For his entire life Bill Portman had been attracted to women who were significantly taller and stronger than he was. Since he was only 5'2" tall and barely 110 lbs. soaking wet he had little trouble finding his ideal, but a lot of trouble attracting them, even though he was a successful accountant and partner in a prominent local accounting firm. Several encounters with sadistic dominant types had convinced him that this lifestyle was not for him, but that what he was looking for was to be the smaller, weaker, submissive partner in an otherwise normal, loving relationship. It was not until he had reached his early thirties that he finally found what he was looking for. Carol Masterson had been a strapping, extremely attractive triathlete in her late 20's who was 5'9" in her bare feet and weighed 165 lbs. of solid, shapely muscle. For reasons that Bill could never fully understand, she was immediately attracted to him in preference to the taller, stronger athletes who regularly sought her attention. After a six month courtship, during which she proved to be everything Bill had ever wanted in a woman, a loving, caring, gentle dominant, they were married. A year later, their son Ted was born, and, as time passed, it became obvious that Ted had inherited more of his father's genes than his mother's. By the time he was 14 and had reached puberty, he, like his father, was barely over 5' tall and 100 lbs. and could only be sexually aroused by taller, stronger women.

Then, when Ted was 15, tragedy struck. His mother had been participating in a triathlon when she suffered a heart attack and died on the spot. Both Ted and his father were grief stricken at the loss, and the next two years were sad and lonely ones for both of them. Then Bill met Amanda Topping and her 16 year old daughter Mindy, who had just arrived in their town, both of whom were over 6' tall and 200 lbs. of powerful muscularity, yet both were attractive, shapely and feminine in appearance and demeanor. Amanda literally swept Bill off his feet, and within two weeks after their meeting, and barely a week before the beginning of the fall semester at Ted's school, she and Mindy had moved in with Bill and Ted.

It quickly became apparent that life with these two was going to be quite different than it had been with Carol. Within a few days after their initial meeting Amanda had forcibly seduced Bill using Kama Sutra skills to subject him to orgasmic ecstasy far beyond, and far longer than, anything he had ever experienced before, effectively reducing him to her obedient sex slave. Once Bill was under control, Mindy, although over a year younger than Ted, proceeded to assert her physical superiority over him to take control of him as well. It was on the Friday before Labor Day and the beginning of school, only a few days after she and her mother had moved in, while Ted was away from the house with friends, that she moved all of his belongings to the basement and set up a bed and a wardrobe for his use there. When Ted returned and tried to retire to his bedroom he found the door locked from the inside. As he struggled to force the door, it was abruptly pulled open to reveal Mindy towering above him in the doorway. When she informed him of what she had done, Ted vehemently objected.

Mindy's response was completely unexpected, painful and humiliating! Reaching out with her left hand, she grabbed a handful of his hair and effortlessly lifted him up to hold him at arm's length almost a foot off the floor. As she informed him that he was about to get a lesson in humility, to add insult to injury she reached around his left arm and gave his nose a painful tweak, bringing a yelp of pain and surprise from the helpless teenager. Then, still holding him off the floor by his hair, she wrapped her right arm around his body, tucked him securely under her armpit and carried him with his head facing to the rear, as he screamed and yelled and thrashed about in helpless futility in her iron grip, down the hall to the stairs leading to the basement.

The surprise, rage and humiliation at being so easily overpowered by a girl who, although much larger and obviously much stronger than he, was over a year younger than his 17 years was almost too much for Ted to bear. And the nickname she insisted on calling him didn't do much for his self esteem, either. Yet all he could do was cry and snarl in protest as Mindy carried him securely tucked under a single arm down the stairs to the door to the basement. As Mindy opened the door and closed it behind them her promise to put him down carried the additional promise of dire things to come!

As Mindy had said, a bed and wooden wardrobe had been set up in one corner of the basement, next to a bench press, two barbells and various weights which the women had ordered and had delivered. There were also two hooks fastened against the wall between the bed and bench press on one of which some strange looking leather straps were hanging.

Once through the door, Mindy reached around and, after removing both his shoes, with a single, powerful pull, swept off Ted's shorts and undershorts, leaving him completely nude from the waist down! Then, as she casually carried him over to the bed he realized for the first time that she intended to administer the ultimate humiliation to his male ego. She was going to spank him like a naughty child! And he knew that there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop her!

