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 Post subject: My new neighbor by Pac - the end 8/15
PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:53 am 
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Okay all. It's been a great ride, but as much as you like the ride, it always has to end.

Thanks for making this my most "successful" story.

I really did have a neighbor named Jill and she really was a big basketball player with an awe-inspiring ass. We hooked up, but she never really went all out, to my great disappointment. Here's my interpretation of what I would have hoped to have had with her... enjoy! FYI... she was really strong. The washing machine thing was pretty much taken right from my memory!

Later entries took extreme liberty with her body, but the first entry was pretty much her, up to about the shower scene.

This is my ode to Jill, wherever you are. May your fantastic body make some guy insanely happy!

My New Neighbor

I lived in a mid-sized city in the northeast for a few years when I was a young twenty-something, fresh out of college and looking to make my mark on the world. I had a job with a Fortune 500 company and was enjoying the single life. The clubs were hopping and life was good.

I lived in a nice side by side duplex on a hillside overlooking one of the city’s suburbs, and the place was great. The view was wonderful, and I would often get comments from the lady friends I would bring back, saying they really loved the view. It wasn’t the nicest part of the city, but I didn’t mind as I was rarely ever there, between work and my social life. The only time I was really ever there was if I brought someone back home, and when I staggered in from hitting the bars.

I was surprised, then, when I realized I had a new neighbor. She must have moved in when I was away for the weekend, because one day I woke up, went out on the deck for a cup of coffee and a bagel, and there were a bunch of boxes on the deck next to me.

As a young horny guy, I was praying for a hot woman, of course, so I stayed out a little longer than usual, the warm morning sun feeling good on my face as I sipped my coffee slower than usual, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new neighbor and maybe say hello. I looked to see if I had extra breakfast fare I could offer, but I was currently eating my next to last bagel, and I had a small French press coffee maker that was only single serve.

I was disappointed to not see my new neighbor before I grudgingly left the deck for work, but I resolved to spend a night in for once, figuring that since I could touch his/her deck from my own (this was the duplex next to me, not the adjoining one), it would be best to be friendly from the start.

That night, I got home from work as a medical researcher for a pharma company, and walked in the door. It had been a long one, and the sun had nearly set, despite it being the dog days of summer. I debated going out, but I made a quick stop to the deck, in case the neighbor made an appearance. I was really hoping for a totally hot babe. Wouldn’t that just be perfect, I thought, as I cracked a beer, put some chips in a bowl and walked out to relax before the last rays of daylight slipped over the ridge to the west.

Again, the neighbor was a no show, but the boxes were gone, and some patio furniture was out. It didn’t look like the utilitarian stuff a guy would buy, so I was hopeful I actually had a female neighbor.

I got the bright idea to write a note on a note card I had in my briefcase, so I went in and started writing:

Hi, welcome to the neighborhood. I’m your deck-mate in the duplex next to yours. Feel free to stop by for a beer or some friendly conversation. Yours, James (132A).

I took the note card, and with a deft flick of my wrist, flipped it over the four feet spanning our two decks and right onto the table of the neighbor’s patio set.

It was then that I heard a knock on the door.

I walked through my place, beer in hand, and opened the door and was amazed.

Standing in (I almost want to say looming over) the doorway was a gorgeous sandy-blonde haired woman, athletically built, with an absolutely beautiful face. I also noticed she stood about five inches taller than me, and I was surprised at how close she seemed to the door when I opened it, almost like she was waiting to pounce.

“Hey! You must be the new neighbor. Welcome to South Hills!” I said, and she gave me a smile. “I’m James.” I held my hand out to her, and she took it in a surprisingly firm grip.

“Thanks. I’m Jill,” she said, her big hand enveloping my own.

She must have been 6’3”, and she was in flats! I started checking her out, hoping I was being subtle. She had a fit, shapely body, a nice firm C cup up top, and long, really shapely legs that were currently bare, sporting a pair of athletic shorts. I had to assume she was a basketball player just from the build.

“Would you like to come in?” I asked, and she demurred.

“No, thanks. I was just coming over to introduce myself, but really I needed some help.” She said, looking down at me from that lofty height.

“Oh? Okay, what can I do for you?” I asked, hoping it would be more than move boxes around. She was gorgeous!

“I have this piece of shit washing machine downstairs that the landlord is having replaced, and they said they were going to drop the new one off tomorrow, but nobody showed up to take the old one out.” She said.

“Sure, I can help,” I replied, and got on a pair of shoes.

“Thanks… come on over,” she said, and turned to head next door.

I stood from putting on my shoes, looking out the door toward Jill, and I about fell over. Jill had the most incredible ass I had ever seen. It was perfect. Round and full, with just the right amount of jiggle. You could tell she was really fit, though, because her entire body was lean and trim, almost muscular, and her legs were definitely really defined. You could see the muscle groups when she walked. Those legs were almost as stunning as her ass, but that thing was in a class by itself. The basketball shorts she wore, although they are cut to just kind of hang on people and be loose and airy, clung to that perfect ass. I was guessing that for her it was next to impossible to find pants that didn’t cling to that wondrous ass.

I came back to my senses and followed her over to her place. The front door had a couple of steps leading up to the little porch, and I couldn’t help but get an eyeful as she mounted them to reach her front door. I couldn’t tell, but it almost looked like she put a little extra swing in there for my benefit, since she knew I was right on her tail. She was so tall that her ass was almost in my face as she reached the second step ahead of me.

I had to adjust my pants as I made my way into her tastefully appointed place. For only being here a few days, she had almost everything unpacked and set up. Wow, she works fast, I thought, and followed her to the basement where the washer was.

The big ugly monster washer was going to be a real treat to lug up the narrow basement steps, and the way the doorway was laid out, you really needed someone at the top to guide the appliance around the corner, because there was just no room for anyone to reach around and guide it from below.

“Okay, do you want to get at the top and guide it around that corner?” I asked.

She chuckled.

“Well, little guy, I was thinking you might get it from the top, and I would take it up the stairs from the bottom.” She said matter of factly.

I did a double-take. The washer was one of those old-fashioned ones that probably weighed an unwieldy hundred pounds. I was almost thinking that we would both have to push it upward from the bottom, then someone could maneuver around it up top and guide it around the corner. It looked like a sticky job no matter how you did it.

“Um, okay. I can do that,” I said, and we walked over to the unit.

“Do you know how to disconnect one of these?” she asked, looking down at me.

“Sure. There’s nothing to it,” I said, and showed her that there was only electricity and a hot water fitting. I turned the knob to shut off the water, and unscrewed the fitting… or tried to. It was on there really tight, and it looked like it had been attached so long that the pieces may have rusted together.

After grunting and struggling with it for a second, I turned to Jill.

“Wow, that thing is really on there. I have a wrench over next door. Give me a second to go get it.” I said, and started for the stairs.

I got to the stairway, when Jill called me.

“James, hey, it looks like you started it, because it came off for me,” she said.

I walked back over, and, sure enough, she held the hose in her hand, a little rust having sprinkled onto her palm.

I pulled the electrical cord from the outlet, and threw the excess cable into the washing machine to get it out of the way.

“Hmmm… that thing didn’t even budge,” I said, “you must have worked that last bit of rust off.”

She gave me a faint smile, and we moved the heavy thing over to the stairway.

“Do you want me to help you push?” I asked her.

“Yeah, let’s get it started,” she said, and we angled the washer over toward the stairs.

The steps were carpeted, so I figured we could just lay it on its side and get it to the top, then once it was at the landing of the first floor, carefully tip it up and push it fully out of the doorway. Then I figured I could climb over it and guide it from the other side.

“Hey, maybe we should wash the rust off our hands to get a better grip. I walked over to her utility basin and rinsed the rust off my hands. I reached for a paper towel next to it, and turned back toward Jill. She just wiped her hands off on her pants, running her hands over that perfect ass. It took a conscious act of will to not gawk. She did notice me looking and gave me a little smile.

“It’s quicker,” she said, turning back toward the washer.

In profile, her ass was just astounding. It stood out from her body a good five or six inches, just a perfect bubble… I almost drooled as she ran her hands back up her shorts and got a grip on the washer. I thought I saw her glance my way as she ran her hands up over her luscious ass one last time, but it was dimly lit down there, so I couldn’t be totally sure.

Jill got started before I could get back over, bending over and squatting down to start pushing. What she did next blew me away. She just stood up, the entire washer sliding easily up the stairs, which were really steep. She must have just squatted ¾ of the full weight of the washer, and she didn’t blink an eye. And the other thing that she did that impressed the hell out of me was she pushed the unit upward at the same time as she squatted, so she must have had quite a bit of upper body strength. She didn’t grunt or seem to have any difficulty whatsoever. Wow, fit indeed.

Her ass flexed and about swallowed her shorts as her body smoothly rose. The thing practically became a thong. She glanced back at me, completely at ease, and I must have had a surprised look on my face, because she gave me a little smile.

“I work out a bit,” she said. Yeah, that was an understatement!

I think her showing off her ass was for my benefit, but I didn’t really know her well enough to tell if she was just unconscious of it or if she was flirting by showing off her smoking hot body.

“Here let me help,” I said, and walked over to stand next to her. The stairway was narrow enough that we were shoulder to shoulder, or would have been if she wasn’t so much taller than me. I had to more of less get under her and push from the bottom, while she pushed from above.

Her nice sized chest bumped into my back a couple of times, and I unconsciously said ‘sorry’ when we made contact. The third time her breasts made contact with me, it was on the back of my neck and she held them there for a second. Wow! That was not incidental, I thought.

We got the washer to the top of the stairs, and I squeezed around her to get to one side and help lift it over the last step. As soon as I got somewhat out of the way, she lifted the whole thing with her arms only, and set the washer upright. Her arms swelled up surprisingly big, showing good definition. She definitely had some upper body power! She lifted it smoothly, and it was upright in seconds. She pushed it the rest of the way onto the landing, and looked at me.

“Can you go over and guide it?” she asked. She had to have noticed I was checking out her arms. She seemed to tense them when my eyes roamed over them (I thought I was being subtle, but I guess not), and her surprisingly big biceps flared up. She looked down at me and I thought her eyes took on a bit of a carnal gleam… but again, I didn’t know this woman from Adam, so what did I know? I couldn’t ignore the fact that she rubbed her tits all over my back and on my neck, though, so I was a bit turned on now. Since she was looking right at me, I thought it would be a bit obvious if I were to shift my package, so I’m sure my partial hard-on was visible.

“Yeah, let me figure out how I can get up there,” I said, looking at the washer, which was now over shoulder height from my position two steps down. I walked up to it, and put my arms on the sides of the doorway, getting ready to hop up on the top of it, when I felt Jill’s hands on my waist. I rose smoothly up to the surface of the washer propelled by her strong arms on my hips.

Needless to say, I was blown away.

“Wow, you really must work out!” I said, and scrambled across the washer. She laughed.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

“Yeah, just guide it around so it doesn’t put a hole in the wall,” she said, and started pushing it.

I worked it around the tight corner, and Jill’s big form made its way up out of the basement doorway, rising majestically up to her lofty height. We moved the washer to the front porch and I turned to face her. She still stood in her doorway, and was about five more inches taller than me from this vantage. I was essentially facing her nice sized chest, which I could see now had BIG nipples poking through the fabric of her t-shirt.

“That was great, James. Thanks for helping.” She said, smiling down at me. I almost thought she was going to lick her lips, but she didn’t. Her eyes bored into me though, and for a second I felt like one of those prey animals you see on wildlife shows, seconds before the kill. She had the most beautiful green eyes, with little flecks of brown in the iris that made them look really exotic. They were also really intense as they kept an almost uncomfortable piercing eye contact.

I had a couple of seconds to fix my package after I got over the washer and before guiding it out of the narrow corner, so I wasn’t as self-conscious about facing her.

“Any time, Jill. If you want to come over for a beer later, just come on in. I’ll leave the door open.” I said, and turned to leave.

“Okay, thanks,” she said, but it didn’t sound like an acceptance, so I walked back over to my place, turning once to wave. She still stood there, leaning against the doorframe and waved back. She still had that look on her face, and I didn’t watch her to make sure, but I’m pretty sure her eyes followed me all the way over to my own door.

I went in, a little shaken by my encounter with this lovely Amazon. She was probably about five years younger than me, which would put her right about 22 or so. She must be right out of college, I thought.

