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Toy 1 told me that his and Milady's real names were Lincoln and Elizabeth Meriweather, and that he was a botanist and his wife a biologist. They had met at UCLA almost twenty years earlier where Elizabeth, always a beautiful woman and brilliant student, was also a strapping, 6'4" athlete, several inches taller and a good 30 lbs. heavier than he and excelled in most sports. Lincoln had always been attracted to taller, stronger, sexually dominant women, and Elisabeth seemed to have stepped right out of his dreams, particularly since she seemed attracted to him as well and proved to be a loving, caring sexual partner who treated him gently and with respect. Within a few months after they had met they decided to live together and rented an apartment off campus, where he discovered that Elizabeth had four, equally beautiful female friends who, although not as tall or strong as Elizabeth, were also exceptional athletes and all taller and stronger than he. As a result, since Elizabeth believed in "sharing her wealth" with her close friends, he quickly found himself forced into the role of the "weaker sex" and sexual submissive to them as well during their frequent visits to Elizabeth's and his apartment. Although initially uncomfortable at being used in this manner, when it became clear that Elizabeth expected this of him, he accepted and even enjoyed his new role. However, it quickly became apparent that one man, no matter how virile, could not keep five passionate, Amazonian women satisfied, and the girls therefore sought out additional submissive partners for their group. Finally two male students who were only too happy to become lovers to five such beautiful women were added to the girls' male harem. It then was decided that all of them should live together, and a house large enough to accommodate eight people was rented for their remaining years in college.

Upon graduation, Lincoln, Elizabeth and three of the other girls found excellent jobs in Los Angeles, and it was therefore decided that the remaining girl would be in charge of the house with the two men responsible for all cooking, cleaning and other housework. As before, all three men, including Lincoln, were shared equally by the five women, ignoring the fact that Lincoln and Elizabeth had been married, and everyone seemed satisfied with the arrangement, although occasionally the girls tried unsuccessfully to recruit additional men for the group.

It was during the third year of this arrangement that everything changed. The women combined their and Lincoln's resources to purchase a 50' sloop and, after learning how to handle and navigate the boat, took an extended vacation to cruise off the Mexican coast. There they discovered this island, an island that was not on any of their charts and apparently not owned by anyone. Anchoring in a protected inlet, Lincoln and Elizabeth began to explore and came upon a startling discovery: female mice that were incredibly huge and strong, up to and often over twice the size and strength of the males, but the colonies were otherwise normal in all respects except that the males were clearly subservient to the giant females. Both Lincoln and Elizabeth were intrigued by the discovery, and, after discussion with the others, Lincoln was assigned to unearth the cause for this phenomenon.

After several weeks of observing the behavior of the rodents, he discovered that the females were feeding on the roots of a plant hitherto unknown to botanists, and that each time they fed on these roots over the next few hours they seemed to grow slightly in size. At first he hesitated disclosing this discovery to the others, but the thought of being subservient to a seven or eight foot wife intrigued him so much that he eventually decided to reveal everything. All five women were enthused at the prospect of becoming giantesses, but Elizabeth decided to take some samples back for analysis in her lab in Los Angeles to ensure the root was safe for human consumption. The group returned home, and Elizabeth spent the next week breaking down and analyzing the chemical components of the root, but found nothing that would suggest any danger to humans. Finally she decided that the only way to be sure was to test the root on herself. After crushing one of the samples into a fine powder, she measured and ate a single ounce of the powder. Later she described to the group a tingling sensation that consumed her whole body for several hours, after which she was amazed and thrilled to see that she had added an inch and a half in height and had gained a significant level of physical strength with no apparent harmful side effects.

It was obvious that to achieve any real growth in size and strength the group would have to return to the island for additional supplies of the root, but it was also clear to the women that they would not be able to return to civilization as the superhuman giantesses they all wanted to become, so it was decided that Lincoln and the four women would leave their jobs, liquidate all their assets except the yacht and obtain whatever supplies they needed to take up permanent residence on the island. Even the men, who had willingly become subservient to the women, seemed eager for this change in lifestyle.

Over the next few years the women grew to their current size, with strength and agility far superior to that of any man, and when they decided to cease consuming the roots it became clear that the effects were permanent. Although there were no harmful physical side effects, there were two additional physical changes that enabled the women to obtain complete physical and sexual control over the now hapless males. One was the ability to exude massive levels of pheromones at will, ensuring that none of the men could resist their sexual advances. The second was discovered over time, as the women became to huge that the men were unable to satisfy them sexually: the ability to enlarge the men's sexual organs sufficiently to correct this problem. When I asked how they were able to achieve this, Lincoln refused, telling me only that I would find that out in due course. In addition, an important psychological change occurred in the women, in their attitude toward their men. No longer did they treat them with love and respect, but rather as chattels, no more than things, toys to be used solely for procreation and pleasure. Even Elizabeth no longer considered Lincoln her husband, but merely the property of the group. For this reason, Lincoln cautioned me never to use his real name; on this island the men were known only as toy 1, 2, 3 and now, in my case, 4. Finally, as a gesture of complete separation from their former lives and civilization, the women discarded their given names and took the names by which they were now known.


As he finished his amazing story, toy 1 suggested I get a good night's sleep, advising that I would need all the rest I could get for tomorrow's ordeal.