Mindy sat down on the bed and put Ted none too gently over her right thigh, trapping both his legs between her two thighs and holding him securely in place with her right hand pressed firmly against his left side. Then her open left hand began to slam down on his bare, unprotected rear with stinging force, bring screams of pain and humiliation from his lips and tears to his eyes. In seconds he was sobbing and begging her to stop, but the blows continued unabated as she jeered at his weakness and tears.
After what seemed to Ted an eternity, the spanking stopped, but his humiliation and domination was just beginning. Sliding him off her lap, Mindy dropped him to his knees on the floor and trapped his lower torso between her powerful thighs. Then she gripped his wrists and, forcing them together, secured both of them with her right hand. To his amazement, even using the strength of both his arms, he was unable to break her grip on his wrists. This let her use her left hand to pull his jersey up over his head and arms and off, leaving him completely nude before his younger, but infinitely stronger, future stepsister.
Next Mindy rose majestically to her feet and, sliding her right arm around Ted's waist, picked him up bodily off the floor and carried him, like a mother would carry a small child, over to the two hooks on the wall, from which she retrieved two strange looking harnesses. When she explained what she was about to do with the devices, Ted's blood ran cold, but, but knowing he was helpless against this powerful and cruel girl, he could only meekly agree to whatever she chose to do with him.
Quickly and efficiently Mindy placed him in the harness, which consisted of an array of leather straps, including several top straps which encircled his chest and went over his shoulders and down his back and were connected by two steel rings on his chest and back, bottom straps which went around his waist and included a metal loop for his penis, a collar for his neck and leather bands for his wrists and thighs. With a hand on the top of his head and a forefinger touching his nose, Mindy explained how the harness worked and some of the rules he would be expected to follow. Now completely humbled and demoralized, Ted hastened to obey her every command..
Nevertheless, without warning, Mindy suddenly forced her right hand between Ted's thighs to encapsulate his nearly bare crotch and effortlessly lift him off the floor and press him against the wall. Her action sent a momentary--and unwelcome--thrill through his body and a gasp of surprise from his open mouth. Then, with her left hand, she guided the harness ring behind his back over the hook on the wall and then lowered him until his entire weight was on the hook with his feet dangling helplessly above the floor. After telling him that this was a position he would have to get used to, she left to retrieve a second harness they had purchased for his father, leaving Ted wondering what else this cruelly mischievous Amazon had in store for him..
A few moments later, Mindy returned with a second harness rig for Bill and hung it on the hook next to where Ted was hanging. Reaching up with one hand to playfully tweak his nose and fondling his right thigh with her other she informed him of what she intended to do to him next. The thought nauseated and terrified him, and abjectly he begged her not to do this to him, but his pleas only made her more determined to dominate him sexually, and he knew that he was incapable of stopping her from doing what she wanted with him.
Hopping up to balance on one leg so she could more easily remove her skirt, Mindy simultaneously grabbed the ring in the front of Ted's chest harness with only her left hand and plucked him up off the hook like a sack of feathers even as she was whipping off her skirt, leaving her naked from the waist down. Ted could only beg for mercy as she plopped him down on his back at the edge of the bed and then sat down on him and maneuvered her body so his nose was firmly inside her and against her clit! With his upper arms pinned under her mighty thighs, he could only wiggle under her and thrash his legs about helplessly, efforts that only served to increase her pleasure.
Whipping off her blouse and tossing it to one side, Mindy began to work Ted;s face in earnest, and reached her first orgasmic sensation almost immediately. As she reached each subsequent plateau of pleasure, her juices flowed over Ted's face and into his nose and mouth as he struggled to breathe. Her body undulated back and forth and up and down over his face, but with her thighs blocking both his ears he felt, rather than heard, her moans and sighs of ecstasy. Nor did he hear the shout of protest as his father, hearing the commotion in the basement, threw open the door and plunged into the room.
.Horrified at what he was seeing, Bill charged across the room as Mindy, who seemed completely unconcerned about him, continued to undulate her derriere over Ted's face. By this time Ted was barely conscious from lack of air, and his struggles became steadily weaker. Seeing this, Bill lunged at her in a desperate effort to unseat her before she suffocated his son.
Without missing a beat in her undulations over Ted's face, Mindy met Bill's charge with the open palm of her left hand, covering Bill's face with a powerful grip and spinning him around to slam him on his back down on the bed next to her and hold him there while he thrashed about helplessly in futile efforts to escape. As she reached her final climax, Mindy realized, apparently for the first time, that overpowering both males at once actually increased the intensity of her orgasm. And the expectation of having further fun with poor Bill didn't hurt, either!
Now fully satisfied, Mindy pulled the still struggling Bill to her, pinning him helplessly against the side of her naked chest with only her right hand which continued to cover his face, almost choking off his air and muffling his angry protests. Then she stood up, gripped Ted's chest ring with her left hand, lifted him effortlessly off the bed, carried him and dragged Bill over to the wall where she hung Ted up on the one hook and then marched the helpless man back to the bed..
Forcing Bill down on his back on the floor next to the bed, Mindy sat on his stomach, forced his hands together and, ignoring his struggles, deftly removed his shirt. Then switching her position before the exhausted man could recover, she sat on his head, pulled his legs up and held them together with one arm while she removed his shoes and socks and then unbuckled his belt, unzipped his trousers and, with a smooth, yet lightning-like maneuver, whipped them and his undershorts off his body and tossed them back over her head to land on the floor next to his shirt.
Then Mindy picked Bill up off the floor, tucked his now naked body under one arm like a sack of laundry and carried him, kicking, struggling and screaming in helpless fury, over to the bench. Placing her left foot on the seat, she laid him over her thigh and, holding him securely in place with her left arm around his lower waist and encompassing his crotch with her left hand, she proceeded to spank his bare buttocks with her open palm until he was screaming and sobbing like a small child and begging her to stop.

