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Baxter’s Surprise

Part 1

“So Mike when will the system be ready for testing then?” Sandra sat on the end of my desk with her short business skirt riding well up her silky thighs and she was toying with a strand of her long dark hair twisting it playfully as she spoke to me. God what a distraction this woman was and she was my boss! Her flirtatious manor had increased over the last few weeks and as always I tried not to respond and acted professionally. Sure I was attracted to her, who wouldn’t be ? She was in her mid twenties extremely pretty and with a killer body that was part catwalk model part centerfold mixed into a gorgeous creation of legs and curves that would arouse any man. But why did she flirt with me? Sure I was an intelligent guy and good looking if I do say so myself but I wasn’t in her league, she was a billionaire who had recently inherited her deceased mothers electronics empire Fem-technologies.

I had been working on a secret project for Mrs. Baxter or Sandra’s mother since I was 20 and had left education straight into the employment of the Fem-technologies Special Projects Research Division which had one employee namely me! It was that secret.

“Err Miss Baxter, I hope to be in the position for testing next week”

“You can call me Sandra Mike, we’ve known each other for a couple of months now so I think we can drop the formal address don’t you?” I watched Sandra stand up from my desk and she pulled her skirt down just a fraction , my eyes drifted to her long legs and then I was drawn to her partially exposed cleavage as she lent forward, she caught my glance and I respectfully looked her in the eyes with an uneasy smile on my face at being discovered. Sandra just smiled her perfect teeth at me and continued “and Mike can you modify the scanner so that it can select between male and female targets please?”

“Yeh sure Miss Baxter, I mean Sandra no problem can I ask why?”

“There are some cancers we may wish to individually target Mike that are more biased to one of the sexes like testicular cancer for example or breast cancer.”

“I see, it’s a simple modification I should have it calibrated by the end of today”

“Great you are so efficient Mike, you know if you have this system ready for testing next week we should go out for a meal to celebrate”

“Err Yes that would be nice” Sandra smiled again and began to leave

“It’s a date then, I will see you tomorrow ” I watched her slinky figure wiggle out of the high security lab and out of sight leaving me alone as normal to get on with my work. I couldn’t believe she had just invited me for dinner it was professional courtesy I decided although part of me thought it may be more as she was becoming more and more forward with each passing day that I worked under her. Yesterday I’m sure she had purposely drop her pen just so I could see her bend over to retrieve it and catch a look at the sexy stockings she was wearing. Her outfits had become more and more revealing with shorter and shorter skirts not that I was complaining she was a beautiful woman and a major distraction.

I decided to put this out of my mind I had my development work to continue and the modifications to get on with. I had been working many late nights recently and seemed more and more absorbed by my work this had led to my current girlfriend Gina deciding to move in with me so she could get to see more of me. For Gina’s sake that evening I left pretty much on time.

As I walked out of the main building I marveled at the flow of the office workers that followed me nearly all of them female and most of them between 18 to 35. I’m not sure how Fem-technologies managed to get away with their employment structure but it was true that over 95% of their worldwide staff are women. It was surprising no one had hit them with a sexist lawsuit. It was also well known that the founder Mrs. Angela Baxter was a firm believer in progressing women into the IT industry which had been until her company entered the marketplace a male dominated arena. Today Fem-technologies more than addressed this balance by becoming the most dominant technology provider in the World. How had she achieved this feat? well that was secret to all of the world but I knew. Fem-technologies rose to their current status with their core business based on providing computer systems with revolutionary chip set technologies and architecture that preceded the nearest competition by decades. IBM, SUN and all the other manufacturers failed to compete and Fem-technologies led the way in all major areas. It was incredible that the smallest portable computer produced by Fem-technologies no bigger than a palm held mobile phone was capable of out performing a wardrobe sized monster computer from the nearest rivals. It wouldn’t be long before Fem-technologies closed down these inferior brands.

I got to my house and there was no sign of Gina yet I must have beaten her home. I watched TV noting on the news broadcast that Sandra had just successfully launched the final satellite system that would compliment a global network of 50 orbiting the planet. The presenter was relaying how these high-tech satellites would be used to monitor the earth’s weather and environment with extreme accuracy never heard of before but I knew that was a dual function and not their real role.

I guess I should explain the background of Fem-technologies. All of the success and the worth of the Fem-technologies empire was totally attributed to a very unique discovery by Mrs. Angela Baxter’s Grand-mother. In the 1950’s there was the Roswell incident which no one seemed to know if it was real or not? Had the military really recovered a crashed UFO or was this a weather balloon or other such stories we hear. Except I now know this was a real occurrence and indeed visitors from outside our Galaxy ventured into our atmosphere and crashed their craft. The reason I am so sure of this is that Fem-technologies has a small section of that Space craft, a piece of technology that literally fell from the skies into a farmers field a few hundred miles from the reported crash site. The Baxter’s who ran this farm recovered the technology that had wedged itself into one of their crop fields and hadn’t revealed the find to any authorities. Angela Baxter grew up with this secret and became a scientist so she could appreciate the technology .Having had this family air loom passed on to her she started to understand the technology and began to make a profit from the advanced secrets that she learned. Replicating complex computer chips she started a small computer company that very quickly became a giant all the time making everyone believe that she herself invented these unique revolutionary systems. When I joined the company I was put through a very rigorous screening procedure to check my character and I was forced to sign a non disclosure agreement which had very severe penalties if I was to choose alternate employment and reveal the secrets I had learned within the industry. I remember my first year working hand in hand with Mrs. Baxter she had a great handle on the technology and back then I read all her years of research.

Gina entered the apartment and was very surprised to see me lounging on the sofa watching the box.

“Am I seeing things or is that my handsome boyfriend on the sofa?”

“Hey babe” I greeted “thought I would surprise you and check out early today I’m ahead on my work and well I haven’t seen much of you lately”

“Well I’m glad you did” Gina came over to the sofa and met my lips with a passionate kiss and we fell into each other arms pretty quickly and ended up making love right there and then on the living room carpet.

I watched Gina dress herself as I lay on the floor naked with a satisfied grin across my face.
“I think I should come home this time every day”
Part 2

“I think I should come home this time every day”

I remarked which brought a smile to Gina’s beautiful face. Gina was twenty three and an Science teacher at the local school, she was a total contrast to the stereo type image that her looks portrayed because although she was what some might term a blonde bimbo in appearance she was actually very intelligent. I always thought she would make a great clothes model but Gina always said she was far to short to be a model and a little disproportionate in the chest department to be your typical clothes hanger. Although I wasn’t complaining and I knew that nearly every hormonal teenage boy she taught must have drooled over her abundant cleavage at some stage.

I’m surprised any of them managed to concentrate on their lessons because if she had been my science teacher there’s no way I would have been half the brain box I am today. Gina went off for a shower and I decided to cook a meal for us both.

The next morning I left Gina early and set off to get a head start on my work for the day. As I entered the special lab I saw that my flat panel monitor had been disturbed it was pulled down a little on its swivel joint, had Sandra been in early or late last night to check my progress? She certainly must be keen to see my advances in the project.

I haven’t really elaborated on what the project was that I have been working on for many years. When I joined Fem-technology Angela Baxter introduced me to the complete unit that had fallen from the skies those years ago. It wasn’t damaged at all from the impact in fact the metals utilized seemed to have properties I was only just starting to understand but if I was to surmise I think it was this particular piece of technology aboard the space vehicle that was responsible for it crashing. It had taken Angela Baxter over a decade to decipher that this unit was capable of generating some sort of energy stream that could re-scale any kind of matter. Further study had informed her that when integrated within the spacecraft it was this very unit that enabled the craft to propel itself at such astonishing speeds and over long distances to travel presumably the various galaxies out their. If you have ever seen the space shuttle and our attempts to reach the stars its quite surprising when you see the sheer power required to boost the shuttle into orbit through our atmosphere. Strapped on the back of a huge solid rocket fuel booster which dwarfs the shuttle in size the shuttle is hurtled into the space and this is why we will never see a shuttle being able to land on other planets and then simply take off again as the fuel load itself would prove impossible to launch and carry on such missions time and time again.

The aliens had compensated for this disadvantage with the unit I currently studied, which was utilized to scale the size of the fuel payload and that of the cargo and the very crew themselves so as to improve the power to weight ratio of the craft itself. This would turn the craft into what must have been equivalent to a space missile. Because the fuel on demand could be re-scaled as it was delivered to the engines so it would expel the correct energy but when it was stored the fuel would be hundreds of times lighter and occupy a fantastically reduced area allowing the craft to become almost 95% an engine with just a tiny area for the re-scaled crew and cargo. Thus almost any payload could be conceivably taken onboard and without the restriction in design and power draw to support normal life support systems to a normal sized crew the spacecraft could convert almost all its power to thrust. It was assumed that when they reached planets of interest the unit using its inbuilt targeting scanner could re-scale the travelers and their equipment enabling them to conduct their work in a normal manor. It’s my belief that this particular unit was jettisoned after fuel may have re-scaled too early during entry into our atmosphere causing an imbalance but this was just theory to why they jettisoned the unit clear of the craft. In any event I was fascinated by all of these discoveries and initially thought I was going to be involved in some space exploration development work but Angela had other plans as I soon found out.

Having been suffering with a cancerous growth Angela worked on the targeting scanner to modify its accurate scan to pin-point the life signs of human rather than alien life. She had even managed to modify it further to actually scan right down to medical abnormalities singling them out. It was her vision that one of the uses of this technology when harnessed was to use the array of satellites that Fem-technologies had begun to put into orbit each fitted with versions of this scanner and other alien technologies aside to target simultaneously every living human being on the planet. Scanning a human the satellite emission could re-scale or reduce any internal cancerous growths present from orbit by bombarding them in a bath of targeted energy that this device produced. Almost overnight targeted forms of cancers could be potentially halted and eradicated.

It was a wild concept but I knew now as I was closer to the testing stage that this was all possible with the alien technology inspiring my designs and modifications to fulfil Angela Baxters dreams.

Unfortunately Angela passed away from one of the very cancers that she was trying to rid the world of.

I began work today not long before Sandra appeared; she was wearing a blue dress a designer make I’m sure and worth every penny on her frame.

“Hey Mike how’s it going? I saw that you had re-aligned the grid matrix yesterday and you implemented the mods to the scanner to detect each sex”

“Hi Miss Baxter yes it proved no problem I’m working on the remote targeting control interface today so we can control the test satellite from here and prove our theories.”

Sandra walked up behind me as I sat facing my monitor and rested a hand on my shoulder briefly her long hair touched down on me as she spoke.

“Sandra, please call me Sandra Mike I may be your boss as I said yesterday but I’d like to think we’ve become good friends as well”

“Oh sure” I responded a little uncomfortable she was certainly getting very touchy feely around me and if I didn’t know better I would have said she fancied me but perhaps it was just her way.

“Mike I have to attend a presentation ceremony for my mothers achievements today hence the dress but I wanted to let you know that there’s a small change in your focus from today onwards”

“Oh really?” I was intrigued.

“Yes , I would like you to study the human equation a bit more in terms of the re-scaling abilities you see unlike my mother I see all sorts of applications for this technology and my business head has led me to provide a very candid flavor of what we could potentially offer to NASA. Well they are a big user of our supercomputers and it didn’t take long to get the ears of the future technologies division and seed them with how we could make their next generation space vehicles a reality”

“Wow that’s great Sandra and I guess that was the original purpose of the unit if our data is accurate”

“Exactly if we capture this market and the medical market there’s no end to where we can deploy the benefits of this wonder”

“I don’t think that will be a long task the ability of the targeting units can select complete entities now if my interface for the remotes goes well we could have a test ready for next Monday”

“You’re brilliant Mike now I know my mother didn’t employ you for your looks alone” She smiled and walked off to her meeting. On Friday I was pretty much there with my work. Sandra was hovering about all day and she had come in straight from her private gym within the building she was hardly dressed in a small black leotard and just some trainers on her feet and it didn’t help me to focus I can tell you and I’m sure she knew it. As I was laid under one of the terminal relays on the lab floor fixing a loose connection Sandra came over and decided to get down on her hands and knees so she could see what I was working on and speak to me at my level. On purpose or not it led to me looking up to see her and catching a breathtaking view of her displayed cleavage in her revealing lycra one piece. Sandra smirked a little as I flushed with embarrassment and continued as if nothing had happened.

Later that day I muttered that my back ached to myself due to my morning spent reaching up addressing the faulty connection problem and Sandra overheard and to my surprise she told me she was pretty expert at massage techniques and as I sat at my desk she rubbed my shoulders displaying that expertise.
Part 3

“Mmm you’re pretty muscular for a Professor Mike”

“Oh yeh I work out when I get chance”

“There’s a lot of tension here as well you know I should invite you to my private relaxation room it would do you the world of good” I didn’t respond

“Mike not that it’s my business but who was the short pretty blonde I saw today in the parking lot with you this morning?”

“Eerr Gina , yes she drove me to work”

“Is she your girlfriend?”

“Yes we’ve been dating for a year now”

“Oh I see, she’s a lucky girl Mike do you prefer blondes?” I paused a little uncomfortable with where this conversation was going

“No I really don’t care brunettes, blondes “

“Glad to see us darker haired girls stand a chance” I changed the subject pretty swiftly back to work and Sandra stopped her attentions to my shoulder as she looked at the interface I had just finished.

“So on Monday we can perform some tests Sandra”

“This is excellent Mike, what we need is a test subject, someone we can trust to retain the security of this project and how sensitive it is.”

“What about one of the guys from NASA?” I suggested “If they see the results first hand they will be sure to invest in the technology transfer.”

“No I don’t want our clients seeing anything until its all proven Mike but the question is who can we use that wouldn’t threaten the business?” I was at a loss to who we could select I didn’t really interact with the other employees being locked in the lab all day and the strange hours I kept so my suggestions would be of little use.

“Hey Mike I’ve a great idea the perfect candidates right under our noses?” I looked at her big green eyes as they sparkled.


“You Mike, I wouldn’t trust anyone else and who better to document the process than the creator?”

“I err, me?” I was a little shocked

“It makes perfect sense Mike, I would have suggested myself only I’m sort of in the public eye a lot and the media tend to follow me about on occasion but you, your ideal” What she said made sense but I hadn’t ever envisaged using the scaling technology on myself.

“Will you do this Mike? For me?” She smiled very sweetly eager for me to agree willingly rather than to order my compliance I said yes with reluctance in my voice.

“Brilliant so we can start first thing Monday”

“I guess”

“The satellite targeting can pin-point you accurately enough?”

“Sure its phenomenal Sandra based on the co-ordinates of this lab I can lock on to an individual signal and filter anything else with the satellite that covers our territory”

“Amazing and how long does the process take?”

“If we didn’t restrict things it would almost be instantaneous but as this is our first live test I think we should lock the system to track me and delivery the Tylian rays over a few days to make the process gradual that way it might not be such a shock to the system and we can monitor the process from the satellite telemetry”

“You’re right as usual ok so let’s start the process Monday and hit the final stage by Friday before we re-scale Friday night how does that sound?”

“Erm great I think” Sandra sensed my reservations.

“Are you nervous Mike?”

“No, I know its completely safe I don’t expect side effects but altering ones size is a bit daunting in prospect”

“How tall are you Mike you need to be measured accurately every day” I stood up before Sandra noting my six foot frame held a good two inches over Sandra in her trainers.

“Six foot”

“And what shall we aim for as the target size?” What a question to be asked I had never contemplated being reduced in height and the thought was a touch unnerving with the almost limitless abilities of the technologies involved I decided to think on this one.

“Guess we should go for a 30% reduction to at least get a good feel for the process”
“I disagree Mike 30% is no where near the mark the client would ultimately require lets think about it this weekend and decide Monday”

“Hey you never know you might even enjoy this experience it could be kind of fun, whatever it’ll certainly give you a fresh perspective on life” Sandra smiled and gave a look that seemed like she was enjoying the prospect of the test more than just from a business point of view.
Part 4

I left for the weekend and Gina greeted me with a kiss at the door as I stepped in the house. I held her there in my arms for a few lingering seconds longer than normal thinking about the experiment. Gina was 5 foot 5 inches tall in her stocking feet and so petite. As she rested her head on my chest for a moment in our embrace I couldn’t imagine ever being on equal terms with her or less!

That evening I was preoccupied in my thoughts at what next week would bring how awkward would it be in the lab around Sandra if she was taller than me how different would it be at home with Gina?

Sandra had authorized that I could inform Gina upon the experiment but not in detail, enough to reason to her why I would be essentially dwindling in size from day to day during the course of next week. It would help if she was onboard and in confidence. I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject you don’t just go up to your girlfriend and say “hey babe I’m going to be a lot shorter next week is that ok with you?”

All evening I tried to find a subtle way of entering the conversation but nothing seemed to present itself eventually Gina prompted me to explain my mood.

“Mike are you going to snap out of this trance your in this evening and pay your woman some attention you might not have noticed but I’m wearing the sexy lingerie you wanted me to buy last week from that naughty catalogue?”

Oh man I hadn’t even noticed that’s how hung up I was on work, Gina was prancing around in the very outfit I teased her into buying she must of thought me so ignorant. I looked at her dressed in the sheer white stockings and suspenders and noted the panties which had been cut to reveal her womanhood. On top she wore a white silk bra that was clasping her breasts into an uplifting explosion of cleavage that enhanced and presented her 36 Double D beauties as if on a plate to me.

“Oh gee I’m so sorry babe its work I…” I began to explain parts of the project and got so far until Gina covered my mouth and pulled me down on top of her. This was what I needed we made love for the best part of an hour and all my tension had been relieved.

I slept on things that night and on Saturday morning Gina wanted to go out shopping so I found myself being dragged around women’s shops for at least an hour or so. Like most women Gina was in her element when she was shopping for an outfit and like most men I became bored pretty fast. It was when we entered a shoe store that I found the perfect opportunity to test the water a little and raise the subject of height. I watched Gina try on pair after pair of leather boots the type that was currently in fashion reaching just under the knee. As she continued to test different styles and parade in front of a full length mirror. A pair of boots with considerable heels on them caught my attention on the display counter close by.

“Hey Gina, how about these?” Gina glanced my way and her eyes lit up like the keen shopper who had just found her bargain.

“Now they look just the ticket I wanted something different, pass them down will you honey?” I handed her the boots and Gina sat on the stool turning them over in her hands as she saw the tall heels she smiled up at me.

“Wow that’s some heel, how big are they?” I looked at an identical pair on from the same shelf and casually said.

“Six inches it says here”

“Six inches! I’m not sure if I could even walk in them” She laughed and looked like she wasn’t going to try them on.

“Are not you going to try them babe?” I prompted trying to show some interest.

“Are you sure you want me to Mike? I mean that’s a six inch heel you know”

“Is that a problem Gina I know you normally only wear the 3 inch heels but you wanted something different”

“I like them, I like them a lot Mike but I thought you might feel a little different about these now you know their so high”

“Me why?” Gina smiled and looked down at the boots unfastening the long zip on their sides.

“Because if you haven’t realized they’ll make me nearly as tall as you, most guys don’t like it if their dates look them in the eyes?” This was good, I had managed to get the conversation heading in the right direction and she seemed more concerned about my reaction to her height if she wore such heels.

“I haven’t got a problem with it babe I’m sure they’ll suit you and your legs would look great” Gina slipped the boots on and after an initial teetering wobble she straightened up and walked proudly before the mirror.

“Ooh I like these! Now I don’t feel short anymore. Come here Mike stand next to me” I walked over casually and up behind her and for once I wasn’t looking straight over her blonde locks I was looking into them.

“You certainly look tall” Gina spun around and was delighted to be almost eye to eye with me.

“Now I won’t get such a crick in my neck all the time looking up to you” I smiled encouragingly and she struck a few poses.

“You really don’t have an issue with me wearing these out with you Mike?”

“No, no problem they look good on you.” Gina lent forward and whispered in my ear softly.

“I’m beginning to think you’ve got a bit of a high heel fetish and if you have your in luck Mr. because I’m taking this pair home”
Part 5

This was my first real impression of how things might be next week seeing Gina in a new way the strange thing was that I was starting to find that I liked the idea of her being taller. After the boots had been wrapped we headed for a bite to eat and came across a small Café. This time it was Gina who started the conversation.

“You really surprised me back there letting my buy those boots”

“Whys that there’s nothing wrong with you looking taller is there?”

“No I actually like high heels I used to have a 5 inch pair of stilettos you know but most of the guys I’ve ever dated always seem to have a hang up with girls being equally as tall and their worse if you make yourself taller, my ex refused to go out if I slipped on anything bigger than 2 inches “

“Who Simon?”

“Yeh Simon you know he’s not as tall as you and when I wore some 4 inch heels to my sisters wedding boy did he have a problem all day, he never let me forget it” Gina laughed “ You know he used to get so sensitive when I used to tease him over the pictures and you could see I was taller than him ,what a jerk I’m glad to see you don’t have such an ego problem” I laughed with her and then thought it was a good time to lead into the big question.

“So you didn’t have an issue with being taller than him then?” Gina didn’t hesitate with a response

“When your only 5 foot 5 like me feeling tall for a change is quite refreshing wearing those boots back there brought it all back to me. And you seemed pretty taken with them I saw that look in your eye Mr., it’s a shame they didn’t have a ten inch heel so I could put you in the shade”

I grinned and was relieved to see she didn’t have a major hang up on height so I decided to probe a little deeper as we ate our food.

