But Gretchen insisted, and so Michael reluctantly released his hammerlock and backed several feet away from her in preparation to lunge forward and deliver a flying karate kick to her midsection. Even as he assumed the position, however, he warned her again of the devastating power of this blow, but she remained confident that he could not hurt her and warned him not to hold back. Michael reared back, then leaped forward with all his strength, literally flying through the air until he was within range and then snapping his right foot forward in a devastaing kick to Gretchen's rippling abs. It was like hitting a brick wall. Gretchen grunted from the impact, but remained standing with her hands on her hips without moving so much as an inch backward. Michael literally bounced off her body to land on his side on the floor.

As Michael gaped up at her in disbelief, Gretchen stood over him and informed him that, since he was now the "weaker sex" (as, indeed, most men were compared to her) she was assuming final authority over their marriage. Previously they had always tried to make decisions together as equal partners in a 50-50 relationship, but when they couldn't agree Michael as the provider and the stronger male would make the final decision. Gretchen assured him that that arrangement would continue and that she would endeavor to obtain his agreement on marital and household issues, but in cases in which they couldn't agree, she would make the decision and enforce it physically if necessary. Michael's reaction was mixed. Her words sent erotic sensations through his body, but his masculine ego rebelled. Recognizing that he was now no match for his Amazonian wife, he could only accuse her of threatening severe physical harm on him to enforce her will. Alarmed at his reaction, Gretchen reasched down, slid her hands under his armpits and lifted him to hold him several inches off the floor in front of her. Her face reflected her concern as she explained to him that, because he was now the "weaker sex" common decency required that she accord him the same level of gallantry that he had showed her when he was the stronger and that she would never deliberately or knowingly hurt him. When he pressed the issue, Gretchen admitted half jokingly that if she were angry enough she might treat him like a naughty child and spank him. The remark had an immediate dual effect on Michael: a vehement protest and a full blown erection, leading Gretchen to the suspicion that administering a mild spanking to his bare bottom might serve as perfect foreplay. She resolved to find out right away.

Before he realized what was happening, she had shifted her hold on him, tucking him securely under her left arm, carried him to the bench, set her left foot on it, laid him face down across her extended left thigh and proceeded to gently swat his exposed buttocks with her open right hand. The slaps were hard enough to sting a little, but not hard enough to really hurt. And, despite his violent struggles and loud protests, she noted with satisfaction that his erection remained and even began to throb with desire. Administering the light spanking to his helpless derriere had its effect on her as well, sending tiny spasms of desire through her lower body. It was now or never, she knew, to find out if Michael was a real submissive. Turning his struggling frame face up, she swept him up to cradle him in her arms, pinning his thighs together and his right arm against her abdomen, but deliberately leaving his left hand free so that he could continue his ineffectual efforts at resistance. Ignoring his struggles and even the blows that his left fist delivered to her shoulder and cheek, which she barely felt, she stood there for several minutes, savoring her power over him, and then turned and effortlessly carried his writhing, squirming body out of the basement.

For Michael the experience of a grown man being spanked like a naughty child by his taller, stronger, Amazonian wife produced mingled sensations of humiliation and desire that were only intensified when Gretchen picked him up in her arms and held him helpless, ignoring--no, actually savoring--his futile efforts at resistance. He was a man, yet his wife was treating him like a woman, apparently willing and able to forceably rape him against his will, something he had never thought possible. But here he was, captive in his wife's powerful arms with his penis stiff with desire despite the humiliation over what was happening to him--or was it because of it? Was this really what he had always wanted, to be overpowered in love by a taller, vastly superior woman. Obviously, as she carried him upstairs to the bedroom, this is what Gretchen had decided he wanted, and the realization was slowly dawning on him that she might well be right.

Instead of depositing him on the bed Gretchen sat down on it and, raising her husband's helpless body to her hungry mouth, she began kissing, nibbling and gently biting his chest, stomach and sides. What Gretchen had forgotten in the intervening two years since they had last made love was how insanely ticklish Michael had always been, something she had learned shortly after their marriage. Because Michaal has always been the aggressor in their love making, the issue had never arisen since, but now, as he responded to her ministrations with paroxysms of wild laughter and thrasshing arms and legs, Gretchen realized that she had discovered, quite by accident, the perfect means to impose her will on him without hurting or humiliating him and, perhaps, eventually bringing him to the point that he might even enjoy it. To this end, she rose from the bed to lay him on his back, kneel over him on the bed and continue tickling him, but now in a gentler, more erotic manner, and, while he continued to thrash about helplessly and beg her to stop, she noticed that his throbbing erection was as stiff and pronounced as ever.