After what seemed to Bill to be an eternity, Mindy stopped pummeling his reddened buttocks and, continuing to hold him under her left arm, carried him over to the wall to stand him next to Ted and, as she had with Ted, place him in the harness hanging from the empty hook. Still sobbing from the spanking she had administered, he made no attempt to resist her, as, patting his cheek, she informed him what she was going to do with his helpless body.

As Ted remained hanging from his own hook, unable to free himself, he could only look on with abject sadness at the plight to which his father was being subjected.

Sliding one hand between his thighs to force them apart and grip him firmly by his crotch, Mindy effortlessly lifted the hapless Bill off the floor and hung him on the hook next to Ted. As she did so, she heard her mother voice approval as Amanda entered the basement.
Delighted at her mother's approval, Mindy turned to greet her and eagerly recounted the adventures of the afternoon. Amanda, who remained several inches taller than her still growing daughter and more than matched her physical strength, nodded in agreement until Mindy told her of the spanking she had administered to her future stepfather. At that point, she shook her head and frowned.
With the firmness of her obvious disapproval, Amanda informed Mindy of the potential danger in spanking or otherwise inflicting pain on her future stepfather. Recognizing her error, Mindy apologized and agreed to abide by her mother's wishes in the future.
That settled, Amanda stepped over to the wall and effortlessly lifted Bill off the hook and held him in front of her, a defeated and docile man with his feet dangling above the floor, his arms hanging limply at his sides as he submissively acknowledged Mandy's physical mastery over him. He knew he could never resist her unbelievably erotic love making that gave him ecstasy beyond his wildest dreams and was willing to endure whatever humiliations these two Amazons chose to inflict on him and his son in order not to risk losing those erotic pleasures. And the realization of how deeply his father was under Amanda's spell left Ted without any hope of ever being able to free his father or himself from their sadistic and continual domination and humiliation.

Still holding the helpless Bill off the floor, Amanda reached down with her right arm and, sliding it behind his thighs, swept him up to cradle his small body in her powerful arms like a child. Bill sighed and buried his head in her broad shoulder as she carried him out of the basement and up the stairs to his bedroom, which they now shared.

In the meantime, Ted remained hanging helplessly on the wall. Mindy moved over to him, gripped his hair with one hand, forcing him to look at her, and reached up to painfully tweak his nose with her other. In no uncertain terms she let him know that his ordeal was far from over.

When she told him what lay in store for him the following day and laughingly ignored his pleas, all Ted could hope for was a quick and painless death.


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