It had been a small cruise ship sailing the Pacific off the Mexican shore. All I remembered was hearing and feeling the heat of a massive explosion which literally threw me off the deck and into the water, and then strong hands gripping me and lifting me onto some floating debris. I do remember coming to long enough to look around and see that the ship was gone. Then I passed out until I felt myself being dragged onto a sandy beach. I don't know how long I laid there, but when I finally opened my eyes I saw three other men whom I recognized as fellow passengers and a tall, fairly muscular, remarkably beautiful blonde woman I had not seen before dressed in a blue swim suit and seated on the sand surveying us with a faint expression of amusement. There was also a huge, black metal cage laying in the water next to the beach, which I knew had not come from our ship.

Big Kurt Olson was the first one up and walked, rather unsteadily at first, over to the tall blonde woman, looking down at her with a look of smug satisfaction on his face.

His approach to the blonde girl was typically crude and produced the expected response from her. The other two men, Bill Reynolds and Kevin Sykes, seemed to follow suit, which surprised me, since I had regarded them as fairly decent types. Apparently in an attempt to avoid further confrontation, the blonde girl, Stephanie, got to her feet and informed Olson that she was going to check out the island.
As she started to leave, Olson grabbed her upper arm to restrain her. At that point, since the last thing I wanted was to get involved, I decided to check out the cage. I should mention at this point that I am a very small man, barely 5'2" and 110 lbs., so I knew that there would be little I could do to help Stephanie if Olson were to become belligerent, and it was obvious that he was moving in that direction. Stephanie reacted with a single, angry warning to him to back off.
He didn't, and before anyone realized what was happening, Stephanie had whirled and trapped his right hand with her left in what was evidently a bone crushing grip, bringing a yelp of pain from Olson as, without apparent effort, she bent his arm back and pinched his jaw with her other hand. Olson, unable to break her hold, yelled for Reynolds and Sykes to come to his aid. I was amazed at the ease with which his beautiful blonde girl was able to overpower the much larger and far more muscular man.
As Reynolds and Sykes rushed to Olson's aid, Stephanie did something even more amazing. Using her grip on Olson's right hand to spin him around so that he was facing the onrushing men, she reached around behind his back with her right hand and, holding him at arm's length as she released his crushed hand, lifted him bodily off the sand with only her right arm...
...and hurled his 240 lb. body with stunning force right into his onrushing companions, stopping their advances short and sending all three flying backward to land in a crumpled heap on the sand. When Reynolds and Sykes had rushed her I had decided I had to try to help her and was wondering how I could, but couldn't believe my eyes at the apparent ease with which she had dispatched all three men with only her right arm. Never in my 23 years had I ever seen a man or woman so physically strong. The impact this beautiful Amazon had on me was both scary and strangely erotic.
As I started forward to try to help, she turned toward me, apparently thinking that I would join the other men in this dispute. I quickly assured her that my intentions were just the opposite, and she seemed to accept my assurance, probably because of my small size. I readily accepted her warning not to interfere and watched in continuing amazement as she plucked the semi conscious Olson off the other two men, forced his head between her legs and then reached down to pick up the other two and place them in headlocks, one under each arm.
As she applied increasing pressure to the necks of the three helpless men she chided them like ill behaved children until, half strangled from the grip of her arms and legs on their necks, they finally conceded defeat and begged to be released. With s smile decorating her lovely features, she freed the three men, who staggered backward and fell to the sand, gasping air into their tortured lungs.
I was lost in admiration for the strength and beauty of this fantastic woman. Tall, but not huge, muscular, but not bulgy or masculine looking, I would never have dreamed from looking at her that she could be so unbelievably powerful! Almost unconsciously I approached her to tell her how I felt, but she did not appear to hear my words, instead warning me to back away. I then became aware that the three men were whispering among themselves, and she obviously assumed that they were preparing another assault. Reluctantly I moved away from her just as the they leaped to their feet and charged her in a single, combined attack.
As the three men charged into her, Reynolds and Sykes attempting to grab her arms while Olson rammed into her midsection to knock her backward, she calmly spread her arms and leaned forward slightly to brace herself against the attack. To my amazement, her body and arms were like an iron statue; none of the three men, despite the momentum of their attack and their best efforts to upset her, were able to budge her so much as an inch, and, even more amazing, she seemed able to resist their attack with almost no effort at all. In fact, with an amused smile decorating her lovely features, she gently chided them for the futility of their efforts against her.
She let them struggle against her for several minutes to show them how futile their efforts were, and then, without warning, brought her arms forward, lifting both Reynolds and Sykes off the ground and smashing them against Olson with tremendous force. The thud as their heads collided was sickening! All three men were knocked senseless by the collision as Stephanie calmly announced what their punishment would be for attacking her a second time. I couldn't believe my ears, but it quickly became apparent that this incredible Amazon would easily be able to carry out her intent.