I was very excited about my new neighbor, of course, but I didn’t know if she was teasing me, or if she was interested. I did just meet her, so I wasn’t too worked up by her not coming right over for a drink. I was a stranger to her, too, I thought, as I walked upstairs and took my shirt off. Maybe she’s interested, but stigmatized against shorter guys, I thought, then I wondered how she could possibly be, since there were so few guys over 6’3” that she would really limit her dating life if she got that exclusive...

I threw my clothes on the bed, planning to get a quick shower before I thought about what I wanted to do that night. I didn’t know if I wanted to stay in, now, because if Jill didn’t come over, all I would be doing was thinking about that incredible body, so I considered going out.

I got the shower started and climbed in, thinking about the remarkable Jill…

What a body! That ass and those legs, and her boobs rubbing against me… I got ragingly erect, and figured I’d rub one out before I got ready to go. I washed up and got ready to soap up my big friend down below, when I heard a noise from outside the shower.

I now regretted my decision to not lock the door. Like I said, it wasn’t the nicest neighborhood, and robberies were not uncommon. I was now a bit unnerved, and there was no weapon to use in the shower, of course, so I braced myself and said, “Hello?”

The shower curtain parted a bit and in stepped Jill, naked as the day she was born.


Her legs were toned and beautiful, of course, but her torso was TONED. She sported a nicely defined six-pack, hidden under her shirt, and her shoulders, now that they were uncovered, looked bigger than I thought. Her arms were also nicely toned, almost muscular, and the entire package was devastating. She smiled down at me.

“I thought I’d come over and take you up on that beer, but I heard the shower, and figured we would like this even better,” she said, and stepped fully in the shower with me.

She looked down and spotted my big “friend” and gasped.

“Wow!” she said, looking at my twelve inches of erect manhood.

“I could say the same thing!” I breathed back at her. “Your body is just incredible!”

“Thanks, James. I really feel like I’m slacking off, since I haven’t been to the gym in a few weeks. You should have seen me last March Madness. I was shredded!”

March Madness… wow. We had a Division I Big East university here in town, and obviously she was on that team.

“Come on in,” I said, and she stepped up to me, her full chest at about neck height to me, big nipples pointing at me.

“I saw you checking me out when I was moving that washer,” she said, “but I have to say I was pretty impressed at what I saw myself,” she reached her hand down for my cock. Wow she doesn’t beat around the bush!

“Oh, it’s so big!” she said, and slid her hand up my shaft.

I brought my mouth down to one of those gorgeous nipples and latched on. She let out a moan, and pushed my body against the wall, her breast squashing up against my face.

I worked her nipple for a minute, then she let go of my cock.

“Get up here, sexy,” she said, and put her arms under my armpits, and just LIFTED my entire body right up to the height of her face! My mouth popped off her nipple as I rose up.

“Holy shit!” I said, as I got up there, and she laughed.

“I hope you like not being the strongest, baby,” she said, and planted a passionate kiss on my lips, pressing her hard body into mine. I worked out a bit, but this woman way beyond me. Her long body had a fantastic elongated hourglass, and her hips were every bit as gorgeous from the front as they were from the back. I wrapped my legs around her hips and she held me like that, the hot water blasting us, kissing for a good ten minutes. Then she just let me slide down her perfect body, my chest rubbing over those beautiful tits, her arms guiding my body back down to stand in the tub.

I reached my arms around and took hold of her ass in both hands… I had to feel it! It was every bit as fantastic as I thought it would be, nice and tight, but really juicy. She swung around to let me have a good look and I couldn’t help but reach up a little and rub the head of my cock against her pussy lips as I felt those marvelous orbs.

“Mmmm,” she sighed as my cock touched her lips, “that big thing really reaches up here.” She laughed.

“I was thinking I might need to get you a step stool or something, but that big monster makes up for the height difference,” she teased, bending her legs and rubbing her ass all over my cock.

“Yeah, it has its advantages,” I said, reaching my hands up to cup her breasts from behind, my cock slipping down between her legs. “Are you ready for it?”

“What’s the hurry, baby? Are you going somewhere?” she asked, teasing me more with her ass.

“Not any more,” I said. “I didn’t think you were interested in my drink offer, so I was going to go out instead of sit over here and fantasize about you.”

She laughed. “I like your honesty,” she said. “It’s funny, I was thinking about getting myself off, too, but then I figured what the hell, and came over. You definitely seemed interested.”

“It might have had something to do with you rubbing your boobs on the back of my neck,” I said with a laugh, “but you know? I think what was really turning me on the most was that you were able to pick me up over the washer in the basement. I was really amazed how strong you are!”

“Really?” she said, excited. “My last boyfriend didn’t like me to bulk up too much. He said it would slow me down on the court. I didn’t think so. In fact, I always thought the bigger I got, the more intimidating I was at point guard, and now that I’m graduated, I have been thinking about lifting for mass. I don’t think I really make the WNBA cut, so I was thinking about fitness competition or something when I’m not working.”

“Between you and me, I think he just couldn’t handle that I benched about double what he did when I was on season.” She said the last in a low voice, like she was sharing a secret or something.

“You definitely have the genes for it,” I said, giving her arms a feel. She tightened them up for me, and her bicep peaked up impressively for a 6’3” woman.

“Yeah, I used to be a lot bigger, but I just haven’t been motivated to go to the gym lately, and I just started my new job, so it’s not like I have tons of money to burn right now,” she said, and I just kept feeling up her arm. She seemed to be enjoying it, and I know I was.

She bent down to kiss me. I tilted my head up, and our lips met. I reached around for her ass again… I just couldn’t keep my hands off it! I rubbed and squeezed it as we made out, and she laughed as our kiss broke.

“I think you really like my butt,” she said.

“It’s fucking perfect,” I said. “I’m guessing all of your boyfriends obsess over that thing.”

She tightened up her glutes and my hands couldn’t squeeze her ass any more. It was super firm.

“Yeah it gets a lot of attention, but I like it. Some guys don’t like a bubble butt like mine,” she said.

“Yeah, the gay ones,” I said, and she laughed again.

She cupped my own ass in her hands, and just slid my body back up hers, lifting just with her arms, my big cock tracing a line of pre-cum over her chiseled abs.

She held me against her body, my cock pressed between us, and we kissed again, our tongues intertwining as she rubbed my cock against her rock hard belly. She was actually lifting my body up and down a little, rubbing my cock over the ridges of her abs, and moaning a little. I think she was getting off on being able to pick me up like this, because this was the second time in a few minutes. I was getting off on it myself.

“Wow, you being so strong is really turning me on,” I said, as we broke from our kiss.

“I think it’s cool that it does. Most guys don’t like the girl being stronger or looking more buff, but my body has always been this way, so I end up intimidating guys more often than hooking up with them.” She said, and slid my cock up her abs again. “I think it’s cool you’re not freaked out about my height, too.”

“You won’t have that problem with me. You are so hot that any guy who doesn’t take the chance of getting together with you must be insane.” I said.

“Thank you, James. That’s a nice compliment. I think we’re going to get along famously.” She said.

“I think you are the perfect height, Jill.” I said. “I am having visions of lots of slow dancing in our future.” She laughed and let me slide back down, and pushed her tits in my face.

“I think that sounds great, James,” she said. “Maybe I could wear a dress that I could discretely pop open while I held your head on my chest, and you could suck on my tits while we danced.”

“My nips are so sensitive, and you are at the perfect height. I may end up sticking them in your face all the time!” She rubbed her tits all over my face, and I licked the hell out of them, sucking her nipples hard. They really puffed up after I went to work on them, and I was amazed at how fat they got, about the thickness of my thumb!

“Damn, Jill… every part of you is perfect. These are the biggest nipples I have ever seen!” I said, pausing for just long enough to get that out before I popped the other one in my mouth.

“Mmmmm… that feels so good…. Yeah, they’re really big. I usually taped them before I went out on the court… the last thing I wanted to see was my nipped out chest on Sportscenter!” she laughed. “I’ll bet if you keep going on them…. Oohhh… you’ll get an even bigger surprise!”

Fuck, I didn’t need to be told twice. I went crazy on those big nipples, her full, juicy tits pressing into my face. Jill took her hands and wrapped them around my head, pushing me hard into her tits, head thrown back, definitely enjoying it.

They were beyond incredible, and just when I thought they couldn’t get any bigger, her nips just perked up even more. They just kept on growing! I was blown away. They were now thicker than my thumb and they stood about an inch off her beautiful, perfectly round tits.

“Holy shit, Jill! When do they stop?” I breathed in awe.

“Shut up and keep sucking, baby,” she said, shoving me roughly back into her chest. “Lets just say they will keep your mouth busy!”

I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm… we were entering Penthouse Forum territory here. A tall sexy Amazon corners me in my shower with her perfect curvy body… and these fucking nips… Oh my God!

They just kept on going! I think they were about twice as thick as my thumb now, and almost the same length!

I sucked on her left nipple and pinched and rolled the right in my hand, and she reached down and started stroking me. I could feel her body tensing up, and I bit down on her nip to send her over the edge.

“OH FUCK!” she howled and she bucked her big body so forcefully I was flung against the wall of the shower as she came hard.

I bounced off the wall with a bang, stunned by the force of my impact, and shocked at how powerful this woman really was!

She was standing, her legs buckling, and I rushed forward to catch her before she slipped and fell.

She draped over my shoulder, and I thought, damn, she’s heavier than I would have thought! And I was also amazed at just how solid she was. This wasn’t some tall willowy woman, she had some meat on her bones!

She quaked against my body for a little longer, then rose back up to her majestic height.

“Wow, James… that rocked my world!” she breathed. “It’s your turn, little man!”

She grabbed my body, and turned me so I was being hit by the shower from my right side. Then she reached down, grabbed under my arms, and lifted me so forcefully my head bumped the ceiling. She picked me up like I was a kid, and she was holding me way above her head. My big dick was pointing right at her mouth… no way!

“Come here, big guy!” she said to my cock, and took the whole damn thing right down her throat!

That was the first time I ever had a woman take me all the way without gagging or choking, and it was a fantastic sensation… never mind that I was hanging three foot off the ground by just her powerful arms!

She pushed me into the wall, the shower now hitting me on my thighs, and she just worked my cock in our out of her hot mouth, sliding all the way down to the base on every stroke. Damn could this woman suck cock!

I could only handle a couple minutes of that, as turned on as I was by this whole thing. I just hung there, getting the blowjob of a lifetime and dangling from her incredible arms. I couldn’t handle any more and I blew a gigantic load into her mouth.

She didn’t gag taking my big cock all the way in, but she gagged now! I unleashed a torrent into her, and she heroically tried to take it all… I have yet to see the woman who could.

I still hung way above the ground, just dangling from this mighty Amazon’s strong arms, and she milked my cock like it was her favorite treat, working every drop out of me. I was shaking and moaning up there, my head about a centimeter from the ceiling, and her arms didn’t seem to be tiring in the least as she worked my cock.

Finally, she finished me off, and still she held me up high, and looked up into my eyes.

“Wow, was THAT a lot, James!” she said with a big smile. “Maybe you should’ve warned me.” And she laughed as she let me body slowly slide down the side of the shower.

“That… that was the most incredible thing I have ever had done to me. I can’t believe how strong you are!” I said, and I felt her arms again, awed by her power.

“I thought you’d like that. I think you like to be dommed, don’t you?” she said, looking down on me.

“I don’t want to be beat to a pulp, but I like how strong you are and I love to be lifted,” I said.

“Well, you’ve found the right person for that,” she said, putting her hands on her hips. “You’re really light, so I can do that to you whenever you want. I’ll bet I could hold you up like that for an hour!”

I rubbed my hands all over this goddess, her big solid body my new temple, and she sighed at my attention to her body.

“Well, if you want your body worshipped for the powerful work of art that is it, I volunteer! You will NEVER hear me cry about you being stronger.” I said, my lips all over her strong arms.

“I think I like this, James. Maybe I’ll start working on strength, and then our little games will REALLY take off.”

“You know, I have a little gym in my basement if you want to come over, until you get your feet under you. I like to work out at home more than go out to the gym with the musclehead guys, but I’d definitely like your company if you want.” I said to her, taking
my lips off her arms, and working my way over her defined abs.
“Mmmm… James. I think I might take you up on that. The only real reason I go to the gym is to tease the guys, but I don’t think I really need to do that any more…” she said, and I think my turned on factor went up by about 1000%.

I began working down her hard abs, making my way toward the Promised Land, but she stopped me and pulled me up.

“I’m starting to turn into a prune. Why don’t we head to your bedroom?” she said.

“That sounds like a great idea.” I said, and reached over to the towel rack, handing her the towel I had for myself.

“Don’t worry about it, little guy, I can reach your closet from here,” she said, and stretched her awesome bod over to open the closet, taking out a big towel for herself.

