If her embrace had lasted an eternity it would have ended too soon for me. But end it did, and, setting me on my feet and handing me the swimming trunks to put back on over my still sore backside, she led me up the stairs and out to the back yard where there was a small, oval pool. It looked to be over 6' deep, but there was a seat that ran around the edge where it appeared one could sit comfortably immersed up to the shoulders.
We got into the spa and sat on the edge of the seat. I was pleasantly surprised that the water was only up to my neck, but barely reached Jul's firm, full breasts. She slipped an arm around my shoulders and cuddled me against her, the top of my head barely reaching to her shoulder. The water was warm and marvelously refreshing and even seemed to relieve the soreness in my buttocks from the spanking she had given me. I looked up at Jul's beautiful face in pure adoration, hoping for another kiss. Smiling down at me, but with an oddly mischievous look in her eyes, she reached over to caress my cheek.
I guess I should have read that look in her eyes and guessed what was coming, but I was completely rapt in the ecstasy of her embrace and the closeness and magnificent beauty of her face and body. She even gave me a hint that failed to register. Later I resolved never to make THAT mistake again!
Before I could react--not that a reaction would have done me any good!--she had slid both of us off the seat to stand at the bottom of the spa in water that barely reached to her breasts but was at least a foot over my head. Putting both hands on top of my head she playfully pushed me down and held me there, with the top of my head just under the surface of the water and my feet unable to reach bottom, flailing helplessly in the warm water.
Fortunately I'd had a split second before I went under to gulp some air into my lungs, but she held me under so long that my lungs felt like they were about to burst, and I started to panic.
Just as it seemed that I couldn't stay down any longer, she raised me up, bringing my head above water. As I gasped precious air into my tortured lungs, I threw my arms around her neck and buried my face against her massive shoulder and neck, sobbing with relief, and I felt her big hands slide under my buttocks and my knees to cuddle my small body close to her. And, as she did so, I felt strangely comforted, and then, as I heard her softly spoken words to me, my heart leaped, and intense desire flooded my loins!.
Still cradling me easily in her mighty arms, she climbed out of the spa and carried me back to the house and up the stairs to her bedroom. My whole body was quivering with desire and anticipation, together with some uncertainty, and even fear, about whether my small, weak body could survive a session of love making with this giant, Amazonian beauty!
I was still clinging to her with my face buried in her shoulder and neck when she carried me into her bedroom. The room was small, but the bed was considerably wider and longer than king size, custom made, I guessed, for Jul's giant frame. I tried to hold on to her as she laid me on my back on the bed, but she gently dislodged my arms and, after stripping off my swimming trunks and her bikini, lay down next to me.
Forcing both my hands back over my head where she secured them in a firm, but gentle grip with her right hand, she looked fondly down into my eyes as she moved her left leg over my right one and her free hand went down to again capture my crotch and massage me intimately. I don't think it was designed to arouse me--she knew that I had already been fully aroused as she had carried me out of the spa and into the house. No, it was clearly designed to send me a message: that she owned me and could do anything with me she wished. To me that was pretty obvious as I stared up in awe at her magnificently beautiful, much larger than life face and body that loomed over my prostrate form. Perhaps seeing the concern on my face, she assured me that she would not hurt me. After that, neither of us said anything further; everything that needed to be said already had been said, that I wanted nothing more than to belong to her forever.
For several moments she lay there looking down into my eyes with that egnimatic smile decorating her lovely features. I knew that once it began there would be no further foreplay--no more was needed by either of us--and that she would be on top and I would be the bottom. I wasn't a virgin and knew something about making love, primarily that, in order to prevent a premature ejaculation and take the woman through her various stages to final climax the man should normally be in control. I also knew that that wasn't going to happen here and worried about how I was going to hold back.
But I learned quickly that I didn't have anything to worry about, for, as her 280 lb. frame mounted my comparatively tiny body, took me into her and began to gently work me, her vaginal muscles alternately caressed and squeezed me, preventing me from reaching climax. She seemed to know intuitively whenever I felt myself getting close and would stop and tighten her vaginal muscles around me to keep me from going over the edge without affecting my erection. It was amazing. And even more amazing, she was able to rest only a fraction of her weight on me so that, while I was firmly inside her, I was not at all uncomfortable! I felt the walls of her vagina swell as she passed each stage of ecstasy on her way to final climax, and she was somehow able to carry me with her all the way.
Then, as we climaxed together, she did something that astounded me. As the sensations of orgasmic ecstasy began to flood my loins she reached down with both hands and tickled my ribs! It was positively electric! Suddenly my orgasm was engulfing my entire body, magnified several times in intensity even as I was convulsed in laughter! I had never experienced anything so wonderful in my life, so wonderful that I barely felt the walls of her vagina erupt and ripple around me or see her face convulse in the ecstasy of her final orgasm!
When it was over, she sat us both up on her bed and cuddled me against her giant body with a powerful arm around my chest and looked down at me lovingly as I, rapt in awe of her size, power and beauty, gazed up at her in adoration. My heart leaped for joy when she proceeded to tell me how my life was about to change, for I had wanted nothing less than to belong to this beautiful Amazon for the rest of my life.
Her last remark, however, gave me a taste of what my life would be like with this mangificent, overpowering woman!


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