She laid Reynolds face down on the sand and turned his head to one side so he wouldn't suffocate and then picked up Sykes and laid him on top of the bigger man. Then she turned her attention to Olson, first relieving him of his pants, leaving him completely nude, and then picking him up bodily to lay him face down across the other two. Olson was starting to regain consciousness, but failed to realize what Stephanie was doing until she had him secured in position for his spanking, and at that point there was nothing he could do except squirm helplessly as she prepared to administer his punishment.

Watching this magnificently beautiful Amazon, I found myself completely enraptured by her, even though I knew that she could probably break me in two between two fingers and would have nothing but contempt for a man so much smaller and so utterly inferior to her physically.

With Olson secured in position by her powerful legs, Stephanie was able to use both hands to administer his spanking. The powerful, stinging blows to his buttocks echoed like rifle shots across the island and, within seconds, had Olson yelping and then sobbing in pain and frustration. I could barely imagine what it must have been like for him, a huge, powerful, obviously super macho man, being so easily overpowered and humiliated by a "mere" woman, particularity while having to listen to her continued teasing. But this was no ordinary woman, not by a long shot! I had to believe that, despite her beauty and femininity, she had to be one of the strongest human beings, man or woman, on the planet!

The spanking continued for a good ten minutes, by which time Olson was sobbing like a baby. When Stephanie finally rose and released him, she ordered him to assume a kneeling position next to the Reynolds and Sykes, and he meekly complied without even asking what her intentions were, although, like me, he was certainly curious about what was coming next.. That quickly became apparent, for, after adjusting Olson's position to her satisfaction, she scooped up Sykes, who was still unconscious, relieved him of his trousers and draped him face down over Olson's buttocks, warning Olson not to move under penalty of a second spanking. He readily agreed..

Then Stephanie picked up the still unconscious Reynolds, tucking his limp body securely under her right arm as she removed his drawers and tossed them on top of the other clothes. I had to wonder if I'd be next to lose my pants, but at the moment I was absorbed in how she was going to hold both men in position once they were conscious while she spanked them. Besides, watching the ease with which this amazing woman had womanhandled these three grown men had really turned me on!
Olson obediently raised his head as Stephanie placed Reynolds' limp body on Olson's back next to Sykes, then seated herself on the back of Olson's neck. The big man groaned under her weight, but her threat of further punishment seemed to give him both the incentive and the strength to support her. Locking one of Reynolds' legs and both of Sykes' under her right leg and their necks under her other leg, she playfully slapped their buttocks until both men regained consciousness. Then she spanked both men in earnest, laughing at their protests, squeals and sobs and, in the process, coining a new and highly uncomplimentary nickname for me. Needless to say, I didn't object!
After about ten minutes she finished spanking to the two helpless men, rose off them and lined them up in front of her, thoroughly chastened and holding their reddened buttocks as they looked down, unable to meet her stern gaze. Nor did they object when she informed them that, because of their actions, henceforth on this island she would give the orders and they would obey them without question. Her first order was to bring the large metal cage out of the water onto the beach. It wasn't hard for any of us to guess what use she intended to make of it, but none of the men objected. Although she had not ordered me to, I volunteered to provide what help I could.

Initially the four of us tried to push the cage up onto the beach, but its weight was too great for us to manage alone. With a shrug of obviously feigned disgust, Stephanie went into the water behind the cage next to Olson and began to push, and, to our amazement, with her help we were able to push the cage out of the water and onto the sand in a few minutes. Frankly, I wouldn't have been surprised if she had hoisted the cage on her shoulders and carried it onto the beach by herself! As we were pushing it up, Stephanie informed us that the cage would become the temporary home of Olson, Reynolds and Sykes while she and I explored the island, and that the three men better hope that the door and lock on the cage were functional..

When we had gotten the cage far enough from the water, Stephanie walked around to the front, satisfied herself that the door and lock were secure and ordered the three men into the cage.

Stephanie held the door open and ushered each of the men inside the cage, giving each a playful pat on his behind as he entered, and then closed and locked the door behind the last of them. I had moved around to stand in front of her and look up at awe at this magnificently beautiful Amazon whose Herculean strength seemed almost superhuman. But, if she was aware of my open admiration, she gave no sign as she told the men that she and I would try to find an appropriate place to establish a permanent camp, and that we should return to free them well before dark.
Then, as we walked away from the cage, she put her arm around my shoulder, smiled down at me and teased me for my small size, the first sign I had seen that she had any affection at all for me. I looked up at her worshipfully, wondering for the first time whether there was any hope that this tall, seemingly superhuman goddess could ever have any interest romantically in someone so much smaller and weaker than she.


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