I reached out for her hips as she stretched her magnificent body toward the closet, purely for safety reasons, mind you, and rubbed my cock against her ass as she straightened back up. I was already hard again in the presence of this goddess!

“Mmmm… I think I have a place you can put that monster,” she said, and her big, plump asscheeks wrapped around my cock as she backed into me. She tightened them up, and my cock got a fantastic squeeze from her hard glutes. My eyes about rolled back into my head from the erotic pressure.

“I’ll put it wherever you want, Jill!” I said in a shaky voice. What this woman does to me!

She wrapped the towel, my biggest, around that long body and stepped out of the tub. I got out after her, and turned on the heat lamp I had installed in my bathroom, because I hate getting out of the shower into a cold bathroom. The landlord bitched, but fuck him… I paid for it, and it’s not like I’m going to take it with me!

“Oh, that’s a nice touch,” she said, looking up at the heat lamp. “Why don’t I have one of those?”

“I put it in,” I said.

“Maybe I’ll come over and use your shower instead from now on,” she teased.

“You are more than welcome. I’ll even offer my grooming services,” I said, and she laughed.

“You better be careful what you offer… I’ll have you waiting on me hand and foot,” she said with a wink.

Not passing the chance to use a good segue, I took my own towel and worked on all of the wet parts of Jill that weren’t covered by her own towel, and she held out her limbs for me to dry.

I ran my towel lovingly over every wet inch of her body, and she opened her own towel for me to work on the rest of her body. I paid extra attention on her breasts, and her big nipples that were still incredibly erect… honestly, I have never seen nipples that big… no porn I ever saw in my life had anything even close… I was just in love with them.

“Ha ha… everyone is amazed at my nips… they are so damn big!” she said, and shook her tits at me. I started going for them, but she held her strong arm out and kept me at bay.

“Oooh, you want them, don’t you?” she teased some more, and I was starting to get really turned on by her domination.

“So bad,” I said, fixed on them.

“Do you think you can get them, James? Can you get past me to suck my big, fat, juicy nipples?” she said, and took one of her breasts in her hand, the other hand still holding me away from her body. I reached out for them, but her arm was much longer, of course. My fingertips stretched out, and she actually bent her arm a little, my hands achingly close to her big juicy tits.

“Oooh, so close… you’re so close, little man… keep stretching,” she kept up her tease, and my cock started climbing in response. She actually licked her lips when she saw it rise to its full impressive height.

“Yeah, go ahead and push against me. I’ll bet I can keep you off my tits with one hand.” She said, a look of smug superiority on her face.

I was thinking I might be able to dodge around her and touch them, but she was really fast, and every move I made she countered, still pinching and tweaking her other big nipple, which rose to its full awe inspiring size.

I was almost mesmerized watching her play with her nipple, and watching it thicken and lengthen… it was the most astounding sight. I wasn’t sure if I loved her ass, her arms, or her gigantic nipples the most!

She wanted to play some more, but I had since ceased pushing against her, until she finally called down, “Hey, Earth to James! Come get them, baby! You can do it…”

I quickly grabbed her wrist and did a little spin to work my way around her arm, but she was ready and pushed out, and my body practically flew into the wall, my back hitting hard, knocking the wind out of me.

“Oh, good try, little guy, but you aren’t getting past me that easily,” she said, and took my hands in hers. She lifted my arms up over my head, and pressed them into the wall over my head, switching both of my hands to one of hers. I tried pushing them off the wall, but she held me fast.

My eyes bulged as I realized that she wasn’t just stronger than me, she was a LOT stronger!

She held her arm there easily, not struggling, even though I was fighting with every ounce of strength I had to pull my arms off the wall.

“Uh-oh,” she teased, “looks like you’re stuck! Is that all the harder you can push? I’m barely holding you here!” I pushed as hard as I could to get my arms off the wall, but she just held me there with one arm, and I couldn’t even slide my body downward to try to get away. My arms just stopped once they got to their full extension. I figured maybe all of my body weight tugging down on her hand would loosen her hold on me a little, and I could slip out, but her arm didn’t move an inch! I really underestimated how strong she was.

She moved her big body tantalizingly close, her breasts just below the level of my mouth, their full shapes teasing me mercilessly. She moved them so close to my face, but every time I would crane my neck forward to latch on to one of those big nips, she would move her body out of the way, her sexy torso winding back and forth like a belly dancer’s gyrations.

“I think you really like how much stronger I am than you. Do you want to see just how much stronger I am?” she asked, and I practically choked as I said “YES!”

She then totally blew my mind.

She tightened her hand on my wrists and started lifting my body off the floor!

“Oh my God!” I breathed, and her eyes burned into mine, a knowing smile gracing those luscious lips.

She was struggling to lift me, but she did hike up my 160 pounds about six inches with one fucking hand! One hand!

“A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have had any trouble with this,” she said, her voice sexy. She brought her big thigh in and placed it between my legs, holding my body off the ground as I straddled her thigh.

“Would you like me to get strong enough to just toss you around like a little baby?” she said, and she knew the answer, because my cock was ragingly erect, poking at her strong belly.

“It wouldn’t take me long to get strong enough to pick you up like that with ease. I can tell your big friend down there likes it.” she said, dropping her leg. I dropped to the floor, and she pushed her big body into me, pressing me hard against the wall, her big tits pressing to either side of my head as she stood a little on her tiptoes.

“I’m going to work your cock so hard, you’re going to beg me to stop,” she breathed, my face full of her tits. I reached my arms around to her ass, and cupped her fantastic ass hard in my hands.

“How would you like to pound my ass with that big dick?” she asked, my face still buried in her tits? I can’t hear you,” she teased, and I shook my head yes.

She laughed, and let me come up for air. Then she turned away from me, and dragged me into my bedroom.

She seemed delighted I had a king-sized bed, and she whipped her arm around and flung me onto it. My feet left the ground from the force, and I sailed the last few feet onto it, bouncing as I landed.

She was on my like a lion on its prey, pinning my body down with her strong arms, and sitting on my hips.

“So I’ll give you the choice, little James… do you want Big James coming in from the front or the back?” she said as she loomed over me, pinning me down.

“King James decrees he would like to enter the palace from the rear entrance,” I said, and she laughed.

“Well… KING James… his highness may have as he commands,” she said, and turned her big body around so I got a fantastic view of her big round ass. She sat on my hips, reverse cowboy, and raised her hips up. I ran my hands over her ass, and she guided it down onto my throbbing cock, swallowing it up like it was half the size.

“Come on in, your majesty,” she groaned, as I filled her up.

Her pussy was TIGHT! I think she must do those Kegel exercises or something, because she put the squeeze on my cock almost painfully hard. I rocked back as the incredible sensation hit me.

She rocked her perfect ass back on my hips, her strong pussy muscles working my cock, rippling up and down its length, driving me wild. Her pace was energetic, but she wasn’t pounding me into the mattress or anything… if anything, it felt like she was settling in for a nice long ride.

Oh, this woman liked to fuck! She rode me like that for an hour, rocking her big body, flexing her ass, her cheeks bouncing up and down with her flexes… she really could make that thing pop! I’ll bet she could raise her shorts up three inches with the muscle in that ass. It was amazing. I just kept rubbing it and feeling it… I was totally hooked.

“Ohhhhh, God, that is incredible…” I moaned, and she looked back over her shoulder with a smile.

“Oh, really?” she said, “Well get ready King James, because here comes the full-court press!”

She pushed down hard on my cock, her big juicy ass bulging out at me, and then she blew my mind!

Her ass cheeks started bouncing up from muscular contraction alone as she sat on my hips! I put my hands on them as they bounced up and down, and it was the most awesome feeling to squeeze her ass as it jumped up like that.

At first she was bouncing both asscheeks together, but then she started alternating them, bouncing them one at a time, then one and the other, then both together… it was un-fucking-believable… she worked my cock like an artist works their own special medium, and my cock was bathed in sensations I didn’t think were possible.

Jill brought her hands up to her juicy tits and starting tugging on her nipples, pulling and kneading them with her fingertips, moaning loudly as she kept up her incredible ass flexing, her tight pussy muscles pulsing up and down my cock.

She started bouncing again on my dick, now becoming forceful, and my body started bouncing deep into the pillow-top mattress, then rebounding up to slap hard against that rock hard body.

Jill kept up the intensity, her big legs swelling up with the exertion, and her ass, just working me so hard, I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure. She kept up working her nipples too, and every so often when she was riding me she would turn a little to the side in her passion, and those gigantic nipples would become visible, insanely long and thick.

Finally she went over the top, about an hour after she first mounted me, and her big body rocked in a thunderous orgasm, her big legs tightening on me hard. As she flexed up her thighs, my hips captured in between, she lifted her body up with her quads, and my body actually came up off the mattress, held tight between those big thighs.

I held tight to her hips, super turned on by her latest feat of muscle, and started over the edge, also.

Jill felt me start to come, and relaxed her muscular legs and pussy, and I dropped out of her a couple inches to bounce down onto the mattress, my cock starting its spasming.

She raced her body around and buried her face in my crotch, taking my cock in her mouth so fast I did a double-take. I was amazed at her speed, and apparently this time she was ready, because she didn’t miss a single drop of my seed as it blasted into her eager mouth.

She grabbed my hips in her hands and was actually lifting my hips off the bed as she worked me in and out of her mouth, gulping down my come and making little “mmm… mmm… mmm…” sounds as my cock spasmed in her.

She wrapped her arms hard around my hips and lower back and actually swung my entire body up, lifting up to kneel on my bed, my legs draped over her shoulders. She held my ass in her hands and kept working my cock in her mouth, making sure to get every last drop of come.

After about a minute of this, my cock head was so sensitive I could barely stand her making contact with it, but she wouldn’t let go. She just held me up there, seemingly unaffected by my weight, sucking my cock like a kid with a favorite treat.

I was starting to squirm from the overwhelming sensation, and she finally let me down, just dropping me off her shoulders onto the bed. The burning look in her eyes threatened to light my room on fire as she looked at me with animal lust.

“That was so fucking good!” she growled at me… “you need to wake that big boy back up, because I’m not done with him yet!”

Needless to say, my cock had been through the ringer and was flaccid now. Jill played with it a little more when the sensitivity went down, but he was taking a break, so she straddled my hips again, this time facing forward, and pulled my face up into her full, firm tits, her huge nipples begging to be sucked.

“I guess it intermission, so you need to get to work, little man,” she said, practically shoving her big nipple down my throat.

She held my face to her nipples, and I stared again in open wonder as they grew and thickened with my attention, getting so incredibly big I could hardly believe my eyes.

“Oh, my God, they are so fucking mmm-“ I said, and she shoved my face back on them.

“No talking! You have work to do,” she said, and laughed as her big nipple practically choked me.

I swear to God they never seemed to stop growing! The damn things were about the same diameter as one of those big stadium hot dogs, fully an inch across! And they now stood out at least two inches from her big tits, pointing proudly outward. As I suckled and chewed on her left breast, she played with the right, pinching it and tugging it, her other hand still on the back of my head holding me onto her breast.

“Yeah, keep going, baby… bite the hell out of my big nips! Let’s see how big we can get them.” She was moaning like crazy, and the dirty talk was working its magic as I could feel my cock stir, lifting up to touch her right in her anus as she straddled me.

Her eyebrows shot up, and she gave me a dirty look.

“Oh! I don’t think King James is ready to go THERE…” she said. “He might be way overmatched!”

I let out a moan of my own as her ass slid down a little further, and the tip of my cock poked into her, the head sliding partly into her ass.

“Oh, God… King James requests an audience with your ass!” I moaned as she lifted up off me a little.

“Are you sure?” she asked me, and I saw she had a serious look on her face.

“I want it so bad…” I said, still in the throes of my ecstasy in having my big guy woken up three times in as many hours. This marathon sex fest was beyond anything I had ever been through, and I was young enough that I didn’t want it to end!

“Alright baby, but that is so intense, I may get a little rough,” she said, “I just have to warn you… are you SURE?”

“I’m sure, Jill…” I said back, and she rose up off me.

“Oh, James… I have been wanting this for so long, but it’s so overwhelming for me, that sometimes I just lose control, so I just want to warn you one last time…” she said, and planted a big, tender kiss on my lips.

As our lips parted, I could see how eager she was for me to do this, her eyes almost pleading with me to say yes. I wanted to please her more than anything else in the world at that moment, so I looked at her and nodded my head.

She jumped off me and was turned around in a flash, her big juicy ass pointed at me, her chest pressed into the mattress.

