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I had been secretly enamored of Bonnie Rait for most of my high school years. We were in the same grade, so I had her in many of my classes, and it was all I could do to keep from staring at her, stealing furtive glances as often as I was sure she wasn't looking. From a purely physical standpoint, she was everything I'd ever wanted in a girl, towering slightly over six feet tall, a good 7-8 inches taller than my 5'5", with a face so beautiful it was almost as unreal as her solidly and powerfully muscled, yet shapely and feminine, 200 lb. body. She was also one of the school's two best athletes, the only girl to compete against the boys in the Decathlon while setting state records in every event in each of her last three years in high school.
I had always assumed that she hadn't noticed my clandestine attention and that she would never be interested in a boy so much smaller and obviously weaker than she was. I was wrong. It was the weekend before graduation, when I was lying on the sand at the beach near my house, that she came up and stood over me, telling me that she had seen me watching her and asking if I liked what I saw. When I told her that I thought she was the most magnificently beautiful girl I had ever seen, she informed me that from that moment on we would be going steady. I was awed and overjoyed!

We saw each other regularly after that, so I wasn't surprised when she invited me to come to her home early one afternoon. When I reached the front door, I saw a note taped to one of the panels, telling me that both her parents were in Hawaii for the summer and for me to join her and her older brother Bill down in their basement recreation room. The door was unlocked, so I went in and walked down the stairway to the basement.

This was the first time I had been in their basement and was surprised to find a complete, if slightly smaller than regulation, boxing ring set up there. I guess I shouldn't have been, for I knew that Bill had been state middleweight boxing champion his junior and senior years in high school and light heavyweight champion during both of his two years in college. What really surprised me was to see Bonnie, wearing only her beach bikini and a pair of boxing gloves, in the ring with Bill, who was dressed in a pair of briefs and boxing gloves and who looked considerably less than confident as he faced his younger, but much bigger and more muscular, sister. I had had no idea that Bonnie had gotten into boxing in addition to her track and field sports, but it didn't take long to see how good she was. As she turned to greet me with a big smile, Bill made his move, trying to catch her off guard.

I was amazed at how fast he was as he moved in low and threw a hard left jab with blurring speed at Bonnie's jaw. Fast as he was, Bonnie was even quicker, moving slightly to her left and, as Bill's jab whistled harmlessly by her head, drove a thundering right into his midsection, lifting him bodily off his feet, driving the air from his lungs with a loud "whoosh!" and depositing him on his buttocks on the canvas a good three feet away. As he sat there for several minutes, gasping for breath, Bonnie casually walked over to stand over him, grinning down at him and daring him to get up and try to hit her.

Bill's face was red with fury at Bonnie's taunts. Finally recovered from her devastating punch to his midsection, he suddenly leaped to his feet and lunged at her, throwing a barrage of jabs, crosses, uppercuts and everything else he had at her. Although I was no expert in boxing, I could see that, while his fists were literally a blur, he was not swinging wildly, yet Bonnie was able to evade or block every punch he threw and continued to taunt him for his inability to hit her. It was an amazing display of speed and agility against a man who was obviously an expert boxer, yet compared to her he seemed a rank amateur! Finally, after several minutes, exhausted from his futile efforts, he stepped back, panting and dejected. As he struggled to catch his breath, Bonnie, gloved hands on her hips, stepped back and offered him a free shot, but only one, at her washboard-like midsection.

Bonnie waited patiently until Bill, who was gasping great gulps of air into his exhausted lungs, had fully regained his strength. Then, with a determined look on his face, he lunged forward and drove a powerful left into Bonnie's midsection, just below her rib cage. It looked hard enough to fell an ox and probably would have put most opponents on the canvas. Bonnie, however, absorbed the blow without moving an inch or changing the amused smile that decorated her lovely features. I couldn't believe my eyes! Her body seemed like a steel statue, and I wondered if anything could hurt her. Bill swore in frustration as his gloved fist literally bounced off her powerful abdominal muscles, apparently aware of what was coming next.

With the speed of a striking cobra, Bonnie went on the offensive, driving Bill back into a corner, and appeared to pummel him with a barrage of lightning like punches. Then I realized that she was in fact pulling her punches, stopping them just at the moment of impact. Yet the speed of her attack left Bill completely befuddled and dazed, as he tried futilely to defend himself. Literally every one of Bonnie's punches found their mark, his stomach, chest, jaw and both eyes. Although not hurt, he was totally helpless against her onslaught and eventually would undoubtedly have down gone had Bonnie not decided to end the unequal contest.

