the suggestion. "Absolutely not!"

"You don't have to let me fuck you or nothing," Cockweasel assured her. "You could just use your mouth, or your hand or something?"

"There's no way I'm going anywhere near that smelly little penis of yours again!" the paladin snapped angrily at him. Cockweasel had managed to sample the beautiful paladin's mouth once in the past but she'd been very clear that it was a one-off occasion.


"No way! You'll have to go deal with it yourself!" she snapped.

Cockweasel sighed and pulled his cock out over the top of his grubby white trousers.

"Not here!" cried Gwendalyn in horror. "I don't want to see it!"

Cockweasel grumbled in frustration and stuffed himself back inside his pants, then wandered off towards the nearby woodlands muttering under his breath.

He didn't go too far into the trees, worried that he might come across something unpleasant like a bandit, or worse yet, an orc. "Damn blue balls," he muttered as he once again fished out his cock.

He leant back against a tree and started stroking himself, closing his eyes as he masturbated. In his minds eye, Gwendalyn had followed him into the forest. She was now wearing a dress of red silk, low cut in the front exposing an ample portion of her full, creamy breasts. She moved straight over to him and pressed her bosom into his face, he leant down and buried his head in cleavage, the soft pillows of the paladin's huge tits against his mouth and cheeks.

Cockweasel imagined that it was her hand around his cock, rapidly stroking him, her hand pumping up and down the hard length of his now rock hard erection. The lovely blonde paladin dropped down to her knees in front of him, his stiff organ pointing at her pretty face. Gwendalyn smiled wicked up at him and then leant forward, her soft lips parting to allow his cock to slip into her...suddenly Cockweasel felt a touch on his hand.

"Wha!" he blurted loudly in surprise, his eyes snapping open and his horny fantasy immediately disappearing from his mind.

To his shock the hand that touched his own belonged to a blonde haired woman. She was beautiful, with dark olive skin and a muddy, short brown smock that clung to a delightfully curvy body. She was short, barely taller than Cockweasel and had slightly pointed ears and deep brown eyes that seemed to twinkle.

Cockweasel swallowed and glanced down, realising for the first time that the hand she was touching was the one he had wrapped around his cock. Which, incidentally, was still rock hard despite the shocking interruption.

"I, um..." he stammered, dropping his hand away from his erection. He jumped in surprise as instead of dropping her hand away, the women's soft fingers encircled his hard cock, squeezing his erection and causing him to let out a soft moan of pleasure.

"Who..." he started to speak but the blonde silenced him with a kiss, leaning forward and planting her soft lips against his. Cockweasel moaned in surprise as her soft, deliciously curved body pressed against his and her hot tongue slid eagerly into his mouth. She still held his cock in her warm hand between their bodies as they passionately kissed, not exactly stroking him, but rhythmically squeezing his hard length, almost as if she were milking him.

Cockweasel was breathless as they broke off their kiss and she stepped back. He noticed for the first time her tanned, trim legs, left bare by the very short smock she wore. Her knee's were grass-stained.

The blonde gave an impish grin and then sunk wordlessly to her knees, much the way Gwendalyn had in his fantasy. She moved her hands behind her back and leant in towards Cockweasel's crotch. Cockweasel's eyes went wide as her mouth slipped over the head of his cock and he felt an amazingly warm wetness. Without pausing she sunk her mouth down onto his penis, taking him deep into her mouth, her lips pressing tightly around the hard shaft of his cock.

"Oh fuck!" groaned Cockweasel in immense pleasure as he felt the head of his cock slip right into the stranger's throat and her lips press around the very base of his cock. She hadn't paused once in her descent down the length of his penis and taken him all the way into her mouth without using her hands for leverage, she was amazing.

Cockweasel groaned again as she held him in her mouth, her nose buried in his pubic hair and his balls resting right on her chin.

"So good," he whispered softly in bliss.

Then she drew back, sucking heavily as she moved back up his shaft, it almost felt like she was going to pull him over using just the suction of her mouth. The woman's tongue twirled teasingly around the head of Cockweasel's cock, emitting another groan from his lips. "Oh shit!"

The woman winked and then kissed the tip of his penis. She then stood up again, standing directly in front of him where he was still slumped back against a tree trunk. The blonde tugged her dress up and lifted it right off over her head, dropping it to the dirt beside her.

Cockweasel gasped at the sight of her voluptuous naked body. She was slim and well toned, not an ounce of fat on her. Her stomach was flat and her legs trim. Her breasts were large, almost out of place on her small frame and her hips curved nicely into a tiny waist. Her skin was deeply tanned, olive in colour and she had a few grass and mud stains on her otherwise flawless body.

The now naked blonde smiled at Cockweasel again. She then turned around and bent over at the waist, her lovely round as poking out towards Cockweasel. She parted her legs slightly and then started to lean back, lining the dripping entrance of her eager pussy up with Cockweasel's jutting erection.

Just as she was about to impale herself on him there was a blur from Cockweasel's left. Out of nowhere came Gwendalyn, flying at the naked woman who up until then been doing such a magnificent job of pleasuring Cockweasel.

Gwendalyn tackled the woman, sending her sprawling in the dirt.

"Away from her foul creature!" yelled Gwendalyn, drawing her longsword.

The naked blonde stumbled up to a crouch and scooped up a clump of mud from the ground beside her. She let out a suddenly horrible, inhuman screech and hurled the mud at Gwendalyn.

Cockweasel winced at the horrible noise, the first sound the woman had made since she had first appeared in front of him. The clump of mud slammed into Gwendalyn's right shoulder with a surprising force, causing her longsword to be flung from her hand. The paladin gave a cry of pain as she felt the mud burning at the flesh of her shoulder, her tunic immediately smouldering where the mud had landed.

Taking advantage of the moment, the naked woman turned and sprinted off between the tree's, fleeing hurriedly from the paladin and her man companion.

Gwendalyn moaned in pain, reaching up with her left hand and ripping at the burning shoulder of her mud-splattered tunic. She tore the substance away, taking her sleeve and the upper right section of her tunic with it. Her skin beneath was red and inflamed, but fortunately not burnt.

"What the hell what that?" gasped Cockweasel, his heart racing.

"That was wood nymph," explained Gwendalyn, wincing in pain as she cautiously poked at her sore shoulder. "If I hadn't come along she would have had you and drawn you into her lair. Nymph's entrap the unwary and hold them prisoner and slave in their lair, forever forced into carnal slavery."

Cockweasel frowned trying to work out if that was a good or bad thing. He once again found himself with his cock out in front of Gwendalyn, so close to getting off and once again unfulfilled.

"Let's get back to camp," said Gwendalyn, still looking in concern at her shoulder, "I've got to get some water on this wound."

Cockweasel nodded and stuffed himself back into his pants. Perhaps it would be better if he didn't wander off again alone.

When the got back to where Gwendalyn had set up a campsite, she immediately crouched down by the stream and started to bath her burnt shoulder in the cool water.

Cockweasel couldn't help but admire the way her freshly torn tunic showed a lot more flesh than before. The top and side of her ample right breast was now visible, as well as a decent bit of cleavage. He licked his lips as she splashed water onto her red shoulder and it dripped down, tricking over the swell of her lovely big tit and disappearing into her cleavage.

Her first aid causing the right side of her tunic to get quite wet and it clung to her buxom figure, sticking to her full breast and causing the white tunic to become almost see-through, the dark outline of a nipple clearly visible as she stood up and walked back to the small fire of their camp.

Cockweasel swallowed and scratched his crotch, it seemed his balls were in for some punishment on this adventure.


The next day Gwendalyn had them up and moving at dawn once again. They were still a couple of days from the frontlines and the paladin wanted to make good time. The longer they took to reach the destination the more likely it was that they would be too late to save Foulfang the orc deserter. If the orcs found out that his intention was to help the human's he wouldn't live long.

Lady Gwendalyn's shoulder was still tender from the strange mud the nymph had hurled at her the previous night so she did not wear her mail shirt today. Cockweasel made sure he rode on the right side of her as they travelled so he could constantly admire the delightful jiggle of her big tits, partically exposed through the ripped right hand side of her tunic.

"Any idea how we'll get into this orc camp?" he asked her as they rode.

"Nothing yet," admitted Gwendalyn. She was getting a little anxious about that herself, she definitely didn't favour a full assault on an orc prision in the midst of war.

"I might have an idea," said Cockweasel.

"Oh really?" said Gwendalyn in surprise, she always thought that sex was the only thing the horny little man had on his mind.

"Yes well mans and orcs have been known to work together in the past," he explained to her. "I'm pretty sure there'll be some mans about when we get to this orc camp. The orcs like to use us to do a lot of their dirty work."

"That's true," agreed Gwendalyn.

"So I should be able to come and go without too much suspicion," he continued.

"Maybe," Gwendaly agreed hesitantly. "But what about me? You can't do this by yourself. The orcs might let a man in, but there's no way they'd let a human in."

"Maybe not," replied Cockweasel. "Occasionally the orcs raid human villages and capture the occasional human, mostly women and take them as prisoners or slaves. We can pretend that you're a slave bound for the cells."

Gwendalyn nodded. "It's risky, but it could work. It might even get us right into wherever they keep the prisoners inside the encampment and get us close to wherever they're holding Foulfang."


Gwendalyn smiled at her squire. "Well done Cockweasel, I'm surprised. And I'm very glad I brought you along with me."

Cockweasel smiled back at her, watching as her right breast jiggled beneath her tunic, almost threatening to pop right out.


That evening they made camp in the ruins of an ancient old tavern. There wasn't much left of it other than a couple of ruined stone walls and assorted rubble, no roof or shelter really, but it was better than sleeping in the open.

Cockweasel was again in agony after a day spent in the saddle. His inner thighs were now rather badly chafed and he found himself walking bandy legged around the camp to avoid his thighs rubbing together. His testicles were almost bursting as well, two days with no relief, not to mention the built up excitement from his encounters with Johanna and then the nymph had left him with a yearning ache in his balls.

"You've gotta give me some relief today!" begged Cockweasel as Gwendalyn unpacked their camp equipment from her warhorse's saddle bags.

"Yuck, absolutely not!" she refused firmly.

"Oh come on!" begged Cockweasel, hopping from foot to foot in exaggerated pain. "Just let me put it in your mouth for a minute and I'll be shooting in no time."

"That's disgusting," complained Gwendalyn.

"Please. I did come up with that great plan remember?" he dropped to his knees praying for her assistance.

"No way, no chance, never. No, just no!"

"I'll do anything," he said imploringly. "You can just do me with those big hooters of yours if you want. I'll be real quick."

"Cockweasel, shut up! It's not going to happen."

Cockweasel's shoulders slumped. "I wish you'd left me with that nymph!" he muttered under his breath, sitting down dejectedly by where Gwendalyn had started to build a fire.


The next day they made good progress towards their destination. As they got closer to the frontlines the signs of the war became more and more evident. They past a number of burnt out farmhouses and ravaged crop plantations and from time to time they travelled past corpses left unburied from the conflict.

By evening they were less than half a days travel from where they were due to meet with the human soldiers.

Cockweasel's legs and crotch were in even worse shape, the days of riding having taken a big toll on his tender flesh.

"I thought you told me this riding business would get easier?" he complained as he walked bandy-legged across their campsite for the day.

"It will eventually," Gwendalyn assured him.

"What about my blue balls?" he asked, but the blonde paladin ignored his crude comment. "Come on! I'm in agony here, do me a favour!"

Gwendalyn rolled her eyes. "If you're referring to wanting some relief at my expense then it's not going to happen."

Cockweasel groaned in frustration. "Look, you drag me out here towards the fucking orc frontlines, my legs are rubbed raw from that damn saddle, the least you can do is provide me a little relief from my problem, a little pleasure!"

"I'm not going to suck your dick Cockweasel," Gwendalyn said firmly.

"You ruined my last two chances to get my nut off, I deserve some compensation!"

"I ruined? I saved you from that nymph!" protested Gwendalyn getting a little angry now.

"I've had enough of this!" snapped Cockweasel, finally losing his cool. "If you want me to go through with the slave plan to get at that bloody orc then you're going to have to do something nice for me!"

Gwendalyn was taken aback by her squires anger. "You're blackmailing me?"

"I'm negotiating. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

Gwendalyn's eyes narrowed, "What do you want then exactly?"

Cockweasel licked his lips, suddenly feeling a little excited, his stomach fluttering in anticipation already. "Well you interrupted me when I was fucking that priestess and that nymph."

"No way, I'm not letting you fuck me!" Gwendalyn said immediately. "I'll give you a handjob or something."

"Your mouth," said Cockweasel, counter-offering. "I want head."

Gwendalyn pausing, considering. It wouldn't be the first time her squire had put his grubby cock in her mouth so perhaps she could go through with it. From the way he was complaining about blue balls so much over the past few days, he likely wouldn't last very long. "Okay," she agreed at last.

"Sweet!" exclaimed Cockweasel, excitedly rubbing his hands together.

Gwendalyn glanced around their campsite, "So where shall we do this?"

"You can kneel down right here," said Cockweasel, already pulling down his pants, his small cock was already partially stiffened at the prospect of getting sucked by a beautiful busty paladin.

Gwendalyn hesitated at the thought of being on her knee's in front of the horny little man, imagining him fucking her mouth vigorously. "Wait," she said as he stepped up to her. "Why don't you sit on that log over there."

Cockweasel complied immediately, he wasn't about to argue over little details when there was a blowjob on offer. He sat down on the log, his bare legs spread wide as Lady Gwendalyn knelt down reluctantly in front of him. She rested her hands on his bony knees and stared down in disgust at his semi-hard small cock, nestled in a grubby looking patch of dark pubic hair.

The beautiful paladin murmured a silent prayer for courage, then took a deep breath and finally ran her hands up Cockweasel's legs, reaching for his penis.

Cockweasel gave a sigh as Gwendalyn's cool hands encircled his penis, lifting it up and starting to gently stroke his length.

"Any chance of letting me off the hook with a handjob?" asked the paladin hopefully as she cupped his balls in the fingers of one hand and stroked him with her other hand.

"Just shut up and put it in your mouth," replied Cockweasel, moaning slightly as she gently toyed with his testicles.

Reluctantly, Gwendalyn leant forward into Cockweasel's lap, guiding his hardening cock to her mouth. Her lips parted and her tongue came out, tentatively lapping at the head of his penis, taking an initial taste of him. She almost gagged at that first taste, several days in the saddle without washing had left his cock sweaty and caked with all sorts of filth. Up close with her face between his legs she also saw the harsh redness of his chaffed, saddle-sore inner thighs.

"Nice!" breathed Cockweasel as Gwendalyn leant in again, this time actually taking his cock into her mouth. She sucked the throbbing head of his penis between her lips, her cheeks hollowing as she slurped on the end of his now fully erect cock. Cockweasel moaned as he felt her tongue swirling around inside her mouth, licking against the bottom side of his dick. It felt wonderful.

Cockweasel groaned as Gwendalyn slid her lips further down his cock, now taking about half his length into her sucking mouth. He loved the look of the gorgeous human with his small cock stuffed between her lips. As a noble paladin having to do something disgusting like servicing a man was probably driving her crazy, but the sight of her sucking on him drove Cockweasel absolutely crazy.

Cockweasel reached down and grabbed the top of Gwendalyn's head, pushing her down further on his cock, mashing her face down into his lap.

"Oh fuck yes!" he groaned as he felt the warmth and wetness enveloping his whole length. Cockweasel shifted his grip to the sides of Gwendalyn's head, holding her by the ears as he started to pull her up and down on his cock, using her mouth to almost fuck. There was an awesome squelching sound each time he pulled her down and drove his cock deep into her sucking mouth, the surprised paladin doing her best not to gag with each invasive thrust of his cock.

"That's it bitch, suck that cock!" groaned Cockweasel, pulling her face faster and faster down into his lap. There was a familiar churning in his balls as he used her mouth for his pleasure, and this time he had no intention of stopping no matter what interruption might come.

Cockweasel gave a sudden shout, his back arching as his cock exploded into climax. He yanked Gwendalyn's head down into his lap, his hips hunching up off the log as he tried to stuff his cock as deep into her mouth as it could go. Gwendalyn's eyes went wide as she felt Cockweasel's cock force it's way right into her throat just as it started spurting cum.

Cockweasel moaned in pleasure as the waves of his orgasm rushed through his small small body. Ropes of thick sticky cum spurted straight down Gwendalyn's throat as she had no choice but to struggle to swallow his heavy load.

"Oh fuck!" he gasped, holding her head as he came, her nose buried in his pubic hair.

Cockweasel finally released her head and his body gave a shudder as he leant back on the log where he was seated. Gwendalyn hurried drew up off his cock, coughing and choking at the mouthful of cum he'd given her.

"You're an asshole Cockweasel," she said when she'd finally caught her breath, spitting on the dirt what little of his sperm hadn't gone straight into her belly.

"That felt so good," moaned Cockweasel, grinning happily like an idiot. "Such a relief."

Gwendalyn gave him a scowl, wiping her mouth with the back of one hand. "I'm getting a drink to get that taste out of my mouth."

"I'd forgotten how magical that mouth of yours was," said Cockweasel, looking very happy with himself as she hurried off to the nearby stream.

To be continued...

By midday the next day Gwendalyn and Cockweasel finally rode into the army campsite located right near the frontlines of the war against the orcs. It was a small camp of rangers away from the main host of the army. There were only about twenty soldiers there including a medic and the commander, Captain Harlen.

It was the Captain that greeted them as they dismounted.

"You must be Lady Gwendalyn," he said, bowing as he helped the paladin down off her warhorse. He barely gave Cockweasel a glance.

"Yes, thank you for your help in this mission Captain," replied Gwendalyn politely.

The captain was a tall, good looking middle aged soldier with black hair showing some streaks of grey and a neatly trimmed black mostache. "It is our pleasure to assist such a valiant and if you don't mind me saying, beautiful knight," he said, kissing the back of Gwendalyn's hand gallantly.

Cockweasel wondered what the chivalrous captain would have said if he'd seen the paladin last night. On her knees with a man's cock shoved into her tonsils.