I got up on my knees and slid my big cock into her waiting ass. It was about ten times tighter than her pussy, and I really had to work my way in. I had to stop for a second and reach over to the night stand for the bottle of lube I kept there for some of my drier “houseguests”.

I worked her slowly, and she let out a long moan as I slid into her, the pitch rising as I buried my cock further into her ass, until finally my hips pressed against her full asscheeks, their glorious roundness making me mad with desire.

Jill stretched out her legs to either side of me, angling my body downward a little so my hips and lower stomach rested against her big round bubble ass. Her legs were a lot longer than mine, and she had to either slide them back like this or out of the side otherwise I wouldn’t be able to reach while I was on my knees.

I marveled in the feel of her juicy, tight ass, and ran my hands down over her gorgeous buns, giving them each a squeeze as I found my handhold on either side of her hips.

“Oooohhh, fuck! You are so damn deep in me,” she cried, “Get ready for the ride of your fucking life!”

I braced myself, and she started jackhammering her hips back into me, her hard glutes blasting into me and rocking my body back.

She started one long wail, and kept blasting into me, harder and harder, as her climax built in a flash.

I had braced myself, but nothing would have prepared me for the power her hips had, and she slammed into me, my body falling down over her back, practically knocking the wind out of me.

“HOLD ON BABY!” she screamed, and just kept upping the power, her hips slamming back so hard my legs were pounded back. I wrapped my arms around her little waist and held on for dear life, my legs not even touching the bed any more.

She just pounded away against me, and I was tossed around like a ragdoll. Her big juicy ass kept slamming into me, and I swear I would have been put through the wall if her tight ass hadn’t had a death grip on my cock.

The sensation was so intense I thought I was going to pass out.

I think Jill had started coming from about the first thrust, but she was just pounding away… the whole act with her one big orgasm, my body tossed around on her big hips like a ship in a raging sea.

She kept that up for another ten minutes, and by the end I honestly thought I may have had bruised ribs, as many times as I crashed against that incredible ass. My whole body was fatigued like it had been through twelve rounds with Mike Tyson. After some last shaking and crying from Jill, she raised her legs up to their full height, and I just hung limply on her back, my feet practically dangling as I lay over her glorious ass.

She slowly eased her legs back down until she was lying flat on the bed, my legs on top of hers. That big perky bubble ass pushed my hips way up as my cock was still buried between her cheeks, amd I lay over her ass, almost draped over it like a blanket.

I was utterly exhausted, and I didn’t even have the strength to lift up off her or even pull my now beaten cock out of the deep cleft between her cheeks.

“Mmmm, that was so fucking incredible,” she said. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, but barely,” I said back, in a weak voice.

“I’m really impressed with you James,” she said back. “I’ve broken bigger men with my ass… I was worried I would really hurt you.”

I was literally too wiped out to get off her, and she realized it, so she just lay there, my now flaccid cock still in the incredible deep cleft of her butt, my head lying against the middle of her back.

“Yeah, you rest, baby. You did so great.” She cooed at me, and eventually rolled over, my body flopping over onto the bed.

She pulled up the blankets, and got us both under them. Then she wrapped her strong arms around me, pulling my face into her firm breasts, and we both drifted off to sleep.

I couldn’t wait for our next day together!

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Great story

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Hey man, great new story, while I'm not a big fan of the woman being so much bigger than the guy, I usually like the exact opposite, with of course the girl still being stronger and able to lift the guy easily, your description of her muscle and strength were definitely enough to get me over that. Good job!

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Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I usually go for a woman about the same size or a little smaller, but Jill really turned that around for me. She was a real person, and holy fuck did she have the most incredible body. The only things I embellished were her height a tiny bit (she was 6' 1" - 6' 2", right on the edge, to my 5' 9"), how fast we hooked up, how big her nipples were (even though they were HUGE, they weren't THAT huge) and (of course) was how strong she was... but the real Jill was pretty damn strong! The whole washer thing was almost exactly from memory, including her lifting me up onto the top of the damn thing... I still get chills from remembering that day!



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Very cool!

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Now we're fully in the realm of fantasy... Jill bulks up!


The fuck-buddy situation continued for quite some time… not frequently enough for my tastes, but I wasn’t going to complain. Clearly, she was way too much woman for me to handle, so she ended up going out and getting laid by other guys in addition to me. I figured as long as she got tested on a regular basis (as did I, because I slept around too, but I wasn’t quite as promiscuous as Jill), then all was good.

We got along personality-wise, but we really came from two different worlds, so I don’t think we would ever have made it as a couple… not to mention the looks we got when we went out together… that usually pissed her off, and I would often end up talking her down after confrontations (usually with men!), and we’d leave. Those always left her in an angry mood, and she would fuck me almost to the point of agony…

She would bring home some pretty big guys, hoping that a big body equaled a rival to King James, but she apparently wasn’t having a great amount of luck there. Some of these college football player types would go in all amped up and ready, and the bigger, tougher ones, the ones who wouldn’t stay the night, ended up leaving, looking like they’d been hit by a city bus or two…

I had to laugh at that. She apparently was too much for most of those guys, too.

She did take me up on the weight lifting offer. I had one of those multi-station machines that used the bows for resistance… well right away I had to go send for more of them, because my machine only went up to 250 pounds total weight. I doubled that, which wasn’t even a workout for her legs… and unfortunately my machine’s frame couldn’t handle any more weight without being way above tolerance.

She burned through the doubled up weights in about four months with her upper body… it was scary to watch her gains… I mean, she was upping her weight almost every two weeks! And I don’t mean ten pound increments. She was really going for muscle - none of those low-weight, high-rep exercises for definition. She was doing three and four reps for mass, and damn did she pack it on!

Speaking of mass, the other thing she was doing was coming over for dinner. We both worked, so I didn’t see her during the day, but usually once I got in, she was over shortly thereafter, and we were cooking some high carb, high protein dinner… lots of pasta dishes, which was okay, because being of Italian descent, I got a lot of that growing up, anyway.

Long story short, she made some massive gains. Massive. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had told me she gained thirty pounds of muscle in that four months. It was unreal. I had never seen any person bulk up like that, let alone a woman … I don’t know if I ever saw any guys bulk up that fast. I didn’t think it was possible without massive amounts of anabolics. Honestly I was happy with the feminine and sexy Jill, but she wanted to totally domme me, I guess.

I was thinking about her size the one day, so I got on her university’s website once and looked up her stats as a college point guard, and saw that in her final year, she taped out at 6’3” and 205 pounds! I’ll bet she was well past that.

The one thing I did notice was that she gained mass either as muscle or as fat… and of the latter, she was picking up a little, since there was no more crazy aerobic exercising in basketball practices. At present, she was only focusing on strength conditioning….

In one way it was nice, because she actually got a little bigger in her boobs and in her ass, which was already perfect and round. Now it was obscenely perfect and round… I’ll bet it stuck out eight inches now, all muscle and juicy ass flesh… it was insane…

Her bragging about being able to easily pick me up with one arm was more prophetic than exaggerated, and soon she was grabbing my body with one arm (for some reason she like to grab me by the neck, which freaked me out truth to tell), and do that. I usually tried to steer her more toward the hands, practically sticking my hands in the air when she got that gleam in her eye. She would sometimes do it, looking down at me with a laugh, but other times I think she wanted to see that fear… I don’t know what it was.

She was never violent intentionally, but she did like to scare me. I don’t know if it was some sort of natural aggression she got out when she was able to overwhelm people on the basketball floor, but she did have an aggressive, I’d almost say angry streak in her.

We talked about that once, and she ended up seeing a guy that helped a friend of mine through depression, and she got put on some sort of mood-stabilizer. It curbed anger, and the insane lifting regimen, too; thankfully so, because I thought she was going to destroy my weight machine that way she brutalized it in her power lifting routine when she was truly pissed. At one point I thought she was going to rip the cables right out of the unit… these big heavy braided steel cables that probably have 1000 pound test!

I think one of my favorite memories of that little period of my life was when I came home one day, and found Jill in the basement, on the bench. She was buck-naked, bathed in sweat, and she had every one of those bows strapped to the machine. This type of machine doesn’t have a bar for bench, it’s one of the ones that you have two hand grips and have to use stabilizer muscles to simulate a bench as you push them both up simultaneously. Well, that day she wanted a bar, so she had grabbed my 45 pound free weight bar that I used for straight curls and slipped the hand grips around it. She was pushing the stack (500 pounds) plus the 45 pounds of the bar up, and she looked pissed (this was before the whole anger management pharmaceutical intervention).

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked her, as I walked down the stairs. I was home early, and had planned on getting in a little light workout, hoping she would stick around after dinner for some fun and games.

“Do you know this fucking bench sucks ass?” she said by way of hello, and I was half-ready to beat a hasty retreat, when she called out, “Hey, I’m sorry. Hi, gorgeous! How was your day?” There was still fire in her eyes, but she let me know it wasn’t directed at me.

I laughed at that, since she was suddenly acting all “Susie Homemaker”.

“My day was great, darling, how was yours?” I replied, and she broke a smile, visibly seeming to relax a little. That ungodly body was just oozing sex and power, and she noticed my immediate reaction to her state of undress.

“I see you like my workout outfit… I wore it for you,” she said, and I knew something was up.

She obviously wanted something. The one thing about Jill, she was a bit of a user. She knew she turned me on like I had a switch, so she could get just about anything she wanted from me. The only thing I ever balked at was lending her money, because I knew for a fact she was absolutely horrible with it. She tried to coerce me with a non-stop barrage of sex one time, which was mind-blowing of course, but I relented, and after that, our sessions became a little more infrequent. I was bracing myself for another request for cash, when she put the bar down and sat up.

God damn was her body magnificent now! There was no more “toned” on her now… it was all muscle, or flesh, depending on where you looked. She wasn’t highly defined, but she was BIG. Her arms now were huge, and when she flexed, she had put a couple of inches over what she had before, which was already big. They were easily bigger than my thighs.

The six pack was still there, though, because she was doing sit-ups regularly, one of the only aerobic exercises she did. Normally situps aren’t considered aerobic, but she just pounded them out, doing them so fast that her heart rate definitely got up over the aerobic threshold. There were a couple of times when she wanted to improve core strength and she laid me across her chest to do them (what a fucking turn-on THAT was), but she had since resorted to the bow machine, since she could hold the hand grips in her hands for the reps.

Her thighs had more mass, simply from exercising them, but she wasn’t getting as much mass out of them, just because I couldn’t give her enough weight to do any kind of mass-building reps. I told her I couldn’t unless I upgraded to the bigger unit, but I didn’t have the $2k free to do it, so what she started doing was taking the grips that you slipped over your feet, and interlaced my curl bar through them, and every plate that could fit on it… so she got about 750 lb out of it, but I could tell it still wasn’t enough! She actually sat me on top of the curl bar, right at her ankles, and it still didn’t seem to really push her. I was of course, amazed and turned on, as was standard when I witnessed her lifting sessions.

Her shoulders and back had gotten equally massive to her arms, and she loved to show off how strong her upper body had now gotten…

“Come over here, James,” she said, rising up off the bench to her imposing height, her big chest heaving from her benching, nipples erect and a tiny bit below at eye level.

She had built up her pecs significantly, and, amazingly, her tits had gotten bigger, at least another cup size! She was consuming huge amounts of carbs now, from our big meals, and the extra calories were going right to her boobs and butt… with the protein going right to the huge muscle mass gains, kind of like a pro football player’s power and protein/carb regimen bulking them up with muscle and fat.

I got within three feet, and she grabbed two big handfuls of my shirt, and practically gave me whiplash as she yanked my body right up to hers, laying a kiss on me once I got to her.

“Jesus, Jill!” I said, as she rubbed my hard cock all over her lower abs, moving my body around like I was a rag doll, huge arms swollen with her workout and her effortless manipulation of my entire body weight. My hands automatically went to her big arms.

“I’m so fucking horny right now, and I know this body always puts you in the mood,” she said, and held my body out at arm’s length, eyes immediately going down to my cock.

“I think King James will need to write a few more chapters in his good book when I’m done with him.” She said with a growl, and actually took one of her hands away from my shirt, as she reached down and undid my pants. My body sagged to the side she released, but didn’t dip, so she was holding me at arm’s length now with one arm! Holy shit… I knew she had gotten stronger, but this was unreal!

She noticed my shocked look and got a smug smile.

“Yeah, you like that?” she said, and lifted my body up even higher, so I bumped my head against one of the joists in the basement ceiling. “I thought you would. I’m so strong now that your weight is like nothing to me. Remember I had so much trouble before? Not anymore, baby!”

