Text stories by Jason:
"Meet the Parents".
Jason spends the vacation with his girlfriend's parents in San Francisco. He meets his new family and his live is changed forever.
(The story is published in the forum, and has a few rendering, but it is a text based story.)
"Elevator Robbery"
A very short story about an unusual robbery in an unusual place.
"Babysitting Kate"
Nineteen year old Jason is hired to babysit fourteen year old Kate, who proves to be too much for the would be baby sitter.
"Puppy Love"
Jason and his friend Lenny "fall in love" with the most dominant woman they ever met.
"Growing Pains"
Jason goes through highschool while dealing with the fact that his girlfriend outgrows him in all respects.
"Crime and Punishment"
After Jason, a college frat-boy, claims to have taken advantage of a drunk girl at one of the fraternity parties, the girl's friends decide to punish him in the cruel and creative way.
"My Best Friend's New Family"
Jason's best friend's father remarries and changes his life forever.
"A Friendly Game of Tennis"
Jason gets punished on a tennis court by a young tennis player which finds a special way of dealing with his rudeness.

Text stories by other authors:
"Ben and Jill" By Helplesscase
Ben and Jill start going out in high school, but by the time they go to college their relationship changes.
"A Mid Summer Night's Fantasy" by Dange
A men looses his wife to a lesbian amazon, and is dominated by the two women.
"The Cliff" by Chameleon
A college student goes on a trip and meets the russian amazon.

Illustrated stories by Jason:
"The Neighbors"
Jason locks himself out of the apartment and has to go to the nighbors for help. His neighbors turn out to be two amazon women Jackie and Alex who take this opportunity to have some fun at his expense.
"Husband Training"
A set of renderings with no specific story line.
"Domestic Disturbance"
Jason comes home late, and his wife punishes him in the most surprising way.
"Between Us Girls"
This is a set of illustration with no specific story line. Feel free to come up with your own.
"SUBstitute Teacher" (Part 1-4)
Jason starts a job at school as a substitute teacher, where he is abused by one of his students.
"Susan's Newborn" (Part 1-2)
After an accident, and a few days in the hospital Jason is taken home by one of the nurses and turned into a baby.
"Special Assignment" (parts 1-11) (fixed).
Jason Dosson is an FBI agent that has to go undercover as a 12 year old. Special agents Susan and Katherine help him assume his new role.
"The Best Man" (parts 1-10).
Jason travels to New-York city to be the best man at his friend's wedding, but when he meets Jennifer - the bride's maid of honor and her friend Victoria he realized that his role in the wedding might be completely different.
"My Mother's Boss and Her Daughter"(parts 1-2).
. Jason's life is changed forever by a visit from her mother's boss Ms. Waite and her daughter Jennifer.
"Internet Romance" (parts 1-6).
Jason "hooks up" with his internet friend Kasandra who has her own vision of their relationship.
"Happy Halloween" (parts 1-3).
Jason and his mother are attacked by four muggers on their way to a Halloween party. Jason discovers his mother's dark side as he witnesses her take care of all four men in an unreal display of power and control.

Illustrated stories by other authors:
"Gretchen and Michael"by Pt.
"Thieves"by Pt.
"Wrestling Fun"by Pt.
"The Amazons Next Door" (part 1 2 3 4 ) by Pt.
A guy's next door neighbors turn out to be an amazonnian family.
"The Roomate"by Pt.
Two college kids have to learn to live with their new roomate who turn out to be an amazon woman.
"A Dream Come True"by Pt.
One schoolboy's ultimate fantasy comes true.
"Country Grils"by Pt.
Two country amazon girls and their mother capture three helpless men to keep as pets.
"Be Careful What You Wish For"by Pt. (parts 1-3)
A 17 year old has to deal with his tall and powerful step-mother and step sister.
"Kidnapped"by Pt.
A men is forcefully kidnapped by his boss' daughter.
"Tall Dream" by Pt.
A short dream sequence.
"Island Mistress" by Pt. (parts 1-3)
Four men and a woman briefly marooned on an island in which the woman has to take charge of the group and eventually falls in love with the twerp of the group.
"Little Sister Rules the Roost" by Pt. (parts 1-4)
Little sister and her girlfriend dominates her boyfriend, and then he brother.
"Amazon Island" by Pt. (parts 1-6)
A small man is shipwrecked on an island of giant women who keep men as pets.
"Blind Date" by Pt. (parts 1-5)
A small man has a blind date with a towering, powerfully muscled Amazon.
"A Day at the Beach" by Pt. (parts 1-4)
A small man on the beach is attacked by two bigger men and saved by his towering, powerfully muscled girl friend.


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