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"Babysitting Kate"
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

Jason hated babysitting, and even though he used to do it quite often for his cousins he would never consider it a real summer job. Besides, his cousins were now old enough to take care of themselves, and he was lucky enough to get real jobs for the past two summers, one at the local burger join and one at the movie theater. The one at the theater was a really nice job, which not only paid well, but also allowed him to watch all the movies he wanted for free, as well as occasionally let his friends in too.

But that was a year ago. Now, when Jason came home after his freshman year at Washington State, he was shocked to learn that the local movie theater got bought out by a big chain, and the summer jobs were no longer available, because of some crazy union laws, that forced the management of the theater to only hire full time staff. So Jason suddenly had no way to earn the few extra bucks that he so desperately needed this summer. After all he was now a college man and he had all sorts of plans for his summer vacation that required funds he did not have.

That is why, when his mom told him that the Richardsons needed a baby sitter in a hurry and were willing to pay well for the job, Jason hesitantly volunteered his services.

Mr. Richardson was a friend of his father’s and his long time golf partner. The families weren't particularly close, but over the years Jason and his parents visited the Richardson's at least a few times. Jason remembered that Richardsons had two daughters, one a few years older than Jason, and one a few years younger. The older one he has never met, on a count of her being away at some university. The younger one was named Katy, and Jason vaguely remembered a skinny awkward girl with two pigtails and big blue eyes. Katy was always very shy and quite around the guests, and Jason did not remember saying even one word to her over the couple of times his family visited the Richardsons.

Jason arrived a few minutes earlier, and was welcomed in by Mr.Richardson. After a brief conversation and a set of regular questions about his first year at the university and a "well deserved" rest he was getting, he was escorted into the kitchen where Mrs. Richardson gave him basic instructions about the job. At that point Mr. Richardson said he was going to go start the card, since they were in a real rush.

Mrs. Richardson’s instructions were simple: “Katy is upstairs, doing her homework. Don't worry about her; she will most likely not be a bother at all. You can just watch TV or grab yourself a DVD from the bookcase over there. We will not be back until very late, so please make sure Katy does not stay up too late. I want her in bed by eleven. Other than that she can be on her own. You will hardly need to do anything at all.”

As Mrs. Richardson laughed, she took out a plastic container with sandwiches and placed it on the table.
“Here is some snack for you, in case you get hungry. Let me call Katy, and we will be on our way”. She went into the living room and called to her daughter, who must have been upstairs. "Hon, come meet Jason please. Your father and I need to go now."

There was no answer, but Mrs. Richardson did not wait for one, she grabbed her coat and opened the front door. "We really must be going, said she to Jason, John is already waiting in the car and we are really late. My phone number is on the kitchen table, please only call me if it is an emergency. Thanks", and with that said, she walked out closing the door behind her.

As Jason looked around, he heard the car drive off. This seemed like the easiest job he had ever had. He admired the size of the living room and particularly the big screen TV right across from him. Now that the Richardsons where gone, he no longer felt the discomfort of being at someone else's home. He carelessly kicked off his shoes, and jumped onto the couch. A few seconds later the TV was one, and he was watching his favorite Fear Factor.

During the next few hours, nothing happened. Jason kept watching TV, occasionally getting up to get some food from the kitchen. Luckily the refrigerator was packed with all sorts of food, from cold sodas to fruits and cold cuts. He was enjoying himself and almost completely forgotten why he was there in the first place. But suddenly he heard footsteps coming from the second floor and a minute later Katy had walked down into the living room. Without living the comfort of the couch, Jason turned to greed his "babysitting target" and froze in his seat.

He could hardly recognize Katy. Gone was the awkward, scrawny looking child that he remembered from before. Instead, before him, Jason saw a young woman, who was full of grace and elegance as well as feminine beauty and mystique that simply caught him off guard. Gone were the pigtails and big blue wide-open eyes, instead her hair was short and perfectly styled, he eyes were deep and beautiful. She was no longer a little girl, but rather a young woman. A very beautiful young woman.

"Hello Jason", said Katy, in a voice that seemed to belong to a 20 year old, not a child.
Jason was no prepared for such a drastic change in Katy's appearance since the last time he saw her, and was just sitting there, starring at her with his mouth wide open.
Finally, he said "Hi Katy". The phrase came out unnaturally high pitched and he hated the sound of his own voice as he heard it. "Hi Katy", repeated his again, now with an unrealistically deep voice. "Wow, you have grown a lot!” It was the wrong thing to say, but Jason just had to somehow acknowledge the fact that Katy looked a good ten years older than he remembered.

"Yes, I am almost 14", said the girl, and that seemed to have a devastating effect on the young men. She was 5 years younger than him, but looked, at least from Jason's seat on the couch, to be at least five and a half feet tall, maybe even taller.

