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"Growing Pains"
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

I was a sophomore in High School, she was a 7th grader from Middle School. I was a shy quiet 15 year old boy, she was an early blooming, fun loving 12 year old. At 5'1" I was the smallest in my 10th grade; at 4'9" she was one of the tallest in her 7th. We met accidentally. I was cutting gym, and hanging on the Middle School floor (our High School was sharing the building with the Middle School). She had been kicked out of the room by her teacher for some sort of a prank. As we wandered the corridors we ran into each other. Since there was no one around to see me talking to a 7th-grader I took a chance a said 'Hello'. She was very friendly and very pretty, I had never had a girlfriend before, and she was just beginning to discover boys. She was slim, tanned, with long legs, shapely hips and a small, not yet developed, but already well defined chest. We hit it off, she was glad to speak to a sophomore and I was just glad to speak to a girl. All we did was talk, and when the bell rang I quickly rushed to my next period, not wanting to be seen talking to her. She smiled and waved good bye.

For the next month I would see her once in a while walking amongst the Middle School kids, towering over everyone in her group she was easy to spot. I would never admit it to any of my buddies, but for that month all I could think about was her. I would purposely hang out by the main entrance after school just to see her walk out with her friends. A couple of times she tried to approach me and say hello, but the embarrassment was too much. I would just turn around and walk away quickly.

Our next meeting again happened by chance. I stayed after school to help my history teacher, Mr. Evans, hang some posters. This was my favorite class and since I did not have much to do after school I did not mind helping him. We were almost done with all the posters when someone knocked on the door. To my great pleasure it was her. She came with a note from the Middle School principal - apparently Mr. Evans was needed in the Principal's office. As Mr. Evans rushed out, I was once again left one on one with the girl. At first there was a period of awkward silence. I was both nervous and happy to see her, but did not know what to say. She, however, did not seem thrown-off at all. She smiled, walked right up to me, and said, "I missed you." She was standing so close that I could feel the warmth of her breath on my face. Next thing I knew, we were kissing.

Over the next few months we saw each other almost every day. Of course I would always make sure no one knew about it, the last thing I wanted was rumors spreading around the school that I was friends with a 12 year old, but in reality we were more than friends - we were in love. Every day we would meet after school somewhere in the park and make out like crazy. We would never do much more than kiss and rub each other, but I was in heaven. Being small and skinny, I was used to the girls of my own age not even noticing me next to them. She on the other hand was just as interested in me as I was in her; in addition she was one of the prettiest girls I had ever seen.

Our secret friendship lasted all the way until the summer. On the last day of school she told me that she was going away to volleyball camp for the summer and we would not see each other for three months. I was heartbroken and so was she, but such was life. We said our last goodbyes in the park, as usual. But, after a regular 20 minutes of kissing and hugging each other, she suddenly reached down to my dick and gave me a hand job. This was a first for me and probably for her. As we laid in the grass holding each other, I could think of nothing else but her. Next day she was gone.

The summer went by fast and I missed her very much, but my parents kept me busy helping around the house. We were remodeling the second floor and I spent a lot of the time working there. By the end of August I was not thinking as much about her, although that goodbye gift she gave me was still fresh in my mind.

Then school started. I was now a Junior, and upperclassman. On the first day back, I realized that I was now the shortest person in my class with the exception of one Chinese girl. Whilst most people had added a few inches over the summer, I was still 5'1" - exactly where I was a year ago. To say that it bothered me, would be to not say anything - I was petrified. After all, both of my parents were taller than me, and I had been expecting to at least reach my mom's 5'4" by the time I graduated, but I had not grown an inch, and with everyone growing around me, it appeared to me that I was getting shorter.

However, the biggest blow to my self confidence was dealt after the first day of school had ended. As before, I went to our favorite place in the park to wait for my love, whom I had not seen for three months. Just as before she came on time, with the same smile and loving look, but to my horror and pain the rest of her body had changed quite a bit. It had only been three months, but over those three months she had grown so much, that I could not believe my eyes.

As she wrapped her arms around me I realized that she was now much taller than me, she has grown at least 3 inches and was now a couple of inches above me. Her body, which had felt so soft and gentle against mine just three months ago, was now firm and trim. As she squeezed me I felt the muscles in her arms bulging against my shoulders. What I felt next was even more embarrassing: as she kept hugging me, I felt my feet leave the ground for a few seconds. This 12 year old girl had lifted me off the ground! This freaked me out - I pushed her away and screamed: "What the hell are you doing?" She was genuinely upset, in fact my scream must have been so unexpected, that she almost cried.

"I missed you," she said through her tears. I Then realized what a jerk I was being with her. She had obviously missed me and all I could think about was my stupid wounded male pride. I got a grip on myself and said: "I am sorry, I missed you too." The second hug was much longer and much gentler, followed by a long and passionate kiss. For the rest of the day I stopped thinking about the height difference and just enjoyed being around this beautiful girl, even though she was now bigger than me.