She laughed and bumped my head a couple more times on the ceiling in emphasis, showing me just how light my body had gotten to her superhuman strength. She gave my body a little shake and my pants dropped four feet to the floor.

“I think I better get you upstairs, or I’m going to give you a concussion from hitting your head on these low ceilings so much,” she laughed, and tucked me under one arm, walking up to the second floor, barely noticing my weight.

We got to my bedroom and she reached back under her arm and held me out again at arm’s length, my feet six feet off the ground!

“What does it feel like up there, James? Up so high, held just by my one arm, knowing I’m so much stronger than you that there’s absolutely nothing you can do? Does it scare you to know I’m probably stronger than five of you put together?” she taunted me, holding me as high as she could, my head now inches away from the higher ceilings of the second floor.

“I could probably crush your entire body just with just my arms and pecs,” she said, and she shot me a single bicep pose of the arm that wasn’t holding me, flexing her pec and causing her big boob to bounce. “Does that scare you as much as it turns you on?”

She grabbed my cock in her free hand, and showing off even more held that hand still, and used the arm holding me to move my body back and forth, jacking me off like that… it was like I was a tiny child in her arms, as little strain as she showed.

“Oh my God, Jill, you’re so fucking strong! You really are like some kind of goddess now,” I said, panting, the pressure of her sweaty hand on my cock driving me instantly insane with lust.

She looked up at me with a knowing smile, and decided to be generous.

“Yeah, I know, but I have to thank you for that, James,” she said, surprisingly tenderly. “You let me use your equipment, and I figured since I maxed your stack today on curls, I would give you a little thank you present. So do you want me to jack you off like this with my big, giant arm like this, or do you want to think of something else I can do to show you just how powerless you are against me?”

“You fucking maxed 500 pounds on curls?” I said, barely able to get the words out.

“That’s right, and the nice thing about that machine downstairs is that it’s not connected together, so I had to stabilize and curl both arms at the same time… I’ll bet I could curl a 500 pound curl bar easily compared to that thing downstairs... I’ll bet I could curl YOU lying on top of the curl bar!” she said with a sly smile, knowing she would drive me insane from hearing that.

All this time she was stroking my cock the same way as before, moving my whole body with her one big arm. She then moved her free hand down to her pussy, which I noticed was glistening with her juices, and had half her hand shoved in there, probably because I had spoiled her for the little dick guys, and wanted all of those fingers to get close to my girth. She played with herself like that for a minute, me all but forgotten, just hanging there from her grasp. I grabbed my own cock, and started where she left off, watching her huge muscles bunch and relax as she worked her pussy.

She moaned from the pleasure of touching herself, but suddenly perked up, like she just realized I was there being ignored.

“I’ve got it… I know what’ll get you more than anything else…let’s kill two birds with one arm!” she said, and she let go of her own pussy, and moved my body down and shoved my cock roughly up into her using that same incredible arm.

I reached both hands around her bicep, and held on while she roughly slammed by body up into her tight pussy, my body just bouncing off her. She reached down with her other arm, switching off until she cupped my ass in her one palm, and starting working me in and out of her sopping cunt, her other hand going up behind her head and flexing up her entire left side, her giant shoulder, bicep and pec bulging from the flex. I put my hands on her big tits, trying to stop from crashing into her with so much force, but her one arm overcame my body weight and my arm’s strength and I just crashed into her anyway.

“Look at that little man. My arm is stronger than both of yours, even when I’m holding your entire 160 pounds!” she said. “

She just worked my body over like that, pushing my ass up with so much force that I just bounced off her hard abs and big fat tits, them bouncing and shaking from the impact, her huge nipples poking into me

I couldn’t handle it… I just smashed off her body, with her barely even registering it. The only thing on her that showed how much force she was using was her big tits bouncing and jiggling from the impact.

I finally started shuddering and released a huge load. She took me out and aimed me away from her, and I just fired a bunch of come at my walls, spraying in an arc as she rotated my body around.

She laughed as she hosed down my walls with me as a living spray gun, and set me on my feet. I was so wobbly-legged I fell on my ass, still blowing my load uncontrollably from the overwhelming sensations.

“You know, James… I could give you more days like this, but it might be hard for me if I don’t have my car.” She said, and I was so exhausted from the sex I didn’t register what she said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“My car… I had to fight some dude off from repo’ing it today. I’m a couple of payments behind. If you could lend me a little money, I’ll show you how grateful I can be.” She said, and came up behind me, pressing her big body to mine, and pushing her big tits into the back of my head.

I was just too tired to fight.

“How much?” I asked.

“Five hundred,” she said.

“Oh, fuck, Jill. Will you ever pay me back… in money?” I asked, knowing the answer.

“Sure,” she said, and squeezed me with her big arms.

I broke free from her grip and went downstairs. I made sure Jill didn’t see where I went, and got out my checkbook and wrote her a check.

“This is the ONLY time,” I said.

“Thank you James!” she said, ecstatic, and grabbed me with her big arms, pulling me up into an embrace and kissing me hard on the mouth.

More to come...

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Well, again, great strength and muscle description, and let me say this, that if I had a girl that could do the stuff to me that Jill did to you, I'd give her money, presents, whatever she'd like.

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Well, we did have some fun... I have to say!

She wasn't as strong as I've given her poetic license to be here, but she was stronger than me! We did some L&C for real, which was cool, and she did have that killer ass.

I DID lend her some $$ that was never repaid ( Evil or Very Mad ), and she did kick the hell out of me when I did her doggy! I had black and blue marks on my hips!

If she wasn't such a psycho I would've tried to make it work, but c'est la vie! It was fun while it lasted. And, on the bright side, it gave me a love for Amazon babes that I have to this day!

Cheers, and thanks for the feedback. I have another story in the works. I've created a monster!


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Hey all.

(blah, blah, ignore/point out typos, blah, blah, blah)

I've taken the story in a new direction, and will maybe add one more installment to finish it off. This story has evolved from a piece of my past to purely fantasy, beginning at the second installment. It is beyond fantasy now, as I never had a real relationship with this woman (and she never became a gigantic powerhouse, just a 6'3" sex machine), just a "friends with benefits" type situation.

For those of you who don't enjoy them getting a bit sappy, you may want to skim through this one... I haven't finished all of my exposition yet to round this one out, but I'm happy at where it is right now.

I think my favorite part of writing is working out the character's motivations, and letting that sort of organically guide where they go from moment to moment, with some polishing added in toward the end. Maybe some day I'll get some real talent and add real subtext, witty double entendres, maybe even some of that symbolism and allegory real writers seem to effortlessly inject into their prose, but I don't think I'm there yet... maybe by the time I'm ready to go on my ventilator... lol

Sorry for the rambling. Here's the latest... enjoy!


So things went smoothly for a few more months, and now that Jill had me pegged, she was getting a car payment or two out of me every quarter or so. She did keep up the great volume of sex, though, so I was placated. $500 every few months wasn’t killing me, so I was not totally pissed about her screwing (beating) it out of me, but the principle of the thing did get under my skin a bit. I mean, she had a pretty decent job… she was a sales rep for one of the software development companies in the city… but she apparently blew through that like candy, going out, bar-hopping, bringing home guys whenever, an buying herself stuff… like a lot of kids right out of college do, I guess. I was never really that crazy with my money, and had already paid off my car, and I had mailed my last student loan check about three months ago. Jill, though, was close to defaulting on her loans (I donate to the college, so fuck the bank, she said to me one time), always behind on her big SUV (Ford Expedition right out of college! $40K or so!), and hell, she ate mostly MY food, so I had no idea what she was spending it on, really, until she invited me over to her place one night.

The afternoon started out okay… I just got home from work, and for once, was planning on staying in and just relaxing. But no sooner had I gotten to the parking lot of my place, I saw Jill out in front of her place, and she literally had her big SUV on two wheels, her face red with anger! She had the front end (the HEAVY end!) all the way off the ground and looked like she was ready to flip it over onto its roof! Damn that hot temper of hers!

“Jill, what the hell are you doing?” I yelled out the window, ready to slam the car into reverse if she was having a REALLY bad day (which was known to happen), and she yells back at me, “This car is really starting to piss me off! I am FINALLY caught up on my payments, and now I have to take this fucker into the shop. The damn towing company wants $200 to tow it to a garage, so I was checking to see if I could get it to the main street and coast it down the hill to the garage at the end of Lincoln Avenue.

Damn was it hot to see her lifting her entire Expedition off the ground. She was straining mightily, but she appeared to be pissed off enough to drag the big monster all the way up the little incline to the main road that sloped downward for the next ¼ mile to the garage.

“Wow, gorgeous, you are going to pop a vein or something! Just set the thing down, and tell me what’s wrong with it,” I said, pulling into my driveway next to her place. She eased the front end down, and walked over to me, leaning over into the window. She reached in the window, grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me halfway out of the car window, planting a big kiss on me by way of greeting.

“You are always so nice to me, James. And you’re hung like a horse, too, so you’re two for two!” she said as she pulled me the rest of the way through my car window. Thank God I had the damn thing all the way down!

“I’m afraid NOT to be nice to you, you big gorgeous babe!” I said as a joke, and gave her a light chuck on the arm, my hand just bouncing off her rock-solid arm. The sovereign down below took notice of her figure and rose up a bit in interest.

“Heh. Well, don’t let the fact that I’m like a hundred times stronger than you stop you from doing what you want, you sexy little thing.” She joked back, and made like she was going to hit me back, and I jumped out of the way, making her laugh. The last time she gave me a “gentle” shot on the arm, I about had to go to the hospital for them to put my arm back in its socket.

Despite her previous anger, the banter was light, and I didn’t see dollar signs in her eyes when she looked at me, so I figured it was a safe day to be around her.

“So what is it doing?” I asked her.

She tossed me her keys.

“Jump in and turn it over, and you’ll hear it,” she said, and I got in the truck, sitting my ass far forward on the seat, which was pushed back almost as far as it went, and put the key in the ignition.

I turned the key and the car starting making some clicking noises. Hell, that was easy.

“I’ll bet your battery is dead, you goof,” I said, and ran in my place to get some jumper from the garage. I backed my car out, hooked the cables up and her truck fired right up.

“Let’s take it to the auto parts shop, and they’ll test the charge to see if you need a new one,” I said, and she agreed, hopping in the driver’s seat. I climbed up into the passenger seat just in time to watch her pull the seatbelt in between her big tits. I sighed involuntarily as I watched the belt disappear between her magnificent tits, and she looked over with a smirk on her face.

“Hey, you may have just saved me a lot of money, so keep your eyes on the prize, baby,” she said, and puffed out her chest a bit for my benefit. “I can think of a good reward for my little man for helping me out.”

“Well, don’t jinx it, if the battery’s dead, you may pay $100 bucks for a replacement, but…” and she cut me off.

“Oh, I doubt that,” she said, and we took off up the road. She didn’t drive to the closest auto-parts store, but to one about twice as far away. I was wondering why, when she jumped out and walked into the store before I could unbuckle.

I got out and headed to the front door, when she came back out with one of the techs. He was a nice-looking younger guy, about 6’ tall, about two inches taller than me, but more heavily built. He was talking to her like he knew her, and they both breezed by me, Jill shooting me a glance and a quick wink.

“So I think it’s the battery, are they expensive?” she asked, playing dumb. She leaned under the hood with the tech, and was giving him a nice view down her shirt.

“No, they’re one of the cheaper quick repair items,” the guy said in a distracted voice, talking directly to her tits.

“Oh, good, I was worried this would cost a lot,” she said, and looked back at me.

The tech checked the battery, and shocked himself when he grounded himself on the body of the car as he disconnected the positive lead. He obviously wasn’t paying attention to what he should have been. But I can’t blame him… she has a great rack, and she definitely had them on display for this guy.

Sure enough, it was dead. The guy gave her a battery for cost, so she paid about half what I probably would have paid… or maybe I should say her tits paid half. The dude couldn’t keep his eyes off them, and was totally blatent.

She ran her card through the machine, and when the receipt came, she put her cell number on the bottom of the receipt under her name, and signed her name with a little heart over the “I”. He looked at it, up at her, and then smiled at her tits. I almost laughed out loud.

“Thanks, Tony!” she yelled back at him as she went out the door. I followed shortly thereafter and hopped in the passenger seat again.

As soon as I got in the car, she grabbed me and yanked me over to her and planted one hell of a kiss on me, rubbing me all over her big tits.

“I definitely owe you one, baby!” she said.