“Gina would you still find me as attractive if I was shorter than you, I mean you know ….would you feel uncomfortable around a shorter man?” She looked up from her salad and grinned

“I wouldn’t care if you were 5 foot 2 darling you’d still look sexy in you boxer shorts” I was glad of her reply and thought that I had skirted around the subject far long enough.

“Gina there’s a reason I wanted to discuss this with you its to do with an experiment next week” I launched into the basic outline of what we intended to do next week and how it may affect me if successful.

“Your not joking here are you Mike?” I shook my head and waited for a reaction.

“And you can really do that I mean really well shrink a person?”

“Definitely Gina and its been worrying me a little how you might react because I’m going to need your support over the course of next week”

“But like how much shorter will this process make you? My size? Or even shorter?” She grinned as she said the “even shorter” and seemed pretty intrigued about it all.

“I’m not sure but yeh I guess so. We haven’t decided how much but it’s likely I could be a midget in comparison to you by Friday”

“No way!” she spoke a little loud and a few heads turned on nearby table for a second as she calmed down “I can’t believe it”

“Gina tell me seriously will it bother you, because I could stay in the lab and camp out there and…” Gina interrupted my flow and grabbed my hand reassuringly

“No way Mr. if your going to be shorter than little ole me for a week I wouldn’t miss that for the world. I think it’ll be kind of fun don’t you?” The echo of Sandra’s last words to me on Friday I picked up in Gina’s conversation, did she find this appealing in some way? That evening we stayed in and ate a Chinese takeaway as we watch a DVD we had rented, Gina seemed to bring up the topic of next week a lot and seemed to be looking forward to it.

“Mike I’ve pinned a tape measure to the back of the bedroom door it’ll help us keep track next week I can measure you getting shorter”

“That’s not necessary Gina we’ll be taking measurements on the laser gauge at the office each day”

“Hey don’t be a spoil sport it’ll be fun keeping a private record”

“This is a scientific experiment that’s ultimately going to better mankind Gina not a game”

“But Mr.Brain ache its also pretty cool and unusual and perhaps we could enjoy it” I looked at her big blue eyes as she laid her head in my lap stretching out on the sofa.

“I must admit its going to be weird being your height everything’s going to look so different”

“Like me for a start “ Gina piped up “Have you wondered how I’m going to look to you when I’m actually taller than you?”

“Well today gave me a pretty good impression” She grinned at my answer.

“But I was wearing heels today and that’s not really the same. If I was really taller than you my whole body would look different these legs for starters , imagine my legs actually longer than yours” Gina was right I hadn’t really thought about her body size just height and what about my body size I might look puny if I was smaller than her.

“It’ll certainly make a difference when we make love” she beamed and left my imagination to kick in. “I might be like one of those Amazon women to you, do you think you could handle me big boy” I could see she was teasing me now and I tickled her

“I can handle you short just you wait and see” We ended up play fighting and I pinned Gina down and she conceded to my victory before we made love. The final comment on the subject she offered that evening was right after this session

“Hey Mikey boy remember tonight next week wont you? Because I might have a bit of girl power on my side soon”
Part 6

Sunday came and went and Gina insisted on bringing up the subject of my height alteration in almost every situation. As I drove the car she alerted me to the fact that I may have to have lifts from her all of next week in my commute to work and back as I might not be able see over the steering wheel if I got reduced to a major extent. I was now pretty sure that this whole experiment fascinated her as she was even keen for me to call her from work to let her know the final size that we would confirm on Monday of how tall I would be.

Monday morning dawned fast like most weekends they never seem long enough. I entered the lab early and discovered Sandra was there already waiting for my arrival. She was sat at my desk and looked stunning and very radiant for this time in the morning dressed in a smart trouser suit and with her hair swept up for a change.

“Morning Mike your early today I guess your as keen as I am to get on with the show”

“Hi Sandra, erm yeh I suppose “

“Did you have a good weekend?”

“Fine thanks” I moved to a filing cabinet and rifled through some of my paper files waiting for Sandra to offer me my office chair

“That’s great. Mike did you tell your partner Gina what we are going to do today?”

“Yes, I told her as much as she needed to know without breaking any major confidentiality”

“And what was her response?”

“She was intrigued I guess curious to what will happen to me”

“Really, she’s not very tall like me is she?”

“5 foot 5 why do you ask?” What was Sandra probing for here?

“Oh just curious myself Mike it might appeal to her to feel tall around you for a change, I’ve been 5 foot 10 inches tall since I was sixteen and I enjoy my height it gives me confidence in business and socially” she smiled “I’m not sure I would like to be a more miss average size” I tried to change move the conversation around to the project so I didn’t respond.

“Miss Baxter , I mean Sandra shall we discuss the test target size now”

“Yes, I’ve been giving that a lot of thought Mike” She stepped up from my chair and walked close up to my face, in her 2 inch heels today I could See directly eye level with her.

“So your six foot now can we record your height and weight on the digi-level Mike?” I stepped onto a device in the corner of the room much like a pressure pad with an LCD read out. It confirmed my stature and weight.

“Good so the show is all yours Mike” Under her watchful eye I booted up the control interface pc and passed the co-ordinates to the closest satellite in our region. Sandra seemed to note my every action.

“So your uploading specific positional data from the GPS system to target this lab are you?”

“That right the satellite will home in and then the superior scanning and targeting onboard will register myself and you. “

“even through the thick concrete shielding this underground lab? Remarkable”

“That’s it, the system has us locked in all I need do now is to assign the sex discrimination program you asked me to write and it will recognize our genders and select me as the only male in this case”

“And you prompted that by this function?” Sandra pointed to a touch panel on the screen with the Gender Icon.

“That right”

“Now I’m setting the emission cycle to one full working week so the system will track me and slowly bombard me with the Tylian rays at predetermined intervals no matter where I travel.”

“and if we wanted to set this lets say in the anti-cancer format and target every human what would one press?”

“Oh well that’s easier you need to enable the networking of the satellites in this feature here to cover the globe and it will track any and all human”

“I’m learning” Sandra beamed and sat on the edge of my desk as she now often did.

“By the way Mike I’m having technical install our new e70 voice command unit to this computer do you know how to work a verbal interface? I thought in light of your possible new handicap it might be helpful” Handicap what an odd way to term my high reduction?

“Yes, I’m conversant with it I saw the proto-type a year ago and have one set up on my home system”

“So Mike now how do we initiate the scaling process?”

“That’s simple the cycle green key is here but we’ve only entered a duration and not a target value? How much shorter do I become to prove the concept for your contacts in Nasa?”

“I think we should make you final height quite short it would be more dramatic that way”

“Shall I input 3.5 feet that’s almost 50%” I felt a little nervous discussing how tall I would end up Sandra seemed to want a much lower value but I wasn’t really ready to be any shorter than 3 and a half feet.

“Let me ponder on that one while technical plug in the e70” I waited whilst she used my phone to bring a guy from technical down it wasn’t a complex upgrade he simply loaded some software and plugged in the communicator device which replace the keyboard. The guy left as swiftly as he came.

“Care to try it”

“Ok, Computer authorizes voice recognition to this voice. User name Mike Loxley access privileges at grade one administrator level”
A very realistic female voice which hardly sounded synthesized answered my command

“Verifying voice pattern Mike Loxley Admin Grade one. …. Voice pattern locked…” Great I’m in and in charge.

“I’m going to need file access Mike as well.” Sandra entered her details and by default she became a user with restricted privileges but able to access and view files in a read only format at grade two level.

“So Mike when we start the process can we terminate at any time?”

“No it needs to run full cycle or the program will crash”

“I see and what about alterations to the cycle parameters when its live?”

“Well you can accelerate it to a small degree and alter the end values but you can only increase power out from the overall cycle not decrease so we cant make the value higher once chosen” I was pretty impressed Sandra was taking all this in and how as a boss and billionaire who could be sunning herself on some tropical beach whilst her many minions ran her company she was here working along side me today. I guess it was important to her to see her mother’s dreams out and perhaps prove her own worth to the company with her new ventures like this potential NASA deal.

“Well let’s begin”

“Ok” I took a deep breath I knew I wouldn’t feel a thing, well that was in theory anyhow. I looked at Sandra for a value.

“Let’s go for 3 feet Mike”

“Ok, computer “ Run cycle test 1.”

“Cycle test one requires a value field to be specified” The computer chirped.

“Value 3 feet zero inches”

“Confirmed. Cycle test one active and counting down”

“Brilliant Mike” Sandra unexpectedly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek in her seeming excitement of the situation.

“When will we see the first real results?”

“Well I guess around 4pm the first wave should have finished so”

“Then Ill pop back later” She strolled off grinning from ear to ear and I spent the morning getting my records up to date.
By mid-day I had felt nothing no strange tingling not even a sign my body was absorbing Tylion rays that was a marvel to note in its self if the experiment was working correctly because potential patients would have nothing to fear and no discomfort when used to combat cancers.
I hadnt noticed any change in myself by three thirty and suspected that things might be slower than my predictions , although I could swear my shoes felt a touch roomier and my clothes a little looser but perhaps I was wanting to sense this and imagining this. I also began to think about Sandra she wasn’t far off my height normally at 5 foot 10 and it wouldn’t be long in the process before she was taller than me that would be weird but it held a curiosity I think I liked the idea of seeing her taller than her already impressive stature.

I noticed the same loose connection had begun to exhibit problem on the terminal relay that I had thought I fixed on Friday so I was once more on the floor trying to mend it. That’s when I heard Sandra enter the lab and I looked across to see she had was stood waiting.

“Mike? I’ve got to tie up some business and drive across to our distribution centre in a few minutes have you any updates before I leave?”

“Er no not really the process hasn’t really kicked in yet that I’ve noticed”
I stood up and to my surprise Sandra was slightly taller than me now! It was only perhaps an inch or so I’m not sure her full head of raven locks made her seem taller but it was noticeable.

“I think it’s started Mike” Sandra slipped off her 2 inch heels and came toe to toe with me still in my shoes and she was more or less eye to eye with me in bare foot.

“This is great, you are actually my height now” Sandra offered her hand across levelling off my head

“I can’t wait to see what the morning brings”
Part 7

She wondered off and that was the last I saw of her that day. My clothes did feel looser now and my shoes I had to tighten the laces upon. I drove home later that evening and as I walked through the door Gina was cooking a meal for us.

“Hey Mike you didn’t call me. We’ll is it happening ? Is It happening right now”

“Yes Im shorter “ Gina couldn’t help grinning and walk up to greet me with a kiss. I saw she was in bare foot as she approached and as she hugged me she still lifted on her toes for our lips to meet.

“You don’t seem much shorter” She sounded disappointed

“It’s a gradual thing Gina I might enter another wave later and one in the morning”

“Oh, I see, hey what size did you pick in the end?”

“three foot”

“No way! Three foot really? That’s so amazing I’m nearly going to be two and half feet taller than you, wow I’m going to tower over you”
I felt a little strange when she said this. It peeked some interest in me I felt aroused by the way she said she was going tower over me. I shrugged this off and we sat and ate the meal and I helped wash up. I noticed I had to adjust my belt several times as my trouser definitely had begun to loosen around my waist and what’s more looking down I could see the ends had started to come over my shoes a little.

Later we sat watching the box and chatted she told me about her day at school and how she had reprimanded one of the sixteen year old girls and confiscated her mobile phone which she was using in class. The girl was so arrogant she had stormed out the class room and shouted a few obscenities at Gina telling her if she didn’t return the phone she would be sorry. Gina laughed but was also quite disturbed at this girls attitude and lack of discipline. Then we got on to the subject of me again and Gina demanded we go upstairs so she could mark off my height.

I Followed her up and humoured her by standing with my back to the measuring tape on the door.

“5 foot 9 and a bit. That means you’ve lost 3 inches today.” She marked a point with a pen and looked up at me.

“Move aside darling” She ushered me away as she assumed my place.

“Come on mark my height on here”
I reached over her head and marked her off at 5 foot 5 dead. Gina turned to the tape and looked at the gap between our two marks.

“Not long to go eh? I won’t need tip toes soon”

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you Gina”

“Can you tell? I thought about nothing else today I really like the idea of having you shorter it will make me feel quite tall not having to look up to you”

“That’s what Sandra said”

“Sandra? Who’s Sandra?”

“Oh Miss Baxter my boss”

”I see its Sandra now is it? I expect she’s going to make a few more billion out of this”

“Its not all money Gina were going to help people as well”

“Mmm I saw her in the papers today she’s taken over half the industry in the country pretty soon
Ill be working for her, she’s certainly a woman who enjoys power”

“I guess she’s very ambitious “

“And pretty to”

“I hadn’t noticed”

“Sure and my names Mary Poppins” We walked downstairs still discussing the empire that was Fem-technologies and Gina said that apparently Sandra was due to make a major news release on Friday evening something to do with her satellites so the papers speculated. I wondered if she was calling a press conference to announce the cancer cure but it seemed a little premature I thought.
That night before we went to bed I noted my boxer shorts struggled to fit my slimmer waistline and It was also funny to note that I didn’t have to adjust our shower head so much after Gina finished her shower. I raised it a fraction and walked right under it perhaps I was shorter now.

My alarm clock signaled Tuesday had arrived and I sat up in bed and slapped it as usual to quell the annoying tone. The alarm was set earlier than normal so I could do something about my attire figuring that might be a bit more of a challenge today. Gina was already up and her gorgeous shapely silhouette was outlined through the steam in the on-suite shower. I had a wash in the main bath room and noted I was naked, my boxers must have dropped clean off when I stood up and in my groggy state I hadn’t realized. I began to wash and shave and noticed the mirror seemed higher than normal and found myself having to raise up on my toes just a touch to see under my chin. With my face half buried into some tissue paper to stop the small shaving nicks I had made from bleeding I walked back to the bedroom wondering just how much shorter I had become.

“Hi short” Gina surprised me I almost bumped right into her, I looked forward and she was tall very tall! Had I shrunk that much already?

I was gob smacked stunned for a second looking at her slender neck and then up into her big baby blue eyes to see the wide smile on her beautiful face. Her hair was brushed back and still wet clinging to her back and she was naked. I looked down her gorgeous frame and almost beneath my chin was her heaving bosoms looking larger than before. This change was more than noticeable in my new appreciation of them and her nipples fresh from the shower stood out proud. It was then I noticed she was wearing nothing but those black knee length boots we had bought together last weekend and she looked hot!

“Wow Gina” Gina posed for a few lingering seconds letting me admire her body.

“I thought I would give you a sexy surprise baby, I saw you shaving in the bathroom and how much shorter you’ve become and I couldn’t resist putting on my big heels so I could look down on you”

“You look so tall Gina you’re nearly a whole head taller than me”

“Isn’t it great Mike, now you’ve got more woman to play with” I was lost for words but Gina wasn’t in the mood for a conversation she bent her head forward to meet my lips with a forceful kiss , a wonderful commanding kiss and she edged forward so that I stumbled back on the bed and she pressed herself on top of me. My manhood was energized and eager to discover the paradise within her for release and Gina guided me home. Seconds after our connection I bucked and she rode me like never before until us both came practically in unison.
Gina rolled off to the side of me and sighed heavily

“What a rush Mike I felt so tall back then it was exciting, just how short are you now?”
Gina unzipped her boots she couldn’t wear them to work however much that idea might have appealed to her and she beckoned me to stand before her. I stood up and Gina and I were the same size it was so surreal my girlfriend looked to me to be 6 foot tall but my brain had to be reminded that it wasn’t her that had changed , I was 5 foot 5 and looking her in the eye.
Gina hugged me which was also strange to experience I was so used to her head on my chest in an embrace but now her cheek aside mine and her hair on my face was so strange, but what was nice was her chest pushing into my own it made me feel short yet I like this feeling , I liked Gina this way.

“This is so cool we are the same size Mike and look now my legs are as long as yours.”

“No way!” I looked at her shapely smooth legs and sure enough they equalled my own. We cleaned ourselves up before Gina slipped on a short summer dress keeping those perfect legs exposed. Mean-time I frustrated myself with attempts to find something in my wardrobe to wear but everything drowned me all my shirts felt so baggy and the collars and cuffs to large and the sleeves gathered as I repeatedly tried to push the material up my arms it was no good I looked ridiculous in any of my clothes. I didn’t even try a pair of my trousers just holding them up informed me they would look like clown pants. My wardrobe was now alien to me as if it was for my older brother waiting for me to grow into the garments but I knew I was going to get much shorter.

“What the hell am I going to wear Gina everything’s far to big I didn’t think about this side of things?”
Gina smirked and laughed at me.

“Its not funny, what I am going to wear to the lab? Nothing fits me anymore”

“I’m not surprised that’s why I sometimes used to wear your shirts babe because they were big like night shirts on me. Come on lets see what I’ve got that might fit you seeing as you’re my size now”
She giggled a little at her comment it was so novel to her the idea that we would be able to fit inside the same clothes now but there was no way I was humiliating myself to wear women’s clothes.

“Your clothes, no sorry Gina I’m not wearing women’s clothes I’m a man”

“Who happens to be the size of an average woman think about it Mike you’re my size now so I can share my clothes with you.” Gina noticed my expression

“Mike I’m not asking you to wear one of my dresses silly I think one of my t-shirts” she rummaged around “and here they are these grey jogging bottoms should fit just fine”
I put on the clothes she handed me and even found her sports socks fitted my feet. I looked in the mirror and shook my head in disbelief that I was dressed in Gina’s things luckily both garments didn’t look openly like women’s clothes so I felt better for this small mercy. I was glad neither of them had been pink.

“Oh my god they fit”

“You must be nearly a size ten “
Gina sniggered and put her 3 inch black strappy heels on and I watched her elevate again.

“What about shoes?”

“I think our feet are roughly the same size Mike ive some Nikes in the cupboard”
She grabbed her trainers and I slipped them on, Gina had size 6 feet and so I found had I.
Gina insisted on driving me to work and she seemed on a bit of a high, was it my change that had made her so happy?

“I can’t wait to see how different you look this evening darling, your going to work my size but when we see each other later today I’m going to actually be taller than you for real without heels”

“Oh god you’re right and then these clothes won’t fit”

“Ill see if I can get you some new little clothes at lunch time Mike your going to need them”
She seemed amused again as she dropped me off I kissed her and entered through the main building to the lab and dumped my mobile and a few personal possessions in my locker outside the lab door. I swiped my key card and saw a little to my relief that Sandra wasn’t there I don’t think I was ready to see just how tall she would look now. I sat at my desk and activated my computer offering voice commands and running checks on the Tylian ray flow, all was normal.
I didn’t have much to do as the experiment was underway so I measured myself and discover I was now 5 foot 3 inches tall, officially shorter than Gina and a full 7 inches shorter than Sandra. I decided to stock up on some stationary and left the lab briefly to enter the store area nearby. I wanted some printing paper and went to grab a small packet when I realized that I wasn’t even close to reaching it. Something I had done easily time and time before , the paper was where it always resided on the top shelf and I was to short to reach it , I felt stupid and looked around for some steps I remembered sometimes seeing the odd office girl using a small set of steps. What I didn’t see was a young girl perhaps 17 years old walk up behind me she was after paper as well.

“Here allow me” Her sweet voice innocently offered and I turned to see this tall gangly teenager
Easily reach her finger tips on two packs of paper and she offered a pack down to me. This made me feels shorter than ever I stood there and almost found it hard to utter thanks to this girl.

“Your welcome” she responded and added “they always seem to stick these up so high it must be a real inconvenience for someone not very tall like yourself no disrespect”
Part 8

“err none taken , guess I should ask goods-in to put a pile on the lower shelf for us vertically challenge folk”
I tried to make light of the situation but inside I felt so belittled at how easily she reached for the paper and how I had to rely on a young girl to help me out with such a simple task.
I walked off and headed back to the lab knowing today was going to be full of such surprises.
Entering the lab Sandra was sat at my desk and talking to the computer, she heard me walk in and swivelled around on my chair.

“Hey Mike you look different”

“Hi Sandra yes sorry about the casual clothes its all I could find to fit me”
She smiled

“Your girlfriends? I guess we didn’t think about that side of things did we”
As I stood before her and set the paper down I couldn’t help but check out how extremely attractive she looked today. She seemed to be wearing the shortest of black skirts with a revealing slit up one side and a tight red top that advertised her ample assets with its form hugging material.

“So lets see just how short you are then”
Sandra stood up and confronted me. She was simply towering and the impact of my new height compared to her was suddenly all to real. I felt like a child next to her. Those legs I had admired on so many occasions rose higher than my waist and as I looked forward my eyes came level at the base of her breasts I looked up and saw her smiling down at me with a look that showed she was both surprised and pleased at the same time.

“Now I really feel short” I admitted and what was more difficult was I didn’t know where to look, if I stared straight ahead I was eyeing her prominent twin assets. Sandra put a hand on my shoulder.

“I expect this is a touch embarrassing for you as I’m so much taller now isn’t it Mike? I don’t mind if its easier to look forward instead of up at my face I guess my body is going to seem a little more distracting with these practically in your face all day so we might as well get over the awkwardness straight away.”