With blinding speed she moved to one side, crouched and drove a right uppercut up into Bill's jaw with enough force to lift him bodily off his feet. His eyes glazed, and he crumpled forward into Bonnie's arms, out cold! With a single punch Bonnie had knocked out the state light heavyweight boxing champion and, unbelievably, had demonstrated that she could do so any time she wished!


Then, gently, she lowered Bill's unconscious body face up onto the canvas, stripped off her and his boxing gloves and straddled him with her thighs and calves pinning his arms to his sides. Lightly slapping his cheeks until he regained some semblance of consciousness, she gripped his jaw with one hand, put a forefinger to his nose with her other hand and pointedly informed him that she was the boss and what his duties and responsibilities would be in the house while their parents were away. A warning as to what his punishment would be if he disobeyed her was all that was needed to ensure his acceptance of her authority. As for me, the thought that this mighty young Amazon could turn the state light heavyweight boxing champion over her knee and spank him like a naughty child provoked sensations that were both scary and erotic.

But then Bonnie did something that I didn't think was possible, even for her. Picking up her 185 lb. older brother under one arm like a sack of feathers with both his arms pinned helplessly to his sides, she carried him over to one corner of the ring and, without any apparent display of effort, vaulted over the ropes to land cleanly on her feet outside the ring. I couldn't see Bill's face, but his yelp of surprise and terror told me all I needed to know about his reaction to this amazing feat of agility and strength by his younger sister. As she went over the ropes she told me to meet her upstairs after she taken Bill to his bedroom to rest. I followed her meekly as she carried her hapless older brother, still tucked securely under one arm, up the stairs to the living room and then to his bedroom on the second floor. Instead of going to the front hall, however, I waited at the bottom of the stairs to the second floor for her to return.

When she finally came down from the second floor, she let me know that it was not a good idea to disobey her, but the smile on her face reassured me that she really wasn't irked with me. I couldn't resist asking her why she had humiliated her older brother so thoroughly, and she promised to explain. As we reached for each other, however, it quickly became apparent that at the moment she had other things on her mind...

Before I realized what was happening, she had put her hands around my waist, plucked me off my feet and lifted me high into the air in front of her. Then, as I gasped in surprise, she tilted me forward until our faces touched and hungrily captured my open mouth with her own, exploring the inside of my mouth with her tongue as she always did when she was kissing me. The sweetness of her mouth sent pangs of desire through my small body, and I wanted nothing more than for her to fold my small frame in her mighty arms hard against her powerful body and continue the kiss forever. But it was not to be. She wanted to go to the beach, and I knew that whatever Bonnie wanted is what we would always do. And so did I worship this magnificently beautiful young Amazon that I wouldn't have had it any other way.

As we left the house and headed for a beautiful wooded path that led to the beach, Bonnie explained why she felt she had to humiliate Bill so thoroughly down in their recreation room, and how she had been forced to guide and protect him since she was nine years old. I had had no idea that Bill was so immature and wondered why he wasn't grateful for Bonnie's care and protection. On reflection, I guessed that he, like most males except boys like me, felt insecure and embarrassed in the company of taller, stronger girls, and would have been horrified at the idea that people outside the family might learn of the true relationship between him and his younger sister. Then, when Bonnie told me that she was going to fix Bill up with a girl she knew, I was intrigued,

But when Bonnie told me who she had in mind for Bill, I couldn't contain my surprise. I said earlier that Bonnie had been one of her high school's two best athletes. The other was Joan Greenwood, a towering, very beautiful, black haired giantess who even surpassed Bonnie in size and muscularity. Like Bonnie, Joan had been in the same grade as I, and we had had a number of classes together and I had to admire her beauty as well as her massively muscled, yet shapely and feminine, body. But when I realized that she was over a foot taller than I and probably outweighed me by more than a hundred pounds, I'd decided to focus my attention instead on Bonnie who, while not as big as Joan, was everything I'd ever dreamed about in a girl. Even the revelation that both Joan and Bonnie would be getting taller and bigger didn't affect my devotion to this beautiful, blonde Amazon in the slightest.