Captain Harlen offered his arm to Lady Gwendalyn and led her across the camp towards his command tent. Cockweasel hurried along behind them, completely ignored by the human ranger.

"So you've been able to locate the encampment where they have the orc?" Gwendalyn asked as they walked.

"We have," replied Harlen. "Originally it was our unit that learnt of this Foulfang's intention to desert. We were moments away from intercepting his escape when the orcs recaptured him. I had hoped that I would have personally been given the mission to break him out, but General West believed you had some unique skills and were better suited to the task." The captain glanced distastefully back at where Cockweasel was hurrying along behind them.

"How many orcs are we expecting at the prison site?" Gwendalyn asked as they ducked to enter Captain Harlen's tent.

"According to our scouts there are at least fifty orcs present, that's not including those held prisoner, as well as a handful of man underlings."

Cockweasel entered the tent behind them. It was quite sparse, a stretcher in one corner with a chest at the foot, probably containing the Captain's personal belongings. In the centre was a table that was apparently used for strategising. Rolled out on the table were a number of maps as well as some navigational equipment.

Harlen led them right up to the table and pulled out a map of the immediate area, rolling it out on top of the clutter of other maps. He stabbed his finger down on the map. "We're here at the moment, about a mile away from these hills here," he explained. "Cockweasel prison is about half a mile further in. We can get you to the hills, but from there you're on your own. A small group, just the two of you should be able to slip right up to the orc prison unnoticed. Getting inside however is another matter."

"We've got it covered," Cockweasel assured him, speaking for the first time.

Harlen ignored him completely and turned to Lady Gwendalyn. "It's not going to be easy, and getting out is likely to be just as difficult. Two hours after we drop you off we'll mount a raid on the orc encampment, we're outnumbered so don't expect it's the cavalry coming to bail you out, but it should act as a diversion to give you a chance to slip away in the chaos."

"Thank you," said Gwendalyn, touching the soldier's arm. "We'll need all the help we can get."

"I'll be praying for your safe return," Harlen told her.


They waited until just before dusk to make their move. After being escorted to the foot of the hills by Captain Harlen and his men, Gwendalyn and Cockweasel had travelled the rest of the way quickly, making good time.

From their vantage point, crouched behind some thick foliage they could see the entrance to the orc prison. It was a cave of some sort, no doubt quite large if the numbers that Captain Harlen had quoted were correct.

"Wear this," instructed Cockweasel, handing a small brown smock to her.

Gwendalyn looked at it in surprise, realising it was the dress worn by the nymph that had attacked Cockweasel a few days ago. "You kept it?' she queried in surprise.

Cockweasel shrugged. "Hey, it's not every day I get kissed like that."

Gwendalyn frowned but decided not to ask. She glanced around to look for a place to get changed.

"Quick, just do it here," urged Cockweasel.

"Okay," she agreed, remembering the clock was ticking. The rangers would be mounting a diversionary assault in less than an hour and a half from now.

Gwendalyn felt a little bashful at stripping in front of Cockweasel, especially knowing what a lecherous fellow he was, but she didn't really have much choice. She yanked her torn tunic up over her head, trying to keep one arm across her bare breasts at all times.

Cockweasel grinned and licked his lips as he watched the topless paladin. Her big tits were difficult to keep covered as she struggled into the nymph's smock and his stares were rewarded with a few nice peeks of her dark, pointed nipples. What he'd give to suck on those jugs for a while.

The smock was very tight, made for the much small nymph it was a tough job to get into. The brown gown stretched very tight across Gwendalyn's expansive bosom, almost threatening to rip and leaving very little to the imagination. It was low cut, only millimetres short of exposing the edge of her areola's and showing plenty of deep cleavage.

Gwendalyn reached under the hem of the smock and unfastened her leather pants, tugging them down and trying to keep the hem of the smock from riding up too much. The short dress showed off her long, trim legs to excellent effect, so short that it almost exposed the lower slopes of her firm buttocks at the back.

"You look great," said Cockweasel once she was ready, eyeing her up lecherously and licking his lips in admiration.

"Let's get this over and done with," muttered the paladin, stashing her clothes and longsword at the base of a nearby bush. She felt very exposed, not just by the tiny smock, but also by the fact she'd be going into the orc lair weaponless.

"Let's get you looking like a prisoner then," Cockweasel moved in front of her and tied her wrists together in front of her, taking his time and being sure to get a good up close look into her cleavage as he did so. He used a loose knot that Captain Harlen had shown him so that Gwendalyn could break free in a moment if required.

"There we go," announced Cockweasel once he was happy with the knot, he reached around and gave her a pat on the ass, causing her to almost jump in surprise.

Gwendalyn glared angrily at him. "Just behave yourself. Remember I can get out of these ropes if necessary!"

"Let's go then," urged Cockweasel with a wink.

He grabbed the end of the rope tied to Gwendalyn's wrists and dragged her forward towards the orc lair. His heart was hammering in his chest as he approached, if the orcs saw through their scheme they were dead.

Gwendalyn stumbled along behind her 'captor' doing her best to look like a distraught human prisoner. Inside she was just as nervous as Cockweasel, feeling very vulnerable without her sword and armour.

For a so-called orc war camp/prison the cave was on surprisingly low alert. Standing at the cave entrance was a single orc guard, leaning heavily on a tall steel tipped spear and looking half asleep. He didn't even notice their approach until they were almost right in front of him.

"Oi! What the fuck do you want?" growled the orc when he finally noticed Cockweasel and Gwendalyn. The orc was a short (somewhere between man and human size in height), stocky pig faced creature with ruddy small-brown skin an ugly snout and two fangs that jutted up from his lower jaw overtop of his upper lip.

Cockweasel swallowed nervously, although he wasn't tall the orc was powerfully built like most of it's kind and the much smaller man did not fancy his chances of getting away if things turned bad. His only consolation at this point was that the orc was obviously somewhat relaxed at the sight of a man and hadn't already run him through with the spear in a stab first, ask questions later approach that Cockweasel had feared might have been the case.

"I, um. I..." stammered Cockweasel.

"Spit it out man!" growled the orc, it's voice was deep and gruff and it almost sounded like he had rocks crunching around in the back of his throat.

"I, er, I caught this human," he said, tugging Gwendalyn forward by the rope. "She's for the slave cells."

The orc sniffed up a big dribble of snot that had been threatening to drop from his snout. "Another human slave eh?"

"Yeah, a woman," added Cockweasel, feeling a little more comfortable with each passing second that the orc didn't kill him.

"She's a pretty one," growled the orc, looking Gwendalyn up and down, noting her well curved body in the skimpy brown smock that Cockweasel had dressed her in.

Gwendalyn could feel the midgets gaze on her and wished that she'd worn something with a bit more material.

Cockweasel too apparently noticed the orc's stare. "Real nice," he agreed, pulling the rope and dragging Gwendalyn right next to him. "She's got a great pair of attitude's eh?" he said, reaching up with one hand and squeezing Gwendalyn's heavy right breast through her smock.

"Nice," grunted the orc in agreement, watching thoughtfully as Cockweasel's hand moved over to the busty woman's other tit, giving it a squeeze and then jiggling it in his palm.

"Nice big tits," said Cockweasel, so absorbed by his fondling of Gwendalyn's magnificent jugs that he almost forgot he was supposed to be having a conversation with the orc guard. The horny man licked his lips as he pinched the paladin's nipple through the material of her dress.

"Big," agreed the orc, stepping right up to the pair. He reached out and roughly grabbed Gwendalyn's other tit, roughly mauling it in his big hand. Gwendalyn winced in discomfort and gasped. He then reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress and tugged it up to her hip, exposing a good portion of Gwendalyn's firm ass. "I want to mate with her," said the orc, grabbing a handful of her buttocks and squeezing hard.

"You, um," Cockweasel's voice went up a couple of octaves in surprise. "You can't."

The orc frowned, dropping his hand away from the woman and focussing his attention back on Cockweasel. "Can't?" he growled menacingly.

Cockweasel swallowed. "She's a virgin, worth lots."

The orc glared at Gwendalyn's luscious curved body with a mixed of lust and doubt. "Virgin?"

Cockweasel's mind raced, realising he would have to satisfy the orc somehow to get inside the cave. He reached up towards Gwendalyn's face, "She's got a pretty mouth though," he told the orc with a wink, pushing one of his grubby fingers right between the busty blonde's lips and into her mouth.

Gwendalyn's eyes went wide, she seen Cockweasel scratching his ass and balls way too many times to be happy about having his finger in her mouth. Not too mention the fact Cockweasel was obviously offering up her mouth to this brute guard. Still she had to admit it was better than the alternative.

The orc hesitated a moment, apparently weighing up the offer. "Okay," he grunted at last, leaning his spear against the entrance to the cave and pulling open the front of his trousers.

Gwendalyn winced as the orc fished out a thick smelly cock from inside his pants, holding it in his meaty fist. She glanced down at the ground, it was covered with sharp looking rocks and rubble, not the sort of ground she wanted to be kneeling on. Not seeing a lot of alternatives, the buxom paladin bent forward at the waist, down towards the orcs offered penis.

Her hands were still tied together in front of her and she leant them both on the orcs thigh for support. The stench of the orc's cock was horrendous, but when she thought about it not much worse than Cockweasel's really.

Muttering a quick prayer, Gwendalyn leant forward and put her mouth around the tip of the orc's cock. The burly creature gave a moan of obvious pleasure at the touch of her lips. He kept his fist around the base of his cock so there was only about 3 inches of penis to go into Gwendalyn's mouth, thank the Gods for small mercies.

Gwendalyn grimaced as she sucked noisly on the end of the orc's cock, swiping her tongue around the tip and sealing her lips around the thick shaft. She bobbed her head over his cock, slurping as she drew her lips up and down the length of his cock that jutted out from his hand.

"Told you she was good," Cockweasel said to the orc who was obviously taking great pleasure from the paladin's mouth. Cockweasel gave Gwendalyn's ass a slap, enjoying the control he had over her for the time being. Her ass felt great so he reached back and this time gave it a squeeze through her dress.

The orc reached down and grabbed the top of Gwendalyn's head as she sucked him, holding her head in place as he stabbed his cock into her mouth a few times, moaning as he became more and more turned on. With the end of his cock in Gwendalyn's mouth and against her tongue the orc began to stroke his cock, rubbing the lower half, his fist banging into her face as he jerked off. He was half getting a blowjob, half masturbating directly into her mouth.

"Good sucking!" the orc moaned his fist a blur on his cock, the head of his penis vibrating in Gwendalyn's mouth as she did her best to suck heavily on him.

The orc gave a loud grunt and was suddenly spurting. With his strong hand holding her head in place Gwendalyn had nowhere to go as he started to full her mouth with hot, sticky orc semen. The guard's knee's sagged as he shot thick ropes of cum across Gwendalyn's tongue, emptying his load into her mouth.

"Good sucking," he repeated, wringing the last few drops into her mouth. He pulled his spent cock out from between her lips and slapped it a couple of times against her cheek, leaving a couple of tiny droplets of sperm.

"You can go in," the guard said when he finally released Gwendalyn's head.

"Thank you, thank you," replied Cockweasel, almost grovelling as he pulled Gwendalyn inside, holding tightly to the rope that bound her wrists.

"I can't believe you put me through that," hissed Gwendalyn once they were deep enough into the cave to be out of earshot.

"Sorry," apologised Cockweasel. "But at least I didn't let him fuck you."

"And was squeezing my ass necessary?"

"Just getting into character," Cockweasel replied. The argument was quickly cut short as they entered the first large chamber of the orc cave.

It was a vast chamber with about five different tunnels leading off in various directions. There were about a dozen orcs and even a couple of mans inside, mostly lazing about. A few were gambling at a table near the middle of the cavern and one particularly muscular orc was sharpening a huge axe in one corner of the cavern. One or two looked up at their entry and seemed a little surprised to see a human prisoner, but fortunately no one bothered them as they made their way around the edge and took the first tunnel, hoping it led where they wanted to go.

It didn't. Cockweasel dragged Gwendalyn down the dimly lit passageway and stumbled right into an orc sleeping area.

On the broken bed that was in the centre of the small chamber there was a fat, overweight orc. He was naked and busy vigorously thrusting into the posterior of a human slave. She was young, obviously a peasant girl that had been captured somewhere along the way. She was a little skinny but otherwise could have been quite pretty if she was cleaned up. The orc held her hips tightly in his plump hands and was slamming his thick cock into her doggy style.

"What ya want?" he growled in annoyance when he saw Cockweasel stumble into the room.

"Ah, prison?" stammered Cockweasel in reply.

"Next tunnel you stupid man," grunted the orc, resuming his fucking.

Cockweasel nodded and quickly backed away.

They followed the directions given, quickly slipping through the main chamber and down along the next tunnel.

Sure enough this time they found the prison area of the orc cave. Gwendalyn's stomach churned when she saw two large orcs standing guard in front of an iron gate that had been fashioned across the tunnel to lock prisoners inside. She wondered what humiliation Cockweasel was going to put her through to get past the guards.

Fortunately it didn't involve oral sex, the busty paladin managing to get away with a few exploratory pinches and gropes as both orcs took it in turns to check her for any hidden weapons.

"What does this Kum Foulfang look like?" hissed Cockweasel once they were past the main gate to the series of caverns that served as a prison. The two guards locked the gate behind them as they entered.

"I don't know," replied Gwendalyn.

"How are we going to find him then?"

"I don't know," Gwendalyn replied again, that was the first time she'd even considered the problem of identifying the orc defector. Up until now she hadn't even got past the problem of getting inside the orc jail in her planning.

Fortunately it didn't prove as hard as expected. The jail contained mostly human prisoners, all rather gaunt and mistreated, mostly women as orcs tended to kill the survivors of battle rather than accepting any surrenders. There were also a handful of mans, but only one orc.

Kum Foulfang was behind another locked gate near the back of the main prison cavern. He was quite big for an orc, but not muscular like the guard Gwendalyn had sucked off, but chunky and flabby like the orc they'd found fucked the slave in the first tunnel they'd ventured down.

"We're going to need the key," murmured Gwendalyn, eyeing up the locked the door.

"Hurry up in there man!" grunted one of the guards from the other side of main gate.

Cockweasel looked back in surprised and realised that it would indeed look a bit odd if he staying in the jail with his prisoner. He turned back to Gwendalyn and started to untie her wrists to release her into the general population.

"I've got an idea," he whispered. "Just play along and I'll get us that key."

"Okay," agreed the paladin with a subtle nod, rubbing her wrists as the rope finally came off.

"Take my cock out and start playing with it," instructed Cockweasel.

"What?" she hissed, suddenly getting annoyed with her horny squire.

"Trust me," he whispered. "Just play along and then when you see your chance grab the key."

"I don't see..."

"Do it!" insisted Cockweasel, glancing over his shoulder at the guards.

"Fine," agreed Gwendalyn at last. She reached into the front of Cockweasel's pants and pulled out his small cock. It was soft, but she felt it twitch in her palm as she gave it a squeeze and pulled it out of his pants. Her other hand cupped his balls as she began to toy with his thickening penis.

"Good," murmured Cockweasel, reaching up and grabbing at both of Gwendalyn's tits through her smock. The paladin stiffened at his touch and suppressed the urge to slap him, letting him play with her boobs as she stroked his cock.

Cockweasel's dick quickly stiffened in Gwendalyn's hands and she began to give him a proper handjob, wrapping her hand around his shaft and rubbing rapidly up and down. All the while Cockweasel continued to fondle her breasts, squeezing and pinching them through her dress.

"What the hell's going on in there?" demanded the guard from behind the still locked gate, obviously starting to lose patience.

"I'll just be a minute," replied Cockweasel, moaning softly as Gwendalyn jerked him off, perhaps enjoying it a little too much.

"What are you doing?" demanded the orc.

Cockweasel sighed theatrically and pried Gwendalyn's hand off his cock, he stuffed it back in his pants and turned to the guard. "Sorry, it's just she does this amazing thing with her hands, I wanted one last go."

"What she do?" asked the orc, his curiousity piqued.

"It's amazing," Cockweasel told him, forming a half clenched fist and making the motion of masturbating in the air. "You should give it a try." Cockweasel didn't wait for an answer and immediately dragged Gwendalyn over towards the iron gate.

"Come on," urged Cockweasel as he pushed Gwendalyn right up to the bars and waved the guard closer.

The orc seemed to hesitate for only a moment before stepping up to the iron gate. Knowing what was expected of her, Gwendalyn reached through the bars and tugged down the front of the guards pants. His thick, flaccid cock flopped out and she immediately took hold of it in both hands, giving it a firm squeeze. The orc gave a snort as Gwendalyn started to play with his dick, stroking it in her palms as well as paying attention to his heavy testicles.

"Ain't nothing special," the orc said to Cockweasel when his cock did not immediately rise under the buxom paladin's attentions.

The second guard looked on with interest as his companion was pleasured by the human prisoner.

"Just wait, it's good," Cockweasel assured him. "Play with her tits a bit as well."

The orc moved closer to the bars and reached up to grab Gwendalyn's chest as she stroked his still soft cock. He wasn't able to get his big hands all the way through the bars so made do with using his first two fingers and thumbs to pinch at her heavy boobs.

Gwendalyn swiped her thumb across the head of the guards cock and pulled on the fleshy pole to bring him even closer to the bars. It was what she had been waiting for. The paladin kept her left hand cupping the orcs testicles, but her right hand released his cock and shot over to grab the large keyring attached to his belt. She yanked the keys back through the bars and at the same time squeezed as hard as she could on the orcs nuts.

The orc gave a roar of agony as Gwendalyn tossed the keys to Cockweasel. He fell back and doubled over in pain as Cockweasel and human ran back across the prison chamber to the gate at the far end where the orc deserter Foulfang was imprisoned.

Cockweasel fumbled at the second gate, his hand shaking as he jammed the key into the lock.

"This had better be the same key," he said out loud, his heart racing as he glanced over to see the second guard inserting a key in the front door.

"Hurry!" urged Gwendalyn.

Cockweasel turned the key and there was a click as it unlocked. They both breathed an audible sigh of relief as Cockweasel yanked the door open.

