Gretchen and Michael Collins had been married for a little over a year before Gretchen began to become aware of Michael's secret sexual desires. They had met during a political rally, and Michael was immediately attracted to this lovely former triathelete who, at 5'10", was 2" taller than he and, while her body had lost most of the hard muscularity required for her sport, her shapely figure had remained firm and fit and unusualy strong for a woman. Gretchen, however, did not normally date shorter men, and, as a result, it required several months of persistent attention for Michael to finally win her over. Michael, who had been trained in both judo and karate and was expert in the handling of all types of firearms, had an excellent job with a private security firm which provided protection to corporate and governmental officials, and they were able to purchase a small, but luxurious house and pool in a secluded suburb of Venice, California, not far from Venice Beach, where they spent many Sunday afternoons basking in the sun, usually in a relatively secluded area away from the crowds. On this particular Sunday they were just getting ready to leave when they saw an incredibly tall, powerfully muscled woman who was obviusly a female bodybuilder walking slowly along the beach. Michael's interest in this extraordinarly woman was both immediate, obvious and surprising to Gretchen, who managed to surpress her initial reaction of mild disapproval at this woman's appearance.

Gretchen had always felt that their sex life could have been more exciting. Both of them loved the physical competition of playful wrestling as their normal foreplay, and Michael, although not in the best of shape, was still the stronger of the two and would always be able to pin Gretchen on her back on the bed. At that point, however, his passion and desire would seem to ebb somewhat, and, although he did his best to maximize her pleasure and bring her to climax, she always felt that he was more concerned with trying to ensure her enjoyment than acting to maximize his own. While she appreciated his consideration, consideration that she had found that few other men had demonstrated. it left her wondering if she was physically capable of being the temptress she wanted to be. Michael's obvious attraction to the giant female bodybuilder prompted her to try to probe her suspicions. Michael's response seemed sincere, but she was not reassured, and the following day, while Michael was at work, she called a local gymnasium for women to explore whether her suspicions might be valid. To her surprise she found herself talking to the owner of the gym who happened to be the very woman she and Michael had seen on the beach the day before. When she explained Michael's reaction to her, the gym owner suggested that Gretchen come down to the gym to explore the matter further. Gretchen readily agreed.

In less than a half hour Gretchen arrived at the Gym Le Femme where she recognized the giant woman seated at a rolltop desk at the far end of the floor. Since she was wearing low heeled shoes, she walked gently along the side of the floor to meet the owner, who stood up to greet her. Even after seeing this woman on the beach the day before, Gretchen was startled at the size of her and before she thought she blurted out her amazement and then immediately apologized and introduced herself. Jul smiled and briefly described herself, at which point Gretchen explained why she had come. Jul's suggested explanation surprised Gretchen, and, when she expressed her doubt at the validity of Jul's analysis, Jul called on her long experience with submissive men to reassure her that, while she could not assure Gretchen that her analysis was correct, the rationale for her suggestion had been validated from her experiences. She also explained that, if her analysis was right, there was only one solution to assure a mutually full and satisfactory sex life, and that was to become the kind of woman Michael desired.

When Gretchen expressed concern over Michael's potential reaction to having an Amazon wife, Jul acknowledged that this was often a problem with submissives and that the process of her physical development should proceed slowly and carefully with periodic gauges of Michael's reaction and then suggested that Gtetchen take a tour of the gym to help her decide whether to join. Gretchen agreed and, as they explored the hall and its extensive equipment, was sufficiently impressed that she agreed to become a member of the club.

When Michael came home from work that evening, Gretchen couldn't wait to tell him what she had done and that she had made the decision to begin working out in order to become the kind of woman he was obviously physically attracted to. Michael's reasion was somewhat less than enthusiastic, partcularly when Gretchen revealed that the owner of her gym wa the very woman they had seen walking the beach the day before. But his obvious reticence did not discourage Gretchen who had been forwarned by Jul that his male ego might make him reluctant to accept her decision. As a result, during the next several months Gretchen worked out feverishy on the weight machines and other exercise equipment to increase her physical strength without necessarily developing the kind of extreme muscularity possessed by female bodybuilders.

Although Gretchen rarely discussed her progress at the gym, after a few months Michael noticed some subtle changes in her body, particularly that she seemed a bit taller. When he asked her about it, she admitted that her workouts had caused her to gain a couple of inches in height and that she might gain a few inches more and expressed some enthusiasm at the possibility, primarily to gauge Michael's reaction. His rather passive response concerned her, but since he didn't object she resolved to continue her workouts. Then, a few weeks later, Michael approached her with the devastating news that they would have to be separated for two years as a result of a mandatory transfer to the Middle East. Gretchen was shocked, but since transferring with him was out of the question, decided to remain in their home and continue her workouts.

