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"Elevator Robbery"
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

Everything happened so quickly - I had not time to react. One quick step toward me and she had both of my testicles in the palm of her hand. I felt a shooting pain in my crotch and screamed. It was actually more of a moan - representing both my surprise and reaction to her fingers crushing my balls.

We were alone in the elevator. Just a moment ago I was thinking to myself that I have never seen this attractive brunette in my office building before, and even contemplated making a move, and now, for whatever reason she was the one making all the moves.

The pain was intense. It reminded me of the days when I played soccer and a ball would accidentally hit me in my privates. The only difference was, that with the soccer ball it was just a millisecond of pain - this was not going away.

I automatically grabbed her wrist with my right hand, hoping to free my testicles, but the second I touched her hand she squeezed harder. "Stand still!" - the command came quickly and methodically. She had a deep soothing voice. I ignored her, and pulled on her arm - big mistake. Her grip turned out to be very strong, she did not budge, but instead squeezed harder. The pain was so intense I almost fainted letting go of her wrist in the process. My back was pushing against the elevator wall, I had nowhere to run.

As my head started spinning from the pain, she finally loosened her grip a little: "Good boy", said she, "you behave and I might let you keep those things". She smiled and for the first time I looked at her face. She was rather attractive, with strong features and big blue eyes. She was fairly tall, a few inches taller than me maybe. If she did not have my sack in the palm of her hand I might even have thought her to be attractive.

"Now, don't be a cowboy, and do as I say", with that she leaned over and pushed the stop button. The cabin stopped and an electric bell started to ring somewhere above us.

My head finally stopped spinning, and I was able to put my frustration into words: "What a FUCK!" The response was another squeeze that almost sent me into a shock. "You stand there and be quite, boy".

With her free hand she produced a plastic wire tie out of her back pocket. It was a small white plastic strip with a locking mechanism on one end - the kind plumbers and electricians use to keep wires and pipes together. One end of it was pushed through the look on the other end, thus making a loop.

Here, put your hand through this, she extended her hand with the loop. At this point I knew better than to disobey. I put both of my hands though, she quickly let go of the wire tie and grabber the free end - pulling it tight. Both of my hands were now caught in the loop. The mechanism in the lock was preventing the loop form loosening - the only way to get it off now would be to cut it.

Next she undid the buckle of my belt and unbuttoned my pants. She did it so quickly with her left hand that I decided that she either was a lefty - or someone who has done this many times before. As she unzipped the pants, she put her left hand into my briefs and quickly switched hands grabbing on to my crotch with the other hand. I now felt the warmth of her palm on my privates.

For a microsecond I felt my testicles being free from the iron grip, but a moment later she once again applied the pressure - now with her left hand to my bare skin. My pants, unzipped and unbuckled dropped to the floor and were now sitting on the floor around my ankles. With another, surprisingly quick motion, she pulled down my briefs, until they were around my ankles too.

"Step out of there", she put her foot onto top of my briefs and pants and waited. "I don't have all day", said she and followed it with another squeeze. That definitely got the message across. I readily stepped out of my pants and underwear. It took me a few tries until I got both of my feet out.

While I was contemplating what she might be doing, she quickly released the stop button and pressed one of the floors. Next thing I knew elevator was moving again.

She then bent down and grabbed both my pants and my underwear. Just at that moment the elevator stopped and the doors opened. "Thank you Hon", said she, and finally let go of my sack. The feeling of relief was so grand that I just stood there enjoying my sudden freedom. In the meanwhile she walked out of the elevator and the doors closed.

I was standing in the middle of the elevator with no pants or underwear on. With my hands tightly bound in front of me. As I tried desperately to remember what else was in my pants besides my wallet and cell phone elevator started moving again. A second later I heard the bell announcing the first floor. To my ultimate horror, it was at that moment that I realized that I was sporting a biggest erecting of my life. And that is when the doors opened...