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"My Best Friend's New Family"
by Jason aka AmazonLOVE

Lenny and I were best friends all throughout high school. We grew up together, did homework together, played soccer together - we felt like we would be best friends forever. But as luck would have it, after high school, Lenny, who was an excellent soccer player, got a scholarship to one of the state schools, and I followed in my father's footsteps and went to Harvard. We kept in touch through email and occasional phone calls. But as usually happens we drifted apart.

Sometime in the middle of our freshman years, Lenny's father, who was a widower - his mother passed away some years back - remarried. Lenny mentioned something about it in one of his emails, in fact I remember him writing something about his step-mom. He obviously did not approve of his father choice, but back then, I just attributed it to the normal reaction of a step-son. After all this woman was suppose to fill in his mother's shoes, and that would, understandably, be a difficult thing to get used to for anyone. I did not give it a second thought.

After the wedding, Lenny sent me back some photos. When I opened the first picture in my email, I could not believe my eyes. It was a picture of Lenny, dressed-up in a very nice suit, standing in-between a man and a woman. The man was obviously his father, whom I had seen in the past. The woman must have been Lenny's new step-mom. At first glance it seemed like the whole picture was out of proportion. Lenny's step-mom was towering over both Lenny and his father so much, that it did not look real.

With all three of them looking directly into the camera, it was obvious that the top of Lenny's head did not even come up to this woman's waist. Now Lenny, was not a very big guy, in fact at 5'1" he was just about the shortest guy in our school, but on this picture he seemed like a little child next to this giantess, who was dressed in a pearl white wedding dress, which tightly hugged her gigantic figure.

The other pictures revealed the same thing: Lenny's new step-mother was a woman of huge proportions. Next to Lenny, his father, and all the random guests that were on the pictures, she looked huge.

Back then I was shocked, and even thought it was a bit funny, but did not give it too much thought. I even thought it would be really cool to meet Lenny's step-mom in person. After all, she looked to be the tallest person I had ever seen. But when I came back for my summer vacation, I found out that Lenny's family had sold their house and moved to a different part of the city. I did the best I could to try to get in touch with my former best friend, but it was no use. He stopped answering my emails, their new phone number was unlisted, and there was not even a mail forwarding address left at post office.

Lenny was my good friend, and I did the best I could to track him down, but as the summer went on, I slowly forgot all about him and enjoyed my well earned vacation from the hard work in school.

The time flew by quickly, and as August rolled around, my summer vacation was coming to it's end. That morning I got up early, and decided to hit the mall. I mainly needed to buy some school supplies for my second year, that was about to start. I have always hated doing any kind of shopping, so I decided to go to the biggest mall in the city; some place were I could buy everything I needed in one shot.

After a 45 minute drive I parked my dad's car, and entered the big white building that housed more than two dozen stores of all kinds. It was still early in the morning and there weren't that many people in the main hall. I started walking down the hall, on my way to the big department store which was located at the opposite end of it.

As I made it about half way down, I walked by the entrance of Toys 'R' Us - the biggest toy store chain around. I only made few steps past it, when I heard some commotion behind me. "I am sorry, but you just can't have it!" I heard a woman's voice. It sounded just like all mothers' must sound when they talk to their children. I turned around, just to see the sight of a poor child being denied some toy, that at that moment probably represented all he ever wanted in life. It was not too long ago, when I myself, was hearing the wrath of my mother in very similar situations.

As I turned, first I heard the loud clicking of the heels on the marble floor of the mall. With each step they were getting louder and louder, until finally a woman appeared. She was walking out of the Toys 'R' Us store entrance, which was not more than 20 feet in front of me now. I recognized her right away, even though I had only seen her on the pictures that Lenny had sent me. There was no doubt that it was his step mother.

Her grandiose stature stormed out of the store. Each one of her steps, it seemed, was gigantic. She was moving very fast, so that I could barely notice her face, but I did not need to see it, to realize it was definitely her. She was truly a stunning woman, and despite her amazing size, she looked sexy and beautiful. Just like a model on the walkway.

The magnificent sight of this Amazon, had drawn my attention to such an extent, that at first I almost did not notice that right behind her she was literally dragging a small boy by the hand. The child who looked to be not more than 7 or 8 years old, was helplessly trying to keep up with the woman's gigantic steps.

Both of them zoomed by quickly, and continued down the hall in the direction opposite to where I was heading. As the distance between us grew, and the clicking of her heels died down, I heard bits and pieces of what must have been a strict lecture to the boy: "... last time I take you to ... embarrassing your mother like that...".

I stood there for another minute or so looking at them. To be completely honest, I was simply admiring this tall beauty's back side, which even at great distance seemed amazingly curvy and proportional. I then turned around and continued toward the department store.