We found a wonderful spot at the edge of an inlet with a gorgeous view of dunes, palm trees and pussywillows across the water. There was a small table and two small stools there. We had passed a refreshment stand, and Bonnie, after telling me that Joan would be joining us shortly, went back to get a third stool and told me to get drinks for the three of us. When I returned I couldn't resist bringing up the subject of Joan and Bill again, for I had to wonder what Bill's reaction would be when told he would be going steady with a giant female powerhouse who could probably handle him as easily, if not more easily than, Bonnie could. Bonnie's response told me all I needed to know about her and Joan's power over Bill. The thought, both scary and erotic, occurred to me that Bonnie might want to exercise the same power over me...

Her reply to my comment left no doubt in my mind on that score. But before I could think of an appropriate response (assuming there was any), Joan walked up and greeted us. I immediately stood up and looked what seemed like a mile up at her lovely face; my eyes barely reached to her magnificent breasts, barely hidden under her black bikini. But it was her comment to Bonnie that really shook me.

Before I realized what was happening, Joan reached down, slid her hands under my armpits and lifted me effortlessly over a foot off the sand to hold me just below eye level while she explained to Bonnie that she had wanted to come on to me when we were freshmen and why she didn't and eventually fell for Bill. I'd never had any idea that Joan had liked me, but I'd also known that she was so much bigger and stronger than I that even a gentle embrace from her could have inflicted permanent damage on my small, comparatively fragile body. Although I wasn't sure that any man could be a suitable partner for this overwhelmingly powerful giantess, Bill was certainly more suitable than I. And with Bonnie now giving Joan the green light to come on to him, the rest of the day was bound to be interesting!

Joan laughed delightedly at the prospect of seeing Bill, lowered me gently back on my feet, and the three of us spent the next hour at the table drinking our drinks while the two girls discussed in general terms the best way to handle Bill, who was obviously going to be given to Joan as her steady boy friend (and eventually perhaps even more) whether he wanted to be or not, and none of us expected him to accept his fate gracefully. Since neither girl was particularly specific, other than to ensure that Bill eventually fell in love with Joan, I was curious as to how the two girls were going to accomplish this. One thing was clear, however: Joan would be using her much greater size and strength in different and imaginative ways. Just the thought of what she might do to Bill was starting to turn me on.

Finally Bonnie decided it was time to go, and we rose to leave. Suddenly I was sandwiched between the two young Amazons, and my stomach did a flip flop. I'd always loved standing and walking next to Bonnie, feeling so small and helpless beside her and looking up worshipfully at her tall, magnificently muscular frame, but Joan, towering head and shoulders over me on the other side, made me feel positively insignificant. I wondered what people would think seeing such a small, weak man in the company of such tall, powerfully muscled girls. And yet, knowing that either of these girls could protect me from almost any danger, I didn't care what people thought.

I'd known that Bonnie had won a track and field scholarship to State and was really looking forward to being able to be with her all year long. I hadn't known that Joan had also applied for a scholarship there, but was not at all surprised that she'd won one. It would certainly make it easier for her to continue to woo Bill. But what was Bonnie's secret surprise? I was dying to find out, but decided not to ask.

As we returned up the wooded path from the beach to Bonnie's home, Bonnie suddenly slipped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me against her, cuddling my small body against her magnificently powerful one. I immediately, almost automatically, buried my head against her chest as we continued to walk, our steps synchronized to each other, back up the path. Both these towering, powerfully muscled young Amazons seemed to think I was something special, and to me that was the next best thing to heaven! Even Bonnie's comment about why she thought I might be in love with her didn't register until later.

As Bonnie led us up the walk to the front door with Joan, looming high above us, bringing up the rear, I suddenly felt a huge hand fondling MY rear! I didn't say anything, but suffered the indignity in silence as I wondered what Joan might be up to. Was she really after Bill, or was he just a subterfuge to get to me? Or did she want both of us? I decided not to tell Bonnie, for I was afraid that if these two best friends were to get into a fight, Joan was so much bigger than Bonnie I wasn't sure Bonnie could prevail.

In the meantime, I was really looking forward to see how Joan would handle Bill, and what Bonnie's mysterious secret would be when she finally revealed it.


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