Realizing that it was time, she settled over him, enveloping and overwhelming his smaller frame with her powerful body and taking control of him. When he questioned whether her being in control might deprive her of her full measure of pleasure, she assured him that she now knew how to prevent him from climaxing prematurely and could ensure the maximum level of ecstasy for both of them. Her explanation of how she had learned this left him surprised and disappointed, but her reassurance and continued control over him quickly submerged his concerns to the ecstasy of the moment.

Using the skills she had learned from Jul and Sidney, Gretchen was able to sense when Michael was close to climaxing and, by tightening her vaginal muscles around his penis and squeezing it as she temporarily ceased her matchinations over his supine body, she prevented him from ejaculating prematurely until she had completed her preliminary orgasms and was approaching her final climax. At that point the swollen walls of her vagina were caressing his penis so rapidly and with such fervor that he couldn't have prevented climaxing had he wanted to. As they had most times before, they came together, but this time their mutual orgasms flooded their entire bodies with an intensity and duration far beyond anything they had expeerienced before, sending both of them into peroxysms of unbelievable ecstasy that seemed to last forever. When they finally subsided and Gretchen rolled over on her side with her left leg pinning both of his to the bed, capturing his head with one hand and his crotch with the other to announce that he now belonged to her, Michael realized that this was what he had always wanted and that his life was changed forever.

The next morning Gretchen, after informing Michael that she had called Jul to invite her and Sidney over later that morning to go skinny dipping in their pool and insisting that they both remain naked for the day. made breakfast for them and, after they had eaten, suggested that Michael share the work for the morning meal by doing the dishes. Knowing that the suggestion would be promptly followed up by an order, Michael quickly agreed and, as he began, Gretchen went upstairs to don a pair of high heeled boots with 6" heels. Waiting until Michael had finished the dishes, she slipped up behind him, wrapped one arm around his head and kissed him on the temple while her other arm slid down his back to give his buttocks a good, healthy squeeze. Michael yelped in surprise and humiliation and, when he protested, Gretchen simply wrapped one arm around his neck, pulled him back against her and planted a powerful, sucking kiss to the side of his neck, laughing at his feeble protest.

As she turned him around to face her Michael suddenly relaized that she was significantly taller and now towered over a foot above him. When informed that she intended to wear extremely high heels even when they went out together, he strongly objected and told her he absolutely would not be seen in public with a wife over a foot taller than he. Before he relized what was happening or could reeact he suddenly found himself lifted off his feet to be held high in the air almost at arm's length as Gretchen's hands encircled his waist. Then, holding his helpless body secure with just her thumbs and ring and little fingers, she proceeded to tickle his sensitive sides with her fore and middle fingers. As he convulsed in screaming laughter and thrashed about helplessly in her grasp, Gretchen proceeded to dictate the basis of their future relationship in no uncertain terms and force his agreement to each instruction until he was so exhausted that he could only hang limply in her hands.

Gently Gretchen lowered her exhausted husband to the floor where he collapsed against her and would have fallen had she not held him upright. He was barely conscious of the fact that she was talking baby talk to him and readily agreed when she offered to pick him up in her arms and carry him out to the pool to wait for Jul and Sidney. And as she cuddled him against her bosom with his head laying on her shoulder and softly whispered how much she loved holding his small and helpless body like a baby in her powerful arms, he found himself loving the feeling of being held helpless, safe and secure in his wife's arms and even accepting her characterization of him as her "baby" and herself as his "mommy" with complete authority over him.

As she carried him out to the pool she turned to see Jul striding toward them with Sidney trotting along behind her. After ensuring that Michael was able to stand, she lowered him to his feet and reached out to embrace her giant friend whom, she noted, was also wearing high heels with her bikini and now towered 7'2". Sidney's eyes barely reached to her navel, and he had to crane his neck upward to keep his adoring gaze on her lovely features. Michael's reaction to Jul's overpowering size and beauty was typically masculine; his penis snapped erect and stayed there as he, too, gaped up in awe at this magnificently beautiful giantess.

As Jul slid her arms under Michael's armpits and casually lifted him off his feet for a better inspection, she couldn't help but notice his throbbing erection and laughed delightedly as she suggested they repair to the chairs and table at the front of the pool deck where she could set him on her lap and have some fun with him. Gretchen reluctantly agreed, picked up Sidney, and the two women carried the men to the patio furniture. With Michael mezmerized by her beauty and massive muscularity, Jul obligingly flexed a softball sized bicep and playfully suggested that he could feel and kiss it if he wanted. To Gretchen's annoyance, which she immediately expressed to Jul, Michael eagerly accepted the giant woman's invitation.