“err thanks I think” I felt embarrassed now and a little aroused by my proximity to Sandra and her dominating height I had to do something to dampen the effect she was having on me right now.

“Sandra I should measure myself again for the record” I walked over and measured myself off at four foot seven inches tall but from across the room I noticed Sandra was wearing some high heels , larger heels than I had ever seen her wear before. She normally opted for 2 inch heels but today they looked at least double that, did she wear these on purpose to make me feel even smaller? Did she enjoy making me feel short beside her? I shrugged this off as a coincidence and Sandra walked over to me.

“Listen Mike, there isn’t much for you to do today except for us to monitor your height periodically so perhaps you can join me in my private gym , you did say you worked out from time to time didn’t you?”

“Yeh but Sandra I haven’t any clothes and…” I was about to launch into a number of excuses but Sandra’s mind was made up.

“No problem I will ask my personal assistant Maria to get you something to wear and don’t worry she knows all about our experiment”
Sandra buzzed for Maria on the intercom, I had seen Maria a few times in the past she worked on the upper floor outside Sandra’s office and she was a good looking Italian girl with a thin figure and one of those doll type faces. I remember her being very petite in fact a lot smaller than my Gina standing at perhaps 5 foot tall , the reason I recall this so precisely was that I had been a gent helping her with retrieving paper from the stores!

Minutes later Maria walked in but this wasn’t the Maria I remembered. She looked the same her hair perhaps a little different style from the last time we met but she was taller , I knew I was 3 inches shorter than her but that was a big 3 inches which didn’t make sense?

“Sandra I found the tailors measure where you said it would be in your drawer shall I do the honors?” Her voice held that nice foreign twang to it as she spoke to Sandra she didn’t seem to have lost it at all over the years working in another country but her English was impeccable.

“Wonderful Maria can you measure mike and escort him up to my private gym” Sandra smiled at me and exited.

“Hey Mike, you look different, how do you feel?”

“Short plain and simple Maria, very short” Maria moved closer to me and took a flexible measure from her suit jacket pocket and motioned for me to hold my arms up so she could measure my chest. It was then I noticed she was nearly a head taller than me, which was impossible?

“err Maria I hope you don’t mind me saying but you look very tall” She went silent for a second and then responded

“Of course I do your shrinking silly and I’ve got heels on” I looked at her feet but she didn’t have more than an inch heel if that on her shoes it seemed odd but perhaps my memory wasn’t serving me as well as I thought. She measured my waist and I was surprised to find I had a 20 something inch waist a far contrast to my old 36 inch waist.

Maria called through to someone with the measurements and then I followed her out of the lab and to the lift. I noticed Gina’s trainers I had been wearing now slopped a little on my feet and the jogging bottoms had started to sag I was glad they had an elasticized waist and ankle bands.
As we went up in the lift to the top floor Maria seemed to very chatty.

“So are you getting used to us women towering over you Mike?”

“Not really Maria it’s a lot to take in, I mean take you for example I could have sworn you were a lot shorter but this height thing really does meddle with my perspective”

“You’ll get used to it in time looking up to us”

“Hey only till Friday Maria” I smiled

“You know I would love my husband to be your size”

“Really, whys that?”

“Well I don’t think he would dare argue as much do you?”

“I suppose not “

“Here we are floor 60” I stepped out the elevator with Maria and was confronted by long legs two sets of them which all reached up to my chest!

There before me were two huge women security officers who looked like amazons. I looked up but I wasn’t much higher than both their belts they had to be 7 foot something tall and they didn’t have high heels on!

“Does the shrimp have clearance Maria?” One of them said looking over me and at Maria as If I wasn’t there.

“Sandra’s expecting him in the gym hasn’t she informed you?”

“No but I don’t think we will have trouble from someone so little” The woman grinned and her counterpart smiled as well this made me feel angry.

“I sorry but I am here you know?” I looked up at this huge woman trying to be confident in my tone but I wasn’t confident at all these women looked so intimidating taller than any night club bouncer I had ever met.

“Barely” She laughed and they both walked off amused.

“Where in the hell did Sandra hire those two Amazons from a wrestling tag team?” Maria grinned

“Oh don’t worry about them they are just a bit big for their boots sometimes, literally.” Maria left me at the gym door and I walked in. It was a huge room with every conceivable piece of equipment you could imagine, even my gym club wasn’t as well equipped and there was even a Jacuzzi and toning tables, Sandra certainly knew how to spend her money.

“Come in “ Sandra beckoned and I saw her busy bench pressing in the corner dressed in her black leotard that I liked the other day only there was more of her now to appreciate. I watched her push the bar up and down with the slab weights clinking as she relaxed between efforts.

“I like to stay in trim Mike and burn off stress in here”

“It’s a very nice facility” I complimented.

“Care to try?” Sandra stood up off the bench press and to one side. I didn’t refuse and climbed on assuming the position. I braced myself and heaved the weights but they hardly shifted at all! I tried again and again straining to manage what Sandra had just demonstrated but it was no good I had to concede defeat which made me feel so puny and weak in her presence.

“Mike I think you should use the lighter weights remember your not as strong as you used to be”
I found some free weights and just did a few repetitions with them as Sandra exerted herself on most of the apparatus. About twenty minutes later Maria returned and offered me a bag with clothes in, I thanked her and Sandra pointed out to a small changing room on the side of the gym area. I locked the door and looked in the bag. Maria had got me some plain blue shorts and two pairs of trainers one smaller than the other and two t-shirts. There were also some toiletries so I used the de-oderant. I began to undress and noticed Sandra’s discarded clothes and her shoes laying on the bench behind me. Out of sheer curiosity I put one foot into one of her high heels just to see how much larger her feet were and the shoe was huge. If you have ever seen a little girl who has jumped into her mother’s shoes that’s how ridiculous I looked.

I laughed and put on the larger t-shirt and shorts and trainers, they all seemed to fit well for now.
Sandra and I were alone in the gym once more and she was on the rubber floor mats stretching her fine body. I worked out for about another ten minutes when Sandra decided that was the end of this session.

“Fancy winding down a little” She walked into the changing room and in seconds came out in just a towel secured in a knot across her chest I didn’t know what to think.

“Come on Mike join me” She walked over to the Jacuzzi and like Cleopatra entering the water she elegantly stepped out of her towel in the bubbling foam of the Jacuzzi. I took off my top and shoes and started to step down into the water. Then I went under! I felt Sandra’s hand catch my arm and pull me up in an instant as I spluttered.

“Oops sorry I forgot it would be pretty deep in here for you, there’s a seat on the side. I found the seat under the bubbling water and set down on it only to find that the water was still at a level that I wasn’t able to keep my mouth high enough to breath and I spluttered again feeling totally stupid and I glanced the amusement of Sandra to my actions. I ended up on my knees on the seat to raise me enough so the water was at my chin level. Sandra sat there casually and it was easy to see that I had shrunk some more since I had entered the Jacuzzi, Her neck and the hint of her bare breasts were circled by the torrent of bubbles and she was looking at me a little strange, not with an unpleasant stare but a look that made me unsure of what she was going to do next.

“Do you mind if I stretch out a little?”
Part 9

“feel free Sandra its your Jacuzzi”

“Thanks, I do find my legs feel a little cramped in here sometimes” I watched as her foot, a large foot with perfectly manicured nails rose out of the water and then I felt it nudge my side as she placed a foot onto the back wall of the Jacuzzi aside me. Then she did the same with the other leg and I was between her fine legs. My mind drifted to the fact that with her legs in such a position she was exposing herself beneath the turbulent water that shielded my view all I could see now of those long legs was her knees just breaking the surface.

“You know I think you’re smaller than when you first stepped into this room Mike”

“I was beginning to think that myself”

“The process seems to be working fine, I think Friday shall be a day that changes the world”

“I’m flying off to a conference this afternoon but I will be back Friday morning and I would very much like to see you in my office up here first thing “

“Sure no problem”

“Oh and if you need a hand using the lift please ask Maria to help you”

“A hand using the lift?”

“Of course Mike your going to be a lot shorter by Friday you won’t reach the buttons”

“Sorry Sandra my mind hasn’t adjusted to that yet”

“It will in time” I didn’t like the way she said that but I chose to ignore it.

“Sandra may I leave early today there doesn’t seem much I can do and if you’re leaving…”

“That’s fine Mike I guess your eager to get back to see your girlfriend, you don’t need to bother coming in Thursday either its not necessary as long as your back for me to witness the final results of our experiment on Friday”

“That’s very kind of you Sandra”

“My pleasure Mike, you know I was wondering how you must feel to be so short to every girl and woman you see, do you feel less of a man?”

“I feel fine it’s just a bit intimidating at first that’s all”

“Really, but knowing your now physically weaker than all of the women in this building doesn’t that make you feel strange, vulnerable?” Vulnerable was the right word I felt I was a little trapped right now.

“Why should I feel vulnerable?”

“What if one us women secretly fancied you Mike and seeing you so short and unable to fend of our advances would make you vulnerable wouldn’t it?” Was she talking about herself? I did feel vulnerable as close as I was to this amazon in the Jacuzzi before me but the same vulnerability also sparked a certain arousal in me. Knowing that Sandra could reach across and overpower me right here and now made me hard. My manhood below the water stirred rigid and now I felt embarrassed incase she found out, I knew I would have to concentrate to stop my blood flow diverting but this was a challenging task before Sandra’s beauty.

“I hardly think any woman would find a guy as short as me attractive enough to take advantage of” Sandra smiled at my comment.

”Don’t be so sure Mike imagine things from a woman’s perspective a good looking guy who would look up to her, a guy she could intimidate or even force to do anything she so pleased, a guy who is unlikely to answer her back. A man that she knows she could captivate easily with her body I think size changes a lot of things Mike”

“But a guy my size Sandra I mean would be like a midget a dwarf no girls going to…”

“I haven’t seen a midget or a dwarf that is perfectly formed Mike, they are normally disproportionate in some manor but a man like you is just a smaller version of the original anatomically correct to the smallest detail, a man that is more easily handled and overpowered” I was pretty uncomfortable now she definitely seemed to have some power trip or intimidation thing going on here half of me enjoyed it half of me was scared by it.

It was then that the Jacuzzi water began slowing down as I assume the water jets had a timer on them. Now I was in slight panic, if the water cleared she would see my arousal and if the water cleared I would see all of her body which would increase my arousal!

“Oh dear I didn’t set that for long enough did I? Mike would you do the honors please the controls are over there in the fake rocks” I looked aside the Jacuzzi and the fake rock formation that surrounded it. There was no way I was going to reach those controls but I couldn’t step out and time was running out. I decided I had to turn my back to her and stand on the seat to reach. I leaned out standing up as I was and I had to stretch up on my toes. I just managed to flick the switch to activate the bubbles when I fell back off the seat and went under again. As I sunk a foot or so down I felt two large hands clasp me around my sides and lift me up! Sandra was standing and she held me up like a small child so I was able to catch my breath. I coughed a little but I was fine except for my extreme embarrassment at being held in this manor. Then Sandra looked down over me and spoke

”Are you ok I just caught you! I think it’s a little dangerous in this Jacuzzi for you Mike I wasn’t really thinking” I spluttered and coughed unable to respond for a few seconds.

“Here let me lift you out of here” I wasn’t able to say no or struggle in time before I found myself easily hoisted up towards the small steps attached to the Jacuzzi and then Sandra released me. Luckily the short panic I felt from going under the water again had quelled my excitement enough so that my shorts (which seemed very loose and baggy now) didn’t demonstrate my previous excitement so much. I turned to look and thank Sandra and then the gorgeous vision of Sandra climbing out of the Jacuzzi had me spell bound for a few trance like seconds. As she climbed out I saw her wet silky black hair draped across her shoulders and then her firm natural breasts dripping with beads of water that sexily tickled down her hard toned midriff. Then her sex came into view and those long, long legs. In fact this beauty kept getting taller as she climbed out before me until her big wet feet almost touched my own and I looked forward to see legs! Long shapely sexy legs taller than I was legs to my perspective over 6 feet high and I uncontrollably resumed my arousal from this overwhelming visual stimulus. For a brief second Sandra just stood there dripping with water, as I looked up the small beads of water dived off the ends of her large breasts and they fell on my face below as I gazed up into that face. I saw her eyes dart down and spy my salute that had forced its shape in my now oversized shorts and she spoke very softly.

“I was going to ask if your ok but I can see you’ve recovered very well indeed” I snapped out of my daydream and felt my features flush red and I simply didn’t know where to look.

“Well at least we know this process doesn’t affect any natural functions eh Mike. Could you pass me my towel please?” I was speechless and grabbed a huge seeming towel and handed it up to her. Smiling she wrapped the towel around her wonderful female form and hid it once more from view but I had seen the treasures that my imagination could only unlock before and what more her size emphasized every part of her which only increased my appreciation, I knew I had shrunk shorter a lot shorter but I was really starting to enjoy my shrinking. Sandra was so casual about the whole thing she bent down and ran her fingers through my wet hair

“Im betting right now you don’t know what to do with yourself, your faced with an incredibly tall woman and I can see that the size of my body arouses you”

“I err Sandra um…”

“No words Mike”
Sandra’s hand slipped around my cheek and a finger covered my lips for a second as she stood up.

“I like the fact that your enjoying your new size truth is I’m beginning to enjoy it to. But I must leave now and get ready for my flight as much as I would like to stay and see what might happen here” She turned to walk to the changing room and looked back over her shoulder

“I’m looking forward to Friday Mike” I watched her disappear in the room and I had to control myself from jerking off right there and then. What an encounter, what a tease! I sat on one of the nearby workout benches which seemed a little tall now and I dried myself off with a towel that laying across it. I exhaled deeply and felt a tingling bit of guilt at what just occurred. Gina wouldn’t understand that I had been turned on by my boss of all people and she had flirted with me, I reasoned that I hadn’t done anything wrong here and it’s was a natural reaction that any red blooded male would have had under the circumstances or would they? Would other guys find enjoyment out of seeing such tall women towering over them and find themselves aroused by the proximity of such amazons? Or was I being affected by this shrinking process someway? I decided I was normal and just fascinated with the new and exciting perspectives this new height of mine was offering.

I didn’t see Sandra again that day she must have slipped out another exit door of the changing room, after half an hour or so I changed into the smaller clothes and trainers which also now seemed a little big and I made my way out to the lift. I wondered how short I was now as everything looked surprisingly larger. Desks seemed to be at my nose level and I could just see over them and even the fire extinguisher in the hallway to the lift was waist high to me and I could only imagine how heavy it would be to lift. What was also niggling me was the speed at which I had got to this level, I still had two full days to go which meant the process was almost complete two days early I must have misjudged something but I hoped it wouldn’t set us back.

I looked up at the lift controls and you guessed the call button was just higher than me so I had to jumped up to strike it and summon the lift. I stepped in and luckily the lift had been called down to the ground level by someone else, so I didn’t have to attempt to find the floor button.

As the doors opened I saw the Boris the janitor the only guy I had ever seen working in the whole building and he was busy trying to push a maintenance trolley into the lift and actually didn’t see me walk out that was strange in its self but I guess people simply look over your head when your this short like a child. I walked around towards the lab entrance and decided not to go in and actually get home before Gina again. I was lucky my locker was low enough for me to press the key code on its front and retrieve my mobile phone, wallet and house keys. Then I walked out the building through the main entrance and I was instantly distracted by the flow of tall women walking into the building a couple of them smiled at me those who saw me and two of them giggled and whispered as they want past which I expect was the funny sight of this 3ft something guy in his baggy shorts and t-shirt striding out of their office. I was glad I didn’t actually know any of them. I hailed a cab and saw the strange stares the driver gave me as he drove me home I bet he was dying to ask if I was from a circus or something but I didn’t feel like speaking to him.

I had a job reaching our lock on the front door but managed by using a discarded milk crate and I entered the house partially relieved to be home.

I called Gina on our phone and noticed how large the phone felt in my hands to handle. I also couldn’t help but notice how the house seemed roomier than before sort of grander this I could handle, even my widescreen TV seemed a touch larger to me which was a definite positive.

I grabbed myself a snack from the fridge and waited for Gina I was looking forward to her arrival and my thoughts drifted to how tall and sexy she would look now. This curiosity was growing with each passing minute as I waited for her and I found myself in our bedroom trying to satiate my imagination of how tall Gina would be to me by checking out her stuff. I opened her wardrobe door and saw her collection of shoes, amongst them the boots that she had teased me with this morning.

I couldn’t get over how high they were, I grabbed one and put it down on the carpet before me and it was almost as high as my legs! I walked around it and imagined Gina stood in this boot she was going to look pretty impressive that was for certain. I replaced the boot and began to amuse myself with other thoughts. How big would her breasts seem now, this morning I could notice the different but I was now half the man I was earlier today. I walked over to her drawers and found I couldn’t see into the top drawer where she kept her underwear, feeling into it with my hand as I stretched up on my toes I found a bra and retrieved it. The soft padded bra fell into my hands it looked huge. I pushed my small fist into one of the large cups to swell it out but my hand was lost in its capacity. Holding it up before me my arms outstretched, I felt aroused at how big my girlfriend’s breasts must be to me now to fill this garment as only she could. I heard the front door lock jostle with a key from downstairs and I reached up to hurriedly put the bra back where I found it. Unfortunately I had to almost throw it up and over and the strap hung and trapped itself on the side which I couldn’t see but what I did notice was that the drawer failed to shut tight but I ignored this and went downstairs. As I reached the top of the stairs I saw Gina putting some books down in the hallway and I called down to get her attention.

“Hey babe” She jumped a little from my call and then looked up with a wide grin.

“Mike! Mike! Look at you… you look positively tiny up there!” She gasped at the sight of me and stood routed to the base of the stairs. I walked down slowly and on the lower steps found myself level with Gina for a second and then as I stepped down the last few remaining steps she got taller and taller rising above me. As I made the floor downstairs I was a foot away from Gina but I wasn’t even waist high to my now completely towering girlfriend!
Gina looked down at me obviously astounded I had become so short so quickly and well beyond her expectations and I looked up at her pretty face and those now very prominent twin swells that pushed out her tight red summer dress so delightfully.

I looked forward and down at her legs each now my height or more, Sandra’s legs had looked much this size to me earlier today but seeing Gina’s this fantastic length was more amazing to me knowing that she is only 5 foot 5 inches tall.

“Gina wow! Just look how tall you are I feel absolutely dwarfed by you”

“Oh god Mike you’re so short so small, I tower over you now”

“Gina I’m not even as tall as your waist!” Gina giggled “This is so cool I can’t quite believe its you down there… short” I gave her a mock frown at her “short” comment.

“I guess I’m going to have to live with you calling me short for the next two days”

“I’d better make the most of teasing you whilst I’m so much taller then you short” She placed her hands down upon my shoulders and moved in closer.

“I must admit baby it does feel good to tower over you like this. It makes a girl feel tall for a change”
We both walked into the living room myself behind Gina admiring her pert backside which was level with my face as it gently swayed with her natural wiggle. She turned and looked down at me

“Did you just stare at my bum short?”

“I was just thinking how gorgeous you look like this Gina “

“Oh right my bum probably looks twice the size to you than it did before”

“Gina your bum looks perfect I’m serious I don’t know why but the shorter I’m becoming the sexier you appear to me” Gina could see I was being genuine.

“Really, do I look fabulous as tall leggy blonde?” She twirled in her dress posing for me in a very flirtatious manor and I felt my manhood stirring once more.

“Hey, let’s see how you measure up with my heels off”
Part 10

She slipped off her shoes and the 3 inch decrease didn’t make a dramatic difference, my face was still level with her lower regions staring into the material of her dress.

“well you haven’t grown much short”

“Gina , babe I feel like a kid when I look up at the size of you”

“Well you don’t look like one to me; you’re still my handsome hunk only pintsized” I walked around her as if admiring some tall statue before me and Gina was a work of art indeed. Her long legs couldn’t have been better if they had been sculpted by hand and with her now dominating presence I felt a little hesitant to reach out and touch her as if part of me now felt I needed her permission.

“Like what you see darling?” I slowly reached out a hand and touched just above her right knee and then circled her smooth now thick seeming lower thigh it felt solid and familiar yet different at the same time.

“Now you are dating a very tall babe for real Mike” Gina turned slightly and ensured I was facing her directly again as she closed in on me.

“You know short your a pretty handy size for a gal like me, just right for me to do this” In one swift and flirty action she raised the hem of her dress and dropped it over my head so I was under its canopy with the material lying over my head and my nose was now opposite the small g-string she was wearing. I could smell her beautiful skin from her powerful thighs aside me and her natural womanly odors teased my nasal channels with an alluring scent. I was shocked at her forward action and to find myself here staring at her sexy underwear and I knew what she expected of me.

My hands reached up and slipped along the surface of her upper thighs converging on the elastic of her g-string and slowly I pulled it down her thighs until it simply fell to her ankles below. I breathed in as I caught my first look at her womanhood I could see her lips looked larger and moist as I used my educated fingers to open them before I lost my tongue and face into her wetness. Gina moaned heavily from above and her hands each covering a good section of the back of my head now encouraged me closer to her or was she holding me in place? Either way I licked and nibbled like never before to her applauding cries

“Oh yes Mike eat me!”
That I did and Gina came and I actually felt her knees go weak as she stumbled back a little breaking contact with me as my head popped out from under her dress. Seeing this amazon of a girlfriend experiencing such pleasure I felt like a bigger man for an instant. Gina smiled at me and sat on the arm of the sofa to get herself together before she spoke.