Over the next 15 months Gretchen continued working out at the gym, and her progress was truly amazing. For some reason even her doctor could not explain she gained another 4" in height and now towered 6'4", the tallest woman in the gym except for Jul. Her strength increased to a level few men could match, and, although her workouts had been designed not to produce huge muscles, her body was now encased in a sheath of powerful muscularity, defined, yet smooth without the bulginess of a bodybuilder. But, although delighted with her achievements and despite the fact that she and Michael were able to commuicate face to face over the Internet several times a week, she remained lonely for him and found herself fighting periodic depression. Fortunately she had Jul had developed a close friendship and, when Jul thought she was ready, she invited Gretchen to come to her apartment after one of he workouts to meet her live-in boy friend, Sidney Chase. When Gretchen arrived she was amazed to find that Sidney was a fraction under 5' tall and as slender as a reed. Both were naked, and Sidney was sporting a massive (for him) erection which initially made Gretchen a bit uncomfortable. He was standing barefoot in front of Jul, and the top of his head barely reached the base of Jul's breasts. Gretchen could only imagine what they must have looked like together when Jul wore, as she often did, her 6" high heeled pumps.

Gretchen politely declined Jul's offer to disrobe, and, as the three seated themselves on the living room sofa, Jul wasted no time in explaining why she had invited Gretchen to her apartment. Gretchen's surprise was immediate and genuine at Jul's offer to provide Sidney for some practice in the art of sexual dominance, but deferred her initial rejection of the idea until Jul had explained her rationale for the proposal.

However, while Jul's idea was both rational and persuative, Gretchen could not bring herself to do something she considered disloyal to Michael and respectfuly declined. Jul recognized that it would be many months before Michael returned home and that there was still time for Gretchen to learn the skills she would need to preserve her marriage and thus did not press the matter. Over the next several months Gretchen continued her workouts and gained significant weight and strength, attaining a level that almost matched Jul herself. And as the expected date of Michael's return grew nearer she began to reconsider Jul's proposal. At one of her workouts she expressed her thoughts to Jul and, when Jul told her the offer was still open, reluctantly agreed to begin her lessons that evening.

Arriving at Jul's apartment that evening Gretchen was not surprised to find both Jul and Sidney naked, but was somewhat taken aback when she was immediately ushered into the bedroom where Sidney slipped a condom over his erect penis and immediately lay on his back on the bed. Jul told Gretchen to get on her hands and knees over him and explained how the lessons were to proceed: Gretchen was to take control of him and, with Sidney's help, try to reach final climax without permitting him to do so. Jul warned her that the learning process was not easy and that it would take time, and, in fact, it was several weeks before Gretchen was able climax without permitting Sidney to. Finally, she felt, she was ready for Michael when he arrived in a few weeks. Still, she wasn't certain that she would have the courage to take control of him or what his reacion would be if she did so. She resolved, therefore, not to do so immediately until she could be certain of his reaction.

Several weeks later Michael called to tell Gretchen that he was leaving the Middle East and would be arriving at the local airport in two days. Gretchen decided not to meet him at the airport in order to ensure that any reaction he might have to her new height and muscularity be kept private, so she told him she would be unable to meet him at the airport and that he should take a taxi home, which he did. Although puzzled at her refusal to meet him and over her absence at the front door, he was so eager to see her after so long a separation that he pushed open the front door and rushed into the house only to have his jaw drop in amazement as he was met by a towering, 6'4", 225 lb., massively, but smoothly, muscled Amazon that he barely recognized as his loving wife. While the sight of her sent a thrill through his fit, but slender body, the sensation was tempered by the shock and dawning apprehension over the fact that he was now married to a woman who towered at least 8" over his 5'8" frame and looked like she could hold up the entire planet.

Almost before he realized what was happening, he was suddenly engulfed in a powerful, yet gentle, embrace as Gretchen greeted him with a long, passionate, loving kiss that sent an erotic sensation of ecstacy coursing through his lower body and left him feeling deliciously small and helpless in his wife's mighty arms. When she finally released him her question left no doubt as to what she wanted from him, and his initial apprehension faded as she immediately led him upstairs to their bedroom, in the process gently removing his clothes and dropping them along the way.

Reaching their bedroom they immediately fell into their standard form of foreplay, testing each other's strength, a test that Michael had always won in the past and, despite his wife's superior size and muscularity, he apparently expected to win again. Unknown to him, however, Gretchcen had decided not to overpower him on their initial reunion and offered only token resistance as, with so little effort that was surprising to him, he forced her backward and onto her back on the bed. With conflicting feelings of triumph and disappointment he began to make love to his supine spouse careful, as he had always been in the past, to control his passion until Gretchen had passed through her several plateaus of pleasure to her final climax.