It was good advice, but difficult to take. I spent most of the night tossing and turning, wondering fearfully what was in store for me the next day--and whether I'd be able to survive it. I don't know when I finally dozed off, but my sleep was rudely interrupted at the crack of dawn as I was yanked upright by a rope fastened to my neck collar as Sala, her giant frame looming high over my bunk, pulled me unceremoniously to my feet.
Although still groggy from my lack of sleep and unsteady on my feet, I had no choice but to stumble along meekly behind her, trying to keep up with her giant strides as she led me out of the men's hut to another hut, which was apparently hers. My question as to what she intended to do with me earned only a stern rebuke, so I lapsed into an uneasy silence.
As my head cleared, I couldn't help but marvel at the size of these giant women. Struggling along behind Sala, my eyes were barely level with her buttocks! And yet, despite her great size and strength she was supremely feminine in both appearance and demeanor and one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, a veritable goddess of power and beauty! I began to think that if there were some way I could convince these Amazons to treat us like men instead of toys, life with them, even with a quadruple size penis, might not be all that bad...
She took me into her hut, sat down on a massive cot designed to fit her giant frame and, after removing my leash and tossing it to one side, stood me on my feet in front of her, between her thighs, her huge hands holding me helpless and motionless as she gazed down at me, her eyes half closed and an oddly erotic expression on her face. Even sitting down she still loomed over me, my eyes barely reaching above her breasts. Then, as she continued to hold me strange things began to happen, and I remembered toy 1 telling me of these women's ability to exude massive levels of pheromones at will...was this what she was doing to me?

Suddenly I was sensing an incredibly powerful odor of musk that enveloped me and literally overwhelmed my senses. At the same time an erotic blue haze permeated the air and everything inside the hut. My penis leaped to attention as intense desire flooded my loins. But that was all I could feel! My throat, arms and legs went suddenly numb, and my knees would have buckled but for her huge hands holding me erect. I tried to cry out in protest, but no sound came from numbed vocal chords. More than ever before, I realized that I was completely at this giant Amazon's mercy!

What happened next, however, was even more terrifying!

Suddenly everything began to get bigger! No longer were my eyes level with her breasts, but rather below even her navel, and her breasts, now bare and gigantic in size, loomed high above me like mountains of smooth, tanned flesh. Then I realized that, rather than everything around me increasing in size, I was getting smaller, still numb, but literally shrinking to a fraction of my former height! I was somehow able to open my mouth to scream in terror, but no sound came. As fear of and rampant desire for this giant woman ravaged my helpless body, I continued to shrink until, trapped between her now mountainous thighs, my head was level with her clit, now also bare and emitting directly into my face the incredibly powerful musk odor that was flooding the hut.
She raised my numb arms to trap them under her massive thighs. Then a huge hand, now at least twice as big as my head, forced my face, open mouth and nose into her clit, where her vaginal juices and overpowering smell of musk poured into my throat and nose and would have sent me reeling but for the firm grip of her hand on my head holding me in place. I'd always been too fastidious to have ever been a fan of oral sex, but the taste of this woman was like an incredibly sweet nectar, and I found myself unable to resist drinking deep of her juices as unsatisfied desire continued to ravage my massive erection. Dimly I heard her high above me, moaning softly in ecstasy as she prepared me for the next step in my transformation...
Then, without warning, she lifted my still numb body off the floor, cradling me from the back of my head to my thighs in only her left forearm as her other hand pressed my face hard against her huge left breast, forcing its massive nipple into my open mouth . Again I was forced to drink, this time being suckled like a baby by its mother, but now it was pure breast milk, richer and sweeter than anything I had ever tasted. The more I drank, the more I wanted! It suddenly occurred to me that, compared to her, I wasn't much bigger than a baby, and that I was actually beginning to enjoy being treated like one!

Somehow she seemed to sense my pleasure at being cradled and suckled like a baby, for she began to coo softly to me, like a mother to her child. Then my still numb left arm, as if responding to a silent command, raised itself to caress the breast that was feeding me. It was as though she were controlling my body with only her mind, forcing me to continue to drink even after my stomach was full!

But what she did next was even more humiliating!


Raising my helpless body to a vertical position against her shoulder, she held my head with one giant hand and gently patted my back with the other. She was BURPING me! Just as if I were an infant, continuing to coo to me in that maddeningly maternal tone! I couldn't believe it! Even worse, I could feel the gas building up uncontrollably in my stomach, until, to my everlasting shame...


Then, laying me back along her giant forearm, she again pressed my mouth to her nipple, forcing me to continue suckling as she softly beckoned me to sleep. As though responding to a psychic command, an overwhelming drowsiness overcame me. I tried to fight it, not knowing what she might to do me in my sleep, but to no avail as I slowly drifted off.

How long I slept I do not know. All I know is that when I finally awakened the blue haze had vanished from the room, I was back to my normal size, and that the raging sexual desire that had consumed me earlier had suddenly been replaced...

...by an agonizing pain in my groin which doubled me almost in two. It was not unlike the incredible ache one gets from unsatisfied lust, but infinitely more powerful. I remember screaming and sobbing in agony as Sala, her giant frame propped up on one elbow, loomed over me, a faint smile of satisfaction decorating her lovely features.

Then, after what seemed an eternity, the agony slowly subsided, and I was able to straighten my legs...

...only to confront the horrible realization that what had been done to the other men on this island had now been done to me!


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