At the same time the guard had unlocked the front gate. His fellow orc was still on the floor holding his crushed crotch.

"Shit!" swore Gwendalyn as the unwounded guard drew his sword and moved towards them.

Cockweasel pulled Gwendalyn into the cell and slammed the door shut. He then reached through the bars and slammed his fist down on the key chain. The rusted metal snapped off and fell to the floor, leaving the end of the key jammed into the lock.

"He's not getting through this gate now," said Cockweasel, looking rather pleased with himself.

"And neither are we you idiot!" snapped Gwendalyn.

"Huh?' Cockweasel blurted, not sure what the problem was.

"You've just locked us in this cell, we can't escape now," said Gwendalyn angrily.

"Oh," replied Cockweasel sheepishly, his bluster all gone. "I didn't think of that." He looked back out of the cell to see the two orcs guards glaring in at them, looking none too happy.

"Who the fuck are you two?" said a voice from within the cell. It was Kum Foulfang the orc traitor.

"Well we were here to save you, but now I'm not so sure," said Cockweasel with a shrug.

"Is there another way out of here?" asked Gwendalyn anxiously as the two guards started to raise the alarm.

"Not that I know of," replied Foulfang. "The cave goes back a short way back there, but the only thing there is a stream for drinking water."

"A stream?" repeated Gwendalyn hopefully.

"Yeah, so what?"

"It could be our best chance. The water has to go somewhere!" the paladin said enthusiastically, moving towards the back of the cave.

"You want to jump in the stream?" asked Foulfang in surprise.

Gwendalyn moved around the back corner of the prison cave and sure enough there was a small stream disappearing down into a deep looking hole in a small waterfall. She could hear the sound of rushing water beneath. The hole would be a tight fit, especially for the rather plump orc, but it looked possible.

"We're going down," Gwendalyn announced.

"But I can't swim!" protested Foulfang.

"Better learn quick," replied Gwendalyn, patting the orc on the back of his shoulder, "because you're going in first." With that Gwendalyn gave the orc a shove, pushing him into the stream.

To be continued...

Foulfang gave a cry of surprise as he landed face first in the two foot deep stream, it was just deep enough to avoid his face hitting the rock at the bottom. Before he had a chance to stop himself the stream washed him headfirst down into the hole. His left shoulder wash smashed jarringly into the rocks around the edge of the gap and then he found himself jammed into the hole. His head, shoulders and upper body sticking downwards, overlooking a much deeper river in the darkness below, his legs still in the stream above, jammed in place but his over-sized belly.

Gwendalyn glanced back around the corner to see the two guards struggling with the broken lock that Cockweasel had left behind. She could hear shouts from further back near the back section of the cave that suggested more orcs were on their way. She swore under the breath and hurried back to where Foulfang was jammed into the hole.

"Help me push," she said to Cockweasel, jumping down into the stream behind the orcs back half.

The two of them reluctantly pressed their hands against Foulfang's prodigious posterior and shoved with all their might.

It only took the single push. All at once Foulfang popped free and was thrown into the open gulf of darkness below. Propelled by the momentum of their push and the speed the orc came free both Gwendalyn and Cockweasel followed. The latter yelping in surprise as he fell through the hole and into the darkness.

They landed in the fast moving river bellow with three splashes in quick succession. Gwendalyn reached out and managed to grab a handful of Foulfang's tunic collar as they were immediately washed downstream by the rapid current.

With the orc frantically struggling, Gwendalyn struggled to keep Foulfang's head above water as they were swept downstream. The shouts of the orcs above quickly vanished as they were carried away by the river.

It felt like hours but was probably only minutes as they were washed along by the river. Several times waves of pain shot through Cockweasel's body as he was slammed against the rock walls or hit other debris floating in the cold river.

"Light!" he heard Gwendalyn's shout from not too far away. Sure enough he saw a dull glow from further downstream.

Moments later Cockweasel was swimming for the edge of the river where there was a small beach of sand. They had been swept along the underground river into a vast cavern where the river widened and slowed. The light that Gwendalyn had seen was coming from the roof of the cavern which let off a dim, blue-white glow. Cockweasel had no idea what caused the glow but it didn't look too natural to him.

"Are you okay?" asked Gwendalyn as he reached the shore. Beside her the orc Foulfang was coughing and hacking up all the water he'd swallowed during their unplanned river ride.

"I'll be fine," replied Cockweasel, breathing heavily. He was exhausted from the effort of struggling to keep his head above water and sore from the battering he'd taken against the rocks on way through.

"Nice rescue," remarked Foulfang sarcastically once he'd cleared most of water from his throat and lungs.

"It'd didn't exactly go to plan," admitted Gwendalyn. She was still dressed in the ultra skimpy brown smock that Cockweasel had taken from the nymph. The dress had been very revealing initially, but now it was soaking wet and clung to the blonde's phenomenal curves like a second skin, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Her ample chest rose and fell as she breathed rapidly, each expansive breath causing her bosom to swell out mind-bogglingly, her hard nipples clearly visible through the wet fabric as well.

"Why did you save me anyway?" asked the orc with a note of suspicion.

"We learnt of your intention to change sides," explained Gwendalyn. "The knowledge you can give our armies will be invaluable in the war."

The fat orc opened his mouth to reply when a spear suddenly appeared right in front of his face. Lady Gwendalyn reached for her non-existent sword and within seconds they were surrounded.

Their attackers were elves all female. Slender with the pointed ears typical of the elves, only these elves had black skin, so dark it had almost blue-ish sheen to it (which could have been due to the strange lighting from the cavern ceiling). They were dark elves, otherwise known as drow.

There were six drow, all armed with long spears, tipped with leaf-shaped blades. They wore tight fitting black leather armour the clung to their athletic bodies. Interestingly from Cockweasel's perspective was the way the front of the elves leather vests all gaped open, displaying plenty of cleavage. None were quite as well endowed as Gwendalyn, but there was still plenty of boobage for his viewing pleasure. Not the most practical armour for battle perhaps, but if he'd been fighting them he would have been distracted.

"We don't mean any harm," said Gwendalyn, holding her hands up and trying to show she was unarmed. "We're just passing through."

"Come with us," said one of the drow, gesturing with the dangerous looking tip of her spear for them to proceed up the beach towards the tunnel on the cavern wall ahead of them.

"Such a nice rescue," Foulfang muttered under his breath as the three of them were marched at spear point up towards the tunnel.

They went through and followed it's length for a couple of hundred meters until it opened out into another cavern who's roof was also lit by the strange azure glow. Inside this cavern was small village made up of several building's carefully crafted from stone. They were forced through down to the centre of the building's where another dozen drow were waiting.

The group were again all female. At the front of the group was the apparently leader of the village, a tall buxom dark elf holding a gnarled staff of dark ebony wood. She was wearing a gown of white, unlike the rest of the drow who were all dressed in black leather armour. The gown was long, falling all the way to her feet, but was slit up one side revealing her long, slender leg. Like the leather vests, the front of the gown gaped open wide, the neckline plunging all the way to her waist displaying a good portion of her generously rounded breasts and coming very close to exposing her dark nipples.

"We found these three down at the river Mistress Vilestra," said the same drow who'd spoken at the riverbank.

The leader of the elves slowly looked at the three prisoners. She then pointed to Foulfang. "He looks strong enough for breeding stock," she announcing, eying the orcs podgy body somewhat critically.

Kum was surprised at this, he'd heard of drows and orcs mating before, usually as a result of the orc raping a drow, never the other way around. The resulting offspring were known as dorcs. The dorcs were dark skinned like the drow, but possessed the thicker, stockier figure of their orcish genes. They weren't the smartest, even by orc standards and were mostly used for physical labour in slave camps.

Vilestra then pointed to Gwendalyn. "You are female and therefore no use to us. You will be sacrificed to the Goddess. Kalysa," she said, turning to the leather armoured drow who'd brought them up from the river, "secure her at the altar, the ceremony will be tomorrow at dawn."

Cockweasel swallowed, that didn't sound good, he thought to himself. He also wondered when dawn was in this underground lair. He immediately stopped worrying about that when the drow leader turned her attention to him.

"You," she said, squinting slightly as she gazed thoughtfully at the nervous man. "You I'll find a use for. Have him taken to my quarters."

Cockweasel sighed with relief when he realised he wasn't going to be sacrificed as well. He hoped that she would use him for breeding stock too actually.

All three of them were dragged off in different directions by the amazon-like warriors. Foulfang was taken at spear point to a nearby stone building and led inside. He was stripped of his clothing and thrown into a room that was completely empty other than a wooden chair that had a red velvet cushion on it. Behind him the door was slammed shut and locked.

He glanced nervously about, feeling rather vulnerable without any clothing. He was definitely alone. There were two windows in the room which let in a little light, but it was still quite dark. The windows were small, definitely not big enough for him to climb through.

"Stupid rescue," he grumble, although with the cushioned chair he had to admit that this cell was better furnished than the previous one. With a sigh he sat down on the chair and waited.

He didn't have to wait long. About a minute later he jumped slightly on the chair as there was the noisy clunk of the door being unlocked. Foulfang looked up nervously as it opened.

The drow that entered was completely naked. And stunningly beautiful.

She was not one that Foulfang had seen before during his short time in the underground village, presumably one of their breeding stock as well. She was tall and slender, although her hips were curvy and her breasts full and firm. The dark elf's skin was jet black, contrasting sharply with her long, snowy white hair. Her body was hairless, her pubic mound bare.

Foulfang swallowed, not sure if he was nervous or excited by the sight of the naked dark elf he had been chosen to mate with.


Whilst Foulfang was being about to be mated by a busty drow, Cockweasel was being put to work by a busty drow. If Cockweasel had known he'd of switches places in a heartbeat.

The leader of the drow, Mistress Vilestra had informed Cockweasel that he was to become her house slave. She already had him scrubbing the floor of the large stone building that served as her quarters. Cockweasel was immediately reminded of Cockweasely years he'd served as a slave to a sorceress before he met Lady Gwendalyn. He had no intention of returning to that thankless lifestyle.

"Get me some wine man!" snapped the drow. She was sitting at a desk reaching through some parchments while Cockweasel scrubbed the floor. At her command he hurried to the room next door which was a small kitchen area and grabbed a large stone jug that was filled with dark red wine.

Cockweasel hurried back to his new mistress, struggling a little to balance the heavy jug. He tipped the large jug, splashing wine into the silver goblet on the table in front of the buxom drow leader. He must have poured a little too quickly however, as the goblet was tipped over by the force of the liquid and the red wine splashed down over front of Vilestra's pure white gown.

The drow gasped in surprise as the front and lap of her dress was suddenly drenched in the red alcohol.

"You stupid little creature!" she gasped in horror.

Cockweasel paled in surprise, wondering how annoyed she would get with him. He suffered plenty of torturous punishments at the hands of his previous mistress.

"Sorry!" he blurted hurriedly as he grabbed a cloth rag and began to dab at Vilestra's lap, trying to soak up as much of the wine as he could. Unfortunately her dress was pure white and there was no way to get rid of the red stains.

Cockweasel didn't let that put him off however. He desperately rubbed the pretty drow's legs through her soaked dress, then moved the rag further up over the wine stains. When he reached her chest he suddenly found himself pressing the rag to the elves ample breasts. The large orbs felt incredibly warm and soft against his rag filled hand and the horny man abruptly forget what he was doing. Somehow in amongst his cleaning of Vilestra's dress he dropped the rag and started using both hands to clean the stained material that covered her mountainous chest. Cockweasel gave a small moan as he squeezed the drows big black boobs through her dress. The coolness of the wine had made her nipples stand up and they felt like hard buds against his palms.

Suddenly the groping man froze, his fingers sunken into the soft flesh of the dark elf's tits. Resting against his inner thigh was the cool steel length of Vilestra's long bladed dagger.

"You're quite a nuisance man," she said dangerously. Cockweasel's hands immediately stopped their fondling and dropped down away from her bosom. "I think it might be best if my new slave was a eunuch."

Cockweasel had no idea what a eunuch was, but it didn't sound promising. Almost without thinking he picked up the wine jug. Vilestra obviously didn't consider him a threat as she didn't react at his movement. Before she could correct her mistake Cockweasel shattered the heavy jug over the side of the dark elf's head.

Mistress Vilestra went down like a sack of potatoes. She fell back sideways off her chair and slumped to the floor, completely knocked out.

"This seems a little familiar," muttered Cockweasel as he pushed away the fallen chair and bent over the drow's unconscious body to check if she was alive or dead.


"You need to be hard," snapped the nude dark elf, standing directly in front of where Foulfang still sat on the velvet cushioned chair. Her legs were apart and the orc could clearly see the lips of her sex, glistening and slightly moist already.

"You could suck it?" suggested Foulfang with a slight smirk.

The dark elf's face twisted up in disgust at his suggestion. "Do you not find me attractive?" she asked him, ignoring his comment.

"You've got nice tits," replied the orc with a shrug.

The dark elf seemed to accept that as a compliment and moved forward, straddling Foulfang as he sat on the chair. She ran her hands seductively up her sides and cupped and squeezed her own tits, pinching on the nipples. She then lowered herself down onto Kum's lap and slipped her soft hands between his legs, taking hold of his flaccid penis. As she started to stroke his cock in her cool hands, she leant forward and pressed her ample breasts into the orcs face, smothering his snout in her cleavage.

Foulfang apparently liked this. His hands moved up and grabbed the sides of the drow's big tits, squeezing them and pressing them harder against his face. His tongue came out and licked up the length of her deep cleavage, his protruding fangs scraping slightly against the soft flesh of her boobs.


Cockweasel looked down thoughtfully at the prone body of the dark elf leader. Through the open front of her white gown he could see a considerable portion of her sizeable tits. The mountainous orbs thrust up from her chest aching to be touched.

"This is very familiar," Cockweasel murmured to himself as he reached down and grabbed a gown covered tit in each hand. He gave the firm melons a squeeze as he considered his options.

"I'll have to escape," he said, planning out loud. He massaged the unconscious drows firm breasts through her dress as he plotted. "If she wakes up my life won't be worth shit."

Cockweasel slipped his hands inside the front of the dark elfs dress where he cupped and squeezed her warm, bare breasts. They felt wonderfully smooth beneath his groping fingers.

"I guess I should try and save Gwendalyn and the orc as well," he decided, fondling as he spoke.

He looked down thoughtfully, studying the beautiful drow's unconscious face. Her lips were full and pouty, jet black in colour but inviting all the same. In Cockweasel's opinion a mouth like that was made for cocksucking.

"But there's no hurry really," he noted, his hands down inside the front of Vilestra's dress pinching roughly on her nipples.


Foulfang's cock was now hard in the drow's soft hand as she stroked his length rapidly. The orc was now sucking on one of her hard nipples, one of his hands squeezing eagerly on the untended breast, the other cupping her firm right buttock.

The elf apparently decided that he was hard enough. She moved forward, lifting herself up from where she was sitting on Foulfang's knee. She gave his hard erection a firm squeeze as she lined the head of his cock up with the now dripping wet entrance to her sex.

She gave a long groan of pleasure as she sunk down onto the orc's thick cock, letting his rock hard shaft slide up inside her.

"Oh fucking hell!" groaned Foulfang, letting the tip of the drow's heavy breast slip from his mouth. Both of his hands moved to grab at her buttocks as the dark skinned elf slowly started to move up and down on his cock. Kum thrust his cock upwards to meet her bounces and his hands squeezed tightly on her firm ass, his fingers sinking into the flesh of her buttocks as he pulled her down against him.

The orc gave a snort of pleasure through his pig-like snout and he suddenly stood up off the velvet cushioned chair. He still held the slender dark elf, his hands cupping her ass and holding her against him, his cock impaled in her vagina. Kum Foulfang gave another lustful grunt as he went to his knees and then lowered the drow to the floor so that he was on top of her, now able to control the speed of their fucking himself.

The dark elf breeder wrapped her long black legs around Foulfang as he started to pump on top of her, his hard cock sliding rapidly in and out of her cunt with lust-filled abandon.


Meanwhile Cockweasel was starting to enjoy his time in the drow village as well.

He was now kneeling over the unconscious drow matron's face, his small erection hovering over her beautiful visage and his bare buttocks resting on her bosom.

"Who's the stupid one now then?" he said, smirking down at the beautiful drow. Cockweasel held his cock by the base and waved it up and down, the head of his penis slapping against her dark, pouting lips.

"Open wide bitch!" he said, grabbing a handful of her hair and lifting her head up off the stone floor. At the same time he pushed forward, sliding his hard cock between Vilestra's full lips and into her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" he groaned, moving both his hands to the back of the dark elf's head and pulled her against his crotch. It felt fantastic to shove his cock in between the drow's haughty lips.

Cockweasel began to push and pull on the dark elf's head, sliding her mouth back and forth along the length of his cock. Each time he pulled her in towards him he pumped his hips forward and jammed his cock deep into her throat, loving the way his cock felt as it slid along her tongue and pushed against her tonsils.

He moved her head faster and faster over his cock, using her mouth like he would a fist for masturbating. Unlike the blowjob Gwendalyn had given him where she was actively sucking on his penis, the drow's lips were slack around his cock and therefore not as pleasurable. After a couple of minutes of drilling her mouth, Cockweasel decided he needed a different hole to shove himself into.


"The goddess is gonna love you," said the dark elf Kalysa as she finished tying the ropes around Gwendalyn's ankles. As she stood up she ran her hand up the side of Gwendalyn's long, sleek leg, right up to her hip, just under the hem of her undersized brown smock.

"We don't mean you any harm, we're just passing through," said Gwendalyn, repeating her earlier plea to equally useless results. The drow had tied her to an altar on a rocky outcropping several meters above the underground village. Her hands were bound outstretched with thick rope.

"I'll see you tomorrow at dawn," replied Kalysa, ignoring the paladin's plea. She slipped her hand out from under the hem of Gwendalyn's smock, her fingertips tracing through the blonde curls of the human's pubic hair as she stepped away.

Gwendalyn slumped back helplessly against the stone altar as the dark elf walked away. She tugged at her bound hands but found no give in the ropes. Things were looking hopeless.