“Just let me collect before you pay him,” I said, and she held me out at arm’s length.

“What, you’re not jealous, are you?” she said with a smile.

“No, Jill. I see other people, too, so it’s no big deal,” I said, not exactly feeling the words. I was slowly getting hooked on her, and the few times I’ve hooked up with other girls, I kept thinking of Jill’s big powerful body lifting and squeezing and bending me to her sexual will like a toy, and I started getting ruined on other girls. I had never met anyone of her strength and sexual appetite before or since, and she was starting to become as addictive to me as any drug.

“Okay, little guy,” she said, and threw the big vehicle into gear and backed out of the parking lot.

We got back to her place and she pulled in and jumped out, grabbing me by the collar on her way with her strong right hand and just dragging me over the center console and out her door. Thankfully I was unbuckled, or else she may have left some pieces of me behind when she muscled me through the SUV’s interior. I had to duck to not crack my head off the door sill.

She held me hanging in her powerful grip, and threw the door shut with the other, then walked up to her place like she had her keys in her hand, not a 160 pound man. She worked her keys in the front door and strode in, me just hanging by my collar from her mighty arm. I hadn’t been in her place for a while (she usually was at my place about five minutes after I got home, ready for dinner), and I was amazed at all the stuff she had. A huge flat-screen tv and full surround stereo system, with her iPod docked in it, new couches and living room furniture… I mean the place was completely loaded with stuff!

“Now I know where your money goes,” I said, and she looked up at me.

“Nope. I didn’t buy any of this stuff,” she said and pulled me right up to her face and planted a big kiss on me.

My hands went up to her big tits, and I felt her lips smile when she felt my little hands on them. In the last year since I wrote her my first of several “car payment” checks, she had really gotten massive. This was still before she got medication for anger management, so her lifting was still insane, and she had gained at least 60 pounds of muscle and padding to her frame. I’ll bet she had to be close to the 300 pound mark now. All the fat went right to her tits and ass, so now both of those things were of epic proportions. She could push her ass so hard into my body and lift up with her legs and pick my body right up off the floor, and the only thing that touched me was her big round ass! It probably had its own zip code now!

And her tits… they were truly huge now. I think when I met her she was a c cup, but she was several letters up the alphabet from that now… probably in the F or G range… gigantic. On her big frame, that letter size was truly titanic. And her nipples were still unbelievable, but her tits were getting so big that they were actually more in proportion now instead of being outrageously huge by comparison. She could actually push me against the wall and bury my face in her cleavage by pushing her hands together, then lift my body off the ground like that now! The stuff she came up with to make me crazy… well… made me crazy!

“So James, what does King James like the most… is it the girls?” and she shook her huge tits in my hands, “the royal entrance?” and she dropped me and bumped her big ass against me, knocking me back a couple of feet, “or is it this?” and she grabbed my shirt again tightly at my chest and just curled my whole body upward until I was high above her head with just one arm! I think she loved this move the most to intimidate me… she held her upper arm parallel to the floor, and just curled my body upward until her forearm pointed straight up, and I just hung there from her hand like a flag at the top of a flagpole.

The whole time her voice was just conversational and sexy. She was long past straining with my weight in any kind of crazy lift she did with me. One of my “rewards” for helping her out so much with her fucked up finances was to incorporate me into her workouts. My favorite was one where I took the mattress off my bed, and she would grab me by the shirt, and pick me up and just slam my body against the mattress and wall, sort of an extreme boxing type of workout, except with a 160 pound weight attached to her hand instead of a weighted glove! She could do hours of that now, and I failed before her incredible arms and shoulders did. We were still doing it (because I loved it so much, bruises and all), even though we had to change walls because we found out that even though we had the mattress against the wall, she was exerting to much force (as if my chest didn’t know that) that she was cracking the drywall right where I was being slammed against the mattress. It didn’t hurt so much as give me a sort of whiplash feeling, because even though I braced my neck against her strong “punches” I could never overcome that powerful motion completely, and my arms would just flail around as she slammed me so hard into the mattress. She just had unlimited power, it seemed.

“Hmmm… I think I need more examples to really make in informed decision, “I said, hanging from her gigantic arm, my toes dangling four feet off the ground.

She chuckled, looking up at me with her gorgeous green eyes.

“Oh, really… well, let’s start with option number one. Why don’t you reach down here and give them a nice big squeeze?”

I had taken my hands off them when she hiked me up in the air with her arm. My hands sort of automatically shoot to her huge arm when she hold me like that, because I love to feel how big and hard they are when they’re all blown up from her exertion.

She brought me down a little closer to her massive tits, and I grabbed those monsters with both hands and squeezed them. It was tough to really squeeze them both at the same time now because they had gotten so big and one hand was just not big enough to encompass one, but I placed my hands over each huge nipple and squeezed as much as I could. She helped by pulling me in tightly with her arm, and my hands sunk deep into her big melons.

“Yeah, that’s it baby. I’ll bet you like how big they’ve gotten since I’ve been putting away so many carbs, don’t you?” she said, looking up into my eyes.

“Goddamn, do I ever!” I said. “You can wrap those gorgeous boobs around my head now!”

She laughed, “Yeah, why doesn’t that surprise me that you like that so much? You probably like it even more when I pick your little body up off the ground with my tits wrapped around your head, don’t you?”

She already knew the answer to that, because the first time she did it, she held me off the ground, with her in a pair of four inch heels she wore for the occasion, and my big dick was so hard that when it rubbed against her thighs as she held me there, I lost control and blew a load all over her legs! She laughed when it happened, and I spent the next two hours washing her big body off in my shower.

“Well, how about this then?” she asked, and lifted me up so high that my dick was level with her huge tits.

She took a deep breath, and her gigantic tits strained her t-shirt to the breaking point, with inches of flesh pushing out of the top of her low-cut t-shirt. Then she flexed up her body so hugely that her shirt ripped from the bottom of the “v” in her v-necked t-shirt right down to the middle of her massive juggs in one big tear! Her bra was one of those ones that clasped in the front, and that clasp snapped like a toothpick, and her big tits spilled right out of the front of her shirt.

“Oh my God,” I breathed, and she laughed.

“I thought that would impress you. All of these damn shirts are way too tight now. My tits are like 65 inches around now with my chest getting so big… I have to buy way bigger shirts these days. I’ve been replacing my XXLs with 4XLs and they are still snug in the tits. Hell, they’re even snug in the shoulders and arms… just long on my waist, since I’m so long-legged.” She knew she was making me insane by talking about her big body, and she kept it up, of course.

“The other day I was driving to a sales call and I sneezed, and I busted my bra and ripped both of the sleeves of my blouse!” she laughed. “Thank God I had a change of clothes in my car. I was a little underdressed for the call, but I don’t think the little geeky dudes minded, since it was another of these insanely tight t-shirts I had to exercise in after work. My tits were so tightly packed in there, and with no bra… my nips were about poking these guys in the eyes as they walked me through their office. I actually poked the one guy in the forehead he was so short! I think the poor little guy had an accident on the spot! I almost laughed out loud… but I’ll tell you what. I made one HELL of a sale that day!”

She looked up at me and pushed her chest against me, pinning me to the wall. Then she smiled up at me and took her arm away from my shirt! She brought her arms down to her tits and pushed them together, and I swear my body lifted up as those monstrous tits swelled up hugely against my hips! She did that several times, and my cock peeked out of the waistband of my jeans.

“Hey, King James, did you finally wake up from your beauty rest? It’s about fucking time, big guy,” and she leaned forward and licked the head of my dick as it poked out of my jeans. I shuddered from the entire experience as her soft tongue traced its way across the head of my cock.

She lifted her head back up and talked down to my cock again.

“Why don’t you get in on the fun, your highness?” she said, and backed away from the wall, dropping me to the ground.

I landed on my feet, and braced at the drop. Then she pushed one of her huge thighs between my legs, the massive thing the diameter of my chest, and spread my legs far apart. She reached down to my fly and undid my pants, then grabbed me by the shirt again, and just yanked me up to the full height of her arm above her head, and pulled my pants down with the other.

King James, freed from his confinement, sprang to life and stabbed out toward her face.

“Oh, no, your highness, not this time!” she laughed, “You are going someone else today!”

She lowered my body back down the wall with her powerful arm and nestled King James into the valley between her huge breasts, and pushed back into the wall again. Then she let go again, and pushed her tits together from the sides, and King James was squeezed into her amazing cleavage as tightly as most women’s vaginas. The real kicker was that she starting flexing her pecs, and I could feel those gigantic tits sliding against my cock! A titfuck while I was pressed into the wall so high I was afraid of getting a nosebleed, and she massaged my cock with her pecs, not even using her hands to touch me at all! It was just too much to bear!

I could handle about two minutes of that, and King James had his say, firing a massive amount of come into her cleavage. It pooled in her décolletage like a milky white fountain, and she actually lifted her tits up with her hands (and me!) and bent her neck down to lap at it!

“Mmm… you know, you are too easy to get off these days!” she laughed up at me, and licked at my come some more. “Delicious!”

I was just blown away, and pressed my hands into her tits… there was so much flesh spilling out around her hands that I had no problem grabbing hold, and I didn’t get a drop of come on my hands.

“Damn, Jill… every day your body just gets more and more incredible. It’s like you’re not done growing or something. The only thing you haven’t done is get taller!”

“Yeah, like I need that! I already can’t find anything to wear with this body. I really don’t want to look for extra tall clothes instead of just tall. I’m at the ragged edge of “tall” now in clothes,” she said, and stepped back from the wall. I was ready this time, though, and I slipped my hands down over hers, and held myself up with my palms against her hands.

She looked up at me in surprise, and let her big tits slip out of her hands.

“Ha! That was a neat trick, little James! Hang on!” she said, and raised her hands up slowly over her head, and I locked my arms straight below me and rode up to the ceiling. She stopped when my head bumped gently against it, and brought me back down, her hands still in the same position as when she was holding her tits. My palms rested flat against the top of her hands and she curled them into fists to give me something easier to hold onto.

She did an easy set of ten of those without any sign of strain, and I just went for a ride as her gigantic shoulders powered me up effortlessly to the ceiling. At ten, she stopped, and brought me back down.

“That was cute, little guy… acrobatics with Jill! Maybe we can goof around like that sometime. I can still get into the rec center at my alma mater, maybe we can go there and fool around in the gymnastics area.”

“That sounds like fun, Jill,” I said to her, and she set me on my feet.

“Hey, do you know what time it is now, my little giant-cocked friend?” she looked down at me with a smile.

“What?” I said, distracted by her big tits jiggling near my face. I could smell my come as her tits hovered within inches of my chin.

“It’s time for you to pamper me and clean your mess off of my tits,” she said, and spun me around and marched me over to her stairs. I climbed up in front of her, and her hand slipped down to my ass and between my legs to cup my balls in her hand. She massaged my balls all the way up the stairs, and I was half erect again by the time I got to her bathroom.

She turned on the shower, and I turned around to take her clothes off, and she stood over me like some sort of goddess from another time.

She loved when I peeled her clothes off her body and pampered her in the shower. I guess it was a bit of nostalgia back to when we first met, but we spent a lot of our time together in the shower. She had since gotten her shower replaced with a big monster of a shower with multiple jets in the walls, and you got blasted from every direction imaginable. She had to replace the hot water heater, since we always ran the thing dry with our epic showers, and I couldn’t even imagine how much all of that cost.

“I love your shower, Jill.” I told her one time.

“Yeah, me too,” she said. “The guys who installed it helped me break it in, and that’s when I realized I needed a new hot water heater. That little piece of junk the landlord put in lasted about ten minutes tops. It’s like double that size now.”

I think that may have been the first time I had a pang of jealousy, about five months ago. Since then I had been steadily become more and more possessive of her, and I was getting to the point where I didn’t want to share any more. She was still this force of nature, though, and I didn’t think I had the stamina to keep up with her. I mean, she usually was the driving force in our lovemaking, and her strength was such that she tossed my body around like I was made of plastic… and sometimes bent it like that, as well. But I knew that no matter how much she loved my big cock, I just couldn’t hang on to satisfy her as much as she needed. I made her come like six times the one night, and I was so exhausted that I could barely lift my head, and she still was full of energy. She just held me over her head and sucked my cock that night until I thought it was going to fall off. I think I may have actually fallen asleep while she was pressing me over her head again and again, gulping down my big cock like a sword-swallower in some sort of endlessly looped video clip. I think she did just about every trick in the book to me that night, even doing stuff that wasn’t getting her off to wind me up. Hell I probably came six times that night, myself!