Jul laughed and explained that Michael's attraction to her was strictly sexual and beyond his control and did not affect his undying love for his Amazonian wife, but added that if Gretchen objected to his sexual attraction to other tall, strong women Jul could solve the problem by hypnotizing Michael to respond only to his wife. Jul then chsanged the subject and, to Gretchen's amazement, proposed that Gretchen become a junior partner in the gym and explained the financial benefits and obligations that such a partnership would entail. Gretchen could barely contain her enthusiasm for this proposal which, on the surface, appeared to provide income well in excess of what Michael was bringing in.

When Jul continued to explain the financial aspects of her proposal Gretchen became even more enthused to the point of suggesting that she might make Michael quit his job at his security firm. Michael immediately and vehemently protested Gretchen's assertion, stating that there would be no way he would quit his job as a result of Jul's proposal and started to struggle to get off Jul's lap, efforts which Jul easily prevented by simply wrapping her left arm around him and pinning both his arms to his sides. Gretchen's reaction, on the other hand, was much more assertive. Dumping Sidney on her chair and rising to her feet to tower over Jul and her husband, she bent down, laid a forefinger against Michael's nose and in no uncertain terms informed him that she, not he, would decide when and if he would quit his job. Jul laughingly intervened, suggesting that it might be more prudent to continue Michael's income as a cushion and to help defray Gretchen's share of loan payments already made. Gretchen grudgingly agreed, but emphasized that the decision was still hers to make.

Still holding Michael helpless in her arms, his arms pinned against his body and his thighs trapped in the vice of her powerful right arm, Jul effortlessly rose to her feet, told Gretchen that they could sign all the necessary papers the following Monday and asked if Gretchen wanted Michael hypnotized now. Michael was struggling with all his might to free himself from Jul's grasp, but she barely seemed to notice his struggles as she calmly explained the effect that the proposed hympnosis would have on him sexually. Horrified at what he was hearing, Michael renewed his stuggles and screamed that he would not submit to such treatment, but Jul simply continued to ignore him.

After hearing Jul's explnation Gretchen eagerly agreed, although she was somewhat suspicious when Jul told her the hypnosis had to be done in private. Jul laughed off Gretchen's suspicions and carried the struggling, protesting Michael into the house. Left alone with Sidney. who was watching her worshipfully, Gretchen laughed, caught him up in her arms, sat down on her chair and sat him on her lap, where he immediately snuggled up to her and laid his head on her broad shoulder. And Gretchen found herself strongly attracted to the tiny man and wondering if Jul would be offended if she took him sexually. If what Jul was doing to Michael really worked, Michael would have no choice but to accept it if she took other men sexually, but she realized that doing so would not be fair to a man who loved her and whom she dearly loved. She decided that she could only wait and see.

About an hour later Jul emerged from the house carrying a subdued and dejected Michael, his head bowed in shame and humiliation, cradled on her left hip held in place by her powerful left arm, and announced that her hypnosis sesseion had been completed and that Gretchen should test it by commanding that Michael have an erection and then a psychological orgasm without ejaculating. Gretchen rose to her feet and handed Sidney to Jul as the latter also proffered Michael to Gretchen.

As Jul cautioned her against overdoing it, Gretchen carried Michael to the lounge and laid his limp, unresisting body down on it on his back. Kneeling down on the deck next to him, she bent over him and commanded an erection using the words Jul had suggested. Instantly Michael's penis snapped erect, producing a gasping moan from him as a combination of erotic sensations and desire flooded his body and prompting Gretchen to go to the next step and command a full orgasm.

It, too, worked, and Gretchen quickly grasped his penis as wave after wave of powerful erotic ecstasy flooded his body, sending him writhing and moaning until it reached fever pitch. At that point, Gretchen shut him down, leaving him limp and exhausted but at the same time wanting more. Tenderly Gretchen lifted her husband's flaccid body from the lounge and set him on his feet in front of her, where he would have collapsed but for her supporting hands on his arms. Jul then suggested that it was getting late and if they were to have lunch together as they had planned she and Sidney should leave to get properly dressed. Then she made what Gretchen thought was a rather strange suggested. asking Gretchen to hand her Michael for a goodbye kiss.

Reluctantly she did so and, as Jul lifted Michael's limp body up for his kiss, was startled to see his penis snap erect. Jul's explanation made it abundantly clear what a partnership with this giant Amazonian beauty would mean for her and Michael's future.

                                             THE END