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Ignoring my puny efforts to resist, the child, Amaz, pulled me over to the two giantesses and, sliding one hand under my buttocks and gripping my right arm with the other, lifted me off my feet and handed me bodily to the black woman she had called "Luna". I was literally shaking with fear as I wondered what these two giantesses had in mind for me. Even the oriental woman's reassuring comment did little to quell my fear. I knew that I was completely helpless in the hands of these giant women!
Luna took me from Amaz, pinning both my arms hard against my sides with her huge hands, which, even holding my arms, still reached almost halfway around my waist, and held me almost at eye level, more than three feet off the ground, as she ran her eyes disapprovingly over my naked, helpless body. Although I wasn't in any pain from her grip on my body, the sheer power of her hands on me, the stern look on her face and the sarcastic comments she made as she held me kept me thoroughly terrified as I wondered what was coming next.
Apparently acknowledging the caution offered by the oriental Amazon called "Maya", Luna released my arms, gripped my waist with her right hand and turned me sideways so that both she and Maya could examine the front of my naked body. Their sarcastically derogatory remarks about my size, and particularly the size of my privates, and the intimate way in which Luna fondled me were both so humiliating and enraging that I barely heard Amaz' muttered complaint about being excluded from the examination. Realizing that showing anger would only make matters worse for me, I concentrated on wondering if Amazon children were forbidden to see the private parts of their naked male captives.
I had no idea what Luna meant by "getting me ready", and I was pretty sure I didn't want to find out. It was bad enough being woman handled and fondled by these Amazonian giantesses, but their remarks about my size were rekindling my anger. Then, at Maya's suggestion, Luna shifted her grip to turn me face down, her palm and four fingers pressing into my stomach while her thumb held me secure in her powerful grip.

My humiliation continued as the two giantesses fondled and squeezed my buttocks and thighs, but at least their comments weren't quite as derogatory. Nevertheless, the way they were treating me was more than I could bear!

At last I could stand no more, but my protest only elicited a sharp command from Luna and a smug comment from Maya, punctuated with...
...a painful squeeze of my buttocks by Luna while Amaz looked on with an evil grin on her face. Finally, Luna handed me back to Amaz, who took me by the hand as before and led me back to the men's hut at the rear of the compound.
The man with whom the two Amazon children had been playing catch as Sala had carried me into the village was reclining against the wall of the hut as Amaz led me forward. It was obvious that he was subservient to the Amazon children as well, for, when Amaz ordered him into the hut, he leaped to his feet and rushed to obey.
As Amaz led me into the hut I saw the man she had called "toy 3" and two other men standing perfectly still at attention in front of three cots with their hands, like mine, covering their privates, their heads erect and their eyes staring nervously straight ahead.. It was obvious that all these men were deathly afraid of this giant child, but it was also apparent that, despite their nakedness, they were not permitted to expose themselves to her. She ordered the largest of the three, a somewhat older, gray haired man, to shackle me and directed me to the unoccupied cot as the man hastened to comply.
As the man Amaz had called "toy 1" wrapped cuffs around my wrists, ankles and neck and locked them in place, I heard Amaz warning the three men not to harm me and threatening dire consequences if any of them did. That surprised me, since, although all of them were significantly bigger than I, none of them seemed aggressive, cruel or resentful of me in any way. I couldn't resist risking a whispered question to toy 1. His immediate response was a fearful caution to wait until we were alone.

I probably should have shut up right then and there, but my concern and curiosity got the better of me, which resulted in a warning from Amaz and a second, desperate entreaty from toy 1, so I lapsed into silence. I couldn't help but notice, however, that as toy 1 affixed the cuffs on me he kept his privates covered, concealing them from both me and Amaz. When the child finally left the hut, all three men relaxed, and toy 1 moved back to seat himself on the cot next to mine. Only then did I see what the giant women had meant when they had talked about "increasing the size of my rod" and "getting me ready" for use by these Amazon giantesses!

Horrified at the sight of what had been done to these men, I couldn't help but blurt out question after question. All three men remained silent, looking down at me with eyes that were the saddest I had ever seen! My heart went out to them with pity, but I still needed answers.
Even so, I was totally unprepared for the amazing answer I got from toy 1, and even less prepared for the entire story of Amazon Island which he proceeded to unfold.


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