“Oh Mike I’m speechless that was so good. I see I’m going to enjoy my 3 foot nothing boyfriend or whatever size you are”

“I’ve still got the gift then despite my lack in inches” I said proudly boosting my ego.

“I won’t argue there my mini-lover. I’m going to freshen up a little and then this towering babe is going to rock your world” Gina walked over to the downstairs toilet and went inside. I struggled but managed to get the fridge door open and grab a beer. The can seemed like a novelty one and the weight of it was actually heavy in my two hands. I only just managed the ring pull and I necked back a few gulps. Putting it up on the work surface which was my size now I wandered back to the main living room to eagerly await my reward from Gina. As I returned she was stood waiting for me and I walked up to her.

“Now it’s my turn to please you short” Gina knelt down before me on the carpet and even at this level her head was higher than my own, was I still shrinking? My arousal at her closeness and the thoughts of what she would do to me put this thought at the back of my mind and I was now hard as a rock looking up into her big blue eyes.

“Come closer baby let big Gina hold her little man” I felt her arms wrap around me and she crushed me lovingly into her now extremely large chest burying my face into that dress. Then she released me and backed off to the sofa curling a single finger in a “come here” gesture. I followed blindly trapped in her seduction and as she sat down I moved closer before her fine legs.

“Up here baby on my lap” She summoned and then she lifted me under my arms so I was stood on her lap just looking over her blonde head of hair. My hands dived into her hair and played with the long silky strands as I felt her hands, big soft hands with long thick fingers clasp my shorts and gently pull them down. She pushed up my top and set my love member free. I felt one of those large hands cup and circle my balls completely and easily as the other covered my shaft in all its length and girth playing with her thumb on my helmet.

“My for such a short guy your well equipped sir” she teased and then using a seductive voice she began.

“Now I’m so much bigger than you baby I think I can handle this little monster of yours and tame it. Mmm I think this little treat is ready to be eaten by a big girl like me” I drew in a sharp inhale as Gina’s head dipped and I felt my manhood be swallowed up completely almost to my balls within her hot and wet mouth. Never before had she so totally and easily taken me this way and her tongue! Boy her tongue was like a small serpent slithering around my shaft as she took me in and out running her large lips firmly along my sensitive member.

“Gina you’re so big so tall!” I gasped in ecstasy. Gina slipped me completely out for the briefest of seconds as she responded

“And your so small to big sexy Gina” As I was entered again I came in a flood and Gina took my every drop licking me clean as she withdrew my spent instrument.
I slumped down on the sofa aside her and sighed.

“God you are hot this size!” I complimented and Gina leaned in and kissed me with her large sexy lips as she did so I felt a hint of the sheer weight and new size of her breasts as they pressed into my stomach like huge footballs.

Later I pulled back on my shorts as Gina prepared herself some food and I discovered my waist was beyond the contraction of the elastic to remain up and they came down with the slightest movement I made. I almost thought I could feel my body receding inside the clothes I was trying to wear. The t-shirt that had fitted reasonably well now seemed to be drowning me to my ankles and forget the trainers they had slopped off long ago.

“Gina!” I called a touch concerned into the kitchen

“Hey Mike what is it?”

“Gina do I look any smaller to you babe?” Gina walked out with a spoon in hand and dropped it in astonishment. I had realized it aswell just seeing her huge legs, as I almost jumped down off the sofa I was barely as tall as Gina’s knees!

“Mike your still shrinking! My god look at you, you’re no bigger than a doll” What the hell had gone wrong with the process? Had I fed in some inappropriate values or was my understanding of the exposure levels of the Tylian rays way off? Man I had seriously made some miscalculations somewhere.

“Are you ok Mike, I mean do you feel alright?”

“Oh Gina what have I done? I was only supposed to be 3ft by Friday at this rate who knows how small Ill end up” A look of concern spread across Gina’s face as she knelt down before me. She was huge even knelt down she loomed over me the size of one of those models you see in the big marketing posters at the side of the road only she was living and breathing.

“But this is impossible Mike you can’t be more than a foot tall”

“My god Gina you are so dam big!” I crashed down onto my knees and held my head in my hands in disbelief at what was happening.
It was then I felt a soft curtain envelope my whole body as Gina leaned down and her long blonde hair fell over me, it felt nice even in my semi-distressed state I looked up as she flicked her hair back noticing it had accidentally covered me and she placed a huge hand in a comforting manor around my back. Her hand was warm and so wide it touched from my backside to my neck.

“Darling I’m sure you will figure this out” I looked up into her sympathetic blue eyes and her comment sparked an idea in my head.

“Remote access!” I stood up instantly on a mission

“Gina, I can connect to the labs secure network from my home system at least then we can find out what’s gone wrong” I began to walk but tripped over the t-shirt which was like a blanket on me, Gina stood up also and looked down at me.

“Listen Mike I don’t think that t-shirt is very helpful to you now, wait there I might have something for you”

“Gina what are you talking about your clothes would be enormous” She smiled at my response and the thought of me trying on her clothes at my current size.

“err no babe that’s not what I meant my clothes would drown you worse than that little t-shirt wait there” In a few seconds she came back in to the room and was holding something in her hand a Barbie doll! I looked at the ease in which she carried the plastic toy doll, she could carry me like that I thought. Gina positioned Barbie standing her beside me for a brief second to compare my size

“hey she’s a perfect match Mike”

“But Gina” Gina looked at me as she removed the dolls clothes

“Well you could go naked” I didn’t want that as small as I was I felt vulnerable and being naked no I couldn’t cope with that yet. Luckily for me Barbie wasn’t wearing a dress or a skirt, she was dressed in some trousers with an elasticized waist and a pink t-shirt with a flower drawn upon it. Gina handed me the clothes which looked so small in her hands and I turned around to put them on. I even found to my surprise Barbie had longer legs than me as I had to roll the trousers up but at least her top fitted.

“Don’t you look cute” “Gina began but saw my frown from below and decided in my present state not to continue “It’s a good job your niece came here last week and left Barbie” she smiled and we both walked out to the study. I marveled at the huge strides and long legs of Gina as she towered so high up walking before me. I could also sense her foot falls now and even in my distracted state of mind I did find myself looking up under her dress with its red canopy so far up above me.
Those lovely legs of hers had to be nearly 15 feet tall.

In my study I found my first obstacle at this new height I was looking under the table the study was enormous my chair was enormous and way beyond my reach. Gina not thinking stopped and rested herself on the side of my desk and waited. I was going to need her help.
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“Gina erm can you give me a lift please honey” This was a weird feeling asking your girlfriend to literally pick you up and lift you to reach something because without her the task was impossible. Gina looked a little taken back and then grinned as if it pleased her to do this.

“sorry babe I forgot I guess it’s a big climb up here for you” She bent down and her hand clamped around my body firmly and I was airborn lifted like as if I was swept up by a crane. Gina paused in her relocation of me and seemed fascinated in what she was doing.

“Mike I’m holding you up with one arm”
Part 11

“Please put me down Gina by the keyboard” Gina almost reluctantly placed me on the desk and sat down watching my every move. I was amazed at the sheer imposing presence of my monitor and desktop pc , the pc was already running I rarely powered it down and it was fortunate I had the e70 voice module because there was no way I could operate a keyboard in my condition.

“So what now Mike?”

“Now I access the lab server and check the program status and find out what’s gone wrong” The lab had installed a year ago a secure connection to my house and after I passed the security ring I was now on-line direct to the lab core systems that controlled the experiment.

“Computer execute scan diagnostic 3 on program cycle one”

“Complying” came the computers artificial voice.

“Program cycle one active request diagnostic parameters”

“Computer report any abnormal fluctuations in Tylian stream”

“Negative, stream within program boundaries” I looked up at Gina , but that’s impossible!” I walked up more commandingly to the microphone of the e70 which was as tall as I was.

“Computer relay target value for completed cycle”

“Unable to comply classified data verify authorization code”

“Authorization Mike Loxley”

“Access denied Mike Loxley Grade two access permissions only” I turned to Gina

“What the hell is going on here? I’m the administrator!”

“Hey calm down Mike please” Gina’s huge face followed my thoughtful pacing.

“Computer identify Admin Grade one personnel?”

“Sandra Baxter Admin Grade one”

“Gina ! Sandra’s switched the authorization access on me she controls the program”

“What does that mean Mike?” Gina said with all innocence

“It means for some reason she has locked me out. Computer relay any Tylian flow power increase since cycle activation”

“Power increase confirmed authorization Admin Grade one” That clinched things Sandra had been in the lab after the program started and had altered the target value and this had raised my Tylian ray exposure, there was nothing wrong with the experiment Sandra had just changed the end goals.

“Dam it! Sandra’s overridden my authority and god knows what height she has planned for me and worst of all she isn’t back until Friday so I’ve no choice but to let things happen because there is nothing I can do to stop them. Why the hell would she do this to me?”

“Ive no idea honey but at least you haven’t made any mistakes isn’t that something?”

“I guess but why on earth does she want me to be smaller wasn’t I small enough before and why hasn’t she informed me?”

“Perhaps it was a last minute decision Mike and she forgot to say but look your not in danger are you it hasn’t gone terribly wrong or something has it?”

“No I’m fine its just a shock that’s all , what am I going to do this size look at me. You said it yourself I’m no bigger than a doll. I’m wearing dolls clothes for Christ sake this is awful”
I sat down on a programming book that was led on the desk and looked across at Gina. Her beautiful face was smiling down at me .

“Oh come on Mike it isn’t that bad is it? I mean I think you look adorable like this and well instead of cursing what’s happened you could be positive about it and its only for two days”

“Positive about it? “ I almost snapped at Gina which was unlike me “ Gina incase its escaped your notice I’m about 12 inches tall and I’m going to be this size tomorrow and the next day think of it from my point of view I’m a man who’s in a world of giants in a giant house. How am I going to do the simplest things like get about the house , get food for myself , go to the bathroom even ? I’m helpless like this I cant see anything to be positive about it!”
Gina stood up towering over the desk above and looked down over her mighty bosom.

“Mike your right things will be a challenge for you over the next two days but I’m here to help you baby , I can look after you and protect and care for you Mike you’re my little doll now.”
Her hand drifted along the desk and her long fingers touched me as if to cuddle and assure me.

“And Mike you are in a giant world now in a giant house with giant furniture but think about it Mike for a second , your girlfriend is part of this giant world, I am a giantess and imagine what pleasure’s a giantess like me could offer to such a tiny little boyfriend”
I looked up she was even more beautiful than before I hadn’t really appreciated her new size as I was so wrapped up in my self pity but she was a giantess with a body of gigantic proportions.

“That’s it Mike you’re starting to think about it isn’t you? I’m probably over 30 foot tall to your perspective, Mike my long legs you love so much are like sexy towers to you now and there are other much bigger differences for you to experience” She lent down just enough to offer a teasing glance into her massive cleavage, god she had big breasts I suddenly began to find that being this small wasn’t so bad after all.

“That’s better tiny, that’s the look I was after”
She smiled and displayed her glinting white teeth and then she clasped her fingers around me.

“I’ve gone from short to tiny now have I?”

“You are tiny baby you’re a tiny little doll sized boyfriend, but a doll for us grown up bigger girls to play with”
I felt very aroused as Gina lifted me and she carried me held out from her body as she walked back into the living room. I watched her legs covering meters of carpet with each long stride it was almost like I was dreaming her hand felt warm and soft and so nice as it held me. This new size more than any of them before was very stimulating in a strange way , I had the fascination of my new surroundings and the mixed feelings of being vulnerable puny and weak yet at the same time I found the power of Gina so intoxicating as she effortlessly moved me as she would a real doll.
Gina decided to lower me down and put me on the floor beside the sofa.

“Stay there a minute darling I need the little girls room again”

“Little girls room” I laughed at the irony of the description. Gina giggled and walked off leaving me hard with anticipation and exploring the carpeted floor. I was busy looking up at our TV set and it wondrous size when Gina’s shadow fell up me.

“How are you enjoying land of the giants then baby?” I turned to look at her and found my face just below her knee.

“much better with my favorite giantess in it”

“Do you still find me attractive Mike, now I look so big, I mean really?”

“Oh god yes Gina, I haven’t told you and I cant explain it but yes every time I have got smaller you seem to have become well just hotter and hotter”
Gina was delighted

“Oh Mike that’s brilliant I’m so glad you feel this way about it because I was getting so wet just holding you back then and well I would like us to explore this a bit further are you ready for that yet Mike ?”
I looked up at those tall legs and her fit body way above , could I really handle a woman like her now? What was I thinking of course I couldn’t she would be handling me!

“Gina please promise to go easy with me Im feeling a touch fragile at this size and you’re a lot of woman”

“Don’t worry baby, big Gina’s going to be gentle with her little man , come on lets go upstairs” Gina lifted me off the floor and walked upstairs with me in hand. As I looked over her hand and down the mountainous staircase below I wondered if I could even attempt to scale these stairs in my present condition and I hope I didn’t have to find out. Relying on Gina to pick me up and carry me around was going to be weird. I had to face that I wasn’t going to be very independent for the next few days and she would literally control me. We entered the bedroom and Gina set me down on the dresser top. I watched her stand there looking in the mirror leaning over the dresser so her breasts hung down in her dress like huge boulders 5 feet above me.

“Mike pass me my lip-stick will you babe a girl has to look her best before she seduces her little man” She asked casually and I turned around to see her 4 foot high make up bag about the length of a conventional family car behind me. I walked up to it and smiled to myself at how preposterous it looked at this scale. I reached into the bag and sifted through cotton buds half the size of Javelins and eyeliner pens and other such cosmetics that just looked like left over props from the movie honey I shrunk the kids. I found her “luscious red” lipstick tube it was as thick as a small tree trunk and over half as long as one of my legs. I heaved the tube out of the bag it was heavy! Even though it was made of plastic essentially the red substance within was pretty dense and I found myself using both arms just to lift it over my head to hand it to Gina. I could see she was amused by my efforts and she took it between two finger nails and began skilfully tracing around her full sexy lips making them glisten and radiate in a gorgeous shade of red which was lightly speckled with a sparkling tint.

“oh and can you put my ear-rings in the jewellery box please babe” Gina un-hooked her gold earrings , they were the smaller hoop style earrings about an inch across in diameter I remembered buying them for her when we first started dating and I knew they were solid gold. She passed them down to me with both of them in-between her thumb and forefinger and I reached up and uuumph! As her huge fingers released them my arms dragged down like I was trying to lift lead filled weights , I could have used her earrings to work out with.
I slowly lifted them across to the snooker table sized jewellery box at the edge of the dresser and I heard Gina laugh.

“You do look funny baby struggling with my little earrings”

“These are heavy lady! Next time you get the cheap hollow stuff.” I put the earrings into the open box and turned to look at Gina.

“Hey why am I doing all this you could have reached over here faster than I could walk it am I your little slave now or something?”

“that’s a nice thought a miniature slave to see to my every need. Actually tiny I couldn’t resist seeing you moving my stuff around its so funny seeing you struggle with the simplest of things”

“Well that’s it then I quit” I joked and jumped up to sit on the jewellery box edge.

“Oh really? Ill tell you what little man if you can pass me my hair brush from over there and bring it over here I might give you a night you’ll never forget” She ran her hands down the sides of her curvy frame in a teasing manor and puckered her lips in such a way my that my dick was starting to test the resistance of the Barbie trousers I was wearing.

“I thought that might get you going” I walked up to her hairbrush it was one of those thick wooden backed ones and it was lying on its back with a tangle of huge thick blonde hairs threaded throughout its bristles. The brush was about 4 foot long to my scale it shouldn’t prove a problem to pick up I thought. Determined to prove my manliness I grabbed the tree trunk thick handle in both arms and lifted. I got the end elevated by about 3 of my feet but there was no way I was going to lift the whole brush in a million years. Gina smirked “Is the little man struggling with his girlfriend little hairbrush?” I heaved the brush to slide it along the dresser top and it wasn’t easy but I managed to push it over to Gina who seemed impressed at my actions.

“well done baby you deserve your reward for all that effort” Gina took the brush in one hand lifting it aloft which made me feel ever weaker and she brushed her fine head of shiny golden locks and then fixed them with a slide grip to wear her hair up.

“I need to slip into something a little more sexier babe” She walked over to her cupboard and then paused at her underwear drawer examining it.

“What’s this?”
Part 12

I saw her hand reach over to retrieve a bra which the strap upon it had been trapped hanging slightly down over the side of the drawer not allowing the drawer to close firmly shut. It was the bra I had studied earlier and not replaced properly as I couldn’t reach back up to that very drawer.

“what do we have here then? Somebody must have borrowed this bra of mine whilst I was out I wonder who that could be?”
I flushed red with embarrassment highlighting my guilt if it wasn’t already super obvious and I could tell Gina wasn’t going to drop this without making me squirm a lot more.

“Hey Mike I wonder who could have been in my drawer up here and sneaked out this sexy little number to look at ? mmm?” She held up the bra and continued

“Or was it to wear? Yes that must have been it have you been trying my bra on for size whilst I was at work Mike? Why don’t we just see how well it fits you” Gina opened the bra up and before I could protest she descended around me with two huge net like cups either side of my body and wrapped the soft silky material around me covering me from my head to my knees in material , it was huge!. This wasn’t the bra I had pushed my fists into earlier this was its big mother!

Gina held me wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy for a minute or two as she teased me some more.

“You know Mike I’m not convinced we share the same cup size are you? I’m sure I’m still a 36 double D and you might find even a little A cup a challenge for you. Still if you wanted a new sail for your little windsurfer I might fish out an old one for you”
Gina loved every minute of her playfulness. Wrapped up as I was in her bra like this I should have felt a little humiliated but I felt more turned on than ever realising just how huge those breasts of hers had to be to me.

“Hey cut it out?” I cried a touch weakly muffled by the material.

“Sorry darling I can’t hear you in there. I didn’t know my boyfriend had a secret fetish to wear my things I mean you should have said. Or was there another reason you took this bra of mine out?” Gina unraveled me like I was rolled in a carpet of sorts and I looked up at her as she toyed with the bra in her hands above.

“You are very sneaky little Mikey did you have a long frustrating wait for me?” I didn’t respond and just stood a staring at her not knowing what she would do to me next.

“I bet you couldn’t resist checking out my bra size just to see how much bigger I would be up top eh? Did this bra impress you? I mean ive always worn a big cup size and well this is a big bra to even a regular sized guy but I guess it’s huge to you? Did you play with yourself Mike imaging how big my titties would be to fill this bra, imagining how enormous they would be to play with Mike?”
I was mesmerised by her and teased senseless she was getting me so hard.

“Is that it little man do you want to get your hands on my big boobs eh? Or do you want me to squeeze that little face of yours between them is that what your thinking down there?”
Gina let go the bra and slowly seductively she turned to face her back to me. I wandered across to the edge of the dresser and watched her dress fall down to her ankles exposing her huge legs and her sexy bum which was so tight and firm with the smallest of lace knickers separating her perfect cheeks. I looked up and Gina let down her hair and it swished to and fro settling half way down her back as she turned around. Finally I set eyes on her breasts inside one of those huge bras and I was witnessing a celebration of the female form, she was wearing the lingerie she had specially put on for me the other night the naughty two piece and this bra offered her breasts up and pushed them in as I described before but this time it delivered them so dramatically to a man of my perspective that I was almost spontaneously ejaculating on the spot I had to hold myself back. Gina’s breasts were large for a 5 foot 5 inch tall woman but as a 30 something foot tall babe they were breathtakingly big!

“Now If I recall you were looking for positives to being a little doll sized man earlier Mike I think I might have a couple of big positives right here for you. Every time you have become smaller Mike these have become larger and larger I’m guessing right now each one of these weighs more than you do” Gina walked up to me and wiggled her chest into me pushing me back with their size. I grabbed one of them and hugged the silky cup feeling her huge nipple which was larger than my whole fist pressing that silk exterior into my body.

“Oh Gina I’ve died and gone to heaven”

“Not yet you haven’t little man” Gina picked me up with a hand around my middle and walked over to the bed and she put me down. I watched her slowly take off that bra better than a seasoned professional stripper and she then laid down on her side across the bed looking like a sex goddess.

“Come and play with my big boobs then little guy see if you can last more than a few seconds with your big giantess” I walked up to her breasts now one on top of the other making them combined taller than I was .

“Let me undress my little toy boy” Gina’s huge finger nails impressed me with their gentleness as she slipped my clothes off in her two hands and she smiled at the result.

“Is that for me little man?” Gina’s huge finger tip touched my throbbing helmet and I almost came from the contact.

“Come on up her tiny don’t loose it just yet”
I walked up to those gorgeous breasts and tried to suck on her nipples and grab them. Gina gave a soft moan and then as she was still on her side she reached the upper breast and lifted it up to part her cleavage “

“come on tiny see if you can slide between them”
I walked around and climbed on the lower boob like a huge obstacles on an inflatable castle and found my upper body between her breasts as I looked forward into her huge blue eyes.
Gina gently let her other boob down from above and I felt its firm embrace as its sheer weight sandwiched me in her cleavage with my legs hanging down and free across the curve of her lower breast.