For Jason, who at 5-2" was not someone you would call tall, this was a huge factor. He made it a point, to avoid women who were taller than him, and now he was faced with a child would tower over him, if he were to stand next to her.
"I am going into the kitchen to get some snack, do you want anything?", asked Kate, not seeming to notice Jason's discomfort.
"No thanks", answered he, "I am all set".
"OK", said the girl and walked into the kitchen.
For the next 15 minutes Jason was trying to pretend to watch TV, but in reality all he could think about, was how different Katy looked and how tall she has grown.

In the mean time, Katy must have finished her snack, as she walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch right next to Jason.
"What are you watching?", she asked him, and smiled at an older boy. She was now close enough for Jason to confirm that she has long outgrown him. Even though she was sitting, he could tell by her long legs and arms that she was taller. He also noticed that she was quite muscular, and her legs and arms showed well toned muscle definition. Something Jason, could not ignore, as he had always dreamed of having such nicely shaped biceps, as the fourteen year old child sitting next to him.

As the two sat and watched TV, Katy tried to talk to Jason a few more times, but he would not respond, or would respond with one or two words. It was obvious Jason was very uncomfortable and just wanted the evening to go by quicker. Katy, did not seem to mind.

A few ours later, Jason noticed that the clock above the TV set said 11:10. According to Mrs. Robinson Katy needed to be in bed by eleven, and so Jason decided to perform his only babysitting duty of the evening. He turned to the girl and said gently: "Your mom wanted you in bed by eleven".

"Well, my mom is not here now, is she", was the reply, as the girl continued to watch the program on TV.
"But those are the rules", said Jason, getting a little annoyed by the fact that this child was showing no sing of respect for his authority.
"I will go to bed when I want", said Katy, with a bit of anger in her voice.
Jason, knew, he had to exhibit strength in order to show to the child who was the boss, he learned that from babysitting his younger cousins. He grabbed the remote from the coffee table and shut the TV off. He then turned to Katy and said: "I think it is time for you to go to bed NOW". He raised his voice toward the end of the sentence, trying to make a point.

That did not have the reaction Jason was hoping for at all. Instead of obeying his, now harsh tone, Katy leaned over to Jason, put her left hand onto his right knee and squeezed hard. "Don't you dare talk to me that way, BOY", said she loudly, with her face being just inches away from Jason's. She accentuated every word, with making a particular emphasis on the last one.

Jason felt the sharp pain shooting through his knee. The girl’s hand was so strong that he almost felt his knee cap cracking under her fingers. Instinctively he grabbed Katy's wrist trying to free his knee, pulling back on her hand as hard as he could, but to his surprise the fourteen year old did not budge. The girl was surprisingly strong. As the pain became greater and greater Jason could no longer resist it and with a loud cream jumped up from the sofa, away from Katy.

He was now standing in front of her; unsure of what exactly just happened. Katy, looked up at him from her sitting position on the couch, extended her hand and said: "Give me the remote now!". Her tone was so aggressive and firm that initial reaction for Jason was to instantly hand her the remote, but he resisted that urge, and once again tried to reestablish his dominance: "No way, it's time for you to go to your room". He tried very had to sound like and adult giving an order to a child, or at least to return the confidence Katy seemed to have when she was talking to him, but instead he felt his own voice tremble and weaken.

"Ok, that does it", said the girl, as she got up from her seat. "Looks like I will have to just take it from you". She was now standing right in front of Jason. Just as he though when he first saw he, she was at least 4 inches taller than him, and what was now evident quite a bit bigger. Her thighs and mid section were quite massive compared to Jason's small frame. What happened next just proved that. Katy grabbed Jason's shirt with her two hand and quite easily threw the boy to her left, away from the couch. The force of the throw was so great that Jason did not have the time to prepare for the fall and could only extend his arms upward as his back hit the floor. He also caught the edge of the coffee table with his left foot, knocked the table over, away from the couch.

Before Jason could make a single movement in order to recuperate from the painful contact his back made with the floor, Katy with a single jump ended up on top of him. She smacked him hard with her right palm across the face. And then again with the back hand, and again with the front.

"You stubborn little jerk", screamed she, "you think you can boss me around? I will show you who is in charge here. You hear me, BOY?!". As she kept slapping Jason around he held up his arms trying to prevent some of the blows. But at least half of them still reached the destination. Katy then caught Jason's arm that was holding the remote, and easily took it away from him. She dismounted the boy and stood over him. "Do you see who is in charge now, Boy!", said she waving the remote in her hand.

Jason, looked up at her standing over him, his face was burning with pain from the slapping. Being so easily manhandled by a fourteen year old was just eating him up. He decided to make another attempt at restoring the balance. He launched himself at Katy's feet and pushed as hard as he could. At first he succeeded, as the girl had lost her balance and fell forward over the already knocked over coffee table. But as she fell, she managed to rotate herself enough to extend her hands forward and catch the impact of her fall. She quickly bounced up, using her muscular arms and ended up in a half sitting position on the other side of the coffee table.