"Oh fuck yeah!" Cockweasel Cockweasel gave a long groan of pleasure as he slid his cock into the tight pussy of Mistress Vilestra. Her white gown was bunch up around her hips and her long black legs spread wide, his small posterior bouncing between them as he started to fuck her.

Cockweasel had pulled open the front of her dress and had a firm ebony boob in each hand, his fingers squeezing into the ample flesh as he thrust himself between her legs, his cock eagerly jack-hammering her cunt.

Cockweasel leant over and sucked a hard nipple between his lips, sliding his tongue over the smooth round expanse of her bosom. Each thrust of his hips filled the room with the sound of slapping flesh as Cockweasel thoroughly screwed the beautiful dark elf.

Already turned on from the face fucking he'd given her moments before, Cockweasel knew that he wouldn't last long inside her tight cunt. Of course, with the added danger of her regaining consciousness at any moment that was probably a good thing.

Cockweasel gave a sudden grunt of pleasure as he felt his orgasm approaching. His cock lurched inside her as he thrust deep, his semen shooting up the length of his cock and bursting out, flooding her cunt with his seed.

"Fuck!" he groaned, arching his back and pushing hard into her, letting his cock spurt in climax. He slumped down onto her prone body, burying his head in her cleavage as he caught his breath, enjoying the feeling of her pussy clutching around his pulsing cock.

After a few moments he lifted himself off her, wiping his spent cock on her inner thigh.

"Time to save the day," he said, reaching down and giving her right breast a farewell squeeze.


Kum Foulfang hammered his cock between the legs of the drow, pinning her to the floor as he fucked her. He was snorting and grunting like a rutting animal, the powerful thrusts of his loins driving his cock deep inside her.

"Turn over," ordered the dark elf.

Kum gave a small grunt of annoyance, but wasn't silly enough to ruin a good thing. He rolled over onto his back, pulling the slender drow with him, keeping his dick inside her during the entire manoeuvre.

The drow started to ride him, rolling her hips and grinding down on the orc's stiff erection, her eyes closed as she luxuriated in the feel of his thick cock.

Foulfang reached up with both hands and grabbed hold of her heavy, swaying knockers, fondling them as she rode him. He pushed the two large orbs together, lifting them up her chest and squeezing, his fingers sinking into the firm ebony flesh.

"Oh yeah, fuck me!" he groaned, slapping one of her tits and enjoying the way the fleshy melon jiggled above him. He arched his hips up off the stone floor, trying to sink his cock deeper inside her, despite the fact it was already buried to the hilt.

The drow was now rubbing her clit with one hand as she rode him and he mauled and squeezed at her big tits.

Suddenly there was a crash and pieces of shattered wine jug rained down onto where Kum lay beneath the drow.

The dark elf slumped down on top of him, unconscious.

"What the fuck?" growled the orc as he pushed her limp form off him and saw Cockweasel Cockweasel standing above him, holding the broken handle of a large wine jug in one hand.

"And here I am rescuing you again," announced Cockweasel, looking quite pleased with himself.

"Argh!" growled the orc, covering his uncomfortably stiff cock with both hands as he sat up. "You could've waited till I was done fucking her."

Cockweasel tossed a pile of clothes on a floor next to the frustrated orc. "Get dressed, we've got to go save Lady Gwendalyn before they notice we've escaped."

Kum gave a grumbled and reached for his clothes, glancing regretfully over at the unconscious nude drow beside him.

"Don't worry," said Cockweasel, noticing the orc's lingering glance. "I'll get you laid later on to make up for it."

Once Foulfang was dressed they quickly slipped out of the building and into the main area of the village. There were no dark elves in sight.

"Where is everyone?" whispered Foulfang as he followed Cockweasel across the village.

"I think they're all asleep," replied Cockweasel, also keeping his voice low. "But I don't want to go poking around to make sure."

"Up there," said Kum, pointing high above the buildings.

Cockweasel looked up and saw the stone altar on the ledge overlooking the underground village. There was a rough stone path carved into the wall of the cavern leading up to the altar. "Let's go," he whispered to his orcish companion.

They crept quickly across the village, eyes darting around for any sign of the dark elves, but they seemed to be in luck and went unchallenged.

The path up to the altar was narrow, they could only climb single file. At the top the ledge widened around the large stone altar to whatever goddess it was that the drow worshipped. Cockweasel briefly wondered if it was the goddess of love and his thoughts went to Johanna's spectacular ass.

"You escaped?" murmured Gwendalyn in surprise as Cockweasel and Kum came over to where she was tied up.

"Of course!" replied Cockweasel with a grin.

"Untie me and we'll get out of here!" Gwendalyn said with obvious pleasure. She had thought she was doomed to be sacrificed to the drow's evil goddess, not the ideal demise for a holy paladin.

"Feet first," instructed Cockweasel as he and Foulfang hurried over to Gwendalyn's side and crouched down to untie her ankles.

As Foulfang reached for the rope around Gwendalyn's feet, Cockweasel ran his hand up the back of the paladin's calf, feeling the smooth, bare flesh of her leg. Kum glanced up from the knots to see Cockweasel slide his hand up higher to the back of Gwendalyn's creamy thigh.

Kum licked his lips, he was still very horny from having his fuck interrupted by Cockweasel earlier. He slid one hand up Gwendalyn's other sleek leg as his other hand half heartedly tugged at the knots around her ankle.

While Cockweasel casual stroked his hand up and down the back of Gwendalyn's thigh, enjoying the smooth warm feel of her skin, Kum went in for the kill, sliding his hand right up under the back of her brown smock and grabbing her bare ass.

"Ow!" exclaimed Gwnedalyn in surprise as the orc gave her ass a hard squeeze. "The ropes aren't up there!"

"Sorry," mumbled Foulfang, reluctantly pulling his hand out from the back of her dress. He gave the knot around her ankles another tug, with both hands this time and it came loose.

The orc and man stood up, each going for a wrist as they untied the last of the ropes that held Gwendalyn on the altar.

Just like at her legs, the two horny rescuers quickly became distracted by her upper body. Within a minute they both had a large tit in one hand and were barely working at the rope around her wrists at all with their other hands. Gwendalyn winced as both her breasts were simultaneously squeezed, pinched and groped by the orc and man, her so-called companions.

"The ropes please boys!" she reminded them, grimacing as Foulfang gave her left nipple a particularly painful twist through the material of her undersized brown smock.

Eventually they managed to get her untied, by then Foulfang's hand had returned for several more titty-twisters and Cockweasel was practically humping her thigh, his erection evident as he rubbed against her side.

"Let's hurry," she said, pushing them both off her and rubbing her sore wrists, finally free.

The three of them quickly crept down the narrow stone path, back towards the deserted drow village below.

"Oh fuck," murmured Cockweasel as they were about three quarters of the way down the path.

At his exclamation Gwendalyn looked up. Standing below them, in the centre of the village, was Vilestra, the leader of the drow. She was looking rather dishevelled and very angry. Behind her stood a dozen drow warriors, all armed and armoured.

"Run!" yelled Gwendalyn in alarm. At her cry they started to run down the narrow pathway, and at the same time the mob of dark elves hurried forward to intercept them, swords getting drawn and spears pointing towards the unarmed intruders.

They were nearing the bottom of the path and Gwendalyn immediately saw that the dark elves were going to beat them, meaning they would be trapped. She glanced down and noticed that the closest of the buildings wasn't too far from the edge of the path.

"That roof," she said, pointing to the building about ten feet below them, "jump!"

This time Foulfang didn't need a push, the orc led the way, leaping down off the pathway and landing heavily on the roof of the building, stumbling to his hands and knees. Gwendalyn and Cockweasel were right behind him, leaping onto the building just as the first of the dark elf warrior reached the base of the path.

"Quick!" urged Gwendalyn, lifting the orc to his feet by yanking on his collar. They ran across the rooftop and leapt straight on to the next building, jumping from roof to roof in a desperate attempt to escape.

About half their pursuers continued up the path while the rest doubled back, chasing the fleeing captives from the ground. Fortunately they had a small lead now, leaping off the end building and hitting the ground running, heading straight back down towards the river where they'd been captured in the first place.

Kum Foulfang was leading the way, his fat belly jiggling as he ran for his life. The three of them hurried down to the beach with their armed pursuers right on their heels. Gwendalyn was at the back, her heavy tits bouncing around alarmingly inside her tight dress. If it wasn't for the threat of death Cockweasel would definitely be watching the mind-boggling sight over his shoulder.

"Downstream!" yelled out Gwendalyn as they reached the shore.

The three of them sprinting along the beach, following the edge of the water along the cavern. Gwendalyn could hear the roaring of another waterfall at the far end of the cavern and the water beside them began to pick up pace a little as the cave narrowed again. If they made it to the end of the beach they would be home free.

"Hurry up! They're gaining on us!" she urged her two shorter companions as she glanced back and saw that the angry mob of drow had reached the beach. Cockweasel's stumpy legs were pumping for all he was worth.

They hit the end of the beach and all three stumbled, splashing into the water. The current immediately picked them up and started to sweep them down river, towards the next waterfall.

Gwendalyn made sure to grab hold of Foulfang, "Here we go again."

Cockweasel gave a yell as they were swept down the waterfall, immediately leaving behind the angry mob of dark elves.

To their surprise this waterfall came with a blinding burst of light. As they fell downwards they dropped out of the side of a cliff, falling into the daylight below. They splashed down into the sea, having come out on the coastline, several miles from where they first went underground at the orcish encampment.

All three came up gasping for air and they immediately started to swim for the rocky shoreline, Gwendalyn dragging Foulfang behind her and Cockweasel swimming unaided.

Fortunately the current was in their favour. They were swept a few hundred meters south, beyond the high cliffs and then washed up on a stony beach on the incoming tide.

"No dark elves please," murmured Cockweasel as he lay on the stones, gasping for air, his heart still racing from the thrill of the chase. Gwendalyn was lying on her stomach beside him, only half conscious. Her brown dress was up around her waist and her lovely bare ass completely bare, but even that tempting sight was not enough to stir the exhausted man into action. The swim had drained all his strength.

On the other side of Gwendalyn was Foulfang, up on his hands and knee's coughing up lungfuls of salt water he'd swallowed. "Worst fucking rescue ever!" he gasped, pulling himself up to the top of the beach and then lying back, breathing heavily.

It was late afternoon outside in the open, the sun already on it's way down. It took almost half an hour for the three of them to recover somewhat and regain their bearings and by that time it was almost dusk. They were all still exhausted, in no shape to move on so Gwendalyn decided they would stay on the beach.

They made their way to the top of the stony beach in the hopes of avoiding any high tide and then curled up to get some rest.

"We'll have to huddle together, share body heat," Gwendalyn told them wearily.

"Huddle?" remarked Foulfang in surprise, looking over at Cockweasel. "There's no way up cuddling up to that small freak."

Cockweasel nodded in agreement. "I don't like the idea of that orc's dick anywhere near me."

Gwendalyn sighed. "It's exposed here and we're still soaking wet from the water. We have to stay together or we'll freeze," she said in irritation. "Look, I'll go in the middle, that way you boys wont have to touch."

"Fine," they both agreed at once.

Gwendalyn soon found herself sandwiched between her two companions. Kum the orc was behind her, spooning her with his body pressed against her back, and Cockweasel Cockweasel was in front of her, his back against her so that she in turn spooned him. It was a cosy little orc-human-man sandwich of wet bodies and all three of them were asleep in minutes.


Gwendalyn woke up at the crack of dawn to find herself rather entangled amongst her two travelling companions.

Cockweasel had somehow turned himself around in his sleep and was now pressed face to face against her. Or rather, face to boob. The sleeping man had his head buried in Gwendalyn's bosom, his chin hooking the neckline of her dress down so that one of her heavy breasts had popped out and her nipple was brushing Cockweasel's cheek. Cockweasel's crotch was pressed up against her bare thigh and she could clearly feel the bulge of morning wood rubbing against her.

To her surprise it felt like Foulfang had got himself into a similar state during the night. The orc was pressed up against her front behind, his crotch snug against her rounded posterior. Her short dress had ridden up during the night and should could feel Foulfang's hardness nestled into the crack between her bare buttocks.

Gwendalyn carefully pried herself out from between her two sleeping companions, unsuccessfully trying to avoid waking them up. She noticed that although most of her dress had dried out, the front was still damp -- covered in man drool.

Cockweasel sat up with a yawn, just as Gwendalyn was pulling the front of her undersized dress back up, squeezing her big tit back into the skintight material. He grinned as he watched her pull the hem of her dress down, covering up her ass and pussy again, but leaving the majority of her long sleek legs still bare.

Fortunately the night had been quite warm and they had not frozen to death in their wet clothing.

"So what now?" asked Foulfang yawning even louder than Cockweasel had.

"We're only about days travel from the front lines, we should be able to get back to the city within a few days," Gwendalyn announced.

"Back to the human lands?" asked Foulfang with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

"That's right," confirmed the paladin. "You'll be protected in return for your knowledge about the orc war plans."

"I know but a human city?" the orc replied hesitantly.

Cockweasel stepped in between them and held up his hands, "Wait just a moment, I can see where this is going, can I have a word with Kum alone please Gwendalyn?"

The paladin paused for a moment, but then reluctantly agreed. As the orc and man wandered down the beach a short distance to talk, Gwendalyn climbed up to the top of the beach to survey the coastline and try and get her bearings.

It looked like the sea current and the underground river had taken them quite a way south, so even though they were right off by the coast they were actually a lot closer to home than they had been when they'd entered the underground cave. Two days should be all it took to get back to the city. For Gwendalyn it would certainly be a relief, this mission had been very tough on her and she couldn't wait to get back into armour again after wearing the skimpy nymph dress for so long.

"We've come to an arrangement," said Cockweasel as he and Foulfang walked back towards where the lovely paladin was waiting.

"Oh yes?" replied Gwendalyn with some relief. For a moment it had looked as though the orc was wanting to back out of the defection.

Kum Foulfang spoke up, "If you want me to come back to the city with you, then you have to fuck me."

"Both of us," chipped in Cockweasel helpfully.

"Oh yeah, you have to fuck both of us," agreed Foulfang.

"What?" blurted Gwendalyn in shock, the blackmail coming out of left field. "You're going to force me to have sex with you in exchange for swapping sides?"

"Yep," replied Foulfang, staying firm.

"It's not like it'd be the first orc cock you've had stuck into you," noted Cockweasel unhelpfully, reminding her of the guard she'd sucked off to get into the cave to rescue Foulfang. "Or the first man cock."

"I thought you wanted to defect?" complained Gwendalyn, immediately suspicious that Cockweasel's bargaining hadn't exactly helped her cause.

"You'll be doing the realm a service," insisted Cockweasel.

Gwendalyn frowned at her squire, "Why is fucking you part of the deal?"

"So you'll do me?" asked Foulfang hopefully.

"It's both of us or not at all," cut in Cockweasel quickly before the orc could settle for less than the original deal. "I'm only taking part as a show of good faith."

"Good faith?" snapped Gwendalyn in amazement.

"Come on," urged Foulfang, scratching at his crotch. "Let's get it on."

"We'll be gentle," added Cockweasel hopefully.

"Okay fine then," sighed the paladin, submitting to the two creatures.

"Cool!" said Foulfang, obviously pleased at the prospect of fucking the beautiful busty human warrior.

Cockweasel grinned at his new orcish friend. "Wanna give her a spit roast?"

"Spit roast?" said Foulfang with obvious confusion.

"You know, one down her gob and one from behind. Like a pig on a spit?" explained Cockweasel crudely.

"Oh right. That sounds good to me, you take her mouth, I want her cunt."

"We'll swap around a bit," said Cockweasel. He then looked towards Lady Gwendalyn, "Get that little dress off honey."

Gwendalyn grabbed the hem of her short gown and tugged it upwards. The tight material clung to her big breasts as she pulled it over her head, then they finally popped free and jiggling heavily across her chest, the bouncing flesh mesmerising the two creatures that were prepared to have their way with her.

"Nice jugs," breathed Foulfang, stepping forward towards the naked woman.

Gwendalyn held up her hand, "Now I have your promise that if I let you screw me, then you'll come to the city and help us with the war?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you want," the orc hurried agreed, he slapped away her outstretched hand and grabbed at her big tits.

Gwendalyn gasped as the orc squeezed both her breasts lustfully in his hands, his fingers sinking into the firm orbs eagerly.

Foulfang ran his hands over the ample melons and then pinched on her nipples. He then gave her breast a shake, watching them quiver and shake on her chest. He gave her tits one last rough squeeze and then stepped back and started stripping off his own clothing, eager to get his cock into her.

"Down on your hands and knees," said Cockweasel who was already naked and holding his semi-erect dick in one hand. "Spit roast time."

Foulfang moved around behind where Gwendalyn knelt, he crouched down and ran both his hands over the smooth round globes of her buttocks.

"Lovely ass," he breathed, shuffling up behind her so that his already stiff cock was pointing towards her exposed pussy. Foulfang gave her right ass cheek a hard slap, then seized her by the hips and pulled her back against him. The shaft of his erection nuzzled against her cunt as he ground himself against her ass.

Around the front end of the lovely paladin stood Cockweasel. Due to his lack of height his cock was at her face level, pointed directly towards her mouth.

"Well, here we are again," he said conversationally as he held his cock around the base of the shaft and rubbed the head across her closed lips, leaving a smear of sticky pre-cum.

He lifted up his cock, exposing his testicles and leant in, pressing them against her mouth and chin. "You can start by licking my sweaty balls baby," he suggested. The horny man gave a moan of pleasure as Gwendalyn's wet tongue slipped out from between her lips and started to lap gently at his scrotum.

"This is the best idea ever!" groaned Foulfang as he lined his cock up with the entrance of the kneeling woman's cunt, pushing forward slightly so that the head of his shaft penetrated her, parting the lips of her vagina.

"I told ya she was good at this," replied Cockweasel, smiling broadly as Gwendalyn licked his balls, rolling his testicles around on her skilful tongue.

"Oh fuck yes!" Foulfang gave a grunt and a snort as he thrust forward with his hips, driving his cock deep into Gwendalyn's cunt.