I she gave her shirt a tug and ripped the rest of it in half, and I slid the tatters of her shirt and bra off her hugely muscled body, gliding my hands over every inch of her upper torso. She drew in a big breath and sighed deeply as my hands caresses her powerful frame. I made my way down her body, kissing her skin (and carefully dodging my come all over the middle of her cleavage). I suckled each of her huge nipples, and got a gasp from her as I latched onto those awesome symbols of womanhood. I spent a good ten minutes on them alone, and she didn’t rush me, just held her head back, a glorious smile on her face, and let me take my time worshipping her body.

I finally worked my way down to the pants and unbuttoned them, walking around her to slide the waist of her stretch jeans over her gigantic bubble ass. It stuck out so far I could probably set a beer and my dinner on it and not have it slope downward at all. Hell, I could probably lie across it as far as it stuck out! But it also made pulling her pants off a real bitch, and she giggled at my efforts to pull those super tight pants off her ass.

After all of my struggling, I managed to get her waistband about a quarter of the way down over the unbelievable upper slope of her ass, and she finally turned and looked down over her shoulder at me, a little smile on her face.

“Yeah, my big ass has really gotten out of control, hasn’t it?” she said. “Do you want me to help? I have to struggle with all of my pants, too, and I’m WAY stronger than you!”

“No, I have an idea,” I said, and I pulled myself off the ground and wrapped my legs around the fullest part of her ass, and then grabbed the waistband with both hands and deadlifted the band off her big curvy butt as I gripped her huge hips in the legs as hard as I could. I actually managed to slide them to about the midway point, the fullest point before my arms started shaking from the effort.

“Wow, that is quite the hot technique, little guy,” she cooed at me from over her shoulder.

“Necessity of the mother of invention,” I said up to her with a smile and I slipped both of my hands onto her waistband and jumped upward, putting my full body weight on her pants, and I was actually hanging with my arms locked, the waistband of her pants stretched insanely tightly across her super-lush hips.

She let out a big laugh.

“I can’t believe my pants can hold up your body from being stretched across my ass!” she said, and did a little bounce up and down, working the band downward. I did my part by shaking my body as I held myself up, and after about five minutes of this teamwork, her pants finally slid down below the amazing swell of her super curvy butt. On my way down, I made sure King James, now fully erect, made his way into the deep deep cleft between her huge ass cheeks, and he lodged himself nicely into her ass.

“Oh, the King is inspecting the rearward fortifications, is he?” she said with a chuckle, and tightened her ass up, and my downward motion stopped as her ass gripped my cock between her powerful muscles.

I immediately felt some major pressure on my cock as gravity pulled my body downward, and Jill’s ass held King James prisoner in her impregnable fortress. I quickly grabbed around her waist, and held on tight until she decided she was going to ease up on the squeeze.

“His majesty finds the rear fortifications more and more impressive every time he does his inspections!” I said quickly, and she laughed and let up on her pressure. My poor cock slipped out as I dropped to the floor. I gave her big ass a slap and set it to jiggling, and she flexed it back up and stopped the motion cold.

“Did I ever tell you that you have the world’s most amazing ass?” I said, and began to worship those huge round orbs, running my hands over her ass almost reverently, planting kisses all over her, and pushing my face into the deep cleavage as I wrapped my arms as far around as I could, not even close to spanning her hip’s awesome girth.

“You may have mentioned it a few thousand times,” she laughed, and pushed her butt out toward me, spreading it even wider, it’s gigantic curvy shape becoming even more pronounced the deeper she bent.

She bent her legs down a little as she stuck her ass out, and I guided King James to her pussy, trying like hell to maneuver around that big thing to get him home, but it was an effort in futility. As big as my cock was, it was no match for the sheer volume of her ass, and poor King James missed his mark by several inches. I had to settle for sliding the head of my cock up the bottom slope of her ass as I worked my way down further.

I got to the point where I was kneeling behind her, and the view of her massive ass from this angle was downright intimidating. I had visions of her dropping down on me and crushing me underneath her gigantic butt. I’d probably need professional extraction, and I doubted I’d survive, anyway.

It was still sexy as hell to see, though, so I reversed my direction, and started sliding my tongue up from behind her to reach her pussy, my head facing upward and my arms going around her huge thighs on either side of my head to hold me up. I was practically doing the Limbo underneath her huge body, and I finally found her pussy waiting for me and dripping wet, so I dove right in.

This took her by surprise, and she gasped, her legs tightening up. My whole body was pinned tightly between them, and I probably could have picked my legs right up off the ground and still have been held in place.

She looked down at me, wide eyed.

“Ooh, you kinky little guy… that feels so fucking good! I think we’ll put my agenda on hold for a second,” she said, and reached in to turn off the shower.

Then she reached down and took both of my legs in her hands and bend my whole lower body upward, curved around her massive ass, and King James rammed right into her huge ass at the widest point. Her butt was so thick that he wedged in about six inches and still didn’t make contact with anything except the juicy flesh on either side.

Jill tightened up her ass a little, and I felt it push my body away from hers as it swelled up massively. It also put one hell of an erotic squeeze on my cock, and I moaned at the pleasure, and plunged my tongue as deeply into Jill’s pussy as I could. I only wish I had a longer tongue, but I was only lucky in one sexual device, not two. I still could reach her clit from my unusual position, and Jill gasped as my tongue brushed across it. Her entire lower body tensed up, and for a second I thought she would collapse my entire ribcage between her thighs. King James also felt the squeeze, and I let out a whimper at the incredible pressure.

“Ooh, sorry, little guy, you took me by surprise,” she said, and eased up to crushingly intense, but not painfully intense.

She starting pulling my legs upward, shoving my cock into the cleft of her asscheeks, and continued the squeezing of her ass and thighs.

It was one hell of a weird way to get laid, but I didn’t care… it felt incredible, and if she wanted to wrap my entire body around her ass and fuck me like that, who was I to complain? I just wanted to eat her out so thoroughly she would not have to go roaming for another piece of ass tonight, and maybe stay over with me. Maybe tonight would be the night I told her yes I was jealous of other guys and wanted her all to myself. I don’t know how well I’d take it if she laughed me off, though, and I started doubting my resolve to actually say anything.

I only ever had her stay over three nights in all the times we had hooked up. It felt great and comfortable being curled up with her incredible body, but usually once we finished our booty call, we would both be kind of awkward, and things would break up pretty quickly from there. I didn’t want to seem like some needy pussy clinging to her leg, and I don’t think she wanted to let me see how little I did to satisfy her, so we just kind of sucked it up and gave a quick hug and she took off to her place. Hell, I never even checked to see if she left after that, I usually just plugged in my headphones to my .mp3 player and listened to some music as I thought about swallowing my pride and telling her how crazy I was about her.

The last “sleepover” was about three nights ago, and it was wonderful like they usually were, my smaller body wrapped up in her bigger one like I was in a cocoon, or maybe the womb would be a better analogy, but the next morning, things were weirder than usual. Jill smiled all the time, and wasn’t her usual “damn the torpedoes” self. She actually offered to cook, and she burned about four eggs before I showed her how I usually made her eggs. She was a quick study, and made me sit down while she cooked up a dozen egg, but I ended up having to get up and help her with hash browns and toast. She never really seemed to have an interest in cooking before. Maybe she was ready to “cut the cord” and move on, or maybe she finally found a big dude with a big cock and she was becoming self-sufficient. She hadn’t mentioned anyone lately, and she was usually pretty forthcoming about her conquests, including how much stronger she was than them, which always got me wound up. I know I’m not the strongest guy on the planet, far from it, but when she would talk about how she made a 350 pound defensive lineman from her alma mater cry like a baby, I couldn’t help but get excited about her exploits. That day she didn’t talk about Mr. Right, or any of her Mr. Right-now’s, she just chit chatted about stuff around the neighborhood and about some of the things she didn’t like about her place, her “new washer” being one of them.

The “new” washer turned out to be another ancient piece of shit our slumlord foisted upon her… God only knows where he got it. It must have been 150 pounds, and the tub inside felt like it was made of cast-iron.

I went out and bought my own washer and dryer about a month after I moved in, and told the guy I would split him the cost, so he probably paid what he would’ve paid anyway, and I got good appliances at half price, or at least that was how I looked at it.

So, she was bitching about her washer and how it was actually eating as many clothes as it cleaned, and I just said, “Why don’t you just come over and use my stuff, or just bring it over if you’re busy and I’ll do them with my stuff?”

She stopped cold, and looked at me like she was going to cry or something, and I was starting to freak out. I have NEVER seen this woman do anything even remotely near the stuff she was doing today, and I was getting scared at this new turn of events… it was so out of character for her.

I originally thought we wouldn’t be very compatible, but the more I hung out with her, the more I enjoyed having her around. She was smart and funny in a locker room kind of way, which was fine with me. Even though I wasn’t a big jock, I enjoyed watching the Final Four with her, and we even went to catch a NBA game one night. It was like a real date and even though people stared and we heard some comments, it didn’t seem to matter at the time. I remember being pissed later, but in the moment, nobody even seemed to exist other than her, and I was on Cloud Nine for the next few days after our date.

Jill was finally starting to come from my ramming my tongue into her, and she tensed up, and I could tell she was trying to go easy on me, but it still hurt like hell. I thought about how much power that body had, and that she was probably struggling not to crush me like a bug, and that pushed me over the edge too, and I yelled and fired a geyser of come right up the crack and halfway up her back!

After that I just hung limply between her legs and I heard her calling out, “James? James, are you okay? Hey!”

I opened one eye, and she was looking down at me with a look on her face like she thought she killed me. She let out an audible “whew” when she saw me open my eyes, and then she clamped down her thighs on me hard!

“You shithead! I thought I crushed you dead! Don’t do that to me, you asshole!” she yelled down at me and dropped my legs. I put my feet down, and leg go of her huge thighs and lowered myself from her delicious pussy to the floor.

“Sorry! I thought you were really gentle… for you,” I said back up at her, surprised at her reaction. Usually she was just all gung ho and rougher than hell, but today, she was not behaving like herself for some reason.

“Are you okay, Jill?” I asked her, sitting on the floor between her huge thighs. “You don’t seem like yourself today. I’ve seen you pissed off today, but you just don’t seem, I don’t know, confident and above it all like you normally are?”

“Above it all… really?” she said down to me. “Is that how I really seem to you?” She reached back over and turned on the shower.

This was uncharted territory for us. We were both usually about the sex, and she always seemed to be coming around and… well, taking stuff from me. She ate my food, I helped her pay her bills, hell I even went with her to get a dog, a black and white floppy eared dog that turned out to be a Great Dane, all legs and drool, which now weighed probably weighed as much as I did! She really enjoyed herself the day she got that dog…

“Um…” I stumbled for a response in this new dynamic, “I dunno. I guess I just think you’re just above me… does that make sense? You just crash through life and everything better just get the fuck out of your way, you know?”

She smiled at that statement, and reached down to pick me up off my feet.

“You know, you’re not getting out of my pampering. There is even more to clean, now.” She said with a smirk as she held me up to her face. Then she surprised me again by planting a gentle kiss of my mouth, her eyes closing. The ends of her mouth turned up in a little smile as her tongue danced with mine.

This was not the usual fiery, passionate Jill. I didn’t know who the hell this was. Maybe she needed rent money…. I started tallying up how much extra I had set aside in this month’s “Jill” fund. I was enough of a geek to actually allocate part of my monthly budget to her, and in my spreadsheet that I tracked my expenses with, I had her in her own column.

I had noticed that the amount in the Jill Fund had been steadily increasing, even though she hadn’t actually been asking me for more lately. Actually, she had missed her monthly “request”, and I was wondering if she was actually getting her financial act together.

She had discretely inquired about my bookkeeping once, but I was really hesitant to show her, since I was worried that if she knew any real numbers, she could up her asking amount. I didn’t want to give her any more of an opportunity, because I knew that I was falling for her, and if she wanted more, I probably wouldn’t refuse. I think that was why I was sticking more in her monthly fund… I was gearing up for the inevitable “request”.

Jill set me back down and made her way into the shower. I, of course watched her big curvy ass as it swayed with each step, and I looked up and caught her watching me watch her. She smiled and stepped in to the hot blast of water. I followed her into the shower, and got ready to worship her body the “right” way this time.

I usually didn’t go down on her in the middle of one of my pampering sessions, but I just couldn’t help myself today. Her body was so tantalizing, and I think I was starting to get sappy about her. I knew I was setting myself up to get an emotional ass-kicking, but for some reason I wasn’t as concerned about that today. I was just really into pleasing her today.