"Oh, you will regret this, boy", screamed out she and gave Jason a look that literally instilled the horror in him. He suddenly realized that the fourteen-year-old child was bigger, stronger and faster than he was. He simply had no chance. He jumped to his feet and took three giant steps away from Kate.

"Last chance Boy", said Kate, as she made one short step toward Jason. "Last chance to say you are sorry and that admit that I am the boss". All Jason needed to do was admit his defeat and all would have ended well, but his ego got the best of him. He simply could not admit to himself that he was being outmuscle by a child he was babysitting, so instead he proudly yelled out: "No way, bitch!".

That did it. Katy raced forward as if she was a wild tiger going after it's pray. Jason only managed to get half way to the kitchen entrance when she caught up with him and threw his body into the wall, to the side of it.

The force of the impact was so great, that for a second Jason lost consciousness, when he came to a moment later, Kate was pulling him up by his hair. Next think he knew he was flying across the room into the opposite wall. This time the impact did not knock him out, but his right arm got squashed between his body and the wall, and the sharp pain going threw it signified a sprain.

"Get up, Boy", commanded Katy, as she grabbed the back of his shirt and forcefully pulled him up. Jason's legs were starting to get tangled up, as he could merely stand on his own. "I see you like the punishment", said Kate, as she held Jason's body against the wall. With the next motion she extended her knee, spreading his legs and let go of the shirt. With nothing holding it up, Jason's body fell vertically down, as his groin made contact with the girl's knee. The pain was so great, that the tears started flowing out of Jason's eyes. All he could do was grab his groin area with both hands and moan in pain. He was still being suspended by Katy's knee and the wall, so when she stepped back, he just helplessly collapsed onto the floor.

"Well, I think I made my point", concluded the fourteen year old. She then made her way back to the couch, lifted and placed the coffee table back onto it's feet, sat down comfortably and clicked on the TV.

For the next thirty minutes the girl watched TV and the boy laid in the same place, slowly coming to grip with the beating he was just given by a girl five years younger than him. The physical pain slowly faded away, only to be replaced by the emotional pain which was much harder to ignore. Finally Jason got up, still holding on to the wall. He was now standing with one hand on the wall, the other hanging limply from his side. He was beat, but apparently Katy was not done yet.

When she saw that Jason was no longer laying on the floor, she got up from her seat and clicked off the TV. "Well, I see my little boy can stand again". The pain of hearing himself referred to as "little boy" was almost as great as all the pain caused by the beating.

"Well, well, well", Katy walked up to Jason. "I think now that we know who is in charge, a little discipline is in order, don't you, boy?". Before Jason could start contemplating what that might mean for him, he felt Katy's arms wrapping around his mid section, and his body being lifted. The fourteen year old girl threw the boy's body over her shoulder and walked toward the kitchen.

"Wow, you really are light said she, as she gave Jason's bottom a playful smack. Being held over Katy's shoulder made Jason feel completely impotent. He felt the girl's muscled shoulder rubbing against his body as she stepped about the kitchen and smacked his bottom with her left hand.

She opened the refrigerator, got out a can of soda and opened it. As she took small sips with her left hand she kept smacking Jason's ass with her right hand.

She then walked back into the living room and set Jason back onto the floor in front of her, as she sat on the couch. "You really are a little wimp, aren't you Jason?", the question was directed at the nineteen year old as he stood in front of Katy looking directly into the floor.
"I bet you I could do anything I want with you, can't I?", the thought of complete control over Jason clearly excited the girl.
"Take of your trousers". Jason looked up for just one second, just to see Katy's cold beautiful eyes. She was serious. There was no point to fight it. He unbuttoned his pants, pushed them down and stepped out of them.
"Good boy", said Katy as she smacked the side of his now naked thigh. "Now the shirt. Jason complied. He now stood in front of Katy in just his white briefs.
"Excellent", as she said that she picked up Jason's clothing from the floor and carefully folded it on the couch.

"Now come here", she spread her legs and pulled Jason's weak body toward herself so that he was standing in between her legs. "Look at me", she wrapped her hand around his neck and pointed his face toward hers. Huge tears were rolling down Jason's cheeks, his lips trebled as started to choke on his own tears. "That's right, my little boy, mommy punished you, didn't she. Didn't she", the tears kept running down Jason's face. He was shaking. Never in his life has he felt so small and weak as he did that second. Suddenly he felt a warm sensation on the inside of his thigh. With tears in his eyes he looked down, where his two small feet were surrounded by Katy's mach bigger once. He then saw that he was standing in the small pull of yellowish liquid that slowly streamed down from his undies. A new wave of tears overtook him, he leaned forward toward the warmth and safety for Katy's bosoms. He wanted to be held. He just wanted to be held by someone bigger and stronger than himself.