“Now tell me being doll sized to your girlfriend isn’t sexy”
I lost it there and then and humped against this expanse of boob flesh like crazy until I came and slumped unable to pump any more due to the pressing weight of her boob on my back.

“I didn’t think you would last long tiny I guess my boobs are such a sexy size now you’re almost small enough to play between them. I guess we had better have a snack to eat and you and I better get cleaned up eh?”
I was disappointed as she lifted the top boob and set me free but I was pretty hungry. Gina didn’t bother wearing any clothes and just kept her naughty knickers on the ones which framed and exposed her womanhood. She carried me down stairs and placed me on the kitchen sideboard as I watch enthralled by her every movement around the kitchen. If I hadn’t spent my passions already the sight of her 30 something foot body with those firm huge breasts jiggling with her every move would have had me jerking off in applause. Gina fixed herself a couple of ham rolls and she handed me a small fragment of each which I ate almost immediately to regain my strength. Sat naked on the sideboard I started to fret a little about the next day.

“Hey Gina your going to have to make sure you leave me all the necessities tomorrow babe down at my level because I this sideboard is anything to go by Ill have wasted away by the time your back from work”

“Mike do you honestly expect me to leave you now you’re this small? Don’t worry your coming to work with me”

“I am , err Gina I’m not so sure that’s a good idea. For one thing this projects secret so we cant let anybody see me especially not like I am now”

“We can work something out Mike I can hide and carry you in my handbag or something it will be safer than leaving you here where I cant watch over you”

“No I don’t think so Gina Im not gonna squeeze myself into some oversized giant handbag of yours
and stay in there all day that’s ridiculous” Gina wiped her mouth and walked over to me and loomed impossibly her upper body so I was a little cornered by her.

“The good thing about having a doll sized boyfriend is that he has to do as he’s told , you wouldn’t want to argue with me now would you Mike?” I felt such a weakling and backed off a little but I knew she had the upper hand if I didn’t want to go she could just put me in her handbag and zip it up whether I let her or not.

“No but lets sleep on it shall we?” Gina smiled and I could see a twinkle in her eye that playful look as she stood back up straight.

“Mike before we wash and hit the sack are you in the mood for some more fun? “

“Fun what have you in mind big woman?” It was strange but my sexual energies had begun to return and perhaps this was another positive to being small.

“Well im still feeling horny from our little encounter upstairs and well im in the mood for some more action little man” I smiled and Gina grabbed her hand around my middle again lifting me to her face for a big kiss. I watched her wonderful firm lips close in on me and offered my own to them but who was I kidding
Her lips circled my whole head and face in a warm moist smacker that made me feel a little light headed and which left my skin pleasantly tingling with the after effect.

“You are a much better kisser this size darling” I said and closed my eyes for a second as I revelled in the sensation of a pair of lips wider than my whole chest having kissed me so tenderly.

“Mike!” Gina said alarmed and I was wide eyed in an instant to see her face and those very lips growing before me and my whole body sinking into her hand as it seemed to blow up around me.

“Mike you’re shrinking in my hand” I noted Gina’s voice getting noticeably deeper as she spoke and her fist that she had wrapped around me was now covering almost three quarters of my body!

“Thank god it’s stopped!”

“Mike, are you ok?” Gina’s huge baby blue eyes zoomed in on me. She was now enormous to me but still even more beautiful to look at.

“I think so Gina”

“Ha your voice sounds funny “

“How tall am I Gina you look so much bigger”

“Don’t you mean how small are you baby you looked tiny before but lets just say Barbie isn’t gonna be lending you’re her outfits anymore but this is certainly going to make things more interesting”
I was held in her gentle clutches at face level and I couldn’t see what she was doing with her free hand although I thought I heard the fridge open with a booming slam. She walked with me held high into the living room and then she laid back on the rug before our artificial fire place. Gina held me towards those lips again and pressed me into their softness this time letting them drift over my legs and my rock solid manhood. The feeling was electric to be toyed with this way so helpless to Gina whatever she wanted I was nothing but a plaything for to her now. I moaned gently in satisfaction to her touch and Gina pulled me away from those lips and used her long tongue which was now like wider than my body and so incredible as it curved and curled around my dangling legs and up and down my inner thighs gently sliding its warm , wet and slightly rough exterior over my balls.

“Imagine the blow job I could give you now tiny” She breathed over my mid section and the warm air swirled around every hair on my body she was amazing.

“I’ve got a some dessert for you”
Gina shifted me over and down onto her flat stomach expanse I could see her huge arms reach off to retrieve something but I couldn’t take my eyes away for the sight that blessed them. Gina’s chest was gigantic her bare breasts must have been 5feet tall standing proud like small fleshy hills on top of her bodyscape. Gina’s hand came in from above and two long fingers the size of my legs smothered a small amount of ice cream over her nipples. I glance and could see she had taken the remains of a small tub of chocolate ice cream to fuel her teasing game.

“Come and get it little man” she offered in such a sultry come to bed tone and I didn’t hesitate.
I walked right up to those pleasure hills and was astonished just how huge they felt. The curve of her breast at its peak was level with my upper chest I felt so small but she did have such great big natural boobs.

“I think you might struggle to climb up them now little Mike but it should make for a sexier experience, come on see if you can mount my big tits”
I climbed up her left boob and the skin sunk just enough under my bare feet to allow me to reach out for her nipple. Her nipple was the size of my head and with my outstretched arms around it I hauled my naked body onto the summit of her breast and placed my legs either side of it to hold myself on this lofty perch. The ice-cream capped nipple dripped like a volcano with melting chocolate lava which ran down its sides and onto my member and thighs and I bent down and licked and kissed its surface. I swear that I could even feel her arousal with that nipple swelling out just enough for me to appreciate the change. Gina bit her lower lip in pleasure to my attentions and her hand came in and pressed me into her flesh some more. The huge breast below me , the cold chocolate ice-cream smeared across her nipple all placed me in sensual overdrive but my giantess wasn’t ready for me to add some of my sauce to the this dessert yet.

“Oooh you are turning me on little man making me so horny “
She lifted me off with her hand so I was hovering over her breast the ice-cream dripping from my middle her head raised up and that magic tongue made another appearance to lick me clean.

“mmm you are delicious little man.”

“ooh Gina” I moaned in delight.

“You are so small Mike its feels like I’m holding your dick in my hand only its you who’s become the same size as it was. Mike I’m feeling so turned on right now I really want you and my imagination is going wild , Mike can I use you like a dildo baby that would just send me into orbit?”
Oh god I had never thought of this! She was right I was the size of a penis to her and could I really satisfy her with my whole body , oh man I would be small enough to go inside her, inside my girlfriends giant pussy.

“use me baby im your living dildo!”
Gina was heavy breathing now and as she raised me back over her chest I could see it moving with her rapid breaths. Those naughty knickers I bought her looked so huge as I was taken for a closer inspection and her pussy it was so imposing to me so sexy . Her lips that concealed the depths of her love tunnel seem to almost quiver to my presence as Gina dragged my legs and feet along them. I could feel her moist juices line my legs with each touch and then.

“Oh you are so small so incredibly small and sexy I need you inside me , all of you!”
Part 13

These were the last few words and noises from the outside world I heard as her free fingers parted the fleshy guardians to her orgasm centre and my legs and whole body disappeared into her warm wet interior. In and out she plunged me in a few swift motions as her fluids swarmed around me drenching me in her scent and excitement until I came within her overwhelmed by the stimulus to my every nerve ending and I think I felt her contractions around me as she simultaneously came as well. I was perhaps in her for no more than ten or more strokes but this was enough to send us both off like virgins unable to hold ourselves back. Gina slipped me into the light of the giant world outside and rested me length ways in the valley between her parted bare breasts keeping just her long fingers on me. I could feel her chest rising and falling dramatically and after a few minutes it went back into the normal pattern.

“I never knew it could be like this Gina “

“Me neither babe I couldn’t control myself the thought and then the feel of you moving deep inside me was so …amazing” About half an hour later Gina took me into the bathroom and we had fun bathing together in the bath. To me it was like a huge swimming pool and I swam under the water around her long legs and then using her knees like a rock I performed a few dives for her amusement. Gina let me wash every sexy part of her giant body , I got to rub shower gel into her breasts and to wash the outside of her pussy and the tops of her thighs. All these new experiences were fantastic and things I would never have imagined before. Gina loved every minute of it to and we both ended up in the bath long after the water had lost its warmth. Wrapping me into a small fraction of an oversized towel Gina dried me off and them herself . One of the most daunting things of that evening was trying to pee into the huge toilet whilst Gina lifted me over it , it was hard to concentrate thinking what if she dropped me by mistake. But Gina was so gentle with me so tender and considerate as a giantess and I had enjoyed those hours so much it hadnt even crossed my mind again to figure out why Sandra had set the target values so low and wanted me to be this way.

“Well baby” Gina began as she slipped on an old blue t-shirt of mine to act as a nightdress

“we better get to bed because you’ve got school tomorrow”

“Gina can you do me a favour and measure me before we hit the sack babe?” She complied and lowering me to the base of the tape she had so enthusiastically fixed to the door
I saw that I was around 6 inches tall.

“A 6 inch boyfriend im a lucky girl”

“Wow Gina that makes you like 60 foot tall or something like that ”
I was far too tired for the accurate maths

“Well what it does tell me is that you’re far to small to share this big with a giant woman like me. but you could do with some sort of bed.” She reached into her wardrobe and came out with one of her party skirts it was one she actually wore a fortnight ago. Gina wasn’t afraid to show off her figure and why should she be, she often went out in the most revealing of part wear and this mini-skirt was no exception it was so short I loved it when she bent over and exposed her underwear and it looked great with her legs.

“I think if I lay this little skirt out it should make a nice blanket for you baby”
I didn’t complain and she placed the skirt flat on the dresser and then me ontop.
The skirt wasn’t much longer than me in fact in real terms perhaps 2 inches or so longer but it was a fair bit wider than me. I settled down and Gina flapped the spare material over me like a blanket and I smiled as she blew me a kiss from above. Next morning we awoke and I was still comfortably immersed in the makeshift skirt bed I sat up and knew I had slipped down in height a little more as my feet seemed just a bit further away from the edge of the skirt and the skirt itself was that tiny bit larger. Gina slapped my alarm which sounded like a loud speaker to me and she busied herself getting showered and fussing with her long blonde hair and make up. I watched being lazy from my bed and chatted to her. Placing on her dressing robe she carried me in her hand downstairs and made us both breakfast , well actually herself and I helped myself to her food. Cereals the size of dinner plates I couldn’t manage to much but I was full up pretty fast. After this Gina decided to make me a make shift outfit. Using the top and trousers from Barbie I had on yesterday she cut them down into a pair of baggy shorts and what would have been a crop top for Barbie that became a t-shirt for me.

“Not bad!” I complimented her handy work

“Why thank you tiny, Im not sure your niece will approve of us customising her Barbie dolls clothes when she collects the doll but needs must”

“Ill buy her a new one Gina but I guess I wont look at them in quite the same way anymore”
We laughed and Gina grabbed the morning paper from the letterbox and sat down as she usually did just to check out the news for 5 minutes before dressing for work. I was placed on the kitchen table and I decided to walk on the paper and check the headlines myself , the print was huge.
I noticed a paragraph reporting that Fem-technologies would make a big announcement on Friday afternoon of this week. Must be Sandra ready to tell the world about a cure for cancer or the work with NASA I thought again but it didn’t elaborate in any detail.

“Hey tiny step off my paper I need to turn the page”

“Make me!” I challenged Gina’s left hand descended on me playfully and with skill I dodged her trying to pick me up only not to look at her other hand which grabbed me from behind and swept me up.

“No problem tiny now you had better behave yourself or I might have to punish you”

“Oh yeh like what?” Gina paused and grinned

“well I could make you polish and clean all of my big shoes that would keep you busy”

“Is that all” I provoked

“Mmm you’re a little cocky for a 6 inch man in a 60 foot blondes clutches I had better get dressed whilst you do my laundry little man”
I didn’t know what she meant by this until she carried me over into the utility room and hovered me above the wicker basket that contained her clothes ready for the wash.

“Bye, bye Ill pick you up on my way out tiny” I was dropped from about 20 feet in my new scale into a soft mass of women’s underwear, bras, stockings, dresses etc basically pretty much her weeks discarded attire and I sunk into the depths of the basket.

I looked up at the towering cylinder above me and saw her beautiful face blow me a teasing kiss as she walked off. How easy it was for her to playfully put me in my place. With a simple gesture I was trapped in this laundry basket unable to climb out and she wasn’t coming back until she was dressed. I tried to walk around but slipped deeper into her giant clothes. One arousing thing about my predicament was a pair of panties that I came across which Gina’s scent was still lingering strong and very heady upon. I must have been in there about five minutes or more having a bit of an adventure when I found I had come to the base. It was a little dark but I did see a potential exit, a part of the basket base that had a small broken patch of the structures weave. I lowered down and I was to big. I began to try and squeeze out and then that hole began to accept my struggles.

“Oh no it’s happening again” The hole enlarged or to be more accurate I shrank as I crawled through it. Stepping out into the kitchen it was a much bigger world than before I had entered the laundry basket, and talking of which the basket was perhaps 70 feet tall. The trousers I had been wearing had slipped away as I crawled and the top wasn’t worth trying to keep up on my shoulders I let it fall down my thinner frame. I Walked around as if I was in a daze like being at Disney land for the first time and in awe of the amazing sights to behold. I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room the carpet was nearly up to my knees like thick grass making walking pretty hard going. In the distance the furniture looked like an alien landscape , the sofa like some sort of mountain range in the distance and how vast was this room!

Then it struck me to think of Gina and what my new reduction would mean. Looking way up at the door frame I gulped because that’s where Gina would be with her head high up in the heavens to me now. I didn’t have long to think about what a giantess she would appear to be because I could hear her coming. Distant thuds turned into loud footfalls as she came down the stairs and into the living room. I wasn’t prepared for her entrance she was just impossibly huge now. Looking across at her all I saw was a pair of giant legs, flesh upon flesh climbing skywards in a pair of shapely structures that simply couldn’t be my little girlfriend’s perfect pins but they were, oh man they were!
Those legs and her bare feet strode towards me she must have covered 50 feet or more in each simple step until her shadow fell upon me and the sole of one of her feet was about to crash down on me. I dived out of the way not a second to soon as Gina was oblivious to my diminutive form on the carpet below. I looked up at that instant to see the canopy of her short blue business suit skirt and her white panties so high above. This sexy flash of underwear was over very quickly as those legs carried my giant girlfriend into the kitchen. I recovered from my slight shock at nearly being trampled beneath her lovely feet, feet that I had kissed the soles of and held in my hands so easily before but now they were dangerous feet that could end my life in a second.

I ran to catch her up shouting her name but my little voice didn’t carry so well. As I turned the corner of the door there she was bent over the laundry basket her skirt riding up her long legs and hugging her firm backside.

“Come out come out where ever you are little man” she boomed and I had to comfort my ears to her louder more powerful voice.

“Don’t be naughty little Mike your not going to make me late for school little man by playing hide and seek in my dirty underwear” I saw her arm reach in presumably trying to find me.

“Where are you tiny?” I felt brave enough to show myself and walked across the huge chequered squares of the shiny kitchen lino.

“I’m here baby turn around!” I shouted and saw that she stopped confused. I moved a little closer all the time she seemed to get more enormous.

“Gina down here babe by your feet!” Gina stood up and I saw her long blonde locks swish across the back of her cream colored blouse way up high as she spun around.

“Mike? Mike? Where are you?” I looked up at the size of this colossus and there was no way Gina could see me because her chest was now so gigantic her bosoms shielded me from view but what a terrific view that gave me! Gina stepped back just a little nudging the laundry basket with her heels and her eyes looked over those majestic mounds of her female form and she spied me way down below.

“oh my God Mike you’ve shrunk again “

“Hi babe”

“Mike I can hardly hear you , you will have to speak louder and what on earth are you doing on the kitchen floor I could have stepped on you” She shuddered at the thought and shook her head in a kind of protective manor. I didn’t think it was worth alarming her how a few minutes ago she almost smudged me into the living room carpet. I walked up to her toes and her big toe nail was waist high to me.

“Geez you are enormous!”

“Baby I still can hardly hear you I’m going to pick you up so don’t get scared” I watched Gina’s whole body lower as she bent at the knees and I backed away so she could see me from under the shadow of her legs. A big hand wider than I was tall lowered like a living elevator platform and I took Gina’s hint to jump up onto her palm. Seconds later I was stood in the middle of my girlfriends hand I cannot begin to describe how insignificant this made me feel compared to her greatness. It was lucky I had a head for heights because when Gina stood up and raised me to her face I felt like I was on top of a huge building. Her hand curled around me protectively so I knew I wasn’t in any immediate danger of slipping off. Two huge eyes peered at me upon Gina’s face and what a face it was. Her skin was incredible even at this scale almost flawless she kept such good care of herself and those lips, they had become even larger than before and I think they could have kissed me sideways from head to toe.
Part 14

“Mike I’m holding you in the palm of my hand” It was a pretty dumb and obvious statement but this was so astounding for both of us.

“Gina you are a goddess I’m must have shrunk to over half my height”

“I think you’re even smaller than 3 inches baby because your about as tall as my thumb I think your like 2 inches tall” Her words hit me hard why oh why did Sandra set the target value to such a tiny size I could only wonder.

“2 inches tall, my god I’m an insect compared to you”

“Well I don’t like little bugs baby but you can crawl over me anytime” Gina eased the situation and I smiled.

“Gina do you still you know fancy me like this?”

“Will this answer your question tiny” Gina’s lips closed in on me and pressed me into their moist softness which was such an arousing sensation, she had freshly applied lip stick and I radiated from my belly button to my forehead in the red residue.

“oops I forgot the lippy was on I had better clean you up little guy” Her hand reached down for one of those moisture filled tissues on the sideboard and she ripped a small fragment away so I could clean myself.

“That’s better”

“How can you love me this way Gina?” I said what I was thinking inside.

“Baby I would love you if you were smaller than a pin-head in size but you wouldn’t be as much fun to be with, you look cuter and more adorable every time you’ve shrunk smaller and its such a major rush to feel so powerful around you, you have no idea what’s its like to hold someone in your hand like this. Their very life depends on you looking after them, I actually like this Mike but baby what about you do I scare you being this huge?”

“Gina you’re so gentle with me I’m not scared but seeing you from the ground yes you are very intimidating”

“Mmm, I see but am I still sexy?” She pulled her hand away at arms length so I could see what must have been a 50 foot sleeve of her blouse stretching out like one of those tower cranes that construct the tall buildings in the city.

I then looked down and down! Man I was high up and her legs must have been nearly 80 foot long from toe to hip! Although it was hard to gauge their real length with her 30 foot blue skirt masking the tops of them. My eyes followed a trail of buttons up cream colored expanse of her giant blouse and then my eyes widened to see that trail of buttons forced tightly over her sexy bosoms. I loved seeing her in such blouses because she always picked them to hug her figure and the style with the v shaped subtle plunge that just teased with a nice few inches of her cleavage but left the rest to your imagination. Only those few real inches looked like five foot of gorgeous deep valley to me from this angle!

Her long blonde locks fell over her shoulders and she looked just stunning, bigger than before , better than before and oh so much sexier than before.

“Yyyoure ssso sexy” I stammered and Gina smiled pleased to provoke such a response from my appraisal of her gigantic curvaceous body.

“Glad to hear it baby and I only wish I could stay off work today and play with you but I don’t think I can risk it because we are already short staffed”

“Not from my perspective your not” Gina smiled at my lame humor and then she walked me over to the kitchen sideboard whilst she found her 3 inch blue heels and buffed them up with a cloth.

“Guess these are like 9 foot heels to you eh little man?”

“Incredible” was all I could summon to say as I stared at Gina’s every move .Her chest was wobbling in her blouse as it did so nicely due to its size and to me every jiggle was so much more emphasized to my new eyes. Her tits are bigger than I am, my mind kept telling my dick which responded in the predictable manor. Gina caught sight of my lustful gaze from the corner of her eye as she fiddled with her shoes and then finally put them on.

“Well at least we don’t have the problem of where I can hide you anymore Mike now that your pocket sized”

“Does that mean I’m not going in your purse?” I said relieved.

“No of course not I wouldn’t want to find you squished between my junk I carry in there you are far to small for that now and like I said your pocket sized just right for a big woman like me to drop you in one of my big pockets and carry you around” I looked up at her as she rested her huge hands on the surface before me.

“Only I’m not wearing any pockets in this outfit” she smiled a sexy seductive smile and I watched her reached up one hand to her lips and slowly drag her fingers down her neck and over her chest suggestively.

“Any suggestions Mike where a big girl like me might carry her little boyfriend?” God she was hot and she knew she was driving me crazy my dick banged against my lower stomach throbbing.

“I suppose I could wear my hair up and pop you inside it but no that would be far to dangerous incase you fell from my head and I think my hair looks better this way don’t you?” My eyes just failed to break away from her chest.