Lady Gwendalyn gave a moan as she was penetrated by the orc, letting Cockweasel's balls slip out of her mouth as she cried out. Foulfang gripped her tightly by the hips and started to pump his cock into her, his hips slapping against her soft buttocks as he fucked her.

"Open your mouth," ordered Cockweasel, still holding his cock in one hand. Gwendalyn did as instructed, sticking her tongue out towards Cockweasel's small erection. Cockweasel slapped his cock against her tongue a few times and then pushed it right into her mouth. He let out a deep, throaty groan as his cock slid into her warm, wet mouth. "Mmm, that's nice, suck it bitch!" he moaned as he pushed himself into her mouth.

"What's her mouth like?" asked Foulfang, panting noisily between thrusts. He gave her left buttock a hard slap as if he was spurring on a horse. Each thrust of his orcish cock drove Gwendalyn's face forward into Cockweasel's crotch.

"Nice and wet, tight as a pussy," replied Cockweasel, he'd grabbed hold of her head in both hands and was now face-fucking her, slamming his crotch into her face and his cock deep into her mouth.

Gwendalyn moaned and gasped as she was fucked from both ends, being used like a rag doll for her two so-called companion's pleasure.

"She does look like a good cocksucker," agreed Foulfang. "Let's swap ends."

"Sure," agreed Cockweasel, immediately pulling out of Gwendalyn's mouth. He slapped his cock against her nose and then hurried around to her back end, eager to try out her pussy for the first time.

Foulfang knelt down in front of Gwendalyn and grabbed her head in both hands. He pulled her face down into his crotch, rubbing her face over his thick erection, letting the hard shaft and tight balls roll over her cheeks, nose and lips. "Let's feel you suck it," he said after a moment of grinding on her pretty face.

Gwendalyn obliged the orc's request, opening her mouth and capturing the tip of his hard cock between her lips. As she sucked it into her mouth and started to slurp noisily on the tip, Foulfang wound his hands in the blonde strands of her hair, getting a good grip. Gwendalyn barely had time to tease the underside of his shaft briefly with her tongue, before he gave a snort and yanked on her hair, pulling her head down into his crotch as he pushed his hard cock deep into her mouth.

"Fuck that's good!" he gasped as his cock nudged against the back of her throat and her nose was tickled by his coarse pubic hair.

Cockweasel had to bend his knee's slightly to line his dick up with Gwendalyn's pussy. He rested his hands on her buttocks as he thrust forward, ramming his cock up inside her already wet entrance.

"Oh yeah!" groaned the happy man, he could hardly believe that he was finally fucking the gorgeous human woman he'd lusted after so much. Her blowjobs were great, but fucking her was all together even more satisfying.

Once again Gwendalyn found herself being enthusiastically hammered from both ends. Cockweasel was pummelling at her pussy like a jackhammer, his cock ramming it's way deep into her pussy as he clutched at her ass cheeks with both hands. At the same time she was having difficultly breathing as Foulfang did his best to choke her with his cock, thrusting the thick organ deep across her tongue and into her throat with each lustful lunge of his loins. The orc's balls slapped her chin rapidly as they swung beneath his humping cock.

"We should do this again tomorrow night," Foulfang said to his new best friend Cockweasel as he face fucked the gorgeous paladin.

Gwendalyn grimaced at the comment as best she could with her mouth stretched around his pumping cock.

"Definitely!" agreed Cockweasel. "I'm going to give her ass a go," he said, pulling his dick out of her thoroughly fucked pussy. "She owes me some anal after interrupting my goddess worshipping."

Gwendalyn moaned as she felt the tip of Cockweasel's penis press against her asshole. Cockweasel grabbed her firm buttocks and pulled them apart as he pushed forward, his hard cock surging up inside her rear passage.

"This is a sweet moment!" breathed Cockweasel as he squeezed his dick up inside the paladin's tight ass.

Foulfang had briefly stopped fucking Gwendalyn's mouth and was watching in awe as Cockweasel buggered the beautiful human. Cockweasel started to hump against Gwendalyn, driving his cock deep into her rectum with each thrust, his cock practically squeaking she was so tight.

"We need to swap, I want some of that!" murmured Foulfang jealously. His hard cock had slipped out from inside the busty blonde's mouth as he watched Cockweasel ass-fucking her.

"In a minute," said Cockweasel who was thoroughly enjoying himself. His balls were slapping against Gwendalyn's pussy each time he thrust into her ass.

"You're lucky I let you in on this action at all!" snapped Foulfang with a hint of anger. "Move over or you won't be getting any ass tomorrow."

"Okay, okay," relented Cockweasel, his cock popping out of Gwendalyn's ass as he pulled back.

They hurried swapped places, Cockweasel feeding his erection quickly into Gwendalyn's warm mouth, having come straight out of her ass. The beautiful paladin screwed up her face as she tasted herself on his cock, but at this point she'd endured such a workover by her two horny companions it wasn't worth arguing, she just wanted to get them off and get this over with.

As Foulfang started to push himself into the paladin's bum, Cockweasel grabbed her by the head and immediately started to fuck her face. Cockweasel was so turned on by the freedom he was having to use her that he was close to cumming. Keeping one hand on the back of her head, he reached down beneath her to squeeze and play with her heavy, swinging tits.

"Oh fuck that's tight!" breathed Foulfang in admiration as he pushed his thick cock up into Gwendalyn's ass. The paladin cried out around her mouthful of man cock as Kum's shaft was considerably thicker than Cockweasel's had been.

"Fucking beautiful!" snorted Kum as he stretched her asshole with his dick. "Won't last long in here!" he grunted, humping against her.

"You gonna cum?" asked Cockweasel, grunting as he humped Gwendalyn's mouth.

"Yeah, real soon."

"Me too, let's shoot over her face," suggested Cockweasel.

"Yeah good idea," agreed Foulfang.

They both pulled out Gwendalyn's respective orifices and moved around to stand in front of her. Gwendalyn sat back on her knee's, breathing heavily. Her ass and pussy and mouth were sore from the drilling she'd received.

"Oh fuck!" grunted Foulfang as he stood in front of the gorgeous blonde, his hand a blur over his cock.

It was Cockweasel that came first however, moaning noisily as his cock exploded in Gwendalyn's face, shooting thick ropes of sticky man semen into her forehead and hair.

"Fuck!" snorted Foulfang as his cock burst as well, splattered into Gwendalyn's mouth, chin and nose.

Gwendalyn knelt in front of them as she was drowned in cum, two heavy loads of sperm covering her face.

"That was the best!" breathed Foulfang happily as he finally finished cumming, sitting down on the ground to catch his breath.

"I told ya she'd do it," said Cockweasel, wringing the last couple of drops of his load onto Gwendalyn's bare breasts.

"I think I need another swim," muttered the cum-drenched Lady Gwendalyn. It looked like it was going to be a rough trip back to town. But at least she'd be bringing back Kum Foulfang and helping the human efforts in the war.


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Sir Cockweasel The Third by George Tasker (The Cockweasel Saga Part 3)
Story by by George Tasker (edited by me)

"I knight thee, Sir Cockweasel. Paladin of the Temple of Swords," declared Lord Knight Jontar, leader of the Paladins. He touched the flat side of his longsword to each shoulder of the small man kneeling in front of him.

Cockweasel, for once in his life wasn't covered in grime. He was freshly bathed and scrubbed, actually feeling rather uncomfortable in his extreme cleanliness. He was dressed in a pale grey tunic and trousers with a pure white surcoat draped over his shoulders.

"Arise Sir Cockweasel."

The small man wasn't a lot taller standing up. Barely over four feet in height, the small little midget was probably the most unusual paladin Lord Jontar had ever knighted.
The day the Council of Paladins had decided on Cockweasel's knighthood had been one of the longest and most heated debates in the Council's history. In the end, the testimony of the Orc turncoat Foulfang, who's aid had saved the Kingdom from the invading orcish armies, had swayed the decision in Cockweasel's favour. According to the orc it was Cockweasel himself who had convinced Foulfang to defect and help the human armies. For Cockweasel's bravery and resourcefulness the Council had decided to promote the unusual squire to the rank of Paladin.

The knighthood ceremony was followed by a session of prayer led by the Lord Knight himself and finally, Sir Cockweasel was presented with his new sword – a finely crafted shortsword with a gold hilt inset with a ruby the size of Cockweasel's bulbous nose. Throughout the entire ceremony, the little man wore a grin from ear to ear. He was clearly proud of his accomplishment.

First to congratulate the newly knighted paladin that evening was his best friend, Lady Gwendallyn.

"Well done Sir Cockweasel," the beautiful blonde paladin said as she entered his room. The buxom knight had to hold back her own bitterness as she wasn't too pleased about her horny little squire taking all the credit for bringing Foulfang back from the orcs. After all, it was her, not Cockweasel, who'd spent most of the trip back from the orc lair with Foulfang's cock stuffed in one of her orifices. Truth be told, she was still walking a little funny after that mission.

"Thank you Lady Gwendallyn," replied Cockweasel with a gap toothed grin. "It was a pleasure being your squire."

"This is for you, a gift to mark your promotion," Gwendallyn opened the sack she'd been carrying and handed Cockweasel a jerkin made of supple leather.

"Thanks I guess," replied Cockweasel somewhat dubiously as he accepted the armoured jacket. Dyed on the front of the jerkin was the symbol of Adeva.

"You spend so much time worshipping at Adeva's temple I assumed the Goddess of Love would be your chosen patron," explained the gorgeous blonde.

Cockweasel nodded remembering how talented at giving head the lovely priestess Johanna was. "Thanks Gwendallyn. I was kind of hoping that you might give me a blowjob as congratulations, but this is nice too."

Gwendallyn rolled her eyes, ignoring his comment. She was actually kind of relieved that he would no longer be her squire. "So you choose your squire tomorrow, that should be exciting," she said. "I hear there are three strong candidates for you to choose between."

"I don't suppose I could have a blowjob as well as the armour?" he asked her, scratching his crotch through the uncomfortable trousers he was wearing. He was much more used to a loincloth rather than these restrictive human clothes.

Gwendallyn grimaced. "Just take the leather armour Cockweasel."


The next take Sir Cockweasel, brand new Paladin of the Temple of Swords stood in front of the three young Squire hopefuls, ready to select his new apprentice.

The first of the potential squire's was a tall mountain of a man. He was barrel chested and his massive shoulder muscles made it look like he had no neck. The massive young man had a thick bushy beard and the biggest hands that Cockweasel had ever seen. Cockweasel imagined he would be quite handy in a fight and would probably make an excellent knight.

The second hopeful was considerably smaller, although had still proved quite skilled in combat during their trials. What had struck Cockweasel most about the second contender was his quick wit and clever mind. No doubt the young hopeful would be able to come up with plans even more cunning than Cockweasel's own.

The third applicant lacked the first's strength or the second's brains. Instead, the third hopeful squire's best asset was a pair of world class tits. As soon as Cockweasel laid eyes on those twin peaks of gorgeous, youthful flesh he knew he had his squire. The fact that she was incredibly beautiful, with long shining brown hair, long sleek legs, a trim athletic figure and a deliciously round ass was just icing on the cake.

"I've considered the many valuable assets that each of you possess," said Cockweasel as he addressed the three young trainee squires. "But unfortunately I can only select one of you to be my squire."

The diminutive man paced back and forth in front of the three young hopefuls, his hands behind his back and his new, shiny sword belted around his waist. "After careful consideration, my new squire will be," he paused for dramatic effect. "Elizabeth."

The gorgeous, busty brunette beamed in surprise at his announcement, while the two young men both scowled in disappointment. The selection of the beautiful, but rather useless, female over the young men added insult to injury.

"Thank you Sir Codweasel," said Elizabeth, impulsively stepping forward to hug the little man.

"Cockweasel," he corrected in surprise, enjoying the feel of his new squire's ample bosom pressed up against him. This paladin business was going to be sweet. Unable to help himself he let one hand drift down Elizabeth's back and gently stroke over the smooth sphere of her right buttock.

When Elizabeth released him he turned to the two squires he'd turned down. "Sorry lads. Better luck next time. Elizabeth. Come with me. We'll begin your training straight away."

"Yes Sir Coffweasel," replied the lovely brunette. She seemed unable to say the word 'cock' from what Cockweasel could tell.

As the two disappointed young men left the temple, Cockweasel led his new Squire back to his chambers where he explained her duties.

"Now, before we get properly started, I need to check something out," Cockweasel told his new squire. "Can you please sit down on this chair here."

Elizabeth did as she was told, taking a seat on the wooden chair which put her at about eye level with the diminutive man.

Cockweasel stood in front of her for a moment, stroking his jaw and briefly considering how best to proceed. Although he was eye level with Elizabeth, his gaze was actually focussed on her impressive bosom, which was swelling out against the material of her tight fitting tunic. The lacings that held the front of the tunic were straining against the mass of Elizabeth's substantial bust, revealing a significant portion of her deep cleavage.

"One of the most important attributes I want in a squire is courage and heart," Cockweasel told her. "Do you have heart Elizabeth?"

"I do Sir Coldweasel," she replied earnestly.

"Good, let me see then," he said, reaching out with one small skinned hand and placing it gently on her left breast.

Elizabeth stiffened slightly at his touch, but she didn't protest or push him away. Cockweasel's eyes were wide as he gave his beautiful young squire's breast a slight squeeze, the size and firmness of her large tit filling his hand. She had magnificent jugs, even bigger than Lady Gwendallyn's impressive assets.

"I can indeed feel you have a big heart," murmured Cockweasel as he gave Elizabeth's tit another squeeze. He could feel the slight jut of her hard nipple through the rough material of her tunic top. "I also need to see you have heart," he added, reaching for the lacing of her tunic.

Elizabeth bit her lower lip as Cockweasel tugged on the lace, untying the bow that held the front of her top together. The weight of her breasts pushed the tunic open further as Cockweasel loosened it, more and more of her deliciously plump breasts spilling into view. She was only a fraction away from nipple exposure and the horny man paladin couldn't wait to feast his eyes on her bare boobs.

Suddenly they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Fuck!" swore Cockweasel in frustration as he stepped back from Elizabeth's chair.

As he turned to answer the door, Elizabeth retied the front of her tunic.

"What is it?" snapped Cockweasel irritably to the young page at door.

"Lord Knight Jontar has sent for you Sir Cockweasel," replied the young page nervously. "An urgent matter has come up."

Cockweasel sighed in disappointment. He'd been seconds away from getting an eyeful of Elizabeth's huge tits. "Fine," he turned back to his squire. "We'll get back to this later Elizabeth. Go polish my sword or something."

Cockweasel stalked angrily across the main courtyard of the temple, following the young page to the offices of the Lord Knight. Whatever Jontar wanted, it had better be important, Cockweasel thought bitterly to himself.

When they arrived Lord Jontar was waiting anxiously behind this large oak desk, a look of concern on his face.

"What's up?" asked Cockweasel casually, the man was never one for formality.

"An urgent matter has arisen, Sir Cockweasel," replied the Lord Knight. "The Paladins require you to get out immediately on a mission of great importance."

Cockweasel frowned, "Immediately?"

"Yes. We have just discovered that the orc Kum Foulfang has fled. We suspect he may be intending to return to his people."

"Foulfang? Going back to the orcs? That doesn't sound right," remarked Cockweasel, genuinely surprised.

"Our fear is that he is once again defecting. And that this time it is our secrets he is selling," explained Lord Jontar.

"So I need to go fetch him back?" asked Cockweasel.

"Yes," agreed Lord Jontar. "It was you who convinced him to defect to us originally so clearly you are the best knight for the mission."

"I see. Has Gwendallyn been briefed as well?" asked Cockweasel. Now that the idea of retrieving Foulfang had come up, Cockweasel quite fancied another shot at a threesome with the beautiful paladin, it had been quite some time since he'd had her lovely lips wrapped around his shaft.

"Lady Gwendallyn won't be accompanying you," explained Jontar. "You are a knight in your own right now Sir Cockweasel."

"What?" blurted Cockweasel in surprise. He hadn't been counting on that.

"Remember, this mission is of the utmost importance. The fate of the Kingdom could rest in your hands Sir Cockweasel," said Lord Jontar gravely. "But I have every faith in your abilities. You have proved your worth many times."

Cockweasel swallowed. "Ah, thanks I guess."

"I expect you'll want to set out straight away. Every hour Foulfang get's closer to the orcs. He must not be allowed to reach the orcs. No matter what it takes!"


They set out just after sunrise the next morning. Cockweasel instructed his squire Elizabeth to bring only one horse which they shared. Elizabeth sat in front, holding the reins and guiding the horse as Cockweasel nestled in behind her, his arms around her slim waist and sitting right against her so that his crotch sat snugly against her lovely posterior.

As soon as they departed through the city gates, heading towards the lands of the orcs, Cockweasel's hands began to stray.

At first Elizabeth didn't notice. Cockweasel's right hand slipped up from around her waist and lightly cupped her full breast through the material of her tunic, the ample orb filling his small hand. When she felt a slight squeeze she glanced down and was surprised to see his hand cradling her breast. Without a word she reached up and pried Cockweasel's reluctant fingers from her tit, guiding his hand back down to her waist.

Cockweasel gave a small sigh and shuffled closer, pressing his crotch ever harder in against Elizabeth's ass, the slight bulge of his dick nestling between the firm gloves of Elizabeth's pert young buttocks.

They travelled another mile or so without any further comment, and once again Cockweasel's hand strayed up to touch Elizabeth's large breasts. She left it there for a moment, until once again he gave the large melon a firm squeeze.

"Copweasel!?" exclaimed Elizabeth in dismay as he looked down to see Cockweasel's small fingers squeezing her enormous right boob.

The horny little man paused, his fingers sunk into the firm flesh of Elizabeth's breast. "Sorry," he apologized, releasing the huge melon. "I thought I was slipped off the horse."

Elizabeth shook her head and sighed as Cockweasel's hand returned to her waist and they rode on in silence. Elizabeth could clearly feel Cockweasel's cock pressing insistently against her ass.

This time the wait was shorter. After a couple of minutes Cockweasel's right hand stole up to cop a feel of his buxom squire. This however, she was ready for him. Before the man's hand got within an inch of Elizabeth's mountainous breast, her hand shot up and caught Cockweasel's fingers. The lovely squire gave a twist, bending the man knight's fingers down at an awkward, and painful, angle.