As they usually did, they climaxed together and intensified their orgasmic sensations, and Gretchen, despite her misgivings about Michael, was completely satisfied and lapsed into a pleasantly languorous semi-stupor. Michael, on the other hand, despite his self imposed chastity during the past two years, felt something had been lacking. His orgasm had been intense, but he felt strangely unsatisfied. Then he knew why, and the realization left him wondering how his sexuality could be so in conflict with the masculinity in which he had always prided himself. He was the man, a member of the stronger, sexually dominant sex, and yet when he first seen his wife's new. taller and more powerful image and had been so completely enveloped and overwhelmed by her initial embrace, without being conscious of his desire he had wanted HER to to take charge, to overpower him and pin him on his back on the bed and literally rape him. And he was ashamed of that desire, so abnormal in the way it undermined his macho self image. As Gretchen finally emerged from her semi stupor she opened her eyes to see her husband sitting on the side of the bed morosely contemplating the floor. Her suspicion as to what might be bothering him was confirmed by his hesitating response to her question, and she realized that it was indeed time to bring Michael to a full realization and acceptance of his sexuality and to help him reconcile it with his obvious and genuine masculinity. And she knew that she could only do that by completely overpowering and dominating him in a loving, even maternal way.

During Michael's absence Gretchen had purchased a weight bench and two barbells which she had used to supplement her work at the gym, but the purpose of which was to provide the means to demonstrate her physical superiority and dominance over her husband and bring his secret submission to the surface so he could accept and live with it. Otherwise all her efforts to develop herself into the kind of woman she knew Michael really wanted would have been for naught. Having made that decision, however, she had no choice but to reveal to him that she had been careful to let him win their impromptu wrestling match in the bedroom earlier and that the purpose of their present exercises was to demonstrate to him how much stronger than he she really was. Her first step was to have him try to lift a small, 90 lb. barbell, but when she put him in front of it he demurred, concerned that he might hurt himself. He had never lifted weights before. had no notion of the proper weight lifting techniques and was afraid that he could possibly rupture himself.

Nevertheless, at her urging he squatted down, grasped the bar and, with a loud grunt, was able to straighten his legs and get the barbell off the floor in a kind of dead lift. However, when he tried to raise the bar above his head, his strength gave out as it reached his waist. and he he was barely able to control it as he lowered it quickly to the floor. Gretchen stifled a private giggle, but complimented him on the effort. a compliment that was immediately overshadowed as she effortlessly plucked the barbell off the floor with a single hand and, after twirling it around for several seconds, placed it on the floor out of the way; leaving Michael gaping up at her, wide eyed and open mouthed in awe at this demonstration of what was to him raw muscular power. More significantly, however, Gretchen could not help but notice that his penis had snapped erect and remained so at this awesome sight.

Ignoring his throbbing erection but resolving to take advantage of it later, she then turned her attention to a much larger, 400 lb. barbell, explaining to Michael its weight and, as he blurted his disbelief that she could get so much weight off the floor, that she had lifted much heavier weights in the gym. Despite her assurance, however, Michael's eyes bulged and his jaw dropped in disbelief as Gretchen, with seemingly little effort, in a single, smooth, sweeping motion raised the barbell high over her head and held it there.

Barely believing what he had just seen with his own eyes, Michael reached up to feel her bicep, for which Gretchen obligingly struck a double bicep pose as she explained why she was reluctant to engage in their normal wrestling foreplay. Michael was obviously impressed with the size amd solidity of Gretchen's rock hard biceps; however, when she explained how easy it would be for her to pin his shoulders to the floor and how she would go about doing it, Michael demurred, prompting Gretchen to initiate an immediate demonstration to convince him. Before he realized what was happening or was able to react, Gretchen's powerful hands had encircled his waist, and he was lifted several feet into the air to be held at arm's length in front of her. His surprised yelp was met by a wide smile as Gretchen informed him of what she was about to do with his helpless body.

As she had promised, Gretchen simply laid him on his back on the basement floor and immediately sat on him with her knees pinning his shoulders down and her hands resting comfortably on her hips. When he tried to throw her off he found her massive frame impossible to move. However, as Gretchen gloated over his apparent helplessness, Michael suddenly lifted his legs as high as he could in a desperate attempt to wrap them around Gretchen's head and flip her backward off him. But Gretchen simply wrapped her powerful arms around his legs and effortlessly bent him almost double, bringing gasps of pain from Michael until she relaxed some of the pressure while keeping him helplessly pinned beneath her. When he realized that the combination of his back and leg muscles were no match of the strength of Gretchen's arms he admitted defeat and surrendered.

Gretchen obligingly rose to her feet and extended her right arm to help him up. Michael, now desperate to find a way to best his towering, Amazonian wife, took her hand and then lunged forward to capture her arm in a hammerlock, slip his hip behind her and flip her over his hip in a classic judo throw. With a smile, Gretchen permitted him to bend her arm and secure the hold, but when he stepped behind her to execute the hip throw she simply stiffened her back, easily overpowering the combination of Michael's leverage and back strength and leaving him helplessly struggling to complete the maneuver. Then, to add insult to injury, she raised her arm several inches higher, lifting Michael so he was dangling helplessly from her arm, his toes barely touching the floor. His agonized look up at her was met by a serene smile as she again explained how futile his efforts were against her strength. Even his most powerful karate punch would be completely ineffective against her, she asserted, and offered to let him hit her with his best punch. Michael, who had never raised his hand against any woman, considering women to be the "weaker sex", was shocked at this proposal.

                                             TO BE CONTINUED

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