“I could carry you in my hand but then all those giant schoolgirls might see you and that would never do. If only I could think of somewhere warm and safe to put you little man, have you any ideas?” Gina now rested on her elbows over the sideboard and those huge globes beneath her delicate blouse now hovered before me looking bigger than ever. I was so close I could even see her lacy white bra through the material and the faint two buds of her nipples defining themselves into the smooth blouse exterior. Her chest was probably 30 or more feet wide and twice my height or more I was open-mouthed and stunned fixated on her giant proportions.

“Sorry Mike I didn’t hear you, oh are you looking at my blouse down there?” She rested her chest now touching down on the sideboard and then spoke in a lower sultry tone.

“What a brilliant idea you’ve given me baby I guess I’m such a huge giantess there maybe enough room to tuck you in between my big boobs” I watched enthralled as her fingers released a single top button of her blouse just below the v shape of the neck line and another 5 feet plus of cleavage valley emerged held tightly into shape by a giant lacy bra.

“Yes I think there’s plenty of room in my bra for such a tiny little guy like you. So what do you think my little baby would it be fun to ride in my sexy bra down here?”

“oh yes Gina!” I called up and I broke free of my reservations and I ran into her left tit and hugged the outside of her blouse trying in a crazy attempt to hold a portion of this sexy hill in my arms.
Her boob gave the tiniest amount to my impact and standing there before it I felt so aroused it was awesome but this arousal was nothing to what I experienced next.

“I don’t think you can hold my great big boob baby but I think they can hold you easily” Gina lifted me through the gap in her blouse and into the warm caress and firm embrace of her giant sized charms. I was in her cleavage! I was drowning in her cleavage and it was amazing! Gina secured her button and I was covered from view deep down in her cleavage I saw her look into this wonderful fleshy valley and smile.

“How small do you feel now Mike with my sexy boobs towering over you?”

“I’m in your bra Gina! Oh god I’m in your bra!” I was rambling with excitement like the little boy who had been given the ultimate xmas present and Gina just laughed sending wonderful ripples through her titty flesh around me.

“That you are my little man your going to be trapped in my bra for quite a few hours so I’m glad you like it” Gina grabbed her hand bag and some books and we left for her work. I was jostled around between her firm breasts enjoyably as she walked to the car. Her skin smelt of her perfume which was a touch strong to me at this scale but very pleasant and the warmth her breasts offered my naked body was perfect to keep me comfortable. I could look up and out and just see her long neck way above and looking forward the lacy window screen of her bra held me in a subtle light combined with the blouse material beyond it. Entering her car I could hear the engine start and the motion of moving off, Gina decided to check on me.

“So what’s it like traveling in a giant bra eh baby?”

“Awesome Gina just awesome! You are just so gigantic up here these things are so big and sexy”

“Well you do seem to fit in there rather well baby your so tiny” As she drove I questioned the day ahead.

“Well little man we’ve got Biology with some seniors and then an advanced class to take before lunch and that’s with my trouble class”


“Yes there’s a disruptive element in that class namely young Angel Smith who was the sixteen year old I told you about the other night who was so rude to me when I took away her mobile phone. Still hopefully she has learned a lesson by now but you will see what I have to put up with”

“And the afternoon”

“More of the same baby its not as exciting as shrinking down men in my occupation, still today might be a little exciting for me knowing I’m taking a class with a sexy secret, my little boyfriend tucked in my cleavage”

“I might have time for a nap then babe if I could stop getting turned on by this situation” Gina smiled. When we arrived at the school I felt the same bouncing motions of her chest as she walked along down the various corridors and halls and the sounds of the school kids passing by chattering.
I was still thoroughly enjoying the ride but that itself was becoming a problem for me as I had now been in between these impressive swells of woman flesh for best part of an hour and it was becoming a major tease. I felt the growing urge to explore this giant bra and imagined discovering one of her giant nipples that would be fantastic. I also had the urge to satisfy myself and take things in hand but I’m not sure what Gina would make of that and I didn’t wish to upset her especially at her new size over me. I could gather from the outside conversation that Gina was delivering a class and I could pick up the more distant but loud voices of her pupils questioning her. I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to check out my surroundings a little and I set about crawling into the teachers bra cup. Although Gina filled her cups to capacity the material was giving enough for me to work my way under and squeeze my naked body between her gorgeous curves and the bra material. I was on a quest for her nipple to fulfill my stored passions and nothing was going to stop me. Well nothing that is except Gina herself. As I began to scale her breast aiming in the dim light for the middle I felt the pressure of her bra on my back suddenly increase two fold as I think Gina was folding her arms across her chest aware of my actions, she stopped me dead in my tracks I was pinned a little uncomfortably face into her boob and not moving fast at all. It was futile to struggle against Gina’s strength.

I waited until the pressure withdrew, a few seconds later I made a fast assent of her breast and

“oomp!” Gina clamped me down again.

“Class read pages 3 to 8; I will be back in a minute.” I heard Gina instruct and we were on the move. The next thing I heard was a door open then another and then I felt two thick fingers grab me in a gentle pinch between them around my waist and I was pulled up through Gina’s cleavage and into the light of day and dropped into her waiting palm. I could see she wasn’t that amused by my actions from her face and I could see she was in one of the stalls in the ladies toilet sat on the toilet seat.

“Mike what were you thinking?” I looked innocently up at her my penis still hard as iron.

“Well I can tell that you weren’t thinking this tiny little things was” Her finger descended and the tip tested the resistance of my manhood for a second.

“Mike I was going to tell you off but ….” Her face broke from her stern look into her gentle pretty smile “but you did feel good in there and I really wanted you to reach where you were headed but I simply couldn’t loose it in front of my students Mike and your lucky I crossed my arms over these because you make quite a little impression wriggling in my bra cup like that and someone may have spotted you”

“I’m sorry baby but , well , your so dam sexy like this and I’ve been surrounded by those gorgeous giant breasts of yours for ages and I was so turned on in there it was driving me nuts I had to do something”
She grinned “Does my little baby want to cum on my big boobies?” her voice was teasing and she knew it. She stood up and turned around placing me on the toilet seat lid as I watched her slowly unbutton her blouse. She pulled her blouse apart and thrust her bra into view. She shimmied her breasts from side to side and dangled their huge presence over me.

“Are these what you want little man do you want to feel my giant boobs?”

“Yes Gina please” I reached up suckering to her charms. Gina lowered one shoulder strap of her bra and dropped the left cup over her breast and exposed it. Her huge nipple was aroused and pointing out begging me to touch it. She cupped her own breast and squeezed it.

“mmm my boobs are so firm little man are you sure you want them?”

“Yes!” I called up teased senseless She played with her nipple between her fingers and made it even larger.

“I like it when you beg little man, come on tell me how much you want this”

“Please Gina, Please!” I was desperate for release and Gina knew it all to well she lowered down and positioned her exposed boob so the nipple pushed me down onto my back. Then she drove that huge nipple which was as wide as I was over my legs, dick and chest and then into my face. I should have been terrified about how easily she could have crushed me under this immense boob but I was so sexually charged it was unreal. Gina let me stand again and picked me up between two fingers and she ran my body around the curve of her boobs. What man alive had ever felt such an electric sensation before? His girlfriend controlling him , her breasts so impossibly big and himself so impossibly small to them.

“Feel it little man feel how incredibly big and sexy my breasts are compared to you “

“Oh Gina” I moaned. Then she pressed my dick to her nipple and rubbed me into it and up and down.

“Show me how much you like them you tiny little man, show your giantess how small they make you feel”
I exploded uncontrollably and fired what seemed like the largest amount of enjoyment I have ever achieved over her huge giant nipple. My head now spinning in a wondrous drained and completely satisfied reaction. Gina took me to her lips and sucked at my body to wash me and then she placed me down on the lid again whilst I saw her cup her breast and raise it up to her own lips to lick my tiny deposit from her nipple. “mmm” she said and then dressed herself again and looked down at my slumped body on the lid below .
Part 15

“Well I hope that keeps you happy for a few hours baby”

“It was good for me big woman” I beamed up at her.

“Now if your all sexed out I don’t want you to get worked up again for a bit as we’ve still got the rest of this lesson to deliver and I don’t want my pupils to see a little wriggling lump appearing under my blouse , you know how the boys stare at me one of them would notice”

“Yes miss Ill behave” I raised my hand in a salute.

“In fact Mr. I think a change of scenery would do you good” She picked me up and I wondered where I was going.

“How do you fancy spending a few hours in my panties then little man?” Before I could answer I saw her free hand pull out both the waist band of her skirt and then her lacy underwear below. Then I was lowered into her giant panties facing into her body and my legs caught up in her blonde pubic hair as she closed the material upon me and darkness fell.

I guess for Gina I was now out of sight and the prying eyes of her pupils and having drained me of my sexual urges for the short term she thought this would be the ideal place to tuck me away. I also think secretly she wanted me here as well for her own pleasure. I was again warm but not so comfortable as when I was in the boob paradise earlier , however her huge sex below me wafted a magic fragrance which I knew would sooner or later get me going again it would seem my sexual prowess had also changed with my size increasing my drive perhaps two fold.

I felt those powerful legs of Gina’s below as she walked back to class and I spent a good half hour in her panties before the lesson closed keeping myself to myself and actually snoozing a little.

It was morning break time and Gina had made her way to one of the science labs she ran so she could prepare for the lesson to come what she called her problem class and also so she could shut the door and isolate herself to be alone with me for 10 minutes between the classes. The lab was ideal because it had one main door and no windows.

I was relaxing in her underwear when light suddenly cascaded around me and forced me to wake up from my snoozing slumber.

I could see Gina had stepped out of her skirt and she was pulling the elastic out of her panties so she could see me.

“I see Mr. it was that exciting down there that you fell asleep huh?” I looked up from her crotch area and her towering flat stomach past those huge breasts and I could just make out her eyes through her cleavage as Gina talked to me.

“Guess I get tired being so small”

“Well little man tired or not I’ve been loosing concentration with you down there just thinking that I’ve got a little toy man trapped in my knickers and it was pushing my buttons and without you doing anything I’m all hot and wet and I need you to satisfy me are you up to the task?”

“Err Gina that’s a big job I’m err kind of a lot…”

“a lot smaller to me than before is that what you are about to say?”

“Well yeh I mean before I was like 6 inches tall and now I’m” Gina interrupted me as only a giantess could.

“Now little man your so much smaller and much easier to fit inside me” I couldn’t argue there her pussy was gigantic and yes it was sexy to be so small to it but kind of scary as well. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and it was persistent.

“Dam , Ill have to answer it ”. Gina picked me out and put me on the floor by her big desk .
Very quickly she pulled on her skirt and she answered the door. I heard voices and it seemed a girl was telling Gina that someone was vandalising her car as she spoke. The next thing I new Gina was walking back to me as I heard the thuds of her shoes moving towards the desk.

“come on sexy legs I’m waiting!” I shouted up to her and she circled around the desk to me. What I saw next frightened me, there was a pair of sexy legs coming into view and towering over me but they didn’t belong to my Gina it was a giant schoolgirl and she had spotted me!

I looked up frozen rigid to the spot as we eyes each other up both in disbelief at our senses. The girl was a teenager perhaps 15 or 16 years of age and she was exceptionally pretty with long peroxide blonde hair tied up in with a ponytail and a very shapely figure. She was dressed in her school uniform although she must have been rebellious to the dress code as her skirt was certainly shorter than the regulation lengths and she hadn’t bothered with a tie either. I suddenly became very conscious that I was also naked to this giantess who actually rivalled Gina in stature , she must have been at least 5 foot 9 but to me she was like Gina just incredibly gigantic.

“What the?” Her voice boomed and I was still frozen to the spot in disbelief at having been discovered.

“Are you for real?”
Next thing I knew this girl was bending down to reach me and I began to back away under the desk.

“Amanda look, what I’ve found quickly he’s going under the desk”
She had a friend? Now I was in double trouble. I heard another set of loud footfalls and turned to look under the desk to see a pair of trainers and some tanned legs rising up out of them although that’s all I could see until a pair of knees came into view and a huge face as this girl crouched down like the other one to see me. She was also a pretty girl with huge green eyes and long brown hair I couldn’t see her figure but I guess she was around 15 or 16 years old.

“Amazing it’s a little guy” her face dropped into a gawping expression. Then each of these colossal teenagers reached under the desk for me until one of them grabbed me in her giant hand.

“Angel did you get him?”

“Yes, I’ve got the little shrimp”
A huge hand unwrapped giant fingers around me and the curvy blonde school girl had me held in her clutches before both their faces.

“Wow he is real! Look at him Angel he’s so tiny in your hand”

“And he’s naked” Angel grinned.
I was frightened unsure of what would happen next and unable to even contemplate jumping from this hand so high up and what was this girls name? Angel? Wasn’t that the girl who had caused Gina issues last week when she confiscated her mobile phone?

“Please let me go”
I began hoping these two teens would let me go but who was I fooling.

“Isn’t his voice cute Angel?”

“It sure is, who ever this little man is he was expecting Miss Roper back”

“Are you Miss Ropers little man?” The girl named Amanda peered over me.

“Please just put me down and let me go”
I repeated to no response.

“I bet he’s a science experiment of hers is that it little man did our science teacher make you this small?”

“Answer her” Angel commanded and squeezed her hand a little tighter around me which wasn’t painful but it was a very uncomfortable experience and only proved to me the astounding power this teenager held over me. What could I do? I had to say something…

“I’m Miss Ropers partner and yes its an experiment and she’ll be very angry to see you girls treating me this way”

“Oh im shaking” Angel began in a sarcastic tone “so you are Miss Ropers boyfriend , her little itty bitty boyfriend , well this is better than I expected. You see Miss Roper upset me this week and took away my phone so I couldn’t chat with my boyfriend so we set this little diversion up to take something of hers out of her purse but what better than to take her boyfriend eh Amanda?”
Amanda nodded and grinned and I was in deep trouble!

“Angel she’ll be back in a minute we had better get out of here”

“Your right and ill skip her waste of time class”
Angel looked down at me in her hand “like it or not little man you’re coming with me”

“No you can’t do this!” I protested and the two girls just laughed at me.

“Isn’t he funny Amanda. Look little man I’m a giant girl if you haven’t notice I can do anything I like with a little pipsqueak like you. Amanda can I have your scrunchy quick”
I watched Amanda shake her brown hair free from a red scrunchy that secured it and pass it to Angel. In seconds Angel slipped this giant girls hair accessory over my entire body so it held my legs and arms in firmly and only my feet and head showed clear. I was tied up and unable to move very much.

“Ha, ha! Look at him struggling, what’s wrong little man feeling small?”
Angel lifted me up and I was dropped into her skirt pocket.
I was in complete darkness within this giant grey pocket and it must have been pretty deep to me as I felt like I sunk several feet.
It was then I heard Gina return, thank goodness for that I thought she’ll soon have these two girls in their places.
Gina entered the classroom and wasn’t very amused

“Amanda , Angel there was nothing wrong with my car why did you say it had been vandalised?”
Angels hand came into the pocket I was in and covered me to avoid me shouting by muffling my whole mouth head and body.
“Sorry Miss but we saw some boys looking at it and walking around it we thought you should know as soon as possible”
Amanda was a convincing liar Ill give her that.
“mm well they must have gone now do you know who they are?”
“Not sure Miss “
“I see . Anyhow there’s another 5 minutes until class Angel so can I ask you to wait outside I have some important work to clear up and Amanda your not in my class so you should make your way to you next lesson I assume that’s gym by what your wearing?”
“err yes Miss”
“Miss Roper Im not actually feeling well its you know my time of the month and I get incredible discomfort I don’t think I can make the lesson”
Gina looked into Angels eyes in that are you lying to me kind of stare and Angel managed to keep her composure.
I tried with all my might to shout to gain the attention of Gina but I was smothered by Angels hand and the material of her skirt around me there was no way Gina could here my pleas for help.
“Well I guess we have no choice do we Angel but I’m going to make sure you catch up with every last detail of what you miss today so don’t think for a minute your getting out of any of our course work young lady”
Angel thanked Gina and left with Amanda and myself and I found myself swinging to and fro as her legs walked under the material beneath me, what a powerful feeling that was to me as this giant teenager simply strode naturally down the school corridors.
I’m not sure if I passed out or fell asleep for a while but when I came to I was being extracted from that skirt pocket and into the waiting palm of Angel’s giant hand.
“Welcome to my bedroom tiny” She smiled and then released me from the grip of the scrunchy and tumbled me onto the vast plain of her bed.
The room was huge and just what you would expect from a teenage girl a mix of boy band posters adorning the walls and a mess of clothes on the floor. I backed up holding my hands over my privates and looked to see both girls stood towering by the side of the bed. I hadn’t had a good look at Amanda but I could see her clearly now she was very pretty with long brunette locks reaching down to her shoulder tops and she was dressed in her gym kit wearing a tight blue t-shirt and short white games skirt. Her figure was even more impressive than that of Angels however she was shorter and not as athletic looking as Angel but they both certainly had been blessed as us guys would say by the titty fairy. Amanda was very well endowed im sure she even rivaled Gina’s impressive formations.
“Look girls please I need to get back to the school , please I shouldn’t be here”
They looked at each other and just gave a girlish giggle.
“He is cute isn’t he?” Amanda began
“Very” Angel smiled “and isn’t he just such a perfect size for a boy”
“Im not a boy Im a man!”
I shouted as they continued to talk about me as if I wasn’t even there.
“Don’t you wish you could pick up Peter Hunter and stick him in your pocket like you did to this little guy?”
I seemed to be listening to girlish boy talk and I wasn’t a willing audience.
“Actually Amanda if Peter Hunter was this small I could think of better places to stick him than my skirt pocket!” She giggled and both girls laughed which took their attentions to me again.
“So how old are you little man?”
“My names Mike and its none of your business little girl”
I wished that I hadnt said that.
“Little girl? Hey Amanda tiny Mike here thinks we are just little girls”
They both laughed again and then Angel crouched down with her face at the level of the bed.
“I think I need to show you what a big girl I am little man”
Her hand came across the bed and I ran on the giving surface until I was at the end of my journey at the end of the bed and looking at the impossible fall below.
“I think he’s shy Angel”
I saw Amanda’s huge legs walk around and block my view I looked up to see her looming over me smiling.
“Listen little man you know you cant escape , face it your 2 inches tall if that” She laughed “ and your stuck on the bed of giant school girl and here you have two gorgeous sixteen year old girls dying to play with you”
“No please” I begged but Angel and Amanda wouldn’t listen their teenage hormones only wanted to have fun at my expense. Angels hand finally got hold of me and raised me before her.
“Hey Amanda what should we do with him first?”
“Why don’t you see what he’s got?”
I was picked up by my arms and dangled down before Angels giant face so as she could see my complete nakedness , for me this was very daunting as looking below her lap was a good 50 foot drop from the level I was suspended at and there was no way I could cover myself despite my struggles. I watched her free hand close in on me and then a solitary finger parted my legs and ran up between them until my manhood and testicles rested on the tip of this huge digit of hers. And there I was totally at the mercy of this pretty sixteen year old schoolgirl unable to defend myself in any manor and as vulnerable as I have ever felt in my life.
“Look how small his bits are Amanda”
Amanda also crouched down and her face moved forward to study my privates parts displayed on Angels huge finger.
“That isnt going to be much use to us big girls now is it?” Amanda grinned.
“Maybe I could use it as a little tooth pick”
“Please let me go “
I was sounding more desperate now.
“Are we making you nervous little man? Why would you want to leave when we girls could have so much fun with a tiny little thing like you?
Part 16
Angel sounded very mischievous and I was now even more worried of what this giantess was planning for me. She took me high over her chest and made sure I was fully aware of the tantalising cleavage she was offering on display below.
“Angel why don’t you show him just how big you are girl”
Amanda egged her on and Angel began to lower me to her chest.
“Do you think he would fit in my bra? I think you would like that wouldn’t you little man?”
“No please don’t” I protested once more but Angel was having to much fun at my expense. In seconds I felt the firm and warm touch of her breasts as my legs dropped within her cleavage and then she let me fall and I slid into her blouse and out of sight.
“Oh my god he’s so tiny Amanda Ive got a man between my tits!”
Angel was delighted and shimmied her boobs rocking me about. My circumstance wasn’t unpleasant I had enjoyed being in Gina’s bra earlier but this was a teenage girl who held me now and I was helpless to her games.
“Whats does it feel like ?” Amanda said peering into Angels blouse and seeing me try in vain to climb up the smooth slippery surface.
“His little body is so warm and his little hands and legs when they touch my skin its …mmmm”
Angel seemed to be getting off a little and I decided my attempts to climb out were futile and I stopped.
“aww come on tiny I was beginning to like that”
“Why are you doing this to me?”
“Because its so fun and because we can”
“My turn Angel can I try”
Amanda’s tone was eager and full of teenage curiosity I suddenly felt Angels large fingers part her cleavage and lift me into her hand. In seconds I was set down onto her waiting palm and looking up at my two captors.
“Well if you think my tits are big little man your gonna see the biggest pair in the school now”
Her hand moved me around before Amanda who was just biting her bottom lip with anticipation as I was moved closer to her blue t-shirt.
“Take you top off Mand show him how small he really is”
Angel egged Amanda on and she complied willingly without any hesitation. I watched her peel her blue t-shirt off over her brunette hair and what faced me then was the largest bra I have ever seen which was struggling to retain enormous breasts that looked huge even on this giant girls frame!
Her t-shirt had only hinted at the size of these fantastic breasts I was a little awe struck at them because Gina had a big chest but this girl made Gina look average! Amanda jiggled her breasts in her struggling black bra and I moved back a little in Angels hand I was nervous of being so close to these two fleshy monsters.
“I think he’s a little scared of your huge tits Mand”
Amanda giggled and I watched her breasts bounce with her laughter , lord knows how much those flesh mountains weighed but I was facing more boob flesh on display from this one giant school girl than that of a hundred Pamela Andersons combined. I couldn’t speak , I couldn’t protest I just looked at them bearing down at me in a bra that to my appreciation could have held two hot air balloons in each cup. Angel lifted me above Amandas right breast and pulled out the bra cup and dropped me inside. I fell a few feet and bounced into forgiving female flesh before her cotton bra held me against this mighty breast trapping me there face first. Her skin was warm and smelt of some perfume that was fresh or perhaps this was showergel of some kind I could really tell.
Her huge fingers pressed me deep into her boob and then they must have relaxed the bra cup material around me as I dropped further until my legs fell either side of her gigantic nipple.
“Oh wow look at him Amanda he’s so small your tits are enormous to him!”
“Angel he’s on my nipple I can feel him , I think I can feel his little prick resting on it”
Her arousal was obvious as the nipple grew beneath me and her skin seemed to get warmer , what was I going to do? I was feeling my own arousal at this impossible situation I was trapped in a pretty teenagers bra who had the largest set of breasts imaginable and far from my Gina. Part of me was scared for what these teens would do with me and part of me was humiliated at being so easily controlled this way but I couldn’t ignore the side of me that found this exciting no matter how wrong it felt to get aroused over this mere schoolgirl of 16. But she wasn’t a school girl at least to me now she was a giantess.
“How do you like my big titties little man?” Amanda proudly swayed her chest and I clung on to her nipple which seemed to excite her more.
“that’s it play with my huge nipple”
I release my hold and let myself fall over the side of her nipple and tried to crawl rapidly to the base of this huge cup. I managed to squeeze under the underwire and what was I thinking!
I nearly fell to my death as my legs hung down free and I dangled from her bra cup I was very high up even though she was crouching but I could see her games skirt pulled taught across her legs below it looked like I could use it as a safety net.
“Hey whats he doing?”
Amanda was surprised and before she could grab my hanging form I decided to jump for it!
I fell perhaps 40 or so feet and my back hit a soft springy surface cushioning my impact and I bounced up a few feet and then clean off her skirt. I think luck was with me as I tumbled to the ground and straight into a crumpled up dress on the carpet which broke my fall. I ran over the dress jumping like a hurdler over the ripples and creases in the material until I was on the carpet and heading for the door.
I heard a booming laugh from above but I didn’t look back I was sprinting and even though the carpet was deep and slowing me down I was making good progress.
”where are you going little man? You cant escape us you are far to small”
Angels voice boomed overhead and then a huge back shoe landed before me blocking my path as well as any wall. I collided into the shoe unable to stop in time and fell back. Looking up it was
Angels leg, I jumped to my feet and tried to run around her shoe my heart pounding. Again she laughed at my feeble attempt to evade her and another shoe came down in seconds blocking my path once more.
“tut , tut little man someone would think you don’t want to play with us girls”
I backtracked and looked across to see Amanda settle both her huge trainers to touch tips with Angels shoes so that the two girls had me trapped in the middle between them.
“There’s no where to run little man its back in my bra for you” Amanda giggled and I saw Angel begin to reach down.
It was then I noticed the small Heels Angel had on and I bolted for the arch of her shoe running through and under it evading them a second time.
“hey he’s smaller than I thought”
Angel boomed and they turned to step after me and that’s all it took . With one mighty stride Angels huge shoe crashed down behind me and I felt the wind as I ran. Then she threw herself onto the carpet on her hands and made a barrier with her arms as she rested them down and joined her hands together. I was trapped again. Next I was scooped up in her hand and held fast.
Standing up the two girls looked down on me in Angels open palm.
“I think we should punish him Angel he must learn to behave”
“mmm your right, but what shall we do with him?”
I was scared now and didn’t know what these girls would be capable of.
“I know I think we should put a lead on him like a little pet , then he wont get so far”
“Nice one”
Amanda went to a drawer and dangled a red ribbon over me which she presumably used in her hair.
“Now let me tie this around your little waist” I watch her two huge fingers descend but Angel pulled me away.
“no , I have a better Idea , why don’t you tie it on his little thingy”
Angel pinned me down with her fingers as I felt this soft ribbon which had been folded in width encircle my flaccid manhood and then a knot was formed on it. I winced as its grip firmly secured my member.
“there we go now we have a little man we can take for walkies!” Angel beamed and I felt so humiliated. I was placed down on the bed and Amanda leaned down and took up the slack end of the ribbon.
“come here little man” she tugged the ribbon and I lurched forward with her playful pull her power was very obvious. I reached down to try and untie the ribbon and she pulled me again and I fell forward into the bed sheet.
“you don’t touch the ribbon little man or we girls will get rough and you wouldn’t want big Amanda here to hold you up in the air by this ribbon now would you?”
I took a deep breath at the sheer thought I was so utterly under their control and these two minxes knew it all to well. I stood up a little humble now and prepared to ensure they didn’t tug on my privates any more for fear they would cause me permanent damage.
“Thats better” Angel grinned “ now little man I hope you are going to co-operate like a good little toyman”