Cockweasel gave a startled yelp of pain. "Ah! What are you doing you bitch!" he squealed in distress.

"Keep your hands to yourself Sir Cotweasel," snapped Elizabeth, a definite note of anger in her tone.

Cockweasel harrumphed and dropped his sore hand back to Elizabeth's shapely waist. This time, as they rode on, his hands stayed well clear of Elizabeth's chest, and he contented himself with only grinding his crotch against her bottom, no more groping. They rode in silence.


Far away, on the other side of the Kingdom, an old enemy of our heroic paladin had returned.

Valeria the Black, Master Sorceress and Cockweasel's former mistress was not as dead as Cockweasel had been led to believe.

The raven haired sorceress strode purposefully across the shadowed courtyard towards the tall, imposing tower. She was dressed, as always, in jet black. A long, flowing gown with flared sleeves and a flared hem. The dress had a plunging neckline, that displayed a considerable portion of her pale, mountainous breasts and deep cleavage, and it was slit up one side, so that with each long stride, her long, creamy thigh came into view.

The dangerously sexy enchantress paused at the door of the massive tower and took a deep breath as if summoning her courage. The breath caused her already impossibly big breasts to swell out even further, threatening to pop free from the low cut top of her black dress.

"Zeldin!" she called out loudly. "I have returned."

There was a moment's pause and then the door of the dark tower swung open.

Valeria hesitated yet again and then reluctantly entered the foreboding tower. She strode slowly up an impossibly long flight of stone stairs, travelling to the very top of the massive structure. The door at the top was black, carved with strange symbols that were inlaid with silver.

The sorceress pushed open the strange looking door and stepped into the laboratory of her old master, Zeldin the Warlock.

Zeldin was waiting for her. He was an ancient, wizened old man with a long, snowy white beard and a deeply wrinkled face. He was dressed in a royal blue robe that was flecked with gold designs. Zeldin looked every inch the kindly old wizard from fairy tales. Other than the lecherous leer that covered his face when he laid eyes on his visitor.

"Valeria," murmured the old magician as he licked his lips and gazed at the lovely curved body of his former apprentice. "It is very good to see you again. The years have been kind."

Valeria swallowed, slightly uncomfortable under the leering gaze of the old man. It was almost as if he was undressing her with his eyes. And from Valeria's previous experience with her past master, she guessed that he would soon be using more than just his eyes.

"I need your help Zeldin," said Valeria. "My powers have been greatly weakened in recent times."

Zeldin smiled at that and stepped closer to the lovely dark haired sorceress. "What is it you need my dear?"

Valeria tensed slightly as Zeldin moved around behind her. He stepped close, one wrinkled hand reaching around her to hold her gently by the throat from behind, at the same time he leant forward, breathing in her scent. She could feel his ancient breath on her soft neck. "I need revenge," she announced.

Zeldin's other hand reached up to touch the bare flesh above the plunging neckline of her black gown, his palm pressing against her exposed cleavage. "Revenge," he said, repeating her request. "A worthy intention."

Zeldin's fingers slid inside the neckline of Valeria's dress, his hand pushed it's way down her cleavage until he was grasping her bare right breast in his hand. Valeria's skin was crawling as the old wizard eagerly squeezed. "Who do you seek retribution from?" the elderly wizard asked her as he kneaded the ample sphere in his old hand. His fingers pinched her hardened nipple causing her to gasp out loud.

"Cockweasel" Valeria sucked in a sharp hiss of breath as Zeldin roughly squeezed her bare breast again. His other hand stroked the underside of her chin and soft skin along the line of her jaw. "My old servant."

"I will aid you," said Zeldin, his fondling hand still stuffed down the front of Valeria's dress. "But I will take my payment now."

Zeldin turned Valeria's face towards his and he hungrily pressed his mouth against hers, his bushy white beard scratching against her face as Zeldin's old tongue forced it's way into her mouth. The old man moaned into Valeria's mouth as he eagerly kissed her.

"Jirak!" Zeldin murmured as they broke of their kiss. As he spoked Valeria's dress abruptly fell to the floor, compelled by the magic word he spoke.

"You are as beautiful as I remember," said Zeldin as he admired Valeria's flawless nakeness. Still standing behind her he slid his hands over the front of her body, cupping and squeezing her generous breasts, stroking across her toned, flat stomach, tracing the sensual curve of her hips, the taut firmness of her thighs and finally running his fingers through the dark thatch of Valeria's pubic hair.

Zeldin murmured another arcane word and his own blue robe fell away, revealing the impressively rigid jut of his hard cock, aimed towards the round sphere's of Valeria's buttocks. His old, withered body seemed strangely at odds with his powerfully stiff erection.

A third muttered command and a large, four poster bed popped to existence, right next to the naked couple.

Zeldin moved onto the bed, lying on his back. Valeria followed him, immediately straddling Zeldin's middle and reaching between her legs to grasp his stiff penis in her soft hand.

"Wait," ordered the old wizard. "Use your mouth first."

"Very well," submitted Valeria. The raven haired sorceress shuffled down the bed to kneel between Zeldin's skinny legs. She gave the old man's ancient cock a couple of brief strokes in her hand and then leant forward, slipping her warm lips down over the head of his cock.

"Perfect!" murmured Zeldin in appreciation as Valeria's lovely mouth slid down his cock. He reached down and grabbed the top of Valeria's head in both hands, guiding the movements of her lips on his erect shaft.

With Zeldin's hands pushing forcefully down on the top of Valeria's head, her lips worked their way down his shaft, until his entire cock was buried inside her mouth. Zeldin moaned as he held Valeria's head in place, her lips stretched around the very base of his shaft and her nose pressed into his grey pubic hair.

Valeria's nostrils flared as she did her best to breath through her nose, her mouth stuffed full of hard cock.

"Good," announced Zeldin after almost a full minute when he finally released her head and let her come up for air.

As Valeria caught her breath, Zeldin readjusted his grip on her head, grabbing hold of her dark black locks. With a grunt he thrust his cock back into her mouth, ramming it deep so that his balls slapped into her chin. Valeria's eyes went wide in surprise as the ancient old wizard started to fuck her mouth.

Zeldin moaned contentedly as he face fucked the gorgeous sorceress. "I've definitely missed your mouth," he told her as he drilled his cock rapidly in and out. After a couple of minutes of vigorous thrusting he once again paused, holding her face down hard into his crotch with his dick sunk between her lips in to the hilt.

Zeldin rocked his hips from side to side, moaning as he enjoyed the feel of his whole cock stuffed into Valeria's beautiful mouth. "Lovely!" he breathed as he finally released her.

Valeria sat up, breathing heavily.

"Mount me," instructed Zeldin, gesturing for his former apprentice to move up the bed towards him.

Valeria gave a poorly concealed grimace as she crawled up to the aged wizard's midsection and straddled his groin. She reached down between her sleek thighs and took hold of the old man's hard cock, lining the tip up with the entrance to her vagina. The beautiful, dark haired enchantress gave a low moan as she sunk down onto Zeldin's erection.

"Magnificent!" murmured Zeldin as he looked up at the beautiful woman riding him. He ran his hands up her smooth thighs as she started to ride his hard cock, her hips rolling as she ground herself down onto him.

Valeria's superb breasts jiggling as she bounced on Zeldin's ancient penis, and the wizard's shrivelled old hands immediately shot up to capture the shaking sphere's of flesh. Zeldin moaned as he eagerly squeezed the massive melons, his fingers sinking into the firm flesh.

Zeldin moaned and clutched tighter on Valeria's boobs, his breathing becoming fast and ragged as she fucked him. "Not much longer!" he groaned.

His words spurred Valeria on, her thrusting hips sliding her tight pussy rapidly up and down the mage's erection.

"Ah!" Zeldin gave a sharp moan of pleasure as his hands squeezed painfully on Valeria's tits.

The old magician groaned as he arched his back and his cock exploded inside Valeria's tight cunt.

Valeria slowed her pace as Zeldin came, rolling her hips languidly as she milked the elderly wizard's lurching penis of all it's milky seed.

"The man must die!" growled Valeria, gritting her teeth as another wave of climax rocked Zeldin's body, causing his painful grip on her breasts to tighten.

To be continued...

Sir Cockweasel, recently knighted Paladin, and his new squire, the lovely Elizabeth, were on a mission of great importance to the Kingdom. The orc turncoat Foulfang had fled the human lands and it was feared he carried secrets back to his home, to the lands of the orcs. As Cockweasel had been instrumental in securing Foulfang's help in the first place, it had fallen to him to track down the renegade orc and bring him back. Dead or alive.

Cockweasel and Elizabeth had been riding all day, sharing a single horse. When it finally stared to get dark, Cockweasel called for them to halt and they both clambered down thankfully from the saddle.

"Take care of the horse," Cockweasel instructed his buxom young squire as he collapsed down under a nearby tree. After a full day of riding the little man's inner thighs were rubbed raw and he could barely walk. "Then try and get a fire going."

From Cockweasel's bow legged stagger Elizbeth could clearly see he was in pain and she gave him a sympathetic smile as set off about her duties.

As Elizabeth led the horse down to a nearby stream, Cockweasel peeled down his trousers to inspect the damage from his day in the saddle.

Before he could have a good look Elizabeth had returned to the campsite. "Are you..." Elizabeth began to speak, but then beautiful squire's eyes went wide when she saw that the man was naked from the waist down, "Oh my!" she gasped, averting her eyes and backing away.

Cockweasel recovered from his surprise and grabbed his trousers, quickly covering himself by holding them over his lap.

"I...I'm sorry," stammered Elizabeth, taking a step backwards. "I'll go."

"No!" Cockweasel blurted out. "It's okay, I'm covered, stay."

The buxom brunette hesitated a moment and then stepped forward again, the relief on her face evident as she saw that he held his trousers over his lap.

"Sorry," she apologised again. "I just...sorry, I should probably go back and check on the horse."

"No, it's fine, really," Cockweasel assured her. "What is it? You wanted to speak with me?"

"No, well I..." Elizabeth bit her lower lip, hesitating again. "I just saw that you were in pain, and I...I came to check up on you, see if I could help."

"Pain? Oh right, my legs. From the ride."

"Yes, is there anything I can do to help. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you before." Her gaze dropped almost unconsciously to his now covered lap.

"Um, I don't know..."

Elizabeth bit her lip again, "Well, what's causing the pain, your legs you said?"

"Yes, the inside of my thighs," Cockweasel explained. "I'm not used to the rubbing against the saddle. Here, take a look." He threw aside his trousers once again, revealing his skinny small legs. The inside of his thighs was dark and raw looking, but Elizabeth's gaze went first to the flaccid organ at the juncture of Cockweasel's thighs.

The busty squire turned her head and averted her eyes. "I probably should just leave you to it," she said, keeping her stare away from the man's nakedness.

"It's okay," Cockweasel assured her. "You're just helping me out here right? With the pain?"

Elizabeth nodded mutely, her eyes returning to his penis, she was definitely fascinated by it. She crouched down in front of the sitting man to take a better look at his injuries.

She reached out tentatively, her hand shaking slightly as she ran her soft fingertips down the inside of Cockweasel's thighs. He gasped in pain as her touch reached the red chafing on the insider of his crotch.

"Ow, shit that stings!" gasped Cockweasel, and Elizabeth's hand immediately shot back.

"I'm sorry!" she quickly apologized.

"No, it's okay," Cockweasel assured her. "I'm just a little tender as you can see. Not used to this riding business."

Elizabeth reached into her belt and pulled out a small white handkerchief that was tucked there. She wadded up one corner and brought it to her mouth, sucking on the end to wet it with her saliva.

Resting one hand on the man's knee she reached down between his legs again and very gently dabbed the damp handkerchief against his wounds. Cockweasel gritted his teeth and sucked in a sharp lungful of air as she attended to the wound, the back of her hand accidentally brushing his limp penis once or twice and causing a gasp of a different kind from the man.

"Stop," Cockweasel said after just a few seconds. "The cloth is too coarse I think," he told her. "It's scraping me."

Elizabeth frowned and sat back, biting her lower lip in thought.

"Perhaps if you use your fingertips again," he suggested after a moment. "They were less rough."

The buxom squire didn't think twice. She immediately licked her fingertips, wetting them with her saliva.

"I'll be as gentle as I can," she assured him, reaching down once again and tentatively touching the sore scrapes that covered Cockweasel's inner thighs. He gasped at her touch and she looked up into his face, but he nodded for her to continue.

The lovely brunette began to rub her fingers over Cockweasel's inner thighs, every so often licking them again to keep them wet. She moved over both thighs and brushed his now slightly thickened cock a number of times.

"No more," the man shook his head after about three minutes of her attentions. "It's definitely helping," he said. "The saliva is making the pain ease off, but your fingers are just hurting it too much."

"I'm sorry, I just don't know what else to try," the lovely young squire apologized.

"It is helping," he assured her. He then paused a moment to see if she had any further suggestions. "Umm," he announced at last. "This might be a bit awkward, but I can think of a better way if you were willing..."

"What?" Elizabeth asked eagerly. "I'm happy to do anything that I can to help you out, you must be in incredible pain."

"Well, the saliva is definitely helping," Cockweasel said. "Perhaps if you applied it directly..."

"Directly?" Elizabeth repeated with a confused frown. "I'm not sure I understand."

"If you were to lick the sore area..." Cockweasel hesitantly suggested.

"Oh," the voluptuous squire blushed a little, her gaze drifting to the man's cock and balls that hung between his legs.

"I'm sorry," Cockweasel said quickly. "It's probably too hard, forget I suggested it."

"No," Elizabeth held up her hand. "Like I said I will do anything that I can to relieve your pain. I'll lick, um... down there."

"Thank you," whispered Cockweasel in reply, opening his legs wider to give the beautiful young women better access.

Elizabeth hesitated a moment, taking a deep breath. She tucked a lock of her brown hair behind her ear and then got up on her knees. Elizabeth leant forwards, bending over Cockweasel's lap. He bit his lower lip as he felt the wet tip of her tongue lightly brush his inner thigh, about midway between his knee and crotch.

The lovely brunette slid her tongue gently along Cockweasel's thigh, moving downwards towards his naked crotch. He murmured softly as he felt her nose brush his leg as she paused to lick a few times at a particularly inflamed portion of his thigh. This was great.

Elizabeth licked downwards until she was about four inches from his groin and then she sat back, swallowing and re-wetting her tongue with saliva.

"Is it okay?" she asked him cautiously.

"It's great."

The lovely brunette nodded and bent back to her task, her soft tongue making it's way down Cockweasel's other leg. She couldn't put off the inevitable though, and this time licked her way past the four inch mark, her tongue working downwards towards his crotch. Cockweasel gasped, sharply sucking in a lungful of air as he felt her soft creek brush against his penis.

Elizabeth jerked her head back in surprise, sitting up and touching her cheek with her fingertips, feeling where his penis had touched her face.

"I'm sorry!" she hurriedly apologised.

"No, it's okay, really it is," he assured her quickly. "It's the sorest area right down there so I really need you to lick there."

"I'll try and be careful," Elizabeth said with a nod.

Cockweasel grinned, reaching out and gently stroking her cheek with the back of his fingertips, "Your face is very soft, it's okay if you bump me."

"I'll be careful," she repeated, glancing down uneasily at the man's penis. Elizabeth licked her lips and then ducked back down into Cockweasel's lap, resuming her licking of his wounds.

Once again she began at mid-thigh, but this time very quickly worked her way southwards. Cockweasel closed his eyes blissfully as the busty brunette licked gently at the very base of his thigh, lapping at the tender flesh near the side of his balls and penis, her soft cheek brushing against him as she worked.

"That's nice," murmured Cockweasel, lightly patting the top of his squire's head.

Elizabeth drew back a little, gingerly reaching out towards Cockweasel's crotch. He gasped slightly as she carefully took hold of his penis, pushing it to the right so that she could lean down and lick his left inner thigh, her nose bumping into his hip as she moved her mouth to it's new location.

"My balls are very sore too," Cockweasel said, deciding to move things along a little. "It would help if you could lick them too." He could hardly believe he was sitting there with no pants on, asking this beautiful young human to lick his nutsack.

"Okay," Elizabeth said with a firm nod. She took hold of his cock once again, pinching the foreskin between her thumb and forefinger as she lifted it up, exposing his balls for her tongue and mouth. Holding his cock against his stomach, Elizabeth started licking Cockweasel's balls, rolling them around on her tongue as she lapped at the fleshy sack.

Cockweasel's breathing got a little faster and his cock thickened slightly as her tongue briefly swept over the very base of his penis, before return to lick his testicles once again. She bent lower, shifting her grip on his dick so that she now held it in her soft palm rather than with her fingertips. Cockweasel gave a moan as her tongue worked its way lower, licking the underside of his nuts and brushing the skin between his ass and balls.

After a few more moments of licking, she sat back, pulling a couple of stray pubic hairs from her mouth.

"How's that?" she asked him.

"It's great," said Cockweasel. "My balls especially."

"It felt good?" Elizabeth asked.

As if it wouldn't, the man thought silently to himself. "Great. It's just a pity it wasn't even wetter, it might be there I guess."

Elizabeth frowned, unconsciously filling her mouth with saliva at his comment.

"Perhaps you could try sucking them in your mouth," Cockweasel suggested. "My balls I mean. It If you don't mind."

"Of course," Elizabeth agreed, taking hold of Cockweasel's cock once again and lifting it out of the way as she bent back down.

Cockweasel grinned widely as she gave his balls another quick lick, her nose bumping the base of his now semi-erect penis. He gave a loud groan as Elizabeth sucked one of his balls into her mouth, filling her mouth with saliva and sucking on him.

"Oh shit yeah!" grunted Cockweasel as she rolled his testicle around in her mouth with her tongue, making sure it was as wet as possible. The lovely squire let his ball drop from between her lips and moved to his other, sucking it into her mouth. Cockweasel gave another moan of appreciation as she sucked his nuts, his cock now stiffening and filling Elizabeth's soft hand.