I got the washcloth and set it aside, and got a bunch of her body wash in my hands, and lathered my hands up. Then I started running my hands all over her big body, paying extra attention to the parts I had “decorated”. Jill just lay back, luxuriating in my attention as she always did. It was one of our nicer showers together. It was sexy and hot, but just comfortable.

It almost felt like we were a couple. I did all of the things to her that I knew she liked, but it was hardly a chore, since I enjoyed paying attention to her body so much. I think I enjoyed our showers more than she did. I had free reign to roam my hands over that incredible body to my heart’s content, and I found I would be content to do that for the rest of my life. Hell, even if she didn’t want to go out, I could almost console myself to that fact if she hired me as her personal masseuse.

A positive benefit I got from paying so much attention to Jill’s ungodly body was that my hands got really strong from giving that rock-hard body so much attention. When she was totally relaxed like she was in the shower, I could almost rub her body like a normal person, and I really could dig deep into those big strong muscles and get the knots out. When she was pumped or when she just casually flexed her muscles, forget it. I couldn’t dent those things with a jackhammer, let alone my poor little fingers. I think she tried to absolutely relax in the shower both because she enjoyed my fingers kneading her muscles, and because she knew I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t going to spoil anything by letting her know I knew it. I was perfectly content to let her make this a dominance thing. The end justified the means.

Today was an epic shower, with us in there nearly two hours. We both looked like shipwreck survivors when we came out, all wrinkled and soggy, and neither of us was in much of a lovemaking mood incredibly. So I ran over to my place and grabbed a DVD and put it in her really great system, and actually curled up on her couch together to watch it. About an hour in, I felt Jill’s body get heavier against me, and I was surprised to find she was asleep, her mouth curled up in a little smile. Since we didn’t really do the “date” thing as much as we did the casual sex thing together, I wasn’t sure what I should do with her. I know what I wanted to do, so fuck it, I may never get another chance. I gently moved her big body so her head was resting on a pillow I pulled onto my lap, and lay her head down on it, and kept watching the movie, stroking her head and enjoying the feeling of her lying there with me.

She didn’t wake up when the movie was over, so I just ran it through again, and then again, enjoying the feeling of just being with her.

I didn’t realize I had drifted off until I woke up to find I was in her bed, her big body draped over me , her gigantic breasts pressed into my back. As gently as I could, I turned my body in her arms until her head was resting between her ripe womanly charms, and I curled up with her as tightly as I could, savoring the feeling of her all around me. She shifted a little, and her arms tightened on me, and she let out a sigh in her sleep. This whole afternoon and evening was like the perfect night for me, and I drifted back to sleep, a big lazy smile on my face.

The next morning I awoke still in her arms, but she was resting with her back propped up on pillows and was reading a book with one hand, the other hand holding me to her big body, my head nestled into her big perfect breasts. I stirred a little and she looked down from her book, but I pretended to still be asleep, I was enjoying the moment too much to kill it with the awkwardness that always followed this type of thing, and she sighed again, her big chest rising and falling, her heart’s strong beat a metronome in my ears. I could have sworn I heard her silently say, “Good,” and squeeze my body tighter, but since my head was buried in her gigantic tits, I wasn’t sure if that’s what I heard, or just her breathing out with her sigh.

Hell, I couldn’t tell if she was bored with my lying on her and was just being unusually kind by letting me sleep in a bit or if she was actually enjoying us lying in bed together. I was, of course, praying for the latter. Whatever the reason for her not disturbing me, I decided I wanted to be selfish for a change and take a little enjoyment from her.

I drifted back off after a while, despite trying to fight it, and awoke in bed by myself.
“Shit,” I swore under my breath, and could have kicked myself for missing all of that time in her arms.

I got up out of bed and gave a big stretch, then put my feet on the floor, and noticed I was in my pajamas, one of the pair that had my college alma mater on it. I certainly didn’t bring them over, so that meant Jill had gone over some time last night and gotten them, and dressed me while I slept. ‘Huh, I didn’t realized I slept so soundly,’ was my first though, then, ‘HOLY SHIT, she actually did something nice for ME for a change!’ raced through my mind and I about fell out of the bed. I think that was the first time she had done something that I hadn’t asked her to do. It may well have been the first time she had given me something instead of taking…

This epiphany slapped me across the face like a physical blow.

It was at this point I smelled something good come from downstairs, and heard footsteps on the steps leading up to Jill’s bedroom. I hadn’t made any noise, so I quietly tucked back into bed and closed my eyes, eager to see what would happen next.

I heard Jill’s big body enter the room… hell, she was so big you could almost FEEL her enter the room… and I heard her stop in the doorway. I would have loved to have seen her face at this moment, but then I heard something that made my heart sing… she gave this happy little sigh, and I heard her approach the bed, and I felt it dip as her big body climbed aboard. I felt her big arm go around me, and she lifted my prone body up onto her big body as she lay back in the position she was in when I had awoken before, tucking my head right back where it was before, again a big sigh as I nestled into her big breasts.

This time I heard an unmistakable “mmmm” coming from her and felt her arms wrap around my body, and King James decided to announce to the world he was up and about.

“Ooooh, what do we have here?” she whispered to herself, and I felt her hand slide down my body to feel my big cock as it throbbed against her hand.

“It seems you’re an early riser than your companion, my king,” she whispered with a little chuckle to herself, and gently stroked my cock with her big hand. “Maybe I should give him a wake up call so breakfast doesn’t burn on the stove. What’s that King James? Don’t ruin the moment you say? Ah, you are wise, my liege.” And she wrapped both arms around me and just held me there, no reading.

I about shit… did I just hear what I thought I heard? It sounds like she was enjoying this as much as I was! I think my heart skipped a beat or two in thinking about the implications.

I lay for a little while longer, but I was so excited I couldn’t keep up my ruse, and I started to stir as if I was waking up. I felt Jill gently lay me on the bed beside her and roll over so her big body was lying on her side next to me like a wall of humanity.

“Hey, sleepy head, are you awake?” she said in a very uncharacteristic greeting.

“Mmmm,” I gave a big stretch, and opened my eyes to find her with her head propped in her hand, looking down on me. “Yeah… sorry, I must’ve dozed off on you. Are we in your bed?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she said, and smiled at me. “How would you like some breakfast?”

“I would love it,” I said, and sat up, and on a whim, leaned over and kissed her as tenderly as I could. I felt her body stiffen in surprise, and then she put her arms around me and pulled me onto her big body, that unique combination of softness and hardness that I found more intoxicating than any alcohol.

Our lips lingered on each other for a few minutes, and Jill popped up, taking my body with it.

“Oh, hell, I don’t want to ruin it!” she yelled, and setting me aside, dashed down the stairs.

I gave a quite chuckle, and got up. I noticed that my bathrobe was thrown over the chair in the corner of her bedroom, so I pulled it on and went downstairs.

Jill had caught her breakfast just in time, and it managed to not get burnt. I walked in and my eyes went wide at the tableau laid out before me.

Jill was in a big t-shirt that said “I Love My Big Dog” stretched across her huge chest, and a pair of matching pajama bottoms with dogs and hearts all over them that looked like they were about to explode from her huge ass and thighs stretching them out. She caught me looking and gave me a grin.

“This is the biggest size they make… it’s a 5X, and the damn thing is STILL too tight. And don’t even get me started on the pants…” she said, and King James was ready to show his approval.

‘Down boy… don’t turn this into sex,’ I thought, and willed my libido into check… not wanting to spoil this whole unprecedented event.

‘I think I may have to take up sewing…’ I thought, looking up at that gently smiling face. This was definitely a side of Jill I had never seen, but liked immensely!

“I think the Big Dog Company needs to cater to big curvy girls, not just big all over girls… maybe they should hire you on as a figure model,” I said to her with a grin and sat down at the table.

“They might have to change their name to Huge Dog Company or…” she began.

“Curvaceous Dog Company… Voluptuous Dog Company… dare I say, Super Hot Dog Company… maybe not that last one,” I said with a little wit, and she laughed.

“Yeah, I don’t think I could wear Hot Dog clothing…” she laughed, and slid a plate in front of me.

“Wow this is quite a spread,” I said, impressed. There were bagels, some cream cheese, jelly and she had cooked a couple of omelets that were in her oven warming, and there was even Lox! “Is this a special occasion?”

“Yeah, I think it is,” she said, and pulled an omelet out of the oven and put it on my plate. “I remember you saying you like spinach, mushrooms and provolone on your omelets…”

“You remembered that?” I said, and tried to think of when I had told her that, but she had nailed it.

“I do have ears you know… even if I don’t seem to use them at times,” she said, and sat down with me, her own omelet (about six eggs to my three) on her plate.

“How about yours, what did you put in it,” I asked.

“The same… I didn’t want to task overload too much,” she said, “I’m sure you have seen I’m not exactly a domestic goddess…”

“I think you did fine,” I said, and took a bite. She watched me like a hawk, and I chewed the very good omelet, ignoring the occasional crunch of eggshell.

‘I’ll have to teach her my egg cracking technique,’ I thought. ‘I don’t think I have gotten shell in my eggs for years.’

“This is fantastic,” I said, and she smiled, hopefully not hearing me crunching on eggshells. “I didn’t know you knew how to make omelets!”

“I gave it a try one time and found out I made decent ones,” she said, and I could tell she was lying, but I wasn’t going to say anything. It actually was pretty good, and I could tell she had really put some effort into this. The shell was an easily fixed thing, but the technique she used to turn and cook breakfast was sound… it was cooked well, not overdone, even though it sat in the oven for who knows how long, and the flavors were excellent.

“Would you like a bagel?” she asked and handed a basket over with one of every type it seemed. We had a bagel place up a few blocks away, and I recognized several of the types they sold there. The lox was a mystery, but I figured she must have hit the grocery store on her way back from the bagel place… she must have been busy this morning…

“Yes, please,” I said and took the basket. I picked out one with sun-dried tomatoes, the kind I loved, and lay some cream cheese down, and asked for the lox, which she handed over.

“Have you ever had lox? Really high protein and next to no fat, Omega 3, really healthy stuff…” I said, and she declined.

“I am not really a fish person, especially raw fish,” she said

“Its smoked, actually,” I said, “but it’s as close to raw as you can get without it being sushi.”

“Hey, you know what? I have something over at my place that will go really well with this!” I said, and hopped up and ran to her deck.

“Where are you going?” she asked, and stood up to follow me.

“The quick way,” I said and got up on the railing of her deck and hopped lightly across the four feet of gap to my own deck, and fished my hidden key from under a big standing plant I had in the corner.

“Hey, if you ever need to come in, this is here,” I said back to her, and unlocked to door on the deck.

Our decks were up pretty high, since we were on the side of a sloping downward grade in the back yard, and they sat about fifteen feet off the ground, with concrete below them, potting the pillars that held the deck above. It wasn’t the safest crossing in the world, but I was fairly agile, and didn’t think anything of it.

Jill apparently had other thoughts.

“You’re going to break your neck!” she yelled over at me, looking irate.

‘Now THAT is the Jill I know,” I thought and smiled over at her.

“Nah, it’s okay,” I said, and handed over a glass bottle of orange juice, but not showing her what I had behind my back.

“That’s freshly squeezed,” I said. “This IS a special occasion, right?” and then handed over the bottle of Dom Perignon I bought the day I paid off my student loan.

I swear her eyes teared up when she saw that.

“Mimosas, baby!” I said, and made to jump back over the railing. I made sure to gently hand over the champagne before I did, just in case.

“Freeze!” she said, and stretched her arm over toward me, spanning the gap between our decks. “Just step over. I don’t want to be taking your butt to the Emergency Room., even though I have a new car battery!”

“Whatever you say, milady,” I said, and swung my butt over the railing, and she held her hand out to me, palm up, and I scooted my ass over to her hand, which of course, didn’t budge when I put my full weight on it.

The incredible Jill-powered elevator lifted my body up and over the railings, setting me down next to her.

“Thanks. That IS much safer,” I said to her with a laugh, and we went back into the kitchen to sit down to our breakfast.

The omelets had cooled a little, but were still fine.

I poured us Dom Perignon mimosas, and raised my glass in a toast. She raised hers as well, and held it near mine.

“To pleasant surprises,” I said and and tapped my glass to hers.

“Hear, hear… to new beginnings,” she said, and we tapped a seond time, and took a sip.

This morning was shaping up just fine. I couldn’t think of a better reason to uncork my champagne!


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Hehe, just another great read man, love the car lifting, that's always been a favorite story element that I have enjoyed for a long time. I can't wait to see a continuation!

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