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My entire body had gone almost completely numb from the pressure of her fingers on my stomach and back, and I could only hang limply from her huge hand, supported only by her powerful fingers and held securely in place by her thumb on my back. At this point I was barely conscious and only dimly aware of what was happening to me. Vaguely I felt myself being lowered to a near horizontal position and the pressure of her huge hand on my stomach and back lessened somewhat, making it a little easier to get at least some air into my tortured lungs, as she carried me and my discarded clothing easily away from the beach and toward the dense jungle ahead..
Later, I remembered seeing a lot of green around us and a wide path through the jungle leading ultimately to a cluster of huts in a a huge clearing deep within the dense foliage.
There were seven huts in all and two black haired, giant women waiting to greet Sala as she carried my limp body toward the village. In my position still hanging face down from Sala's giant right hand, I couldn't tell how big the women were, but the one wearing the blue blouse and orange skirt looked at least as big as Sala. Two female children, who also looked huge to me, but not as big as the women, were playing catch with what initially appeared to be a large ball.
But as we approached closer I saw to my horror that what I'd thought was a ball was actually a naked, normal size man, doubled up into a ball with his feet tucked in behind his thighs and his wrists secured below his knees. And those giant children, who were at least fifteen feet apart, were easily tossing him back and forth as though he weighed no more than a blown up rubber beach ball!

Sala carried me over to the taller of the two black haired giantesses and dropped me unceremoniously on the ground in front of her, where I could only lay spread eagled gasping great gulps of precious air into my tortured lungs. I was able to look around, however, and I saw that the other giantess was now standing over me looking down at my prostrate body, and the two giant children, one of whom had the unfortunate, balled up man tucked securely under one arm, were also standing behind me looking down at me with childlike curiosity. Amazingly, both girls looked like they had not yet reached their teens, but they were almost as big as the smaller of the two black haired giantesses. When fully grown, I guessed that they would probably dwarf even the largest adults! Still, it was obvious that the taller black haired woman they called Milady was the one in authority here.

As the child carrying the bound man reluctantly left the group, Milady ordered me to stand. Still weak and shaky from my ordeal in Sala's powerful right hand, I begged for a moment's respite.
I didn't get it. Before I realized what was happening, a huge hand came down to grip my head and lift me bodily off the ground with such force that I thought my head and neck would be literally torn off my body!!
Even worse, the power of her grip on my head threatened to crush my skull. The pain was almost unbearable! I thought for sure my end had come!
Thankfully, my skull somehow withstood the pressure of her giant hand as she set me on my wobbly feet. Somehow I managed to stand erect, and staring up in awe at this amazing, black haired giantess standing before me I forgot my pain and exhaustion. My God, she was even taller than Sala by almost half a head! At least twice my height and, although not quite a muscular as Sala, built to scale and more than strong enough to handle me! Suddenly I realized that I was buck naked in front of these women and, even worse, a child! Instinctively I covered my crotch with both hands as the giant Amazon women decided whether or not to keep me. What might have happened had they decided not to thankfully was not made clear. However, I had to wonder what Milady meant by "increasing the size of my rod". I was soon to find out...
Having seen the man rolled up into a ball for the two children to play catch with, I had a pretty good idea of what it meant to be shackled by these women, but I was grateful for Sala's admonition to the child, Amaz, that her job was strictly to protect me. Considering that she was more than two feet taller than I and obviously several times stronger, becoming her toy to play with was not something I could look forward to. Taking me firmly by one wrist as though I were the child, the giant girl led me past the huts toward the lone hut in the back of the village.

As the giant child, Amaz, pulled me helplessly along, two other giantesses, one a giant black woman about the same size as Sala, the other s somewhat smaller oriental, emerged from a hut and called to Amaz. I was still trying to cover my privates with my free hand, and the thought of being exhibited to two more women was almost more than I could bear. I tried to pull back, but Amaz effortlessly yanked me forward as she responded to the two women's greeting.

It was obvious that I was going to be shown to these two giantesses, and they did not look like they would be inclined to treat me gently!


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