She worked back and forth between his balls for a few minutes, the whole time gripping his cock in her soft hand, seemingly unaware that it was now fully erect. Only when she stopped her work on his testicles and sat back, did she notice her hand still wrapped around his thick organ.

"Oh my!" she gasped, snatching her hand back, her eyes going wide at the sight of his erection.

"Sorry," Cockweasel quickly apologised. "I can't help it, as you can imagine, but it is helping me, I promise."

"It's so dark," Sirona murmured as she wonderingly stared at Cockweasel's erection, his balls glistening wet beneath. "Did it rub on the saddle as well?"

Cockweasel almost choked at that, this was almost too good to be true. "Um...yes," he managed to get out at last.

"I'll lick it too," Elizabeth said, and before Cockweasel could reply the lovely brunette had bent her head back down into his lap again.

He groaned as her soft tongue came out again, lapping at the base of his fully erect penis. Cockweasel closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations as Elizabeth ran her tongue down the length of his penis, licked his rock hard erection. She gave his balls another quick swipe of her tongue and then licked her way right up the underside of his cock, swirling her tongue briefly around the head of his penis and causing the man to groan noisily.

"Too dry again?" she asked, looking up from his genitals at the sound of his groan.

"Huh?" murmured Cockweasel, slightly befuddled from her attentions.

"I'll suck it like I did your balls," Elizabeth suggested.

"Oh fuck!" groaned Cockweasel in surprise as Elizabeth took his hard cock in her wet mouth, slurping noisily. This was better than he could have hoped, he had thought she would work out his game before he was able to trick her into sucking his cock, but now she was practically insisting on blowing him.

The campsite was filled with Elizabeth's slurping noises as she tried to give him the wettest blowjob he'd ever had. He could feel her tongue swirling around the head of his cock as she took him a little deeper. Cockweasel stroked her brown hair as she sucked him, his breathing becoming heavier and his cock throbbing against her wet tongue.

"Take it deeper," Cockweasel told her. "The lower part is hurting too."

Elizabeth murmured something in reply, his dick in her mouth muffling whatever she said, but apparently she was agreeing to his request as the next moment she started to slide her mouth further down his cock.

"Ahh, that's it!" sighed Cockweasel, her mouth about half way down his hard erection, her lips stretched around his cock.

Elizabeth breathed heavily through her nose and pushed down further on his cock, taking about three quarters of his length as the head of him pushed against the back of her mouth. Cockweasel gave a moan and pushed down on the top of her head, pushing the head of his cock into her throat. Elizabeth gagged and pulled back off his dick, gasping for air and coughing. She didn't quite have the talents of Lady Gwendallyn yet.

"Sorry," she apologized, "I think you're too big for me."

"Try again," Cockweasel told her. "It's helping, it feels a lot better. Your mouth is so soft."

The pretty young squire nodded and resumed her blowjob, Cockweasel moaning in pleasure as she sunk her lips back onto his shaft, immediately taking him deeply, right into the back of her mouth. She bobbed her head a couple of times, taking him just into her throat and then backing off again. The sensations on his cock were amazing.

The next time she was able to relax more and took Cockweasel's hard erection right into her throat. The man let out a long, low moan as Elizabeth took his whole length, her lips wrapped around the base of his stiff cock and her nose pressing into his stomach.

"Fuck!" he blurted out, the sight of her setting him off. He clutched her head tight against his stomach, arching his back as he exploded. Elizabeth's eyes went wide as his load blasted out of his cock, shooting down her throat as she swallowed desperately in shock.

"Oh God!" grunted Cockweasel, his hips undulating as he filled the lovely girl's gullet with his seed. His last wave pulsed from his dick and he released Elizabeth's head, the squire pulling back off his cock and gasping for air as Cockweasel fell back, breathing heavily.

"That was amazing!" gasped Cockweasel.

Elizabeth coughed and caught her breath, her eyes wide. "I should check on the horse!" she blurted out, her face flushed. Before Cockweasel could stop her, she stood up and hurried away, back down to the stream where the horse was drinking. He briefly considered chasing after her, but thought better of it.

Cockweasel grinned, pleased with his progress. This paladin and squire business wasn't too bad at all.


Cockweasel stirred in his sleep, his eyelids flickering.

He was dreaming. No, it was a nightmare. Valeria was back.

In his mind, he was back in her tower, in her laboratory. The evil sorceress had her old servant tied to a large stone table and she stood above him, her pale hands moving in mysterious, ominous circles above his prone body.

"I have waited a long time for my revenge Cockweasel," Valeria said, her voice sounding dangerous.

Cockweasel thrashed against his bonds, trying to break loose. Back at the camp he thrashed in his sleep.

"No," murmured Cockweasel as he felt pain fill his body. Flames shot from Valeria's outstretched hands, scorching his bare, small chest. He screamed. "It's just a nightmare, not real."

"The pain is real, I assure you," rumbled Valeria angrily. Another blast of blistering flame shot from her palms, torturing the poor man's frail body.

Cockweasel squeezed his eyes shut. "I just need to wake up," he told himself.

The flames struck again, roasting Cockweasel's flesh. He shrieked in agony.

"You cannot awaken," laughed Valeria. "My magic is too strong. Tonight I will punish you. This is my revenge. This is your nightmare!"

Cockweasel screeched as the flames struck yet again. "My nightmare," he repeated blurrily. The pain was immense.

Valeria laughed sadistically as she struck again, torturing her traitorous former servant.

"My nightmare," mumbled Cockweasel, laughing hysterically at the pain that filled his small body.

Valeria rose he hands to launch another flame blast at the prone man.

"No!" snapped Cockweasel forcefully.

Valeria froze.

"This is my nightmare!" shouted Cockweasel. "You are in my dreams!"

Valeria grimaced with the effort, a low growl of exertion leaving her mouth as she tried to blast the man again.

"This is my dream," Cockweasel repeated.

"No!" gasped Valeria, trying to wrest control back from the wilful man.

"My dreams are not like this," said Cockweasel.

Valeria's eyes went wide as she suddenly watched her hands drop down towards the tied up man. Instead of blasting him with flame again, she watched in alarm as her hands tugged down the little man's trousers exposing his small skinned penis.

"What are you doing?" she blurted in horror as her hands gently began to caress the man's genitals. She was losing control. Cockweasel was controlling his dreams.

"That's more like it baby," moaned Cockweasel with a big grin. The burnt flesh on his chest had completely disappeared.

"What's happening?" demanded Valeria. The evil sorceress bent forward, her warm mouth sliding down over the erect shaft of Cockweasel's penis. The horny man moaned happily as she began to fellate him, sucking tenderly on his hard cock.

"Cockweasel doesn't have nightmares," the horny man explained to her. His hands were suddenly free of his bonds and they were on the top of her head, guiding her sucks. "I always have wet dreams bitch!"

Valeria's eyes widened in horror as the man started to thrust his hips up off the stone table, shoving his cock hard into her unwilling mouth. This was not the way her revenge was supposed to be going, she had not anticipated the man's willpower would be stronger than the spells Zeldin had shown her.

"Mmm!" moaned Cockweasel in appreciation as he pumped his erection between Valeria's full lips. "You suck cock in my dreams even better than you do in real life."

Cockweasel had a good grip on Valeria's jet black hair and his hips where pumping at high speed as he slammed his cock repeatedly into his former slave mistresses pretty mouth. Valeria tried to fight back and regain control of the dream, but the horny man's lusty mind was even stronger.

"Mind you," remarked Cockweasel as he fucked the sorceress's mouth. "Last time I had my cock in your mouth you were unconscious, this time you're using that sexy tongue of yours quite nicely."

Cockweasel let go of Valeria's hair, letting her do the work now. As much as the angry sorceress wanted to lift her head up out of the mans lap, she found herself unable to do anything other than continue sucking on Cockweasel's hard penis, her tongue swirling around the hard shaft as her head bobbed obliging.

After a few minutes of further oral, during which, Cockweasel was moaning and groaning contentedly under her attentions he finally let her come up for air.

"Time to fuck now baby," announced the man, grinning eagerly. "You are the girl of my dreams after all. It would be a shame not to bonk you."

Unable to stop herself, Valeria climbed up onto the table where Cockweasel lay and straddled his waist, his stubby small erection pointing eagerly up at the entrance to her sex, which incidentally was dripping wet.

"That's it," said Cockweasel, still wearing a stupid grin. "Fuck me baby!"

Valeria gave a soft gasp as she slowly lowered herself down, the man's hard cock impaling her. As she slowly began to rock her hips, riding Cockweasel's cock, his hands slid up her bare thighs to rest on her shapely hips, guiding her movements.

As the buxom sorceress bounced on his cock, the man's hands moved up from Valeria's hips and reached for her ample breasts.

"Mmm," Cockweasel gave an appreciative groan as he grabbed hold of his former mistress's big tits, excitedly squeezing the abundant spheres and rolling her hard nipples between his groping fingers. "I've always loved these knockers baby."

Valeria gritted her teeth angrily as she fucked the dreaming man and he roughly mauled at her boobs. The dark haired magician gave an involuntary moan of pleasure as she ground herself down on the stiff man penis and she mentally vowed to double the pain she intended to inflict on her traitorous former slave when she finally got her hands on him.

"That's it bitch, ride my cock," groaned Cockweasel. He gave the side of her left tit a light slap, his grin widening as he watched Valeria's tits jiggle from the smack.

"Wake up Cogweasel."

Cockweasel frowned at the sound of the strange voice that suddenly filled his dream. He'd been close to cumming, the sensations of the busty sorceress bouncing on his dick were amazing, but the alien voice had distracted him.

"It's morning, wake up!"

"Wha!" Cockweasel suddenly awoke with a start, sitting up abruptly as his wet dream was torn away from him.

"What?" he repeated, glancing sleepily around the campsite. His pretty young squire Elizabeth was crouched beside where he lay, she had obviously woken him up.

"It's late Coorweasel, we should probably get going," Elizabeth said to him.

Cockweasel gave a disappointed sigh. His dream had just been getting to the good bit.

Kum Foulfang the orc, trudged slowly along the path, kicking the odd lose stone or twig that he spotted on the track. He was still somewhat unsure about his decision as he reluctantly hiked away from the human lands and back towards his home with the orcs. He was also rather nervous about how he'd be received when he got back, he was, after all, a traitor.

Suddenly the orc tensed as he heard a noise from behind him on the trail. The sound of hooves.

The chubby orc dived into a nearby bush, hoping that whoever was behind him wouldn't spot his hiding place.

Foulfang peered through the branches of the bush, looking back in the direction the horse was coming from.

Less than a minute later a horse emerged from amongst the trees. The rider was in fact a young human woman, and an attractive one at that. She had long brown hair that seemed to shine in the midday sun, and her curvaceous figure was barely concealed by the tight fitting tunic and breeches she wore.

Foulfang squinted his eyes in surprise as he stared at the beautiful human. Strangest of all was that a pair of small skinned hands appeared to be attached to her chest. As Foulfang peered out from his hiding place, the hands seemed to be squeezing and kneading the buxom young girls ample breasts through her tunic.

The orc gaped as he watched the woman slowly ride past the bush he was hidden in. As her horse came parallel with his hiding spot he saw that the hands in fact belonged to a small humanoid. A man.

"Cockweasel!?" blurted Foulfang aloud.

"Wh..." the man reflexively released Elizabeth's tits as he turned to see the orc stand up from his hiding place in the bush. "Foulfang!"

"What are you doing her Cockweasel?" asked Foulfang in surprise. The man had been the last person he'd expected to see come riding along the trail. And the woman with him was not Lady Gwendallyn, but another, slightly younger human female.

"Looking for you, you big oaf!" said Cockweasel, clearly happy to see the orc.

Elizabeth reined their horse to a halt as Cockweasel jumped down off the back of the steed. "Just what the hell are you doing running off like this, you dumb orc?"

Foulfang frowned, glancing briefly at Elizabeth with uncertainty. "I've had enough of those damn humans," he explained. "They treat me like some sort of freak. I don't know why I agreed to help them in the first place"

"Well, we're here to bring you back," announced Cockweasel, sounding rather pleased with himself.

"Well I'm not going!" snapped back Foulfang.

Cockweasel considered for a moment and then turned to Elizabeth. "I need to have a private word with my old friend here. Why don't you head back to that clearing we passed a few minutes ago and start setting up a campsite."

Elizabeth nodded wordlessly and went back the way they'd come, leading their horse along by the reins.

Foulfang waited until she was out of sight before speaking. "Who's the big titted bitch?"

"She's my new squire. Elizabeth."

The orc licked his lips. "Very nice," he said in admiration.

"What's this all about then Foulfang?" asked Cockweasel. "Why are you leaving the sweet life with the humans to go back to the orcs. They'll probably kill you when you get home."

Foulfang grimaced at that comment. "I'm hoping that I have enough secrets about the humans to tell to make myself valuable. And human life isn't as great as you make it out to be."

Cockweasel frowned, considered the blessed life he'd had amongst the paladin's himself. "What do you mean?"

"Well when I first agreed to come back with you I figured I'd have sex on tap. That fat chested blonde knight was a great fuck, but as soon as we hit town she froze up on me and refused to even suck me off or anything."

Cockweasel nodded. "I know what you mean."

"It's false advertising!" complained the orc.

Cockweasel thoughtfully scratched his crotch. "Listen. It's not quite as frigid as you make it out to be Foulfang," he explained. "You've just gotta be a little clever on how you go about things. When you get back, you tell the paladin's that you're a devotee of Adeva, the goddess of love."

"Adeva?" repeated Foulfang doubtfully. "How will that help."

"They'll then send you a hot priestess with big melons that you can do whatever you want to."

Foulfang raised an eyebrow in surprise at this. "Really? Whatever I want?"

Cockweasel nodded with a smug grin. "I even fucked one of them in the ass."

Foulfang whistled in approval. "Very nice. What about that slut that came here with you, the squire. Can I get me one of those?"

Cockweasel shook his head. "Squires are only given to paladins."

"Well can I have a go with her now?" suggested Foulfang. "You know, to seal the deal. As a show of good faith, like with Gwendallyn."

Cockweasel frowned as this, remembering how hard it had been for him to trick his pretty young squire into even a blowjob. Much tougher than with Lady Gwnedallyn, that's for sure. "I don't know, she's not really that easy..."

"Come on Cockweasel!" begged Foulfang. "Have you seen the tits on her? I gotta get me some of that. Even just a handjob or something. It's been ages since I've been laid and the boys are pretty restless." The orc cupped his crotch through his grubby pants to illustrate his problem.

"Okay, let me think for a moment," said Cockweasel, his mind racing. "We can't just take the same approach as we did with Lady Gwendallyn, it wont work."

"You've gotta get me something or I won't come," warned Foulfang.

"Okay, okay. I've got an idea. But you've gotta play along. Let's head back down to the campsite."

The orc and man set off down the path, towards where Elizabeth had set up their camping gear and was in the process of collecting wood to build a fire.

"Sit there!" snapped Cockweasel as they reached the camp, his voice suddenly become firm and authoritarian as he ordered Foulfang to sit under a nearby tree.

Foulfang did as he was ordered, prending to be meek and scared by the man. While he took his seat, Cockweasel moved over to his squire Elizabeth and took her aside, whispering instructions into her ear.

"Tie him to the tree," instructed Cockweasel aloud as he stepped away from his busty squire.

Elizabeth grabbed some rope from their bags and moved behind Foulfang, tying his arms around the tree behind his back.

"You will be coming back with us Foulfang," snapped Cockweasel as Elizabeth bound his arms.

"Not way!" retorted the orc defiantly.

"Make sure he can't get his hands free," Cockweasel told his squire. "We're going to convince this orc that he won't be trying to escape again."

"You will go with us Foulfang," Cockweasel said as the orc was tied fast to the tree by the beautiful young woman.

"I can take any pain you dish out," retorted Foulfang, as his hands were tightly bound by Elizabeth.

"Good," Cockweasel said once the orc was in position. "Now, this is your last chance Kum. Will you come back with us?"

"Never!" spat the orc.

"Very well, you leave us no choice then," Cockweasel said calmly. He then turned to his squire. "Unfasten his trousers."

Elizabeth nodded and smiled, wondering what horrible torture the man was about to inflict on this orc. She reached out and untied the front of the prisoners trousers, pulling them open and exposing the orc's genitals.

"Good, now take hold of his penis," Cockweasel commanded her.

Elizabeth glanced back at the man, his command taking her by surprise. Cockweasel merely nodded encouragingly in her direction, urging her to do as he said without question.

"Okay," Elizabeth said after a moments pause. She reached down and took hold of the orc's cock, gingerly lifting the flaccid organ up between the tips of her thumb and forefinger.

"Get a good grip," instructed Cockweasel.

Elizabeth rolled her eyes in disgust at the idea of handling the genitals of one of the enemy orcs, but trusted that the man paladin knew what he was doing. She slipped her palm around Foulfang's cock, feeling him twitch slightly as her cool fingers closed around the shaft.

"Can you feel that Foulfang?" Cockweasel asked, moving a little closer so he could look into the orc's eyes as he interrogated him.

"Yes," breathed Foulfang, he sounded nervous.

"Give it a squeeze," Cockweasel instructed his squire. The beautiful brunette gave her enemy's cock a firm squeeze, it felt spongy in her hand, although she thought it felt a little thicker than when she'd first touched him. The orc gasped and shuddered slightly against the tree.

"Feel that?" Cockweasel repeated.


"If you don't agree to return with us then my squire here might pull off your cock. You wouldn't want that, now would you?" Cockweasel said, his voice threatening. Elizabeth gave Foulfang's dick another squeeze, as if to emphasize the threat.

"Gently grab his testicles with your other hand," Cockweasel told her.

Elizabeth frowned slightly but did as she was directed, cupping the orc's hairy balls in her cool fingers as she squeezed on his cock a third time, it was definitely growing in her hand, was he getting excited by their torture?

"You're balls would make a lovely necklace for Elizabeth you know," Cockweasel growled dangerously as Elizabeth rolled the orc's testicles on her fingertips.

"Pull on his cock, make sure he gets the message."

Elizabeth tugged on Foulfang's cock and he gasped loudly, his member semi-erect now and filling the pretty young squire's hand.