“Just please don’t hurt me”
I sounded pathetic for an adult but I was merely a toy to her like she said , what had Sandra reduced me to?
“ good we wont hurt you little man as long as you do as your told. Now tell me tiny who is the sexiest out of me and Amanda here ? Who’s got the best body?”
“Hey Angel that’s not a nice question” Amanda protested to her friend.
“Frightened of a bit of competition Mand? I just want to know if he finds you more attractive than me , that’s all”
“Only because Tommy fancied me more than you , that’s why your asking isn’t it?”
Angels face dropped a little as they started to argue.
“He just loves your big tits but I have the better legs and hair he said so”
“No he didn’t your imagining”
I couldn’t believe I was watching two giant school girls begin to bicker but I did notice Amanda had lessened her grip on the ribbon , should I run? No, escape was impossible I was on the bed and the drop was far to great.
“Let him decide who’s better looking”
Challenged Angel.
“Ok so we both get 5 minutes alone with him and then he can make up his mind , alright?”
I didn’t like the sound of this and I watched as Angel walked out of the bedroom. Amanda sat down on the bed beside me and her weight made me roll down bumping into her skirt covered upper thigh. She reached down and with two fingers she held me up under my arm pits so I dangled and she released the grip on the ribbon all together.
“Listen little man I know my body is better than hers you just need to see a little more of it to appreciate how much better. Starting with my boobs every guy dies for my boobs and to you they must be humongous”
I was placed down on her skirt and I watched as she unclipped her bra releasing tons of boob flesh to bounce free above me. She did have the largest natural breasts I had ever encountered I would even have said this if I was normal size. Amanda dangled them over me as she leaned forward and the huge nipples just brushed the top of my head. Picking me up again she laid back and placed me on the summit of her right boob and then rubbed me around what seemed like acres of flesh. I couldn’t help it she was getting me hard as she pushed me into her breast flesh my face into her giving barrel sized nipple.
“Is that sexy little man , do you like what Im doing with you?”
She lifted me off her nipple and slid me into the valley of her breasts and released me. Her hands cupped either breast and she closed the towering hills upon me and I was smothered in her warm flesh. She held me there with a small part of her breasts moulding to my shape and then she released. I felt a little dizzy and sunk to my hands and knees.
“Times up Mand he’s mine now!”
Came a thunderous voice and Angel walked in.
“Hey no fair we’ve barely started he’s only seen my tits”
Angel plucked me from the valley of Amanda’s bosoms and I watched the brunette get up and put on her clothes once more.
“I don’t think you can better that anyway”
She smiled in a smug manor and walked off.
“Your all mine now” Angel said in a confident and possessive way which made me a little afraid.
“She may have big tits but , boobs arent everything , Im told my legs are my best assets they are long smooth and very sexy”
Angel placed me on the bed and stood up tall , I watched as she unfastened her skirt and let it slide down her legs. With just her white blouse on she had revealed legs that seemed longer than Gina’s giant legs. Without a moments pause or reservation she placed a bare foot on the bed beside me and now I could see her shapely calf rising up above. This position also revealed her pink panties which I tried not to stare at.
“I hope that excitements for me now and not for Amanda”
She had noticed my manhood in full glory. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable as the ribbon was now very tight on my swelling member.
“Ive got a 35 inch inside leg measurement little Mike does that impress you?”
I said nothing.
“Well I suppose you cant relate to 35 inches can you at your size so how about I just demonstrate it in another way”
I was then lifted in her fingers and she gently ran me up her inside thigh and along it! This was too much I was now in a bit of pain with my arousal as the ribbon began to constrict so tightly but still I felt so turned on pleasure and pain all at once. Her young thighs so smooth as she brushed my body along their never-ending length, I was starting to forget my plight and enjoy myself with this new stimulus. As she dragged me close to her pink underwear I snapped out of my lustful trance , this was a teenager no matter how pretty and enchanting her body was I had to stamp out this attraction I was beginning to feel.
Angel lifted me to her face and was delighted to see my full arousal.
“I knew you couldn’t resist me little man, how about I show you something you’ll never forget”
I could see she was about to introduce me to those very pink knickers when Amanda announced herself in much the same early fashion as Angel did.
“Im back”
“Mand go away he’s besotted with me and we want some privacy”
“I don’t think so Angel he nearly died when he saw my boobs in the flesh”
“Whats it to be little man who do you fancy the most?”
I looked up from Angels hand to see the two teens waiting for me to decide I was so vulnerable I couldn’t pick between them and risk upsetting one of these giant teens.
“Well just tell her its me” Angel gripped me firm applying a little pressure to my sides.
“Angel let him decide , come on lets give him 5 minutes and when we come back he has to make a decision and who ever he likes best keeps him tonight. And I know just where to put him”
The girls agreed and Amanda walked off returning with a cage! Setting it down next to me I looked at the thick metal bars and plastic base it was obviously for a small rodent but they intended to put me in it ?

In seconds I got my answer and I was placed into the cage as the lid flap sprung shut. The two of them teased me for a second or two and then walked out. Looking back Angel chirped.
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”5 minutes that’s all!”
I sat in the cage and tested my strength on the bars, as I had assumed they were as thick to me as any regular prison bar so bending them was out of the question. I tried to prise off the knot of ribbon around my now flaccid member and I wasn’t successful. It was then I decided to climb the bars surely I could escape. I managed the almost Spiderman feat of reaching the flap and hung from the upper bars. Gripping on to the bars with my legs I hung upside down trying to use my arms to push up the flap. I might as well have been trying to lift one of those giant girls it was impossible this small spring that they easily could lift with one solitary finger was beyond my whole might to even budge.
I swore and dropped to the base. It was then I could hear what sounded like the girls arguing downstairs I slammed my fist into the plastic base in frustration at my helplessness and just sat and waited for the inevitable.
I heard the foot falls of one of them returning and I just sat there waiting for them to grab me out like a tiny pet.

“Mike honey are you ok?”
I looked up eyes wide to see Gina!

“Gina!” My face lit up with absolute joy and I waited for her to release me from this prison.
For a few moments she cupped her left hand around me and held me to her huge cheek in a comforting manor and then she looked at me as if checking me for abuse.

“Baby are you ok?”

“Gina I am now I cant believe its you!”

“Its me baby Ill explain later , hey whats this?” She held the ribbon on my member for inspection
and untied it gently “I am so sorry honey”
She shook her head with thoughts of what I may have been through seeing this evidence and then she held me close to her face.

“Baby I hope this experience hasn’t put you off giantesses for good some of us are gentle sweetheart , come on you rest in my boobs here and Ill take you home little man”
I was lowered into the generous valley of Gina’s breasts and I felt their motion begin as she walked downstairs with me onboard.
“You girls think about what I said its still not out of the question for me to involve the Police so you had better reform your ways pretty dam fast”
I heard Gina boom such an authoritive tone presumably to Amanda and Angel who meekly responded seemingly having lost their cocky assertiveness.
An hour later Gina had driven us both home and not only washed me she had shared a small meal with me also. We had discussed my ordeal with the two teens and Gina had relayed how she suspected the girls and tracked down the address of Amanda’s having tried Angels home first. That evening Gina stretched out on the sofa watching the tv her favourite soap opera and as if she couldn’t bear to let me out of her sight again she made sure I was literally on her all the time. I laid down relaxing across her skirt somewhere in the middle as I also tried to watch the tv. My mind however was far from in the programme I was reflecting on my time at the mercy of the two teens and what might have been. In the adverts I felt the disturbance of the material beneath me as Gina sat up a little to see me in her lap.
“Hey little guy are you comfy?”
“Guess so” I replied “We don’t have to fight over the sofa anymore that’s for sure”
She smiled
She began softly
“Tell me the truth did it turn you on being so easily overpowered by those pretty teenagers?”
Part 16a