The year started with me taking the SAT's and her joining the school's varsity volleyball and basketball teams. I turned 16 in September, she turned 13 in November. I spent the time studying for the college entrance exam; while she began working out with older classmates. We still spent all our free time together; in the park, and in the city (I now had my license and could borrow my Dad's Camry). The city was a good hour's drive, but there we could truly be relaxed and walk around as boyfriend and girlfriend without any chance of running into someone from school.

Our kissing sessions slowly turned into make-out sessions, which often ended in hand jobs from her. That was by far my favorite part of our relationship. Time flew by, and my feelings for her grew, but so did she. By the end of my Junior year, she was an astonishing 5'9", towering 8" over me! Her sports career was taking off too. Despite being the youngest girl in both the basketball and volleyball teams, she excelled in both, and even played a major role in our High school's team, taking second place in the state. She performed on an equal level with older girls, mostly Juniors and Seniors. Her developing body was now a finely tuned machine, with powerful muscles developing around a massive and solid frame; her once skinny and almost awkwardly long legs, were now trim and powerful. Along with growing taller she also gained a lot of weight, she was now not only a good 8" taller than me, but was also at lest 40 lbs. heavier. I, however, was still madly in love with her. Our making out sessions in the park, in my car and in my parent's basement would now last much longer and would always end with a hand job from her. I was in heaven.

But before I knew it, I no longer felt like the 'older guy' around her. Her fully blossomed body did not look 13 or even 14, she looked like a 20 year old young woman. In fact, it was now me, who looked out of place next to her. The transformation happened so fast, that I could not even pinpoint the moment when I suddenly started feeling uncomfortable around her. She however, seemed very sensitive to my discomfort, never allowing me to feel smaller than her. She would never wear heels around me, because she knew how much smaller that made me feel. Never-the-less by the time my Junior year ended I was convinced that our relationship was doomed. I knew I still loved her very much, but it was obvious that we just weren't meant to be together.

So when she left for the summer again, this time to a national basketball camp, I was partly sad but partly relieved. I had only one more year of High School left, after which I would move away to college and most likely forget her forever.

The summer passed quickly, I was working for my Dad's company in the city, and even met a girl there that was kind of interesting, and we went out a few times. She and her parents lived in the city and, for a change, she was my age. We had some fun, but nothing serious. During one of those dates I suddenly realized how attractive my true love was compared to this girl. That night I came home, and decided to give my relationship with the tall beauty another chance.

On the first day of my senior year I saw her. She was walking down the hallway with her friends. Just like two years ago she was towering over everyone, except now even the people around her were at least 5" taller than I was. She saw me from afar. This was to be our first meeting as two high school students. I put away my books and proudly stood next to my locker. As she approached, I was already envisioning how I was going to give her a hug and watch the envy of all my buddies. She was, without doubt, the most beautiful freshman in her class and just about every pair of eyes in that corridor was eating-up her gorgeous curves as she moved toward me.

But to my amazement and surprise, she walked right by me, without even giving me a glance. I was stunned. I was in shock. The bell rang, and the corridor emptied, yet I still stood next to my locker unable to comprehend the situation.

That night I was waiting in the park with child-like anticipation. All else was forgotten, all I wanted to do was wrap my hands around her beautiful body and kiss those full red lips. She showed up 20 minutes late. Instead of the usual warm and caring hug, all I got was a quick kiss on the cheek. As she bent down to give me the kiss, I noted to myself, that over the summer, she again must have grown at least 3 inches and gained another 40 or so lbs. The muscles in her gigantic arms were now really well defined and looked more like the muscles of the best guy athletes. She was wearing a cut-off top, with no sleeves which showed off two tanned and strikingly powerful arms. The top was hugging her now massively large chest, which was bulging out a couple of inches above my eye level. Her top was short, and exposed a powerful wash-board stomach with an incredible six-pack most guys could only dream of. Her tight shorts, hugged her huge hips and two extenuated, muscular and shapely legs. She was in an amazingly unbelievable shape, especially for a young woman who was just about to turn 14.

I stood there looking at her with awe and frustrating lust. She was still the same girl I was madly in love with, except much bigger and stronger than before. For the rest of the night, all I wanted to do was take her in my arms, but she seemed particularly cold to me, and I did not have the nerve to make any moves. Instead we chatted for some time and then she had to leave for basketball practice. I felt I was losing her, and in a desperate attempt to show my feeling, I tried to give her a kiss as we were saying goodbye.

It must have looked quite awkward, as I extended my hands and tried to wrap them around her neck, which at her now 6-3" figure was just out of my reach. As I fruitlessly reached up, the best I could do was wrap my arms around her mid section and bury my face somewhere right below her large beautiful breasts. I could feel her massive body against mine. My chest against the muscles of her thigh. The palms of my hands on the curvature of her well defined back muscles. She was simply huge, much bigger even than I ever realized.

Suddenly I felt her right hand move down and her right palm grab my buttocks. At the same time her left palm pushed against my right armpit and her long fingers squeezed my chest and back on the right side. The next thing I knew my body left the ground and slowly and evenly moved up toward her face.

She easily and gracefully lifted my 5'1" body up into the air until my head was level with hers'. With her right hand she squeezed my entire body between her palm and her giant chest. I could feel the firm curve of her breasts against my groin and stomach. My dick immediately hardened and was now pushing against one of those giant "melons" each one bigger than my head.