It took me about an hour to pick out few things in the store, but during the entire time the image of Lenny's step mother was in my head. I was also curious about the child, since I did not remember Lenny mentioning a step-brother. And there was definitely none of that age on the pictures he had sent to me. I was also disappointed that I did not have the smarts to talk to the lady, and maybe find out how Lenny was doing.

I was thinking this, when I exited the store, when to my surprised and great joy I saw her and the boy again. They were sitting on the bench on the other side of the fountain, right in front of the store I had walked out of.

They must have been good 60 feet away, but this woman's stature allowed me to see and recognize her even from such great distance. I was not about to miss the opportunity to talk to her again, and I started walking toward the bench. As I swerved around the fountain, I lost the sight of them for a second, as there were some green bushy plastic trees in my way. When I saw them again, it was from a much shorter distance, and I could now clearly make-out this amazing woman.

She was sitting on the bench, with some shopping bags standing next to her. The boy was comfortable resting in her lap. She had one of her hands wrapped around him, and with the other she was holding a large ice cream cone. Both, her and the boy were taking turns licking the ice cream. It seemed that the earlier incident at the toy store, that I was accidentally a witness to, was long forgotten. Seeing this serene picture of this woman and a child put me at ease, and I felt much more comfortable now, approaching them and striking up a conversation. I was now again glad that I had not tried to talk to them earlier, as it would, no doubt, have probably only interfered with the disciplining of the boy.

I walked up to them from the side. As I stood, now just a few feet away, I once again was in awe of the woman's size. Just like on the picture, she seemed to be out of proportion with the rest of the world around her. The bench, the trees, the shopping bags and even me standing next to her looked small in comparison. It was only then that I realized that the only thing that did not look small in comparison to this woman was the child. The boy looked his age and seemed to be perfectly in proportion sitting in her lap.

I took another step toward them, and as both she and the boy turned their heads toward me, I was struck with an incredible discovery. I stood in front of them like a zombie for what seemed like forever. The reality of the situation was slowly sinking in.

The young boy, enjoying the ice cream on his mother's lap, wearing cute shorts, long white sox, and a colorful t-shirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it, looking to be no more than 7 or 8 years old, was in fact my equal, 19 year old Lenny Moore. My best friend in high school, with whom I had grown up, went through puberty, and became men together, looked completely at ease and in his place on this woman's lap.

I was speechless. I did not know what to say. I could not even begin to describe all the thoughts running through my head at that time. "May I help you?" I heard a voice. It brought me out of my trance, and I looked into the face of Lenny's step-mom. Suddenly I wanted to disappear, somehow just pretend I was not even talking to them, but it was too late.

A few more seconds, and my entire behavior could be a cause for alarm. Trying the best I could to hide my emotions, I smiled with just the bottom part of my mouth and asked: "Excuse me M'am, would you happened to know what time it is?" It was the stupidest thing one could ask in the mall, especially with all the watch stores around and a big white clock right behind them - but it was the best I could come up with.

"Oh," the giantess gave me the warmest smile imaginable, "I don't wear my watch anymore, but I think I should have the time on my cell phone." With that she swiftly and easily got up from the bench. In one hand she was holding Lenny, in the other the ice cream cone. She was now standing in front of me - close enough for me to admire how truly tall she was. I felt completely dwarfed by this woman. Her full and round bust was now hanging right in front of my eyes.

Lenny's tiny, in comparison, body was hanging a little to the side of those magnificent breasts. She held him, gently, as if trying not to hurt him, with her gigantic hand wrapped around the boy's mid section. Lenny's face was very close to mine and, for a second, I thought I saw a sad and pleading look in his eyes, but it was almost immediately replaced by a helpless smile. It seemed that he was not even recognizing me - or maybe he just did not want to.

"Here Honey, hold this for Mommy," said the Amazon and handed Lenny the ice cream cone. Lenny grabbed it with both hands - the way a small child grabs on to something it really wants, and almost immediately licked it. "Now, now, Honey, take it easy, you know how easily you catch a cold." There was something so motherly in her tone, that it almost left no doubt that Lenny was a helpless child in his mother's hands.

"Here." she pulled out a cell phone, from one of the bags, "It is five minute past eleven." With her cell phone in one hand and Lenny with his ice cream in the other she looked like a happy mother - in complete control of her offspring. Who was I to judge?

"Thank you M'am," I said. I took a last quick glance at Lenny who seemed too busy with the ice cream to notice me. With that I turned around and quickly walked away. "OK, Kitten, give Mommy a try now." I heard behind me the same motherly voice. "That's my boy." It seemed that I now knew what had became of Lenny. He was now part of the new family, and it seemed that he fitted right into place. He will forever be: 'His mommy's boy'.