I was surprised by her question but felt Gina could take my honesty
“Well yes and no baby, I didn’t like the unknown of just how far these girls would have let things go and what they might do to me against my will but yes part of me seemed to enjoy the domination and feeling so helpless. Kinda of like when you first held me at this size and I knew just how powerful you had to be compared to me and just knowing you could do anything with me”
“It is a nice feeling for me as well baby I really am enjoying being a giantess its nice to make all the decisions of what I want to do and just to simply pick you up and drop you in my bra if I want you to come with me somewhere I guess it’s the feeling of power and control but in the nicest possible way”
“I will miss some of this when Sandra enlarges me tomorrow but I do look forward to holding you again Gina , I think I miss that if anything”
“You know Mike seeing as you are going to be taller than me again tomorrow I would like to try one more thing out if your feeling up to it , whilst you still tiny and all…”
“Sure whats that my beautiful giantess?”
“Well earlier before your little adventure I almost got to feel what it would actually be like to have you touch me down here to feel your tiny little hands …”
Gina stopped and bit her lip a little as she looked for my reaction.
“go on your exciting me” I urged
“Mike Ill be honest when I put you in my knickers earlier and with parts of your little body gently nudging into me I almost came, the thought of actually having a little 2 inch man pleasuring me down there and the thought of having you deep inside me its so exciting I cant explain it. Its even more of a turn on than when you were 6 inches high because I could easily take you all with room to spare”
“Gina when I saw how big you are under this skirt it did frighten me a little, I mean Im smaller than my girlfriends pussy! But I was wondering what it might be like to be taken so completely that way and enter you now Im so tiny”
“Then you find it exciting as well…..” Gina smiled and slid my body up her long skirt to her waist band where it met her blouse. “Why don’t you see if you can squeeze under my skirt and into my knickers then my little explorer?”
I found her waist band was able to accommodate me with ease my tiny frame slipped under her skirt and into the dim light of the world below. Her blouse was tucked in so I had to find a gap between the lower buttons to pass through and then I followed my nose to the inviting and teasing aroma that seemed to pass through her giant underwear I was approaching.
Once again I was in her giant knickers and kind of scared and yet excited beyond my dreams by confronting her giant womanhood. The fragrance of her juices seemed to surround me as I rubbed my face into her wetness. Her body moved below me at my slightest touch I think this was in response to her excitement that she couldn’t keep still. Dare I enter my limbs into this darkness I wondered and became very aroused at the prospect? I parted with my legs her giant lips and my feet found the smooth hot inner flesh within and I began to wriggle into Gina finding the right approach angle to enter her depths. As she took my body with ease I was very quickly up to my shoulders wrapped in a hot bath of her inner flesh and juices that felt so stimulating to my naked skin. I was excited now more than ever as I knew I could be consumed by her sex hiding inside my girlfriend from the whole world which was frightening but exhilarating to be so small that she could sexually engulf me so completely. I heard her moaning as I moved kicking and searching in my new environment.
My every movement sent pulses of pleasure to Gina who was getting more lubricated around me.
I slipped deeper into her as if she was opening herself up to take my body deep inside. My hands began to fail in their grip of the outside and I was submerged in Gina’s love. How far inside her I didn’t know she was huge! Knowing I was helpless to retrieve myself didn’t make me panic but made me burst and deliver my excitement and Gina wasn’t far behind. As my lungs begged for air and my eyes prayed for some light I found myself slipping out of Gina and light hurting my eyes as I fell into the safety net of her knickers below covered in her joy.
I looked up and could see Gina had hitched up her skirt and was standing with her knickers half way down her tremendous thighs. She smiled at me as her pussy dripped a few splashes of her pleasure upon me.
“Oh Mike I never knew it could be like that you made me explode with your every touch! That was amazing , they say size doesn’t matter but it certainly does!”
Gina took me in hand and her tongue licked me clean of her juices and felt like a warm sensual massage to my little body as its slightly rough exterior explored firmly all over me.
Gina pulled down her skirt and popped me into her cleavage as she went upstairs.
“How was it for you making love to a giantess Mike ?”
What could I say but the truth.
“I was scared Gina but excited beyond my dreams. I was actually totally inside you , totally wrapped in your love for a few seconds I was part of you Gina it was amazing”
She blew a kiss down to me as I looked up between her mammoth tits and smiled, I was hers totally she owned me at this size.
Later Gina ran a bath and I watched her undress as I sat on the rim of the bathtub by the taps admiring her beauty.
“God I will miss this Mike forgetting your little kidnapping today its been so incredible the last few days part of me wants to keep you this way for ever so you will always be my little man so I can carry you around with me wherever I go and have pleasure whenever I want.”
“It will be different to not admire your gigantic body parts anymore and not to have to rely on you for everything I do but I will miss you carrying me and the sexy experiences”
Gina stepped into the warm bath water and lowered herself down as she laid back with her blonde hair draped over the end of the bath. Only her knees , breasts and head cleared the surface.
“why don’t you dive in and join me then?”
I looked down from the rim of the bath and the ceramic wall was high up from the water to me perhaps a 15 foot dive.
“I don’t think so babe that’s a little high for me im not one of those cliff divers”
Then a sexy long leg rose from the water offering the top of her foot to me.
“Going down?” she grinned and I climbed on her toes and held on. Gina lifted her foot higher which I wasn’t expecting.
“How’s that for high up little man?”
“Not funny put me down”
I held fast to her huge toes hugging her big toe and wrapping my legs around it.
“I thought you liked how leggy Ive become baby”
Gina giggled and lowered me into the water and I swam free. The water was like a hot spring to me and it was so cool to be able to swim in my own bath. Gina smiled and seemed to find me good fun to watch. I swam for about ten minutes as we talked until I grew tired and needed to rest.
“Babe can you pick me up and put me on the side please?”
“No tiny I want you to explore the twin islands. I could see her hint as she lowered a bit and her breasts rose like two massive platforms from the water before me. I swam to her left tit and tried to climb out of the water and on to it but slid down its smooth wet exterior. Gina tried to lower them down more but there was no way she could compensate for their size.
“Babe its too big I cant climb up on it!”
“Well I never thought my man would complain my boobs are too big “ she smirked “ I cant make them smaller for you darling but I can help my little man”
Her hand like a rescue helicopter plucked me from the water and placed me on the dry surface of her breast by her almost me sized nipple.
I laid out and stretched on this comfortable perch and we chatted some more as we relaxed.
That night I slept in a pair of Gina’s favourite silk knickers on top of her dresser which was very arousing to me although I really didn’t have the energy to work it off.
The next morning Gina was sad that our adventure was nearly over she carried me downstairs and made me breakfast , I stood on the table eating a corner of some toast she had made and gazed at her beautiful giant face.
“Your gonna need something to cover yourself for work Mike” she began “ and I have just the thing it occurred to me this morning”
Gina placed a novelty keyring before me with her little toy leprechaun doll on it. Stripping its clothes off I was presented with a green little suit to wear which was made of a soft fabric.
“now don’t you look just darling!” she laughed at me as I twirled in the clothes still bare footed.
“thanks , ill get you back for this later”
“talking of later I want to do something before I have my big boyfriend back again right now” she began and reached across for the pot of honey she sometimes had with her toast in the morning.
“what that babe?”
“Only this”
Her fingers lifted me and took the clothes off of me so I was naked once more and then she dangled me over the honey pot. Her big blue eyes looked very playful and her smile was full of her mischief.
“I hate honey” I protested in a joking fashion
“your not the one whos gonna eat it tiny, your just my little spoon”
I felt my legs immerse in the honey and then my mid section and I was gently lifted to her cavernous mouth dripping with the heavy liquid. Those pillow like huge lips pressed me as I was taken into her mouth and my body was sucked clean. Again and again she repeated this process until I came on the third or fourth journey it was wonderful.
Gina laughed “ Mike there are so many things I can do to you at this size I wish we had more time”
“Sorry babe but today’s the day , hey perhaps next time I can organise to shrink you?”
She paused as if to imagine this scenario
“Nah I don’t think so I like being the one in control and having you so small that makes me feel sexy , if I was little it wouldn’t be the same”
“So you don’t fancy sitting astride and riding this then?”
I lifted my member as I stood in her palm.
“not as much as I fancy a man the size of a dick”
I laughed and Gina cleaned me before I dressed again and we headed out in the car.
“Guess I get all the answers today eh babe why Sandra changed the experiment half way and all that”
“Perhaps and find out what she is going to announce today”
I recalled the mention of the broadcast Sandra was scheduled to make
“mm that might prove interesting”
I kept quiet in thought for the rest of the journey and enjoyed my last few precious moments wrapped in Ginas cleavage before she extracted me and popped me into her skirt pocket as we entered Fem-technologies. Gina called for Maria at the main reception desk and she was escorted to a waiting room and left alone. Gina’s hand took me out of her skirt pocket as she sat down and onto her lap as her fingers sort of stroked me affectionately like some kind of tiny pet.
“You know we should have made a video of you with me at this size or atleast taken some pictures to remember” she sighed
“I think the memories will stay with me Gina I think I know your body better than ever before”
She grinned and then Maria entered the room.
“Hi , you must be Gina?”
“Oh hi Maria , Mike asked me to bring him in and you would take him to Sandra before he’s well you know made normal again”
”err Yes” Maria began “and where is the little man in question?”
Gina held me to Maria and I smiled up at her.
“Hi Maria”
“Wow, you are indeed as small as Sandra said you would be its amazing”
“Yes, not quite the size we had originally planned” I added in tone to convey my disapproval.
“Marvellous , Gina may I have him please I am sure you will be wanting to get to work”
“Oh yes here you go . please be gentle with him”
Gina brushed me past her lips and placed me in Maria’s palm. As Gina stood up and began to walk off saying her farewells I noticed Maria’s height in comparison was much taller than Gina by several inches! But Maria was around 5ft tall smaller than Gina ? As Gina left I looked up at Maria who was smiling down at me.
“Maria , whats going on here your taller , I know you are, my girlfriend should have towered over you?”
“Oh you noticed. It suits me being 5 foot 9 don’t you think? My Husband doesn’t agree but we do see eye to eye now although I would like to put him in the shade” she laughed in a way I didn’t much care for and failed to answer my questions.
“Don’t worry little Mike all will be revealed soon , you have an appointment with Miss Baxter to keep”
Maria placed me in her purse before I could protest and I was riding along with her various cosmetics trying not to get injured by her giant car keys that jangled around before me in the low light. A few minutes later and I was lifted out as we came to the top floor.
“Sorry I didn’t want to show you off to the staff hope you didn’t mind the trip in my purse”
I didn’t comment a little angry but this escaped Maria’s notice.
“Where are the two amazon security women?” I saw that they didn’t descend on us as the lift doors opened up into the corridor.
“Oh those two well lets just say they’ve been promoted” Maria grinned and said no more.
We went past the gym which I was pleased about , seeing Sandra in her tight lycra workout gear wasn’t going to help me confront her in my present condition. We arrived outside of her office and Maria buzzed herself through the security door. Walking into the huge plush office Maria placed me down onto an enormous designer wooden desk which was sculpted into very sweeping lines and was obviously worth a great deal of money. The whole office was full of expensive furnishings befitting the billionaire and it even had a balcony that overlooked the city. Sandra was nowhere to be seen.
“There you go tiny, Miss Baxter will be with you shortly”
I watched Maria walk off and close the two double doors to the office and I walked around the table marvelling at the large pens and paper weights that adorned it.
It was then I heard the click clack of some high heels and saw Sandra enter. She was dressed to kill in a tailored figure hugging red business skirt that offered acres of her long legs and a tight white designer blouse that looked to be made of the finest of silks. Her hair was down and shiny and she had a pair of red open toed high heels that must have added another 5 inches to her already towering female form.
“You certainly make the cutest little paperweight Ive ever seen Mike” she smiled down at me as I watched her slide herself around the desk to face me.
Part 17
“Hi Sandra , I want to…”
“So very tiny its hard to believe your real” Sandra cut in “I must pick you up your so darling like this the experiment was such a complete success”
In seconds a huge hand with very long red finger nails wrapped around me and I was held aloft. I got to my feet in Sandra’s left palm and stood before her beautiful features staring back down upon me. Her expensive perfume wafted across and consumed me and I was close enough to sense the minty breath carrying her every word.
“as I was saying I wanted to ask you…”
Again I began but this giantess interrupted my flow.
“Ive never felt like this before your in my hand like a little tiny toy its more than I imagined the feeling of power is incredible and what does it feel like to you Mike to suddenly be in this giant world?”
I could see that until she had shrugged off her initial fascination with my size I wouldn’t get the answers I wanted so I decided to humour her.
“Its certainly given me a very unique perspective”
“Im sure” Her free hand offered a solitary finger to outline me as if testing I was real as she spoke
“and what about us women Mike , how does it feel to be so small surrounded by giantesses where ever you turn?”
“I guess difficult to accept at first Sandra but Im getting used to it”
“mmm really. Yes I suppose feeling so helpless is not normal to anyone but to a man before a giant woman” she grinned “Have you become accustomed to giant women yet Mike?”
I suspected I wasn’t going to like where this was heading and didn’t answer.
“Your such a great size so small I bet Gina found you quite the new man to have around eh?”
“She err well she helped me in the transition , listen Sandra I…”
“I cant imagine what us women must look like to you from your size I guess we are just very intimidating without trying to be. “
“Sandra I have some questions please can I…”
“Ssshh Mike please enough with the work questions I don’t want to be bored with that now I want to know more about your reaction to being this small”
I frowned up to her but recalled she was my Boss and decided to be a little tactful but my patience was wearing thin.
“I was shocked frankly I hadnt expected to be small enough to be carried around and so to be so, well you said it helpless”
Sandra grinned
“Part of you liked it though eh Mike? A girlfriend as tall as a building with breasts larger than you are , I bet you like being helpless sometimes didn’t you?”
She began to speak in a sexy manor softly and emphasising her words with exaggerated lip movements. My view became more of a distraction as her face went higher and her blouse now consumed my vision. I was in-line with the two large formations that defined themselves so admirably beneath the thin smooth material.
“Sandra please I”
“Embarrassed Mike? Why that’s not like you , you’ve often peeked down my blouses and checked me out and based on your reaction in my Jacuzzi well I know that was sheer appreciation I was flattered”
I glowed red but was unable to stop myself from looking over at those huge mounds and towards her exposed cleavage.
“I knew you couldn’t resist, you will find there are a lot of pleasures to working so close to me Mike. But we do have a busy day ahead little one so I had better keep you close to me and perhaps if you’re a good little man I might let you have more than a peek of my charms”
“Sandra no I err don’t wish..”
I was beginning to find being so small it was hard to command any conversation with a giantess and Sandra just ignored what I was saying again and dropped me into the deep pocket of her blouse. I slid fast down the smooth silk and tried to stand up but the incline of her breast beneath me combined with the slippery silk made this a monumental effort for me to stand upright. But her pocket was far to tall for me to even attempt to climb out of even if I could have managed a foot hold. I called up looking at the odd glimpse of her hair swaying across the pocket entrance high above.
“Sandra please when are you going to enlarge me? I don’t want to be stuck in here all day I have things to do I…”
“Quiet Mike “
I saw her finger pull the pocket out a little and her huge eye peer down at me sat at the base of her pocket.
“Look you might as well know now I have no desire to enlarge you and return you back to normal Mike. From now on you’re my little man , my little plaything for my amusement and to keep me company. Im keeping you this size permanently”
Her words crashed into me like hitting a brick wall what was going on here, I couldnt remain this size! Not forever! A plaything? For her amusement? Surely she was joking this had to be some kind of act Sandra was putting on?
“That’s err very amusing Sandra but please I have work to do the project to finish please let me out of here”
I felt Sandra walk along and the pocket swayed gently with her bosoms . Sandra didn’t even look down at me as she softly spoke.
“Mike as of today you have a new job to keep your giant mistress happy and serve my every desire if you do a good job I will reward you and if you’re a bad little boy well lets just say there are a lot of things a giant woman could do with a little tiny man like you which you might not find so pleasurable. The project is completed Mike together we have proved the technology works and its time for me to put it to good use, now I want you to be quiet for a while whilst I get on with some business and maybe we can talk a little later”
She wasn’t joking and I was in complete shock to find myself yet again at the mercy of an impossibly huge female without hope of escape. I decided not to respond what was the use? I couldn’t challenge her further it was hopeless I simply had to accept that for now I was hers and she called all the shots but what was to become of me?

I stayed in Sandra’s blouse pocket for the next hour listening to her making calls and taping away on her computer terminal. She used the intercom to speak to Maria as she decided to take a break.
“Maria hold all my calls and tell the broadcast company Im due in an hour for the announcement and they better make it global. Ill be in my relaxation room and I don’t want to be disturbed unless its urgent”
“No problem” Maria’s voice chirped back.
I was on the move with Sandra and we must have entered a room to the side of her office. Her long fingers fetched my tiny body out of the silk prison I was in and I found Sandra was relaxing on a long leather sofa. As she sat there with me held aloft I peered over the hand that held me and watched the very sexy sight of her long giant legs stretching out as she sat back on the sofa kicking off her red high heels which crashed loudly on the floor below.
“Now little one you’ve been so good in my little pocket you can come out and play”
Suddenly I found myself being lowered onto one of those gorgeous legs I had witnessed only seconds ago. As her hand left me to stand on my own I was on top of a sexy bronze thigh that was simply huge. The mass of sexy tanned flesh extended about 20 feet before me until it disappeared beneath her red figure hugging skirt and as I look behind me I could see a long bridge of shapely leg ending in a huge bare foot.
Sandra smiled down upon me and I didn’t know what to do, I was unable to escape her clutches and as much as I was frightened by the knowledge she was going to keep me this way forever I was also turned on by her., boy was I a mixed up guy since all this exposure to huge females. But I had to figure out how not to offend Sandra and how to gain her trust so that I could make a bid for freedom and somehow get myself back to normal.
Sandra was looking at me the way that you might fawn over a prized pet, her large green eyes fluttered those big eyelashes of hers and I knew I was in trouble from her growing curiosity.
“You always have liked my long legs haven’t you Mike? You know that’s why Ive been wearing shorter and shorter skirts recently just to tease you”
I watched as Sandra’s huge hand gently descended and edged her taught skirt up a few inches before me and the road sized thigh revealed itself tantalizingly further by about 15 or so of my feet.
“Sandra I err please don’t”
She smiled and I watched as she exhaled heavily looking down at me as she did and making sure my attention was upon her chest thrusting behind her blouse so delightfully.
“Well my little toy its time for you to see if you can please me”
I looked up a touch nervous what was she going to do now?
My answer came sooner than expected as Sandra prised me up off her thigh and then placed me onto the sofa between her heavenly legs. I was surrounded by her inner thighs , huge towering tan walls that looked flawless and before me was the huge Cave formed by her red skirt. I looked forward and she wasn’t wearing any underwear!
Her beautiful giant face checked for my reaction.
“you know Im feeling very excited Mike Ive never made love to a tiny man before”
“Sandra please I have a girl..”
“Mike , forget your old life , I told you that your mine now and you are for my amusement only . Now little one I want you to…”
“buzz” An intercom shrieked disturbing the quiet room and I was relieved or was I ? I couldn’t decide I was so mixed up.
“Yes” A stern acknowledgment came from Sandra.
“Sorry Miss Baxter , but its very important a TV crew have arrived at Distribution Centre 50 they thought you were there and wanted to run the global announcement from our most impressive facility” I recognised Marias concerned voice.
“Damm have they been inside?”
“Only reception but they are keen to begin and wanted a tour to run some back ground footage”
“That’s not an option Maria , keep them there , tell them I will be with them in 30 minutes , prepare the chopper will you Maria and get clearance for Centre 50”.
The intercom clicked off and Sandra gave a very disappointed look down towards me.
“I guess yet I again have to attend my business before pleasure but it will all be worth it little one you wait and see. Im sorry tiny but I guess its back in my blouse for you”
I felt her fingers wrap around me and seconds later the silk cage was all around me once more as I jostled in her pocket as she walked presumably to the landing pad at the top of the building.
I could hear the drone of the huge helicopters engines as we sped across the sky, the distribution centre was about 25 miles away and it was an impressive complex. Fem-technologies had designed and constructed a huge 1 mile long building that was 600 feet tall to house their production lines and stock holdings for the whole country. I had never seen the structure but a documentary on the discovery channel informed it was cunningly designed not to disrupt the landscape as it was set into the countryside and sunken into the terrain so only 50 feet of the height could be seen.
I called out to Sandra I was getting very tired of being treated like a little pet and although I didn’t wish to anger her I wanted out of her pocket and I wanted some answers.
“Sandra speak to me!” I called up for the fourth time and then swiftly two fingers hoisted me out and took me before Sandra’s huge penetrating eyes.
“Mike , little tiny Mike you just don’t get it do you little man?”
“Sandra I want to know wh…”
I was silenced by a huge finger tip that covered my face for a instant and then withdrew.
“Mike you are two inches tall you don’t say words like want to your giant mistress I will tolerate your little outburst because I find you very cute but please don’t make me loose interest in you tiny I don’t want an annoying little bug in my blouse I want a quiet little sex toy that speaks when spoken to , I will explain all to you later today I promised tiny one if that will make you behave but for now I have some business to attend to so unless you want me to travel in my purse I suggest you lay down still in my blouse pocket ok?”
I didn’t bother to protest I was defeated yet again. About ten minutes later Sandra with me inside her top unknown to the millions worldwide watching, started to be interviewed by the top news station inside one of the meeting rooms at Centre 50. The male interviewer Bob Bracas as I recognised his voice cut straight to the chase and asked Sandra directly why she wanted to be on air to the world what was she going to announce ?
“Well Bob , today is a day of happiness for the world and one of concern and under the circumstances I thought that the 2 discoveries made by Fem-technologies should be addressed to the World by the head of the company. “
“Please continue Miss Baxter” Bob prompted.
I was just listened wondering what was going to be revealed by Sandra the experiment ? A cure for Cancer ?
“As you know my company is the leading technology manufacturer in the market place today and we have brought to the consumers of the world many outstanding products to benefit mankind but today I am pleased to confirm that Fem-technologies by the end of this month will be able to ease the suffering and to provide a cure for many of the sufferers of certain forms of Cancer worldwide”
I could hear a tremendous round of applause just inside the room around me and all present.
“Miss Baxter that is tremendous news , and Im sure everyone at home watching or listening to this broadcast will be as astonished as I am , can you tell us more?”
“I will circulate details over the next few weeks when we are ready to move forward with our treatment method but as I said the reason I am standing here today is two fold and the next piece of news may disturb some of your viewers as It did myself”
Sandra paused and I wondered what was to come.
“As you know our network of new highly sophisticated weather analysing satellites have been monitoring the earth and helping to predict the weather with unprecedented accuracy , but as of 9am today my top scientists have confirmed something we have been investigating for the last few days and something that I must make public today. “
Where was she going with this ? I lay in my silky prison pondering what Sandra was up to.
“From the day our satellites detectors went on line we discovered something present in the earths atmosphere , this something was an energy source that seems to be trapped inside our atmosphere and perhaps it has always been there yet only with the aid of our technology have we been able to detect its very existence”
“An energy source Miss Baxter one we can harness a new power?” Bob probed with hope.
“No unfortunately not Bob , its an energy we know little about and can only monitor to date but we are concerned at the effect it is having on life on this planet. The energy is growing stronger and very soon its effects will be apparent to all of you as no one will escape its cover. “
“This is a harmful energy?” Bob questioned concerned.
“Well not in the conventional sense no , let me explain , this energy source seems to only affect humans that we can tell and its absorbed very naturally by our bodies. You can neither feel it or sense its presence yet its there all around you. We have noticed that it seems to be having a reaction in alternate ways upon both men and women something my scientists are trying to research into now as I am throwing all my resources at this. This energy seems to be increasing the very size of women and we are currently at a loss why this should be”

“Size ? You mean peoples height?” Bob interrupted
“Yes Bob height , weight , infact by our calculations almost every woman in the world right now as I speak will find she is about one and half inches taller than when she last measured herself and growing and for some perhaps much, much more”
“Incredible and what about us men?”
“Well that Bob is a mystery to us as well, but the opposite is true for men we have seen a decrease in the heights of all men by an inch as of today but this is accelerating”
“My god I haven’t noticed “ Bob said “are you err sure I mean” His professionalism seamed to be getting a little taken away by the topic.
“Im very sure Bob how tall are you?”
“Why Im 5 foot 11 inches tall”
“Well just to demonstrate to the public Ill take my heels off , Im normally 5 foot ten but Ive grown just shy of six feet since this started”
I guess Sandra compared her height to Bob and then Bob reacted
“I don’t believe it but its true everyone check for yourselves , us guys are shorter just a fraction but combined with the inch or so that women have gained there’s gonna be 2 or more inches between couples out there this is amazing”
“Im afraid it gets worse Bob my scientists have predicted a time line and target for men and women based on the last 24hrs and well we hope we are wrong”
Silence fell and I was just shocked by what was coming convincingly out from Sandra’s mouth.
“Over the next 7 days based on current data we think men will decrease rapidly in height infact we think the average man will stand less than 12inches tall and the average woman will be between 5 foot ten to 7 foot tall”
There was stunned silence for a while and Bob then stuttered “tt ttwelve inches tall? you did say twelve inches?”
“Im so sorry but yes we think all men by the middle of next week will be that tiny unless an answer can be found to reverse this totally amazing occurrence”
Needless to say there was much chatter amongst the film crew and the rest of the interview was Sandra stating how her every resource and company asset would be targeted to help find a solution for mankind beginning today. I could only wonder at the press extravaganza that suddenly began worldwide.
Sandra slipped out of the limelight excusing herself for important commitments and she walked off into the heart of the Centre 50’s complex. I was scared I mean really scared this woman was a liar a convincing liar and beyond suspicion as far as most onlookers would have taken that interview and revelation her plan whatever it could be was perfect. I felt myself be plucked out of her blouse and into her waiting palm to see that we had stopped in a long white corridor. I was alone with Sandra as she briefly stopped walking.
“Oh Mike you have enabled me to achieve what my mother could only have dreamed about , to empower women all over the world to make women the dominant of the species the way we always should have been thank you Mike”
My heart sank this was all my fault my doing I created the technology.
“Sandra no please , what are you going to do?”
”Isnt it obvious tiny Im giving women their rightful place in society making us all powerful, you see today Im sowing the seeds of this strange phenomenon and its effects , in a few days after bewildering the various scientific and government authorities that we will be helping in our mission to understand whats happening we will suddenly see a that men are going to shrink beyond 3 feet tall to six inches tall very fast indeed.”
My mouth dropped open.
“That’s right every man on this planet will be looking up to women , held by women , forced to obey women. A new order in society will have to be called as we reshape the planet to adjust to this new reality. “
“But Sandra you cant be serious , someone will find out what you’ve done here people wont be kept in the dark”
“True little one eventually the truth of what I have done here will be told but not before the authorities and armies of the world are far to small to make any difference and stop me, I will keep them in false hood of finding a solution and being so very co operative until all men stand no taller than the largest of my high heels”
She grinned.
“And then my little man I will assume control of this new world a world ruled by a woman and controlled by women where men will only exist to pleasure us.”
“Your mad” I cried up
“Tut , tut little Mike you shouldn’t call the most powerful woman in the world mad im just ambitious that’s all”
I couldn’t accept that she wouldn’t encounter any resistance
“Sandra no matter how tiny we men are we will survive some of us will oppose you somehow”
This comment offered a loud laugh to Sandras lips and she shook her beautiful head
“You really don’t understand do you Mike , men wont be able to operate machinery , unable to fly planes , they wont be able to perform their jobs or stand a chance of physically confronting the smallest of women on their own they will be helpless to us. But I have considered it wise to introduce some assurance of my authority just incase things are revealed sooner than I expect. I have something to show you little man….”
Sandra walked down the corridor and it ended in a balcony above the largest room I have ever seen shrunken or not it was endless looking and as her hand lifted me so I could peer over the balcony edge It was an incredible sight I would never forget. There below this high balcony was a mass of giant women ( including the two security guards I had seen earlier in the week )stood shoulder to shoulder in rows like soldiers filling this mile long by half a mile wide room to capacity
”This balcony is 550 feet tall Mike I have accelerated the growth of these employees over the last two days they all stand some 500 feet from head to toe without heels “ she laughed
“If I am called to I will continue to grow my amazon warriors until this facility can no longer contain them and they will be my security no one will dare to oppose me as my warriors tower over their very cities and towns . Oh yes Mike you see this has been a long time in the planning waiting for your breakthrough , Fem-technologies has one of these centres in almost every country in the world and each one has a giantess army waiting for the call for female supremacy.”
My head was reeling could she really get away with this ? Had I sealed the fate of everyman on the planet to be nothing but a toy to women? I looked up at Sandra her eyes blazing alive with her sheer power
“You know Mike I might even make myself a few thousand feet tall just to feel the rush of knowing I own this small planet!”
Her laugh echoed down the corridor as I was slipped back into her pocket and I held my head in my hands and tried to come to terms with what I had allowed to be created…

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