As I hung in the air suspended by her chest and right palm, she wrapped her left palm around the back of my head and pushed it toward her lips. This was the most sensual kiss we had ever had. It lasted for at least 10 minutes and during all that time this amazing Amazon was just holding me in place high above the ground, like a rug doll.

After our lips finally parted, she switched her grip and held me with two hand under my armpits almost at arms length. Her bulging biceps were firm and round. She was holding me almost a foot of the ground. I was in shock. On the one hand the idea of her handling me with such ease was painful to even imagine, on the other this was the most sexual excitement I had ever experienced.

"Well, Jason, does being held by me still make you uncomfortable?" It has now been almost 15 minutes since my feet left the ground, and 14 minutes and 59 seconds since the biggest erection of my life. Unable to speak I simply turned my head slowly from left to right. "Perfect then," she smiled, and without putting me down threw my entire body over her right shoulder. She once again grabbed my buttocks with her right hand, making sure I was staying firmly in place over her gigantic frame, and then bent down and picked up her sports bag with her left hand.

"I am just going to drop you off at home before practice," she said as she started walking towards the park exit. "Please," I pleaded, "don't carry me like this in public." She stopped, and I felt my entire body jerk forward as she stopped the momentum of walking. Her firm hold on my butt stopped my forward movement. "OK, deal, but you have to promise to behave." I was not sure what that meant, but I was ready to make any promise as long as it would get me out of the embarrassment of being carried around by a 14 year old.

So I made my promise, and she promised that we would avoid anyone she saw and she would make sure I would be home soon. She then pulled her sports bag over onto her other shoulder, shifted me from her shoulder into a cradle position, and after securing my body against her chest with both arms, started running.

This was not just simple running. This giantess ran all out, as if she was an Olympic sprinter. Her massive chest, against which I was squeezed, softened the contact, but still I could feel her hard body against mine. As she sped up the street her grip on me tightened, and I could no longer move any part of my body. It was as if I was stuck between two giant rubber balls. The pressure was so strong that I had a tough time just breathing. After about five minutes or so, I started gasping for air, but to my great relief we suddenly stopped.

As I opened my eyes, which I had somehow instinctively closed, I realized that we were standing in front of my house. Before I could protest she rang the door bell, and next thing I knew I was being handed down to my Dad.

As my father stood there in disbelief staring at an amazing beauty who just handed him his own son as if he was a child, she said: "Take care of him Mr. Nelson, I will be back in a little while." She then turned around and jogged away as if nothing had happened.

As my dad put me down, I said: "Not a word," and went upstairs. We never talked about it again, but it was obvious that she did not mind showing off her incredible power and strength in front of my parents, which meant for the rest of the year I was to belong to this giantess and things were never going to be the same between us.

That year was the most embarrassing year of my life. First of all I was now 17 and she was now 14, which only made matters worse. Secondly, she was now the most famous girl in school - if not in the whole state, with her amazing athletic abilities in basketball and volleyball. She was now a star. Thirdly, and probably most frustrating of all, I have not grown at all. At 17 I was 5'1" and had actually managed to lose some weight; weighing now an even 95 lbs. She, on the other hand, did not seem to stop growing. By January she hit 6'6" and 260 lbs. and her athletic abilities only got better.

She was now able to easily lift me over her head with just one hand, and even started practicing throwing me up in the air. Her appetite for sports could only be matched by her incredible appetite for sex. At first, we had sex all the time and she seemed satisfied. Then, one day she told me that she wanted more and that I did not have enough for her to be happy. I tried to tell her that I could learn to do whatever she wanted, but instead she started dating one of the football players. She told me it was not serious, but I could see the lust in her eyes as she looked at him. In the mean time, rumors started spreading about the two of us being a couple, and that caused only two reactions in people, both extremely negative. One was envy the other disrespect.

By the end of the year, our relationship turned into one of complete control and domination by her. I no longer had any voice in the decision making process. She, apparently, liked having me around, but no longer was interested in me as a man. She was sleeping with almost the entire football team - every jock in school, and did not even bother to hide it from me. Eventually, she even started taking me along on her dates. If the date would not go well, she would go home with me, and we would be screwing in the back of the car, or in my parent's basement. Other times, when the date did go well, she would have me drive her and her date, around as they made-out in the back of my car.

Any complaints by me were met by either beatings or "punishment sessions", which involved her showing off her amazing strength, by tossing me around or forcing me to do anything from her homework and home chores, to parading around in her clothes.

When the school year ended, and she went away to National Olympic Athlete Development Camp, that was the happiest day of my life. She came by my house, to say goodbye. As she lifted me off my feet for the last time, she gave me a kiss and said: "Goodbye, my little man. Remember me. Maybe we will meet again some day." She then threw me up in the air, caught me easily with her gigantic hand, placed me back on the floor and left.

By the time she came back three months later, I had gone away to college, promising myself I would never go back to my home town - and I never did. I also promised myself that I would forget her and never think of her again -- needless to say, I have yet to come-through on that one.