Cockweasel moved around so that he was standing right next to his busty young squire, watching her movements. "Again," he directed her and she jerked on Foulfang's dick.

Elizabeth stiffened slightly as she felt Cockweasel's hand on the small of her back. The man leant in close and whispered in her ear, "Put your mouth on him, let him feel your teeth," he said quietly, the hand on her back sliding down so that his fingers rested on the swell of her buttocks. "But don't bite or anything yet, I don't want to actually hurt him yet."

Not releasing Foulfang's cock and balls, Elizabeth twisted to look towards Cockweasel. "My mouth?" she hissed, obviously not happy with the idea.

The hand on her ass gave a slight squeeze, "Trust me."

Elizabeth shook her head in disbelief, but nevertheless she bent over the orc's lap and put the head of his half-erect penis into her warm mouth. Her teeth scraped gently against the shaft of his cock and the head of his member rested on her wet tongue.

"Oh!" groaned Foulfang as he felt her mouth on him, his cock twitched slightly as it stiffened further, bumping against her soft lips.

"That's right!" Cockweasel said, giving Elizabeth's ass a triumphant squeeze which she did her best to ignore. "If you don't agree to help she'll bite your cock off!"

"Go a bit lower," Cockweasel quietly instructed Elizabeth. "I want the whole length of him under threat, we don't want to even leave him with a stump!"

Elizabeth would have said something in reply, but she hand a mouthful of orc penis. Instead she moved her head down, taking more of his length into her mouth, being careful to make sure he could feel the scrape of her teeth against his shaft as she moved down him.

"Oh fuck!" gasped Foulfang as his now fully erect cock was buried in the beautiful squire's mouth, the tip of him sliding over her twitching tongue as she took him deeper.

"Will you help us yet orc?" demanded Cockweasel, stroking Elizabeth's firm posterior through her breeches.

"N..never.." stammered Foulfang unconvincingly, he could feel the beautiful human's nose against his upper leg as her face pressed right down into his crotch. With his length buried right to the hilt in her mouth it was awkward for her to keep her teeth against him, and he felt her mouth relax, her lips and tongue pressing against his trembling shaft. Her mouth was also filling somewhat with saliva, bathing him in a wetness which felt incredible.

"Okay, nibble on his nuts, but gently," Cockweasel told the pretty brunette.

Elizabeth withdrew up off Foulfang's cock, leaving the fully erect rod glistening with saliva as it jutted upwards towards her. She pushed it down against his stomach as she moved towards his balls, opening her mouth and nibbling lightly on the skin of his right testicle as his left one nuzzled against her nose.

"Take one in your mouth," Cockweasel told her, not even bothering to instruct her on using her teeth.

Elizabeth did so, orc defector's testicle resting on her tongue.

"Would you like her to eat your balls?" demanded Cockweasel.

"I...the orcs would kill me if I betray them again!" gasped Foulfang.

"He's weakening!" Cockweasel said, patting Elizabeth's posterior. "Back to his cock."

The brunette squire moved up, plunging her mouth back down over Foulfang's cock and causing the surprised orc to groan loudly, arching his back on the table as his cock was bathed in the warmth of the female squire's mouth.

"Well?" Cockweasel asked as Elizabeth held the orc's cock in her mouth.

"No...I..."Foulfang thrust his hips up off the ground, bucking his cock against Elizabeth's mouth as his lust mounted.

The busty young woman gagged slightly as the head of the orc's cock pushed into her throat and she jerked her head up off his lap in surprise, coughing.

"Quick!" gasped Cockweasel, squeezing Elizabeth's delightfully firm right butt-cheek. "Back in your mouth, we almost have him!"

Elizabeth's head dropped back into Foulfang's lap and her mouth once again swallowed his length. He groaned and pushed upwards with his hips, but this time she was ready, the hand on his balls moving to the base of his shaft to stop him from shoving himself deeper than she could take.

Cockweasel removed his hand from the Elizabeth's ass and he walked back around to the other side of the tied up orc, standing opposite Elizabeth as she leant over the prisoner. He bent forward, resting one hand on the top of Elizabeth's head as he leant in close to speak to the orc.

"With one command from me, she'll bite off your dick!" the man growled, punctuating his threat by pushing down on the top of Elizabeth's head. Foulfang thrust upwards with his hips to meet Cockweasel's push, groaning as he felt Elizabeth's tongue twitch underneath his cock in surprise.

"Don't think we won't do it!" said Cockweasel, pushing down on Elizabeth's head again. Foulfang moaned and thrust up, his eye's glazing over slightly.

"Oh fuck!" gasped the orc.

Cockweasel pushed down again to meet Foulfang's upwards thrust, Elizabeth struggled slightly as orc cock filled her reluctant mouth.

"I..." grunted Foulfang as Cockweasel pushed down again.

"Will...oh yeah, that's it," Foulfang grunted as Cockweasel forced the lovely brunette's wonderful mouth down onto him again.

"Will..." he groaned as there was another push from Cockweasel.

"Come!!" with that his cock pulsed in Elizabeth's mouth, unloading his cum as he thrashed against his bonds around base of the tree.

Cockweasel held Elizabeth's face down for a moment as the orc exploded in her mouth, then released her head as Foulfang's happy moans filled the campsite.

"Oh fuck!" cried out the orc as Elizabeth jerked up from his lap, coughing and spluttering at the mouthful of cum she'd been forced to receive. Another blast of sticky semen shot from the tip of Foulfang's pulsating penis, splashing up against Elizabeth's chin.

The horrified squire stepped back away from the tree as Foulfang moaned in orgasm. She shot Cockweasel a dark look and then stormed angrily out of the clearing.

Foulfang slumped back against the tree and grinned up at Cockweasel.

"So you'll comeback?" Cockweasel asked.

Foulfang nodded, "A deals a deal, I never thought you'd actually get that bitch to suck my cock."

Cockweasel grinned and winked at his friend.

Suddenly Foulfang's body slumped and his chin fell to his chest. The orc was still standing but it was as if he had just fallen asleep. Cockweasel frowned as he saw the orc sway slightly and a line of drool dribble from the corner of his slack mouth.

"What the fuck?" murmured Cockweasel in confusion.

A sudden thick, unnatural fog filled the campsite.

"This can't be good," remarked Cockweasel as he looked nervously around the darkened clearing.

"For me it's good, you not so much," said a familiar woman's voice, the sound sent a shiver down Cockweasel's voice.

"Valeria?" Cockweasel nervously called out, swallowing deeply as he felt a feeling of dread fill his gut.

"This time it's not a dream."

Valeria the Black stepped through the fog to stand in front of the rather concerned looking man. As always, she wore a sexy and revealing black gown that clung to her impressive curves, but Cockweasel was in no mood to admire the voluptuous wonders of the sorceress's figure.

"Oh shit!" gulped Cockweasel.

"This time you'll be the one that's fucked, not me," said Valeria, her voice dangerous. "I have waited such a long time for this moment."

Valeria raised her right hand and Cockweasel saw that she carried a slim black wand. To his horror she pointed the tip of the wand towards him.

"I'm fucked," whimpered Cockweasel in defeat.

Suddenly there was a crashing from the bushes directly behind Valeria. There was a flash of steel as an armoured warrior burst from the undergrowth.

Valeria spun to meet the surprise attack, the black wand shooting up towards her attacker. There was a loud thunderclap and the warrior longsword disappeared in a puff of smoke.

This seemed to confuse the warrior who froze for a moment. Valeria lifted the wand once again, but before she could cast another spell the warrior reached out, grabbing Valeria by the front of her gown, the warriors steel gauntlet disappearing into the sorceresses cleavage.

Valeria gave a startled yelp as the armoured fighter yanked. There was a tearing sound as Valeria's black gown ripped clear off her body, leaving the stunned sorceress completely nude.

"Son of a bitch!" swore Valeria, not even bothering to cover her nakedness, much to Cockweasel's pleasure who's gaze was immediately drawn to Valeria's ample, jiggling breasts, her dark nipples immediately stiffening in the cool air.

Valeria's wand moved and there was another thunderclap, this time the warrior's armour vanished.

"Gwendallyn!?" blurted Cockweasel in surprise as the nude paladin was abruptly revealed. Cockweasel's perverted mind was instantly conflicted as to which of the naked, busty beauties he should admire.

"Now you die interfering paladin!" growled the naked enchantress, pointing her wand in the direction of Gwendallyn who had futilely pressed both arms over her expansive bust in an effort to cover her boobs.

Bolts of lightning ripped from the tip of Valeria's wand, striking Gwendallyn full in the chest and flinging her right across the clearing as she screamed out in agony.

"Oh shit!" gulped Cockweasel, who hadn't actually moved from his spot ever since Valeria had arrived, still standing next to the paralysed orc he had been talking to. And he was none to keen to attack the powerful sorceress.

Gwendallyn however was spared from another corner. From the other side of the clearing Elizabeth entered, having returned from wherever she'd gone to following the mouthful of orc cum she'd be tricked into receiving.

The lightning stopped striking Gwendallyn as Valeria turned to face this new threat, her bare breasts rising and falling impressively as her breathing got heavier from the exertion of using her magic.

As Elizabeth looked around the clearing in surprise, Valeria's wand shot out towards Kum Foulfang, a strange beam of purple striking the frozen orc. "Fresh meat orc!" snapped Valeria.

Foulfang seemed to emerge from his paralysis. The orc gave a guttural roar and charged towards Elizabeth. The pretty young squire barely had time to gasp in surprise before the enraged orc tackled her roughly to the ground. It appeared that somehow Valeria had taken control of Foulfang.

"Cockweasel. The wand!" yelled out Gwendallyn as she staggered painfully to her feet, the lightning seemed to have taken the strength out of her.

At the sound of the paladin's voice Valeria turned back to the naked paladin, preparing to finish her off.

As Valeria stepped towards Gwendallyn, raising her wand to finish her off, Cockweasel finally sprung into action.

The diminutive man leapt into the air, slamming into Valeria's back and wrapping his arms around her shoulders and his legs around her waist. The sudden impact of against Valeria's back sent the wand spinning from her hand.

"You little midget!" snarled Valeria angrily as Cockweasel clung onto her back. One of his small hands was clutching at her bare right breast, and even in the intense action of their battle the man was making most of the opportunity to grope, his grubby paw squeezing at Valeria's big boob.

Across the other side of the campsite Elizabeth was in trouble of her own. Foulfang had the lovely brunette squire pinned face down on the dirt, but surprisingly, instead of trying to kill her the orc was hurriedly trying to tug down her breeches. Whatever charm spell that Valeria had cast on him, it was having a strange effect.

"Get off me you foul beast!" screamed Elizabeth as the orc pulled her trousers down around her knees, at the same time keeping her trapped face down on the ground.

Valeria finally managed to get her hands on Cockweasel's shoulder. The sorceress gave a grunt of exertion as she twisted her body and flung the small man off her back, sending Cockweasel crashing into a tree at the edge of the clearing, not far from where her wand had fell.

Before Valeria was able to make use of her freedom, the lithe, naked body of Lady Gwendallyn slammed into her and the two naked beauties fell to the ground wrestling with one another.

Cockweasel coughed, his fall had knocked the wind out of him. He pulled himself to his feet and looked back across the foggy clearing, taking stock of the situation.

"Holy shit!" he murmured as he took in the chaos.

Gwendallyn and Valeria were rolling around the ground, wrestling and clawing at each other, their voluptuous naked bodies pressed against each other, interesting curves of flesh rubbing and slapping together as they each tried to untangle themselves from their opponents and gain the upper hand. All they needed was a little mud or jelly and it would be quite a performance.

Further away, Foulfang appeared to firmly have the upper hand over Elizabeth. The squire was face down in the dirt as her orcish attacker crouched over her prone body, thrusting his hard cock into her ass from behind, his hips slapping against her exposed buttocks as he rammed lustfully into her. Elizabeth was crying out in displeasure at the orc's forced assault.

Once again, Cockweasel found himself at a loss for what to do.

He glanced down and spotted Valeria's wand at his feet so bent down and scooped up the strange, slim rod. Cockweasel turned it over in his hands and saw that there were three buttons near the base of the wand, one white, one purple and one blue.

"Get off me you bastard!" yelled Elizabeth as she struggled beneath the rutting orc. Foulfang seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself as he fucked Cockweasel's gorgeous squire.

Valeria gave a scream of her own as Gwendallyn pulled forcefully on the sorceress's jet black hair. In response Valeria scratched at the paladin's bare back and ass.

Cockweasel cautiously pointed the tip of the wand at a nearby tree. He gave a nervous grimace and then pressed the white button. There was a sudden deafening thunderclap and the tree disintegrated, much the same as Gwendallyn's armour had done moments earlier.

Both Valeria and Gwendallyn froze in their nude wrestling and looked up at the man in surprise. Foulfang ignored the sound and continued fucking the busty blonde beneath him.

"I know how this works now," said Cockweasel as he pointed the wand at Valeria and Gwendallyn.

"Oh shit!" muttered Valeria.

"Cockweasel I don't think..." Gwendallyn began to speak but was interrupted as Cockweasel pressed the purple button on the wand.

A beam of strange purple light shot from the tip of wand and struck both of the naked women. They both gave a moan as the light washed over them and resumed their assault on each other.

Cockweasel blinked in surprise. Then he noticed that the two busty women were not actually trying to kill each other any more. In fact, quite the opposite.

Valeria gave a moan of pleasure as Gwendallyn's hand slid up the side of her body and cupped the sorceress's ample right breast, giving the firm orb a tender squeeze. Valeria's own hands slipped around to grasp Gwendallyn's lovely round buttocks and pull the paladin's naked body tight against her own.

"Mmm," Gwendallyn moaned as she hungrily pressed her lips against Valeria's mouth and passionate kissed her former enemy.

The two women were all over each other, their fighting turned into caresses, kisses and licks as they rubbed their perfect naked bodies together.

"Wow!" murmured Cockweasel as he watched Valeria spin around and dip her head between Gwendallyn's sleek thighs, the evil sorceress's tongue sliding excitedly into the paladin's snatch.

Gwendallyn gave a moan as the magic user's tongue lapped at her clit, then she reached for Valeria's toned thighs, pulling her cunt in close so that she could repay the attentions in a passionate 69 position.

Cockweasel watched in amazement as Valeria lay on her back, her thighs spread as the gorgeous paladin atop her, ate out her delicious pussy.

"I've got an idea for this bitch!" declared Cockweasel as he watched Gwendallyn's tongue stab repeatedly between Valeria's pussy-lips.

With a tight grip on the wand, Cockweasel approached the 69-ing women and knelt down between Valeria's legs, right next to Gwendallyn's head. The small clearing was filled with the sounds of moaning and slurping, plus a few grunts and complaining moans from Foulfang and Elizabeth.

Cockweasel pointed the wand directly at Valeria's cunt and tried to push it forward, but Gwendallyn's bobbing head was right in the way.

"Out of the way," urged Cockweasel as he tried to push away the paladin's face from between Valeria's perfect thighs, but Gwendallyn merely moaned in annoyance and kept her head in place.

Cockweasel frowned, considering the situation for a moment as the women vigorously pleasured each other. It was clear that the purple beam from the wand had driven them crazy with lust, just as it had done to Foulfang.

"I know," he muttered under his breath as he reached for the front of his pants and pulled out his cock. The wrinkled small shaft was semi-erect from the energetic show the two naked women had been putting on.

Cockweasel shuffled a little closer and waved his cock under Gwendallyn's nose, letting her get a good sniff of his manly, sweaty odour. He slapped her nose and cheeks a few times until he finally managed to coax her mouth up from Valeria's pussy. Not wanting to miss his opportunity, the man immediately shoved his cock into Gwendallyn's mouth.

"Suck on this!" he said, giving a grunt as Gwendallyn immediately did, with surprising enthusiasm. "Oh fuck!" the man groaned as his penis instantly began to stiffen inside the paladin's warm, wet mouth.

With Gwendallyn's mouth diverted by a mouthful of cock, Cockweasel finally had access to Valeria's pussy and he quickly inserted the tip of the wand, causing the dark haired sorceress to moan loudly as he pushed it deep into her. Cockweasel glanced down at the three buttons and rested his thumb over the blue button.

"Oh fuck that's good!" groaned Cockweasel as Gwendallyn sucked the full length of his now fully erect penis in her hot mouth, her tongue swirling delightfully around the underside of his hard shaft. The man momentarily forgot about blasting Valeria as the cocksucking paladin fervently bobbed her head over his dick.

Cockweasel began to rock his hips, sliding his hard shaft in and out between the tight seal of Gwendallyn's lips. At the same time, almost unconsciously, he started to pump the magic wand in and out of Valeria's moist cunt, causing his former mistress to moan in pleasure as well.

"Damn! I forgot what great head you gave!" Cockweasel moaned as his hand dropped onto the back of Gwendallyn's head and his hips thrust, driving his cock deeper into her sucking mouth.

Cockweasel's hand gripped Gwendallyn's hair tighter as he began to fuck her mouth with a steady rhythm, at the same time pumping the wand in and out of Valeria's cunt. "Oh yeah, suck that cock!" groaned the man as he jammed his invading hard-on between her full lips. Cockweasel gave a grunt as he felt his balls bump against Gwendallyn's chin, the entire raging length of his penis buried inside the paladin's enchanted mouth.

Cockweasel gave a sudden loud cry of pleasure as he arched his back and unloaded into Gwendallyn's sucking mouth. At the same instant he pressed the blue button on the wand buried in Valeria's cunt and there was a loud crackle of lighning.

Valeria body lurched beneath Gwendallyn and abruptly exploded, gore splattering all over the clearing as Cockweasel messily blew up his old slave mistress.

The blast knocked Cockweasel back, his cock popping free from between Gwendallyn's lips a final spurt of cum splashing on the paladin's right cheek as Cockweasel tumbled away.

"Holy shit!" groaned Foulfang from the other side of the clearing as he finished wiping clean his spent cock on Elizabeth's firm right buttock.

Cockweasel sat up in bewilderment. "Well that worked better than expected." Looks like the horny little man had saved the day...again.

THE END ... For now ...

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